Thursday, November 30, 2006

11/30/06 Results

To wrap up November....

WWTBAM: Back with us is the ever lovable Jessie Zitrosa! Let's see if by some chance bears will strike again as part of the choices, as she goes for the big money, starting with $50,000, on this question, after passing the first one:

Which of these actresses has been the quickest to file for divorce, only 52 days after getting married?

A: Jennifer Lopez
B: Angelina Jolie
C: Heather Locklear
D: Drew Barrymore

Zitarosa's guess is Jennifer Lopez. I understand that choice, since J-Lo's had her marriage problems....but it's NOT her. It's Drew Barrymore, so Zitarosa's fun is over. But she does have the $25,000 she accumulated from yesterday, which isn't bad for one who nearly dies laughing about bears as blind dates.

New player: Chris Sorensen. First question of note:

Most cats of the Marx breed have what distinctive characteristic?

A: No fur
B: No tail
C: No claws
D: No whiskers

Sorensen polls the audience. 71% say B, and 25% say A. He picks it for $8,000! He gets to this $25,000 question:

On a piano, the keys for which of these pairs of notes are not seperated by a black key?

A: A and B
B: G and A
C: C and D
D: E and F

Sorensen uses the phone, and calls Daniel T. He says D is it without hesitation. Sorensen says he's the man, and after saying that as the correct answer for $25,000, who can blame him?
For $50,000:

What nursery rhyme title did Margaret Mitchell consider as an alternate title for her classic novel, "Gone with the Wind"?

A: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
B: Sing a Song of Sixpence
C: Little Bo Peep
D: Hickory Dickory Dock

Sorensen uses his last regular lifeline, the 50:50. It leaves A and C. His thought of A is still there and he says it....he's got $50,000! For $100,000 and a chance to return tomorrow to go for at least $250,000, after switching out the first question:

Which of these continents was not once part of a giant land mass scientists call Gondwanaland?

A: North America
B: South America
C: Africa
D: Antartica

It looks like he wants to stop. But suddenly he says D......BAD IDEA. It's A. So not only will Sorensen not be back tomorrow, his $50,000 gets cut in half.

Jeooardy!: Friedman goes for four against Lynne Sherwin and Ruth Comer. We have a theme in the categories for the first round- they are all direct names of NASA spaceships, with the exception of End "Ever". Columbia is represented by the Columbia Pictures logo. The first, third and last clues in that category are video clips of famous Columbia Pictures movies. Sherwin catches fire in the middle of the round, getting as high as $5,600. In a rare occurrance in a civilan episode, the Daily Double in this round is never found. Scores after this round: $4,600 for Sherwin, Friedman has $600, and Ruth is a grand in debt.

Friedman hits the first Daily Double on the last clue in "Name that Pope" in Round 2. With him trailing $9,400 to his $4,600, he bets.....$100. Interesting. Clue:

Check the calendar for the 13th pope with this name, who served from 1572 to 1585.

His response is "Who is Gregory?"....he's right, but if he loses this game, he's going to kick himself over that bad bet. But he gets a chance to redeem himself right away, because the next clue he picks in "I Love a Mozart Opera" is the other Daily Double. He bets....$600. The clue:

This 1791 work is considered the greatest example in music history of the Zauberoper, or "Magic Opera".

"What is the Magic Flute?" says Friedman....right again, but again, another bad bet.

When the round ends, Friedman is much closer to Sherwin, as he trails with his $10,500 to his $11,800. Comer's the odd one out with $3,000.

FJ! category is: Play characters.

He is based partly on a philologist who wrote "A History of English Sounds" and "A Handbook of Phonetics".

Comer says "Who is Henry Higgins"....right! She risks half, so she has $4,500. Friedman says....the right thing, but kinda lowballs again with a $4,499 bid, so he has $14,999. Are those bad bets about to shoot down Friedman? Let's find out as Sherwin wrote.....

....the right thing, and wagers $10,501 to win the championship with $22,301! Friedman leaves with $63,700.

WOF: Tonight, we have Juliette Dean, Noy Chanbong, and Peter Fryar. Dean's three-and-a-half year old son refuses to call the title of the show as it is- he calls it The Letter Show. OK now...
Anyway, the first main puzzle, a Food and Drink one, is the Prize Puzzle round. Chanbong gets a little bit of a roll, getting the $10,000 wedge early and calling three S's into the puzzle when the wheel lands on $2,500! The puzzle at this point reads:

S _ E _ _ S H

M E _ T _ _ _ _ S

She calls a D and an I into the puzzle next. She says SWEDISH MEATBALLS for $17,900 cash and a trip to Sweden! That's $22,400 for her already!

In the Jackpot Round, after Noy could not repeat her magic, we have this puzzle so far in Around The House:


T H _ _ A D- C O U N T

S H _ _ T S

This is what it looked like after Fryar called a D when landing on the Jackpot space. Not only is $500 deposited into his bank, he gets a shot at the Jackpot of $8,900 (when $500 is added to it). He says HIGH THREAD-COUNT SHEETS....WINNER! $10,400 for him so far!

In our $10,000 Mystery Round, Fryar has $8,100 and is trying to pick up a trip to Thailand at this point. The board at this point in Before and After:

_ _


_ _

E _ E R G E _ C _

_ R E A _


S L _ _ _ E R

Fryar calls a there! Next is N for $300 a pop. He buys two I's then. He calls an F for another $300. He buys an O. He then milks another $1,000 from the Mystery Wedge he doesn't take by calling M. He then calls a Y for $400 more, $9,100 so far. He gets another $1,000 by calling a K. He finally solves IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS SLIPPER
for the trip and $10,900! So far for him: $26,700! He's got the lead!

Juliette solves COOKIE MONSTER for $3,000 and $5,000 total to get control of the next round, which has a Phrase. It's the Speed-Up round, too. Chanbong solves YOU'RE FULL OF SURPRISES for $2,700. That's $25,100, but it's not quite enough to overtake Fryar, who is our champion with $26,700! Dean has $5,000 to take home.

Let's see if we can add on to this decent night and not have to worry about a possible skunk threat tomorrow. Fryar's bonus round category is Phrase. We start with:

_ E _ _ E N

_ _ R _ _ _

I think it's HEAVEN something. Fryar's choices are C, D, H and A and gets...

H E A _ E N

_ _ R _ _ D is HEAVEN something. That last word stands between him and more winning.... the last word shot him down. It was HEAVEN FORBID. This time it wasn't $30,000- it was $45,000 he lost out on.

TPIR: Today, I saw, IMO, the worst contestant of the season so far. It was Lorenzo, who played Safe Crackers for a Living Room Group and a Bulova Arista Anniversary Clock. He needs to figure out the clock's price to open the safe. The possible digits are 0, 5 and 7. He sets the price to.....$507. YOU FOOL!! It's $750. Too bad he had to get into the Showcase, where he met Megan, who didn't win too much herself, but it was more of because of bad luck with Punch-a-Bunch.

First Showcase consisted of a trip to New York, a trip to Hawaii, and a Catalina 25" Sailboat. Megan passes to Lorenzo, who I'm hoping won't win. He bids $25,000. Megan tries for a Broyhill 100th Anniversary Bedroom Group, a 42" Dell Plasma HDTV, and.....a Chevy Equinox LS (Std. , PProt)! That surprised me. She bids $26,000.

ARP for Lorenzo: $41,126, a difference of $16,126. Megan's ARP: $32,923, saving me from humilation and giving her a total of $34,261 in cash and prizes.

Who wants to be a Millionaire Guest Host?

Al Roker and Tom Bergeron apparently do. According to, episodes were taped with these two filling in fo Meredith Veira. They are said to air during the final month of the season, but this is not definite.

Rating for "Show Me the Money", Episode 3

Last night's episode of "Show Me the Money" scored a 5.3 Fast Neilsen rating with an 8 share. Although that's up slightly from last week's rating, it fell to third place in its time slot behind FOX's "Bones", and ABC only finished fourth for the night.

Sources:, The Futon Critic

Rating for "Match Game: Behind the Blank"

Last Sunday's "Match Game: Behind the Blank" documentary scored an 0.7 rating, which is a strong rating. Who knows how the Chuck Barris one will fare. BTW, the night before his documentary (on the 10th), a three-hour marathon of some of his best shows will air on December 9th, in a similar fashion to Match Game's marathon.


NBC Mid-Season schedule news

According to, "Deal or No Deal" will return to twice-a-week in the new year, with its new time period being Wednesdays at 9 PM starting January 3. Also, the Christmas episode will be two hours. In addition, the "Grease" reality series and the new season of "The Apprentice", the latter of which will move to L.A. this season, will premiere on Sunday, January 7 at 8 and 9 PM respectively, each lasting an hour.

Recap: The Biggest Loser III- Round of 6

Last time, despite not losing any weight, Wylie still made it to the next round, and Marty didn't.

With that elimination, Bob Harper only has one of his original team members left. He considers Erik to be in big danger to lose- if he falls below the yellow line at tonight's weigh-in, he is expected to be a goner.

After everyone ate Thanksgiving dinner, it's time for a reward challenge. They are flown to the Santa Anita Racetrack for the Biggest Loser Derby. The objective is for each to carry all of their weight markers to their own barrels while the markers are clipped on their suits, adding up to the amount of weight that they've lost so far on the show. The first to do so wins one day to spend with a family member.

