Friday, December 29, 2006

Salute of Champions 2006: Day 4

It's time to reveal the first half of the top 10 of 2006! Here we go....

#10- Erik Chopin ("The Biggest Loser")

On the third season of this reality series, Chopin set two records on his way to winning the $250,000 grand prize- most pounds lost at the ranch, and the greatest percentage of weight loss ever by one person overall! In a tough time period, this season produced respectable ratings.

#9- Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke ("Dancing with the Stars")

Cheryl Burke struck gold once again for another celebrity on the dancing floor, this time NFL great Emmitt Smith! He picked up the moderate success of Jerry Rice from Season 2 where he left off, and went on to win the tightest matchup in the show's history over Mario Lopez's team to win Season 3 of the show. The finale is the highest rated TV show of the current season.

#8- Mati Selina ("Deal or No Deal")

Early on in the second Super Jackpot Week, Selina riled up the audience as he went for up to $3,000,000 in his game. Although he fell just short of winning the $3,000,000, he won $675,000, which at that point was a new record on the show! He is one of the few people that wanted his winnings paid all in real cash!

#7- Taylor Ware ("America's Got Talent")

Years ago, Regis Philbin helped make TV history with the first single $1,000,000 winner in game show history. In August 2006, he helped make history yet again, when this 11-year-old sung her way to the $1,000,000 grand prize on the show, therefore making her the youngest million dollar winner in television history! As of right now, she has just done her first album.

#6- Taylor Hicks ("American Idol")

In what was the second-highest rated finale in the show's history, this singer from Alabama broke a three-year curse of the wrong singer winning the whole competition, and became just the second man ever to win it all! His recent album ranked second on the Billboard charts.

Tomorrow, the top five is revealed, and I crown my first-ever GRAND CHAMPION.
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