Monday, December 04, 2006

This Week in Game Shows: December 4-10

Amazing Race X: Who will win it all?

Deal or No Deal: Can this show rebound from a disasterous effort last week?

WOF: The show tries to rebound from a lackluster week last week with a week that salutes the holiday movies.

1 vs. 100: Will the $1,000,000 go out the door?

Survivor Cook Islands: My last favorite contestant this season, Jonathan, is still out there and has the Immunity Idol. With that in his hands and him involved in a close vote last week, how will things go this week?

(BTW, Family Feud is now in reruns on both sides of the double-run; although, I'm sure the producers and I certainly needed a rest after all of the madness I've seen so far this season.)
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