Heather is unable to compete due to a leg injury. Wylie gets off to a good start with a successful drop-off. Adrian, however, misses her first frop off. Wylie goes two-for-two, while Jaron moves to second. Erik is really slowing down, and Adrian takes third place as a result. Wylie makes his first missed drop-off, thus causing Jaron to take over the lead and send Wylie to second (he curses while going back). Adrian passes Wylie for second after her third drop-off. After both make their final drop-offs, it's a close sprint between them. The winner is: Jaron! He got to spend some time with his wife, Tara.

Shortly after all that, Erik may be resigned to the fact that he is in big trouble at the ranch.
It's Weigh-In time.

For Jaron: He lost....8 pounds, sending him down to 223, and he reaches the 100-pound loss mark! That's a percentage of 3.46%!

For Heather: Her current weight is 179. New weight: 174, meaning a loss of 5 pounds. That's a percentage of....2.79%.

For Kai: Her current weight is 198. New weight: 189, a loss of 9 pounds. That's a percentage of.....4.55%, and she's in the lead! Also, she's lost 73 pounds on the ranch so far, setting a new female record on the show!

For Wylie: His current weight is 236. New weight: 224, a loss of 12 pounds! Good comeback!
That's a percentage of....5.08, meaning he can't fall below the yellow line!

For Adrian: She needs to lose at least 5 pounds to avoid going below the yellow line, at least for now. Current weight is 163. New weight is: 161, so she is in the elimination round.

For Erik: He needs to lose at least 9 pounds. If he does, Heather will be the other person in the elimination round. Current weight: 307. New weight......

....295, meaning he's still alive for now! That's a percentage of 3.91! So Heather and Adrian are in the elimination round. Adrian is very concerned.

Elimination: Kai votes for Adrian. Jaron votes for Heather. Erik votes for Adrian. And that's bad news for Adrian- because she has the lowest weight-loss percentage for the week, and even if Wylie votes for Heather, the tie is broken for the lower percentage. So that means that Erik's votes was the decider, and Adrian forfeits her shot at all of the money. But she will still get a shot at a $100,000 consolation prize on the season finale in mid-December. Also, a $50,000 consolation prize will be awarded to the one amongst the at-home players who lost the most weight.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Show Me the Money: Show #3

Bill Kapitan is back with us. When we last left, he had $420,000, and is halfway home towards a win.

First starter: "Who holds the record...". Kapitan chooses B:

Who holds the record as the only actor to win Oscars for acting and screenwriting?

His guess is Tom Hanks. Dancer choice is Yesenia....for $140,000.....

...NO! It's Emma Thompson. New starter: The first. Kapitan settles on B:

The first movie role for Matt Damon only required him to say one line in what 1988 romantic comedy?

His guess is "Moonstroke". For his dancer, the choice is Cara-Lee. For $20,000....

....good thing it was $20,000, because he's wrong again. Answer: "Mystic Pizza". Down to $260,000 he goes.

Next starter: Holly. Kapitan passes A and B before seeing this:

Holly Marie Combs, before becoming a sister on "Charmed", played the daughter of a small town Sheriff on what TV series?

He draws a blank, and says "Dukes of Hazard".....wrong again. It's "Picket Fences". He loses...

....$200,000. Down to $60,000 now. New question starts with "The Kid...". Kapitan immediately goes with C for this:

The Kid Rock song "Feel Like Makin' Love" was originally a 1975 Top-10 hit by what group?

He says "Bad Company". Kapitan chooses Shannon.... double his $60,000 or send him to zero....

...FINALLY! $120,000. New starter: What "A". Take that, "Blockbusters". The question he takes:

What A is the major car rental company that shares its name with a Texas tourist attraction, but is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Kapitan says Alamo, and is right! Now he's back on track. For the girl, Kapitan chooses Victoria....

....and adds $40,000, for a total of $160,000. One more answer gives him the cash. New starter is "Which". Kapitan settles on a music question...

Which member of the Jackson 5 was born with the first name Sigmund?

Kapitan says Tito. Possible last girl choice is Mariah....

.....for the quarter million and a grand total of $410,000.....

....NO!!! It's Jackie. So for the first time in this show's short history, Kapitan is in the hole at
-$90,000. New starter: Who didn't. Kapitan chooses this question:

Who didn't finish high school, but was smart enough to be cast as the super-spy James Bond in the movie, "Goldeneye"? He'd better get this.

He says....

....Sean Connery- DARN!!! It's Pierce Brosnan, and he is mathematically out of the game with a minus $250,000. Here's hoping the IRS doesn't bite him in the ass....

Let's see if Adrienne De'Anna can do much better. She gets three correct, but loses a big one on question three, and has only $20,000 after the third correct answer as a result. She faces this question:

"2001" was the title of a 1999 album by what rap superstar, who followed his classic album "The Chronic"?

De' Anna says Dr. Dre. Her lady selection at this point was Shannon.....

...for $160,000....she's right! $180,000 now. New starter: "The Southern". The question she takes:

The southern actor Josh Holloway played a Southern actor named Sawyer on what hit ABC series?

De' Anna says "Lost". For her girl selection, it's Eve....

....for $200,000....RIGHT! $380,000, and one answer to go for the money.

Possible last starter: "Brooklyn's....". She passes on A and B before seeing...

Brooklyn's Barbara Striesand has been married to Elliott Gould and James Brolin, who both starred together in what 1978 film?

She didn't know those two starred in a film together. She guesses "The Good Days".....not it.
It was "Capricorn One". She only loses $80,000, though, and has $300,000. New starter:
In the. She immediately chooses B for this:

In the December 19, 2005 issue of Newsweek, what comedian was remembered by Jerry Seinfeld as "The Picasso of our Prefession"?

She's unsure, but says Johnny Carson.....WRONG AGAIN. Answer was Richard Pryor. But she loses only $20,000, and has $280,000. New starter: Bill. De' Anna chooses this:

Bill Maher accidentally got knocked out by Erik Estrada on what game show?

De' Anna says "Hollywood Squares", and many of us fans let out a huge groan, because it's actually "Pictionary", which we've seen on blooper specials. This time, she loses.....$250,000. Ouch. Down to $30,000.

Next starter: Show. De' Anna chooses this:

"Show Me the Way" was a signature song for what classic rock star who had a hit with his 1976 "Comes Alive!" album?

Her answer is Elton John, but is not sure. She chooses Victoria.... win $150,000......

....NO. It was Peter Frampton. She is now in the hole, $90,000 deep. With five correct answers and five wrong ones, this is her last question. Starter is Veronica. Question for De' Anna:

Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper have vied for the affection of what red-headed comic book hero since the 1940s?

Final answer: Archie. Her final girl selection is Theresa.

This is for $180,000. If she's right, the negative will be taken off her scoreboard, she will have $90,000 and win. If not, she's broke. So either she wins or she won't. The answer is......

....Annie! She ends an otherwise ugly show tonight on a good note, winning $90,000.

11/29/06 Results

Family Feud: Trying to be the seventh undefeated family of the season is the Klena family, facing the Noels. The sort-of Christmas themed challengers score first on things that can ruin one's Thanksgiving, with 61. They go up to 139 thanks to other terms for getting married.

Double: Oprah's favorite people. Starting with:

#1-Tom Cruise (19, John)
#3- Gayle King (13, Katherine)

The champs PASS (a rareity nowadays). Brian Noel says Ellen Another strike is handed out on the dreaded Regis Kelly (DOH!!!!). Karen says Rachel Ray....three strikes. For the steal, and to find out if the champs' passing paid off, Rachel says Stedman Graham....64 is theirs! Others: Dr. Phil (17), John Travolta (8), and Maya Angelou (6).

Triple: Something that breaks out. Starter:

#1- Skin/face (70, Derek)

The champs play this time. Steve says a horse.....NO. Rachel says baby.....NO. Lynn says jail.... #2 (24)! This round will decide the game now. John says a chicken out of an egg...#4 (2)! #3 left.
John goofs when he re-reads the question to Derek. After that, Derek says animal from the cage (?!?!)....NO WAY. The challengers have a chance to win, and I think I know it. Karen says water from a main.....NO WAY! Another undefeated family is ours at 352! The answer was what I thought it was- epidemic/flu (3)!

Fast Money: Now they're undefeated champs, can they join the long list of $40,000+ winners this season? Let's find out. Questions:

1. Something in the supermarket you buy from the paper department.
2. Something most guys usually don't buy in pink.
3. A type of worker that tries to rip you off.
4. A breakfast food that takes loads of time to prepare.
5. A word that rhymes with beeper.

Lynn says toilet paper, undies, nothing for question three, bacon and cheaper for....45. Rachel says paper, shirt (#1), attourney (#1), oatmeal and sleeper for....145 total, sending them home with $22,890.

WOF: Tonight, we have Steve Ringer (who solves the $1,000 Tossup THE AMAZING RACE!), Amanda Dubose, and Shashona Reynolds. Dubose gets on the board by solving FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH for $3,750. Dubose scores again with ACTRESS SCARLETT JOHANSEN for a total of $9,150 so far.

$10,000 Mystery Round is also tonight's Prize Puzzle round. Ringer gets the Wild Card, but loses it right away. Reynolds lands on a Mystery Wedge and gets three N's. She flips the wedge's the $10,000! But she loses it all to a Bankrupt. Ringer solves FRENCH ONION SOUP TOPPED WITH MELTED CHEESE for $3,900 and a trip to Paris! Total for him now: $9,400, leading Dubose by only $250.

Dubose retakes the lead with the $3,000 tossup SINGING A DUET. On an Around the House puzzle, late in the round, Reynolds scores in a big way with $19,750 by solving ENTERTAINMENT CENTER after calling a T! She now jumps into the lead.

It looked like she was going to win the Speed-Up round when she called the C's and given
_ E R _ _ C E E N T R _ N C E, but she draws a blank! Ringer steals this one with $1,300 on SERVICE ENTRANCE, and finishes with $10,700, but Reynolds's big fourth round wins her the match. Dubose left with $12,700.

For the bonus, we have her land on the next-to-last zero. Category is Event. Starting with:

T _ E L _ N _

_ _ _ _

It's THE LONG something, I'll bet you. I hope she gets a lot of help on the last word. Reynolds's choices are C, G, D and A and gets...

T _ E L _ N G

_ _ _ _ is THE LONG something. Can she plug in that last word....NO. The last word was JUMP. $30,000 says bye-bye again.

TPIR: While I was watching the first half, Lynda House played Hole in One for a 2007 Chevy Impala worth $21,445. The products today: Goldfish crackers, olive oil, Johnson's Baby Shampoo, the Aspercreme patch, Jif Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter, and Uncle Ben's Brown Rice.
She puts in order the crackers, peanut butter, the brown rice, the baby shampoo, the olive oil, and the patch. Like the studio audience, I'm worried about the second and third items, but we'll see how this works. The crackers are 89 cents. The peanut butter is....$2.99. The rice is......$1.99, so she putts from line two. Bob has his putt go to the right, disgusting him. As for House........BULLSEYE!! She wins the car!

Robert Whalen, however, gets to the Showcase from the first half, after winning Freeze Frame for a $5,125 hot tub.

For our forth game today, we have Jamie Armstrong playing Buy or Sell for a Honda motorbike, a Wurlizer Coca-Cola Machine Replica, and a Dining Group from Carson's of High Point. For the bike, Armstrong buys. Marked price is $1,794, and the ARP is: $2,094, so she starts off with $300 in her acccount. For the Coca-Cola thing, Armstrong sells with the price being marked at $3,695. ARP: $4,495, so she loses $800, and is $500 in the hole. For the dining group, Armstrong sells again, with the marked price of $4,193. ARP........$4,893! She's a whopping $1,200 in deep doo-doo debt and loses! What a bummer.

Next, Jon David Hornbacher played That's Too Much!!! for a Dodge Magnum SE (Std., Heater).
First price of consideration: $16,464.....he continues. Next is $19,120......he goes on. Next is $21,480......another no from him. Next is $24,750......he says the magic words of THAT'S TOO MUCH!!!! The ARP is........$2......3,395- he wins!

In the last IUFB, a lady from the audience wants to help out Bob with the last IUFB, and he grants her wish! She does a fine job, and Bob takes over from there, revealing the ARP of the prize.

Armstrong makes up for her Buy or Sell disaster by winning $1,000 off of the wheel. She spun her bonus spin a little too hard, missing out on another $5,000.

In Showcase #1, Whalen is tempted with prizes depicted from sandcastles in the first ever TPIR Sandcastle Contest. First is one made of a bowling ball with pins....which obviously leads to bowling equipment! Next is one made of the Eiffel Tower, which means a trip to Paris! Finally, we see a re-creation of The Great Wall of China, which means a trip to China! Whalen passes to Armstrong, who bids $18,500.

For Mr. Whalen, he has the Showcase on previous unexamined eras in history. First, we have the Messyzoic era, which leads to lots of cleaning with your two new vaccum cleaners! Next is the Germassic era, which means you'll have to clean your body with a white bathtub! Finally is the Nicetocene era, which means it's always nice to see you drive your new Ford Mustang (Std., Airbags)! Whalen bids $27,350.

ARP for Armstrong: $17,655. She's over, and leaves with $2,010. ARP for Whalen: $2........6,754. Darn it- a Double Overbid! So he leaves with $7,223, and Mr. Hornbacher winds up as the day's top winner with $25,494.

Jeopardy!: Ryan Friedman is back to defend against singer Alexia Henke and David Menyard.
Friedman struggles early on, and only has $600 heading into the first break, while Menyard leads with $3,800 (including a successful Daily Double in Airport Codes). But the other part of Round 1 features many misses from Henke and Menyard, and Friedman closes the gap a bit. He ties Henke with $3,600, while Menyard still leads with $4,000. He's the person furthest to the left, so he'll start Double Jeopardy!

When we start that round, the match gets a whole lot tighter, as everybody is at one point less than $1,000 between each other. Friedman gets a clue on Dr. Spock in "Doctor!" to take the lead with $6,000. A few clues later, Menyard and Henke are tied at $6,400, and Friedman still has six grand. But Friedman gets the last clue in "Bring Out Your Fred" to retake the lead with $8,000. Friedman trails Henke by $800, $9,200 to his $8,400 when he hits the first Daily Double in "Doctor!". He bets $1,000 on this...

He decided against a general medical practice and chose a miltary career, entering the Army Medical Corps in 1875.

Friedman says....nothing. Right response: Who is Doctor Walter Reid? Down to $7,400, and only $1,000 ahead of third-place Menyard. Menyard takes over second place one clue later before Henke gets on a little roll and has $14,000. When we get down to "A Little Deity", there's one Daily Double left. After getting the $400 clue in that right, Friedman thinks the other Daily Double is hidden under the $1,600 clue....not there. Nobody gets that clue, so Friedman tries again with $2,000.....still nothing from anyone. $800 and $1,200 left in the category, so he tries $1,200.....IT'S THERE! With $9,800 at this point to Meynard's $10,800 and Henke's $14,000, he bets $5,001. For the lead...

This God was upset to find that the mortal girl Apemosyne could outrun him.

Friedman says, "Who is Mercury?"......HE'S GOT THE LEAD BACK! Hermes was also acceptable for that clue. After Henke gets the last clue, she trails Friedman by ONE DOLLAR, while Meynard has $10,800.

Interesting FJ! in Modern Languages:

An estimated 100,000-plus people speak this language whose nouns have no gender and end with -O.

Meynard's response: "What is Esperanto?" He's right. He wagered $4,001, tying Friedman for the lead at $14,801. Henke says....the right response, and risks $6,801, taking her up to $21,601. Friedman says.....the right thing also. Now, if he risked at least $6,800, he's back tomorrow. He risked.....

.....$14,800!! He wins $29,601, and has a three-game total of $61,700! Good job!

WWTBAM: To begin the day, Donna Andersen is back. For $4,000:

What is the only state in the U.S. that borders the Atlantic time zone?

A: Maine
B: Masachussetts
C: Delaware
D: Florida

Andersen uses the 50:50, leaving A and B. She says A.....right! For $8,000:

Which of these female names has not appeared in the title of a Rolling Stones hit song?

A: Ruby
B: Jane
C: Angie
D: Daisy

She asks the audience, and 74% said D. She says that....and that's $8,000. She gets up to this $25,000 query:

Meaning "bitter criticism", the word "vitric" is also a synonym for what corrosive substance?

A: Turpentine
B: Lue
C: Sulfuric acid
D: Chlorine beach

She takes a wild guess and says C.....WRONG. It's B, so that sends her home with $1,000.

New player: Jessie Zitarosa, a school administrator. She is quite an interesting character. When we see the $1,000 question, and the A choice of "Bears" comes at, Zitarosa nearly dies laughing while remembering the blind date she once had with one! At the $16,000 question, on a question about the week that Discovery Channel does every year ("Shark Week"), the choice "Bear Week" comes up and she laughs again! Quite a game, folks. She gets up to the $25,000 question, the last one of the day, with the phone lifeline left:

Affectionately known as "Two-Buck Chuck, Charles Shaw is a popular and affordable line of what product?

A: Wine
B: Cigars
C: Cheese
D: Olives

Zitarosa calls her brother, P.J. for help. With authority, he knows it's A. As soon as Zitarosa says it, she gets to $25,000 and will be back Thursday!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

$3,000,000 to be offered on 1 vs. 100's return

According to NBC and, the return of "1 vs. 100" this Friday night at 8 PM will feature a game played for $3,000,000!!! In addition, Kevin Federline will be part of the mob! Don't miss it!

11/28/06 Results

Jeopardy!: Ryan Friedman tries to follow in Jeff Spoeri's footsteps against Ehren Schwiebert and Suzanne Ennis. I see quite a few picture clues in the first fifteen clues of the round, most notable from Gilt Complex. Mr. Friedman (not Harry) leads $4,000 to Schwiebert's two grand, while Ennis has zip into the first commercial break.

When we come back, we see a little of Spoeri magic from Friedman, as he leads $7,600 to Schwiebert's $3,000, and Ennis's $400.

We see Double Jeopardy! having Before and After as a category, and Friedman gets the first three clues in that. Eventually, he has more Spoeri magic, and with $22,000 to Schwiebert's $10,200, he finds the first Daily Double and gets it right, but only bets $500 and goes up to $22,500. Two clues later, he gets the other Daily Double in Literary Europe:

If John Keats had sent a postcard from his last home, it would have been postmarked in this city.

With the accompanying picture, Friedman says What is What is Rome? He only loses $2,000 though, and when the round ends, he's a sure bet to retain with $20,500, although Schwiebert has $10,200.

FJ!: Asia.

Along with Communist China and North Korea, one of the 2 formerly Communist nations bodering Asian Russia.

Correct: What is Kazikstan or Mongolia?

Ennis says Kazikstan, but bets nothing of her $1,800. Schwiebert says Mongolia and risks $6,999 to go up to $17,199. Friedman says Mongolia and wins $20,500, and a two-day total of $32,099.

WOF: Today's players: Tyrone Dudley, Amanda Wandress, and Jennifer Fisher. After getting the $2,000 tossup, Fisher scores big in the first main round with JAMAICAN JERK CHICKEN for $12,100....and a trip to Jamaica! Total for Fisher: $20,700.

Wandress quickly solves the next puzzle in Same Name with ANIMAL AND TAX SHELTER for $1,650. She also gets the Wild Card while she's at it.

Speaking of the Wild Card, early on in the $10,000 Mystery Round, Wandress gets $500 and calls three T's. But she then uses the Wild Card (not a wise move), and gets an H for another $500. But this round goes to Dudley, who solves CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC to go to $6,850.

Wandress solves A TON OF FUN for the $3,000 Toss-Up and a total of $4,650.

The next Phrase was a toughie, IMHO. Fisher struggled to get a lot of help with this puzzle before losing control to Dudley, who solves SETTING THE WORLD ON FIRE, thanks to the R call late, for another $1,800, and $8,650 total.

Speed-Up: Fisher solves DIRECT SUPERVISOR for game, set and match with $22,400.

For the bonus round, we start with Food and Drink and this:

S _ _ _ E _

_ _ _ _ _

Fisher's choices: H, D, C and A. I wouldn't have called the D myself, because it's obvious that's in the puzzle, but we'll see how it works out....

S _ _ _ E D

_ _ _ D A didn't work out as bad as I expected. I knew it was SMOKED something, but Fisher gets nowhere. The other half was GOUDA (smoking that type of cheese? Mean!). The $30,000 goes out the window again.

TPIR: We start with a birthday boy who's just turned 18- Jake Dolson! He played Range Game for....a Ford Focus Wagon! BTW, the Focus Wagon is being retired by Ford after this year, so if Dolson wins, he'll be one of the last few to have one, if he can afford it. He stops the board at about $18,000-$18,150. Good move, because it's $18,095! Happy birthday! Not only that, he gets into the Showcase!

When we get to the second half, we have an interesting situation. Zachary Bachman played Flip Flop for a trip to Santa Fe. Setup:


He guesses $4,517.....then hits the button before Bob could! Unlike the infamous last time, this is declared a loss, as it's $4,571. Barker keeps his composure, and allows Bachman to plug the commercial break.

Next is Averil Carol, who played Cliffhangers for a player piano. For the first item, we have a recorder. At first, Carol says $250 (?!?!)....thankfully, the audience makes her change his mind and guess $30....which is wrong. It's $15, so the mountain climber (Gwen Stefani not included) goes up 15 steps. For the Story Reader thing, Carol again says $30....and she's on the nose, so the climber stays at 15! For the toaster, Carol guessed it, $30! She's using a conservative strategy similar to what you might find in Lucky Seven. The ARP of the toaster....

...$39, which means she wins it all! And she'll face birthday boy Dolson in the Showcase!

First Showcase has a soda fountain, a home gym, and a Hi-Lo trailer. The birthday boy passes to the weird Cliffhangers lady, who bids $17,000. For the birthday boy, he goes for a dining room, a year's supply of Ghiradelli chocolate, and a trip to Switzerland (again, Gwen Stefani yodeling not included. So sorry). Dolson bids $18,500.

The lady's ARP: $28,900, a difference of $11,900. The birthday boy's showcase ARP is: $14,817, so Averil wins $37,743! Dolson leaves with a birthday cavalcade of $18,982.

Family Feud: Trying for win #4 is the Klena family, against the Carrascos. The champs score 83 first on things people think others waste too much of. The Carrascos fire back with 71 on unwelcome gifts cats give to people.

Double: Famous Willys or Willies. Starting with:

#1- Nelson (59, Teresa)
#2- Wonka (16, John)

When the challengers play, Marco flames out with Will Smith, apparently misunderstanding the question. Daniel says Free Marian causes the family to strike out, so it's Klena stealing time. Rachel says Mays....another 150 for them, and a total of 233! Others: Shoemaker, Stargell. I'm kinda surprised Chilly Willy wasn't there.

Triple: Past or present, which reality show has the crankiest judges? Great question! Starter(s):

#1- American Idol (80, Derek)

No doubt about it, the champs play. Steve says the show John O' Hurley won on, "Dancing with the Stars".....#2 (13)! Rachel says America's Funniest Home Videos (?!?!)....NO FREAKING WAY! Lynn says "The Gong Show"...NO! John says "Rock Star"....three strikes. This steal will decide the game, and given the subject, the Carrascos may be home free. For the win, Marian says "The Apollo Show" (WHAT?!?!)....they blew it! The Klenas win with 512! The other keys to victory: "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Star Search".

Fast Money: Rachel and Lynn try to repeat the last performance. Questions:

1. The age when women usually lose interest in sex.
2. Someone who might play a big practical joke on you on April Fool's Day.
3. Word or phrase that starts with "chicken".
4. The sport with the most oobnoxious fans.
5. The day where one may feel the most excited after waking up.

Lynn says 40, friends, chicken pox, boxing and birthday for....just 43. Rachel says 60 (#1), teacher, chicken out, football (#1) and Christmas (#1) for....a total of them a four-day total of $22,165. They'll try to become the seventh undefeated family of this spectacular season tomorrow.

WWTBAM: Back with us is Leah Horowitz fron NYC. She gets up to $25,000 with no problem when gameplay resumes. For $50,000:

Hellen Keller's 1903 autobiography is dedicated to what famous American, who helped put here in touch with Anne Sullivan?

A: Thomas Edison
B: Mark Twain
C: Alexander Graham Bell
D: Harriet Beecher Stowe

She calls her dad, Mark. After he initally says D, he realizes his mistake and says C, and is very sure. Horowitz goes with C.....$50,000 is hers! The $100,000 question he takes, after switching out the first one:

Banned in the U.S., the potent drink absinthe is believed to have hallucinatory effects due to what plant-based ingredient?

A: Eldenberries
B: Wormwood
C: Hemlock
D: Chanterelles

Horowitz eliminates C and D in her mind, but is not sure enough, so she stops at $50,000. The answer was one of her two remaining answers- B.

New player: Marissa Geffen, who was recently a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. She is from Las Vegas, and wants to win a lot in time to get married to Jeff. She zooms all the way to the $25,000 question:

What brand of beverage features bottlecaps that bear the motto, "We're juice guys"?

A: Welch's
B: Veryfine
C: V8
D: Nantucket Nectars

Geffen takes the audience, and 79% say D. She agrees...and has $25,000! For $50,000:

Which of these chart-topping Motown hits was made popular by The Four Tops, and not by The Temptations?

A: "I Can't Help Myself"
B: "My Girl"
C: "Just My Imagination"
D: "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"

She uses the 50:50, and has an idea. The choices left are A and B, and B is her idea. After discussing whether to use more lifelines to be sure, she goes ahead with B as her answer....
should've used more lifelines, because it's A instead. But she does have $25,000 for her future honeymoon.

Donna Andersen starts with the $500 question Wednesday.

DOND ratings for 11/27

Last night's $10 disaster episode of "Deal or No Deal" scored a 10.8 Fast Neilsen rating with a 16 share. That was the second-highest rated show of the night, just shy of "CSI: Miami".

Monday, November 27, 2006

11/27/06 Results

TPIR: As they returned from Thanksgiving Break, Marc Stubbenfield opened the show by playing Lucky Seven for a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Mats, Stereo). The first digit is 2. For the second number, Stubbenfield's guess is's 2, so he gives $1. For the third digit, Stubbenfield says's 4, so another dollar is gone. For the fourth digit, Stubbenfield guesses's 7! With $5 left, he's home free, unless he does something stupid. But he doesn't, and wisely says 5 for the last digit, and it's 5 as well, so I do believe he may have tied the all-time best daytime performace in this game! Way to go, Marc!

Daniel is next, after some pretty stupid bidding by the ladies on the next IUFB ($1 on the first bid?!?), playing SHELL GAME for a trip to Victoria, B.C.! The first small item is the Story Reader thing, and it's marked $20. Guess is higher....$30! He places the chip by Shell #2. Next small item is a pitcher, and it's marked $33. Lower is the guess, and it's $22, so he places the chip by Shell #1. Next is a board game ("Worst Case Scenario"), and it's marked price is $40. Guess is lower, and it's $30, so he places the chip by Shell #2. The last item is a frog insulated container, and it's marked price is $50. Guess is lower...and it's $40, so he wins everything! Now, for the $500 bonus, he guesses Shell's Shell #1. But he does win the other prizes.

Stubbenfield gets into the Showcase after the first two spinners go over. Then he gets the $1 for $1,000! He'll face Maria in the Showcase.

For the first Showcase, it's the model's having political-like signs at a fake rally. First, we have "Give peas a chance!", which symbolizes having to cook them on a new Heartland range! Second, we have "Just say row", which symbolizes how much people get in shape by rowing their new kayak! And finally, we have "Dare to keep kids off lugs", which means not to carelessly change their tires on their new 2007 Chrysler 300 (Std., Mats)! Stubbenfield bids on this one, and bids $28,550, which sounds good. For Maria, we have ice cream cakes from Cold Stone for a year (I've had two of them in the last few months), an Aico 11-piece dining room, and a Yamaha Phaser snowmobile. Maria bids $22,000.

ARP for Maria: $14,897. She's over, and leaves with parting gifts. As for Marc? His ARP: $33,376, giving him the win and a big grand total of $59,033!

Family Feud: Still going strong, as the Klenas are back to face the Kleppels. The Klenas score first on places you might commonly see rich people at. They go up to 124 on things you might do to people when they sleep on the job.

Double: Name something or someone to avoid while you are on a hangover. Starting with:

#2- Parents (16, Andrea)
#3- Spouse/mate (15, John)

The Kleppels play. Tricia says kids.....NUMBER ONE (26)! Cynthia says the boss....#5 (9)! Kimberly says alcohol....not there. Ronald says loud noises....#4 (11)! Tricia tries for a sweep with alarm One more chance with Tricia, who says sweep for them. For the steal, the champions say bright lights....NO, so the Kleppels jump into the lead with 154! The #6 answer was the clergy (4).

Triple: Someonw you'd wish you'd never have to pick up the phone for. Starting with:

#3- In-laws/family (15, Tricia)

The Kleppels try to win the game here. Cynthia says work....NO. Kimberly says telemarketer....NUMBER ONE (47)! Ronald says the cops.....NO. Andrea says your ex.....#4 (6)! #2 needed for the championship. Tricia says neighbor......NO. So the Klenas try to steal the game with bill collector, and John asks the board for the answer quickly, because he sounds confident it's there.....and IT IS! The Klenas retain the title with 328!

Fast Money: Lynn and Rachel play. Questions:

1. Another word for crazy.
2. A color roses come in besides red.
3. A member of the ape family.
4. Something in a department store fitting room.
5. Somehing you see in the sky on a clear night.

Lynn says psycho (BAD?!?!), pink, gorilla (#1), clothing and stars (#1) for.....111. Rachel says lunatic first....5. #1 answer was insane. For question two, Rachel says white....30! But yellow was #1. For question three, she gives chimpanzee.....35! 19 away. For question four, Rachel says mirror......WIN!! That was #1, and they have a three-day total of $21,500.

WWTBAM: Ed Caballero is our first player today as we return to normal. He is a history teacher from Fort Worth, TX. First question of note from him for $4,000:

In the 1950s, which of these baseball teams temporarily changed its name to avoid any association with Communism?

A: Detroit Tigers
B: Cleveland Indians
C: N.Y. Yankees
D: Cinicnatti Reds

Caballero used the audience, and a whopping 95% say D, not to insult NYC. Caballero says D and is right.

For $16,000:

In architecture, a vertical window set in a gable on a sloping roof is called a what?

A: Stanchion
B: Dormer
C: Marquee
D: Cupola

Caballero uses the 50:50, which leaves A and B. He takes a guess and says B...and is right for $16,000! He then gets up to the $25,000 before seeing this for $50,000:

In 2006, what movie did Entertainment Weekly name the most controverisal movie of all time?

A: "Do the Right Thing"
B: "Farenheit 9/11"
C: "The Passion of the Christ"
D: "The Da Vinci Code"

Caballero wants to say D, but thinks it may be too obvious. After some thought, he guesses that......too obvious. It's actually C, so his game ends right here at $25,000.

New player: Leah Horowitz, an actress from NYC. Last question of the day, for $16,000:

What U.S. coin depicts a President wearing a bow tie?

A: Dime
B: Penny
C: Nickel
D: Quarter

Horowitz asks the audience, and 58% say B, while 30% say A. Horowitz is still unsure, so she uses the 50:50....which leaves B and D. With A gone, Horowitz chooses B....and she's back tomorrow!

WOF: Our players are Erica Curtz, Cyndy Gonzalez, and Todd Azeland. Azeland gets the $10,000 space, but loses his turn a few spins later after repeating a letter already given. When control gets back to him, he solves FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYERS to win tthe $10,000 and the $1,900 for a total of $11,900! Gonzalez got the $1,000 Toss-Up, and Curtz got the $2,000 one.

We have a wild turn of events near the end of the Jackpot round. Gonzalez lands on the Jackpot space and calls a G, but still can't solve the puzzle. She then gets the Wild Card, but still can't solve the last word of the puzzle ENGRAVED SILVER JEWELRY BOX. Azeland does for $1,000, along with the Free Spin, for $12,900.

The $10,000 in our $10,000 Mystery Round this week comes from
Cyndy loses the Wild Card late in the round while trying to dechipher the last word of the Prize Puzzle, which is in Food and Drink. They do get back to her, and she picks up a Mediterranean Cruise, $300, and a trip to Mexico by solving FRESHLY PREPARED GUACAMOLE! Total for Gonzalez: $15,439.

Azeland takes the lead back by solving the $3,000 toss-up MOTORCYCLE RALLY. In our speed-up round in the category of Place, Azeland wins the back-and-forth match between him and Gonzalez by solving PENTHOUSE APARTMENT for $21,100!

This week, in addition to the cash, the bonus round offers a BMW X3 3.0i and a Nissan 350Z Roadster. Category is Phrase. We start with:

_ E _ N _

_ _ _

Azeland calls G, D, M and I and gets....

_ E I N G

_ _ _

We know it's BEING something, but can he get that other word? Nope- it was COY, a very hard one. He doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Jeff Spoeri, after being the first 5-time champion of the season, looks for six against Mary Voigt and Ryan Friedman. Spoeri finds the Daily Double early, but misses and has just $400 heading into the first commercial break. It was a tight first round, and we end with the challengers having $5,200 each to Spoeri's $2,800.

In Double Jeopardy!, Spoeri makes quite a few mistakes and falls as low as $1,600, but does get the next few clues to go up to $4,000, while the challengers have $6,000 each. Friedman encounters the first Daily Double in Beetles, and IDs the Hercules beetle for a total of $9,400.
After the round, Spoeri has just $3,600, while Friedman has $9,400 and Voigt has $11,200.
Spoeri still has a shot in FJ!.

FJ! category is First Names:

The first name of both a naval hero and a chracter in "Hamlet", it's from the Latin for "timekeeper".

Spoeri says "Who is Polonius?", and judging from his look, it's wrong. He risked....EVERYTHING! DARN! So he's definitely not coming back tomorrow. Friedman says "Who is Horatio?", and risks $2,199 for a total of $11,599. Voigt says Who is....

Chronus, meaning Friedman is our new champion (I wonder if Harry is proud of this). Spoeri leaves, for now, with $105,103.

DOND: Entering first is Brooks Leach, who bearhugs Howie! He picks #17 as his case.

Round 1: Leach knocks out $25......$5.....$400....$75......$300,000....and $5,000. Offer is root beer for life, worth $26,657.28! But he says No Deal. He's drunk, BTW.

Round 2: Before this began, the six models he selected in Round 1 join Leach at his podium!! Then, he KOs $750, $500, $200, $100,000 and $10,000. Offer is now $66,000. NO DEAL.

Round 3: First choice is #14....$50! Leach chooses #12.....$50,000. Then it's the dreaded #7.....$25,000. And Leach's final choice of #5 is.....$1! The offer now shoots to $119,000!
Some of the models join his guests, as well! NO DEAL.

Round 4: Leach chooses #25......$400,000. He then goes for #4....$1,000. Last is #20 and is asking, literally at his command to be low....boy was it ever- THE PENNY!! Leach is one of the rowdiest contestants I've seen on the show. Offer is now.....$218,000! The banker turns the set dark as they go to break. When they come back, Leach says.....NO DEAL!

Round 5: First of the two picks- #13 and Leyla. Inside that....$200,000. Other pick is #6.....

....$1,000,000- OUT OF HERE. Offer is $152,000. Leach says.....NO DEAL.

One case at a time mode now. Leach's choice now is #10.....$750,000. Ouch, the excitement is almost gone. Offer plummets to $73,000. NO DEAL.

#21 is next....$75,000, but safety net is gone on the $500,000. The offer is now $85,000. Other amounts are $10, $100 and $300. He says......NO DEAL!

#15 is next from Leach.....

....$300!! He's still in the game! Offer is back in six figures, to the tune of.....$147,000! He says....

....NO DEAL. We have only a few minutes left, and I have a bad feeling about this. He picks #18.....

....and sure enough, it is the $500,000. He goes all the way, and ends up with.....

....$10. Third biggest loser on the show.

This Week in Game Shows: Nov. 27- Dec. 3

Jeopardy!: Now that Jeff Spoeri is the first five-time champ of the season, how much longer can he go?

1 vs. 100: After a lttle rest, it's back for a ten-episode run, at its normal time slot.

Deal Or No Deal: For now, this show is back to once-a-week basis, which may be the format most people favor right now.

Amazing Race X: The $1,000,000 finalists are determined.

Plus, find out who GSN will crown as its second-ever millionaire when the finals of the Worldwide Webgames Championship airs. It's hosted by Todd Newton.

RECAP: Amazing Race X- Stage 10

We're now in the final four. Who will make it to the $1,000,000 finals, and who won't?

Clue #1: Travel about 3,000 miles by plane to Quarzazate, Morocco. They must go to an antique shop and pick from one of four good luck charms. If the good luck charm the team brings matches the one on Phil Keoghan, they win the prize for this stage. After they pick their charm, they will get their next clue.

Lyn and Karilyn get here first while in the dark. In a flip-flop of the standings from the last stage, not only are they first, Rob and Kimberly are second at this point, Tyler and James are third, and Dustin and Kandace are last.

Clue #2: Travel 6 miles by car to Atlas Studios, located in a desert town. This place was used to shoot films like "Gladiator". Once they get there, they'll get their next clue.

Some teams, especially Tyler and James, get here early in the dark, as the place doesn't open until I do believe, 8 AM. Thus, we are now at an even playing field.

Also at Atlas Studios is a Yield. Remember, when a team encounters the Yield station, they can opt to have one of the other teams be forced to wait for a minute or two before they can continue to race. Each team can use a Yield only once in the entire race. Dustin and Kandace choose to yield Lyn and Karilyn.

Roadblock: One person on each team must get on a chariot horse and ride a race with it. While riding, they must grab two flags whose color matches the one of their horse's flume. Once they do that, they can turn them in to an official to get their next clue.

Tyler and James are back into the lead at this point, and are confident Dustin and Kandace will do poorly in this Roadblock, given their past.

It appears Dustin and Kandace finish this first, but they make a big mistake by continuing to trash talk at the team they yielded, Lyn and Karilyn. As a result, Rob and Kimberly take over the lead.

Clue #4: Travel 22 miles to Idelsan, and find Cafe Pirgola to get their next clue.

Rob and Kimberly and Dustin and Kandace join together on this task, at least for the time being. While they are driving, however, their car has a flat tire. They try to fool a team into thinking they have a flat tire, but it doesn't work. Thus, Rob and Kimberly slip to last.

Detour: Throw It or Grind It.

Throw It: Teams must go to a pottery shop. They must use a pottery wheel to throw two pots. Once the pots are approved by an official, they'll get their next clue.

Grind It: Teams must go back four miles to the North Africa Horse Ranch and Olive Farm. There, they must use an olive mill to grind 77 pounds of olives, and they must fill their pressing sleeves. Once done, they'll get their next clue.

In both of these tasks, only three workstations are available.

All teams do the Grind It task. Tyler and James are back in the lead heading into....

Pit Stop: Teams must travel 25 miles to the Nomadic Berber Camp, where one team may be the final team eliminated before the $1,000,000 finals.

Tyler and James finish first. Now, about their lucky matches, and they win a Sprint Trio device with one year's worth of service!

Lyn and Karilyn finish a close second behind them.

Rob and Kimberly are third, which means....

DEAD LAST: Dustin and Kandace......

....but, they are told this is the last of the non-elimination legs, so they stay in the race. However, they are marked for elimination in the next leg. Remember, in this situation, to avoid a 30-minute trip to the Penalty Box, Dustin and Kandace must finish first. A penalty could make or break their fate, because in the next leg, somebody WILL be eliminated.

Who will make it to the finals? Tune in next week to find out!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

MVP and Big Winners for Nov. 20-26

This week, I have decided to declare CO MVPs, because I'm in such a good mood at this time of the holiday season. They are as follows:

Paulara Hawkins ("Show Me the Money") AND the Shumates ("Family Feud")

At the beginning of the week, the Shumates succeded in winning an undefeated crown. Although they fell just short of setting a new five-day record, the family will still go down as one of the best families to ever play the game in the many seasons of the current version of Feud, and have $42,810 to show for it.

At midweek, Hawkins took Mr. Shatner for $740,000, becoming ABC's all-time biggest female winner on a non-reality game show.

Other big winners this week:

Jeff Spoeri- Current 5-day champion with $104,103 ("Jeopardy!")
Alyx Mark- $100,000 ("WWTBAM")
Mackeys- Undefeated champions with $42,390 ("Family Feud")
Zani Hensler- First ever car winner at $83,755 ("Deal or No Deal")
Joe Kaiser- $59,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Gregory Dutchett- $51,666 ("The Price is Right")
Breann Vular- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")
Tira Walker- $46,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Wendi Thompson- $44,555 ("Wheel of Fortune")

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving DOND ratings

The rating for Thursday's Deal or No Deal Thanksgiving Special averaged a respectable 6.5 rating. The show had a 6 rating for the first hour, and 7 for hour two.

11/24/06 Results

WWTBAM: Time to wrap up what has been a great College Week. Returning is Jenna Duffy from Ohio State. For $25,000:

On a 2006 "Daily Show" episode, Jon Stewart offered tea and a Twinkie to Pervez Musharraf, the president of what country?

A: India
B: Pakistan
C: Turkey
D: Azerbaijan

Duffy calls Tim for help. Tim barely gets Pakistan out, but we run out of time before we can see if he's sure or not. Duffy wisely uses the 50:50, and Pakistan is still there, along with Turkey. She admits she doesn't make decisions very well. After some thought, she stops at $16,000. Unofrtunately for her, Pakistan was the right answer, thus meaning she misses out on a shot at the bigger money.

Our possible last contestant this week is Katie Waltman from Northern Illinois University, and she brings along two cheerleaders. She used the 50:50 on one of her first five questions.
But she does much better after that, getting up to this $25,000 question, which I know:

In an infamous 2006 accident, Dick Chaney shot Harry Whittington while they were hunting for what?

A: Deer
B: Quail
C: Rabbits
D: Turkeys (!)

Waltman calls Brian for help. He says quail, which Waltman is pretty sure of (NO!!!!). She picks it anyway....BUT I'M WRONG, and she's right for $25,000! I thought for sure it was deer.
Unfortunately, that's all she would get, as none of her $50,000 questions do her any good.

But still, this was by far the best College Week since the last one that was done on the original ABC version. We get back to regular shows next time. Hope to see you then.

Family Feud: In Game #1, it's the Klenas defending against the Hines family. The Hines squad scores 91 on things you might still have from your boyfriend. The Klenas fire back with 94 by naming most of the excuses students give teachers for not doing their homework.

Double: Things gamblers do before rolling the dice. Starting with:

#1- Blow on dice (63, Tish)

Not surprisngly, the challengers play. Stacey says kiss the dice....#2 (13)! Teria says give the dice friction....not there. Lucille says pray.... #4 (8)! Leon says talk to the dice....but it's not there. Tish says wish to the dice....strikeout. For the Klena steal, Rachel says shake the dice....#3 (10) for the lead at 262! I'm surprised nobody said bet, and I'm also surprised it was #5 (2).

Triple: An important lesson you always have to teach your son. Starting with:

#1- Respect/manners (63, Derek)

The Klenas play. Steve says bring Rachel says drive with ambition (?!?!)....NO WAY. Lynn says don't bite your nails....NO! So because of the champs' poor showing with that, the Hines family can't win at this point, but they must get one of the three remaining answers to force a playoff. Lucille tries lift the toilet seat down.....playoff time! Other answers: clean home/body, don't lie/morals.

Sudden Death: Steve and Taria represent. Question: Something a person might brag about at a class reunion. The #1 answer of job was said by.....Steve, so the Klenas win again at 445!

Fast Money: Klenas try again, with Rachel and Lynn. Questions:

1. A part of the body that can be bigger than you think.
2. At what age is a woman most fascinated?
3. Something everyone should learn to do.
4. An ice cream shop topping.
5. The most expensive thing at your house.

Lynn says butt (#1), 35, ride a bike, chocolate syrup (#1), and big screen TV for.....triple 1s! Rachel says thighs first....only 7. 20 is next....only 2. She then says play sports....ZERO?!? What? #1 answer for question three was drive. The last answers of sprinkles and jewelry add 15 for a total of 135 and $675. Total for now for them: an even $1,500.

In Game #2, it's the Sims defending their crown against the Leonards. The champs score first on things women have on their minds 90% of the time with 75. The Lenoards struggle to 30 points on phrases that start with "make".

Double: Things you hate to see a dentist hold in your face. Starting with:

#1- Drill (62, Sonny)

The Sims play. Steve says injection....#2 (12)! Janet says strightener....#3 (11)! Linbeth says Sharon says teeth....#4 (8)! Back to Sonny, who says the bill....#5 (2)! Steve tries for all 194 with air Janet tries For 190, the Lenoards try to steal with anastesia....NO, so the Sims are at 265. #6 was gums.

Triple: Things kids brag about their fathers. Starter (s):

#1- Big/strong (43, Alex)

The Leonards play to stay alive, maybe win. Joe says being smart....#3 (7). Next to be said is make more money than anyone.....#2 (29)! One more for a shot at Sudden Death. Chris gives a bad answer. Pete says he's fast for a playoff....NO. Alex says he drives a nice car for a playoff....NO. To win the game, the Sims say he's got good looks.....YES! They win at 502!

Fast Money: Will the third time be the charm for Janet and Linbeth? Questions:

1. Name something you're glad you have two of instead of one.
2. The age when women typically have celluite.
3. The state with a lot of farms.
4. The first thing you want when you feel sick.
5. A big animal with a tiny brain.

Linbeth tries hands, 40, Nebraska, sleep (#1) and elephant (#1) for....117! Janet says feet....only 7. They were in the right direction- eyes was number one. 36 is too oddball for any points. Idaho is next for 9, with the #1 answer for the state Iowa. Mother is next for the fourth question....11, so they're all but out of this. That's the last points they get, as the last answer of gorilla is a zero. They finish with 144, good for $720, and a total of $2,265 for three games.

WOF: I joined this show at the start of the second round, the Jackpot round, due to football.
Sheyla lost the Wild Card she earned in Round 1 at the start of this round. Brandon catches fire, and doesn't lose control, solving THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE for cash and a trip to Canada, since this was the Prize Puzzle Round. He has $12,900. The blue contestant, Donna, has $4,900 so far.

Brandon wastes his Free Spin at the start of the $10,000 Mystery Round, but does pick up the Hawaii trip. Sheila finds the $10,000 Mystery Wedge. The category of this puzzle is Food and Drink. Donna continues to have good look calling the Z this show, and as a result solves CHICAGO STYLE DEEP-DISH PIZZA to go up to $7,950.

In our Speed-Up round, Donna wins $8,000 with FINISH WHAT WE'VE STARTED, and wins the match by $350, $15,950-$15,600! Shiela leaves with $1,000.

Bonus round category is Food and Drink. Not bad! She lands on the last 0. The big six gives her:

_ R _ _ N

_ R _ _ _

I'm thinking it's GROWN or URBAN something so far. She chooses F, D, C and A and gets...

_ R _ _ N

_ R A _ _

We both drew a blank, despite the category. It was BROWN GRAVY, and the Mazda MX-5 goes back to the garage. Not too much luck with the bonus round spins this week, as all the prizes offered were pretty cheap, so an 0-5 shutout on the week wouldn't have been too depressing.
But we did have one bonus round win, though.

Jeopardy!: Will we FINALLY have a five-time champ this season? Jeff Spoeri tries as he faces Teresa Cahalan and Jacob Cytryn. Spoeri leads Cahalan $3,800 to $2,000 heading into the first break. After the round, Spoeri only leads by $1,000, $6,600-$5,600.

In Double Jeopardy!, Spoeri gets on one of his rolls, and has $19,0000, but Cytryn tries to get into the match with this Daily Double on James:

The James who warned that the Americas are "not to be considered as subjects for future colonization".

To go up to $7,000, Cytryn says "Who is James Monroe?"....and is right!

With the scores of $19,000 to $9,000, and $8,400 for Calahan in third place, she hits the other Daily Double in Before and After. For $3,000....

Toronto freaks when this 1,815' landmark becomes a medieval fortress on the north bank of the Thames.

Calahan says.....nothing. What is the CN Tower of London? She drops to $5,400.

Jacob gets quite a few of the remaining clues on the board, and it's between him and Jeff, as Jeff leads $19,800 to his $13,400. Teresa's the odd person out with $4,600.

FJ! category: Word Origins.

Meaning to ascribe predetermined characteristics, this word comes from a printing process using metal plates.

Calahan says "What is to engrave?"....Good guess, but wrong. She loses everything, so she is out of this, and leaves with $1,000. It's all down to Cytryn and Spoeri. Cytryn says "What is stereotype?"....RIGHT! He risks just $4,008, and has $17,408. Thus, he needs Spoeri to make a big mistake. The champ wrote down.....

....THE RIGHT RESPONSE- OUR FIRST FIVE-TIME CHAMP OF THE SEASON IS JEFF SPEORI!!! He wins $26,801, and a total of $104,103! And he's back Monday to go for more!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

DOND: Thanksgiving Show

Joe Kaiser is back, and is in pretty good shape. Left on the board right now: $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $300,000, $400,000, and $750,000. We're in one case mode now.

We get a cameo appearance from Bob Costas and "Football Night in America".

His choice is now: #15. It has....... $750,000. The offer sinks to $85,000. Kaiser says.....NO DEAL.

New choice: #25, another multiple of 5. That last choice was really bad. This choice was.....

....just as bad, $400,000. Offer down to: $59,000. Kaiser says with this recent bad luck,
he takes the deal. His case had the $10,000.

Next: Nani Spears. Spears gives Howie a pie from South Carolina. Remember last night on "Show Me the Money" when Paulara Hawkins gave the host a pie? She wound up winning $740,000. Let's see if Spears has such luck on DOND. Her case choice: #17.

BTW, for this game only, the $25 case is replaced by a turkey. And everyone in the audience tonight got one.

Round 1: Spears picks #3 for her son....good news, it's just the first pick. Bad news: the million's gone already. Things don't go much better after that, as she knocks out $200,000, $400,000, and $500,000, with $10 and $400 as the only good KOs. Offer is a measly $4,000, which is an automatic NO DEAL.

Round 2: #21 starts things off with $1,000 eliminated. Next is #4.....$750. #10 is next....$300.
Next is #26..... $300,000. And she loses the $750,000 on the last pick, so obviously the giving the pie trick hasn't worked so well on this show. She says NO DEAL to $9,000.

Round 3: She doesn't knock off too much big figures this time, but the offer only improves to $11,000. Obvious NO DEAL.

Round 4: Spears tries #16.....$75,000 is out. Bad luck continues. #12 is next.....$200. Last pick from Spears: #8........$50. Alright round. Offer is now: $17,000 AND a chance to have Howie pie the banker! What does she say? NO DEAL. Darn.

Round 5: Another OK round, and the offer is now $22,000. Spears says....NO DEAL.

Round 6: One case at a time mode now. Spears says #6.......$500! Offer is now: $26,000.
Spears this time says....NO DEAL.

Cases left at this point: The ZONK case (TURKEY), $75, $10,000, $25,000, and $100,000.

Round 7: Spears lets her love dove father choose. #24 is chosen......IT'S THE TURKEY!!!
Offer is now: $33,000. She says....DEAL! That's her money! Before we find out what's in her case, Howie decides to pie the banker anyway!!!

As for what she could have had? It was the $100,000.

BTW, Tammi Fuller, the second $1,000,000 loser, wound up getting the Jets tickets pacakage anyway, thanks to Curtis Martin.

Last contestant tonight: Tira Walker. Selection is #3.

Round 1: $10 case this time replaced with pumpkin pie, another ZONK. Also, a green case is in play. If Walker keeps the $1,000,000 through two rounds, she automatically wins what's in that case. She knocks out $300,000.......$100......$1,000,000 (DOH, so the green case is out of play, at least for now).....$750,000.....$500,000....and $100,000. She has as much bad luck as our last player. She says NO DEAL to $5,000.

Round 2: #1 is chosen....$400,000's out. After this round, the offer only goes to $9,000. Obvious NO DEAL.

Round 3: Her four selections included $1 and $5. NO DEAL again.

Round 4: She gets rid of $5,000, $400, and the penny. Offer is now $24,000. NO DEAL.

Round 5: The pumpkin pie's gone at this point, BTW. She picks #4 first.....$25,000. Other pick is #12....$25. Offer is now: $37,000.

In the last featurette, the Banker is thankful for the three smallest winners on the show so far- Dana Steele ($50), Brett Kurtz ($8), and Cheryl Jackson ($5).

Back to the game, NO DEAL is said by Walker, moving us into one case mode.

Walker takes #5....$50! The offer is now $46,000. Walker says....DEAL, as expected, because we are nearing the end of the show. Her case had: $500.

That's all for tonight. IMO, if it hadn't been for those joke prizes tonight, tonight's show would have been the worst this season.

Rating for Episode 2 of "Show Me the Money"

The second episode of "Show Me the Money" scored a 5.2 rating with a 9 share, which was second in its time slot.


11/23/06 Results- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

WWTBAM: Alyx Mark is back today, starting with the $25,000 question:

On The Princeton's Review 2007 list of top party schools, what college was ranked most "stone cold sober" for the ninth straight year?

A: Southern Methodist University
C: U.S. Naval Academy

She calls her father, Trix, for help. He guesses BYU, but is not sure. As for Mark, she guesses it anyway.....horrible horrible it's worth $25,000!

For $50,000, after switching out....

Pop singer Dido shares her name with a prominent character from what classic work of literature?

A: The Aeneid
B: Beowulf
C: The Canterbury Tales
D: Antigone

She's leaning towards A or D. She guesses A.....RIGHT! For $100,000....

In degrees Farenheit, what is the temperature range on the Sun's surface, also known as the photosphere?

A: 6,000-11,000
B: 20,000-25,000
C: 98,000-103,000
D: 161,000-166,000

She guesses A.....RIGHT AGAIN!!! Mark doesn't take a similar risk that Zach Harrison did yesterday, as she stops after that. Congratulations, Alyx!

New player: Jenna Duffy, a senior from Ohio State! First question of note:

Because of his fiery shock of red hair, snowboarder Shaun White is often referred to by what outlandish nickname?

A: The Flying Tomato
B: Scarlett Oh-Hair-Oh
C: Fire and Ice
D: The Ruby Slipper

Duffy asks the audience, and 72% say A. Duffy says that....and is right for $8,000! For $16,000:

Traditionally used in French cooking, a bouquet gami is a small bundle of ______.

A: Giblets
B: Dried fruit
C: Bouillon cubes
D: Mixed herbs

Will she be back on the week's finale? Duffy guesses D......YES! See you tomorrow!

Family Feud: In Game #1 on this Thanksgiving, the Reynolds clan defends against the Klenas.
The challengers score first with 60 on things people might hold while on a bumpy airline flight.
The Reynolds family fires back with the full 100 on things you might find in both a wedding and a funeral.

Double: Something your mother tells you never to do at a dinner table. Starting with:

#4- Elbows on table (10, Meghan)

The champions play. Scott says burping....#2 (18)! Carissa says answer telephone (?!?!)....NO WAY. Bob says feed the dog scraps (?!?!?).....another horrible answer. Kristi says a much better answer in talking with your mouth full....NUMBER ONE (24)! Back to Meghan, who says slurp your drink....strikeout. For the steal for the Klenas, Rachel says play with your food. Sounds good.....and it is there for 104 and 164 total! Other answers: Fight (10), eat with fingers (5).

Triple: The worst thing you could leave on top of your car when you drive away. Starting with:

#2- Wallet/purse (22, Scott)

Of course, the champs play. Carissa says briefcase.....NO. Bob says drinks......NUMBER ONE (38)! Kristin says cell phone...can you hear me......NO. Meghan says nothing, so this steal is for the game. Rachel of the Klenas says sunglasses.....NO, so we go to Sudden Death, because the failed steal only gives the champs 280. Other answers: Baby/child (17), food (9).

Sudden Death: Carissa and Steve play. Question: Something a family should plan ahead of time in the event of a fire. The right answer of escape route/exit comes from......Steve, so we have new champs in the Klenas at 398! The champs leave with $20,570.

Fast Money: Lynn and Steve take the board. Questions:

1. Something of yours you don't want other people touching.
2. A food with a strong smell.
3. Something in the morning that makes you rise and shine.
4. The age in which you have your first drink.
5. Something dogs like to chase.

Lynn says purse, cheese, alarm clock, 18 (#1), and cats (#1) for.....119. Steve says hairbrush for the first question....NOTHING. Another nothing for question two, as Steve drew a blank. Sunshine is next.....#1 at 23, so 58 to go. 16 is next.....23! Not bad, giving them 165. Last answer for the dog chasing is birds. 35 is needed....but it's another zero. They take $825.

For Game #2, it's the Sims defending against the Browns. The Sims score first with 68 on excuses men give for not attending church. They go up to 141 on places you wish had a cell phone restriction rule.

Double: People say you can't take some things with you. Name one of them you wish you could.
Starting with:

#1- Money (34, Sonny)
#2- Spouse (14, Caren)

The champs play. Steve says your car.....NO. Janet says a dog.....all pets are #3 (11)! Linbeth says teachers....NO. Sharon says your work......three strikes. The Browns try to steal with Delicia's answer of house.....NO, so the Sims are at 259. Other answers: jewelry and pictures (5 people said those answers apiece).

Triple: Something that starts with German. Starter (s):

#1- Chocolate cake (48, Chavonne)
#2- Shepherd (36, Steve)

The Browns play. Sylicia says a car....nope. Delicia says pie......also a bad one. Another strike is given afterwards, so the Sims try to end this game with Linbeth's answer of measles.....and they win at 511! #4 was potato salad (5).

Fast Money: Linbeth and Sonny play. Questions:

1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you worry about your appearance (Think 10 was #1?)
2. A swimming animal.
3. Something you've done for you country.
4. Something you've served at a Super Bowl party.
5. Something a man looks distinguished with.

Sonny says 8 (#1), otter, serve in the miltary, beer and moustache for....77. Linbeth says ten (not #1 this time), fish, vote (#1), pizza and grey hair for.....168, giving them a total of $1,525 so far.

WOF: On this Thanksgiving, we have Isabel Alezando, Susan Rucar, and Rob Greyhouse.
Alezando gets both of the opening toss-ups for $3,000. Susan gets the Wild Card, but loses it fairly quickly. But she does solve PLYMOUTH ROCK DRUMMER that round to win $2,800.

Greyhouse threatens the Jackpot when it's almost $10,000. He can't solve the puzzle then, but is able to solve CANDIED YAMS WITH MARSHMELLOWS, which sounds like a food we might eat on Thanksgiving for $8,550, including a $1,000 gift certificate from Hello Kitty, I do believe.

The $10,000 Mystery Round is also tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. Rucar calls a D, and with $5,400, opts to take $2,000 instead of the shot at $10,000. But she hit a Bankrupt on her next spin. Isabel steals with WOOD VENETIAN BLINDS for a trip to Italy, and combined with the $3,000 in Toss-Up money, she trails Greyhouse by $1,050.

Alezando takes over the lead with THROWING DARTS on the last Toss-Up to go to $10,500.
At the start of the next round, she lands on $5,000 and calls an S on an On the Map puzzle, and there are four for $20,000! She reveals all of MISSISSIPPI, but we have to know the city. She then calls an O, but only one pops up, and the first part reads _ _ P _ _ O. She hits a Lose a Turn, but we do get back to her when we get to Speed-Up mode. She calls an R then....not there. Rucar solves TUPELO MISSISSIPPI to foil Alezando's big money payoff with $4,200 total, but Alezando wins anyway with $10,500.

On this Thanksgiving, Alezando's Bonus Round category is Phrase. We start out with:

_ E T _

_ _ _ E R

She calls H, G, M and A and gets....

_ E T _

_ _ _ E R

...nothing, and we get nothing from her. Apparently she's not a "Big Brother" fan, because the answer was VETO POWER. The O's might have won her another $25,000.

Jeopardy!: Sarah Ramer and Carl Swanson tried to stop Jeff Spoeri from going for a 5-day title on Friday. Spoeri doesn't dominate as well as he did yesterday, but led $5,200 to Ramer's $3,200 and Swanson's $2,200.

When we get to Double Jeopardy!, it's almost just a battle between Speori and Ramer. Ramer finds the first Daily Double in "EX" Words. For $4,000 and the lead, as she trails $12,400 from Spoeri to her $8,800....

In the presidential oath of office, the word that fits the category.

I know this, but does she? "What is Exercise?" NO! What is Execute. She trails even further from Spoeri at $4,800. A few clues later, Swanson gets into the mix, and takes second place from Ramer. With "The American Revolution" left, Spoeri tries to randomly find the other Daily Double, and fails to find it the first two times. He finds it on the third try, and bets $3,000....

In January 1778 George Washington found out about plans for invading this land and called the plot "The Child of Folly".

Spoeri says "What is Canada?". He's right, but doesn't wager enough to close it out. Scores heading into the final: Spoeri with $17,800, Swanson has $9,400, and Ramer has $5,200.

Category: 1970s TV:

Bruce Peterson, a NASA test pilot, helped inspre this series: The crash he survived was seen in the show's opening credits.

Ramer says "What is Wings?"...Not it. But she didn't wager a dime. Swanson says "What is Intrepid?"....also not right. He drops all the way to $200. Spoeri is all but in the clear, as he says, "What is The Six Million Dollar Man".....he's RIGHT, so he definitely wins with a total of $18,801, and has a four-day total of $77,302. Will we finally have a five-day champion? Tune in tomorrow, if you can....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Special note about Paulara Hawkins

I forgot to mention this in my "Show Me the Money" recap earlier tonight- as a result of her $740,000 win tonight, Paulara Hawkins is now ABC's all-time biggest female winner on traditional game shows, surpassing the females who won $500,000 on WWTBAM with Regis Philbin. She is also just $10,000 shy of Kimberly Chastain on the all-time female network winnings list.

RECAP: Show Me the Money: Show 2 (and maybe the last on ABC)

Time for more "Show Me the Money".

First tonight is Paulara Hawkins from Dallas, who brings William Shatner a buttermilk pie.
First starter is: "Searching for....". Hawkins immediately takes this question:

Searching for vampires and killing them was Sarah Michelle Gellar's job as the title character on what TV series?

Hawkins locks in "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer", and of course is right! Hawkins chooses Victoria.....$160,000 is hers!

New starter: "The Village....". Hawkins immediately takes this:

The Village People recorded what 1978 hit song, which is often accompanied by arm movements to spell out its four letter title?

Hawkins says "YMCA", even though she can't do the movements, but she'e right on the answer!
She goes with Cara-Lee.....$180,000, for a total of $340,000!

New starter: Medusa. Hawkins passes on two questions before taking this:

Medusa is one of the creatures Perseus battles in what 1981 fantasy film starring Harry Hamlin?

Hawkins says "Clash of the Titans". For the lady, Hawkins chooses Vai.....for $140,000.....

.....RIGHT! $480,000! The new starter is now "What former child star...". Hawkins chooses this question:

What former child star played Tony Danza's daughter on the ABC sitcom, "Who's the Boss"?

Hawkins says Alyssa Milano, and is right again! She chooses this time for the dancer Sabrina......

.....$220,000! That's $700,000 now! Two away from being a big winner.

Next starter: "The very first....". Hawkins chooses this:

The very first time TV Guide published a list of "The Worst TV Shows Ever" in 2002, what program topped the list?

Hawkins says "The Jerry Springer Show". For the dancer, Hawkins chooses Julianne......

......for $60,000.....

.....YES! $760,000 and one away from a win!

Possible last starter: "What's your name if....". Hawkins goes with this:

What's your name if you're a current U.S. Senator who was married to an Academy Award-winning actress when you began serving in 1979?

Hawkins knows he's married to Jane Fonda, but doesn't know his name. She guesses Ted Kennedy.....and she's wrong. Answer: John Warner.

She loses $100,000, and has $660,000.

New starter: What. Hawkins chooses this:

What Shakespearean play contains the line, "Why, then the world's mine oyster?"
Hawkins says "Hamlet".... but is wrong again.
After picking Eve, she blows.......$40,000. Down to $620,000.

New starter: "What sex...". She takes this question:

What sex therapist was born with the name Karola Siegel, and was once trained as a sniper?

Hawkins says Dr. Ruth. For her possible last dancer, she chooses Lindsay.....

....for $120,000 and a final total of $740,000.......

....YES MA'AM!!!!! SHE'S GOT $740,000!!

Mariah had the Killer Card.

New player: Bill Kapitan from Wills Point, Texas. He is a monster NASCAR fan.

First starter: "Who made headlines...". Kapitan chooses C:

Who made headlines when she was photgraphed in 2006 driving with her son, Sean Preston, in her lap, rather than a car seat?

Kapitan's guess: Britney Spears. His girl selection: Lindsay.......for $80,000......

.....YES! New starter: "Which enthusiastic...". Kapitan goes with this:

Which enthusiastic "American Idol" contestant made a career out of his comical audition performance of the song, "She Bangs"? (I also call the answer the epitome of singing cheesiness.)

Kapitan says William Hung, and is right! For the dancer, Kapitan chooses Vanessa.....

.....and has $120,000 more for $200,000!

Last starter tonight: Buck. Kapitan chooses C:

Buck Owens and Roy Clark co-hosted what comedy variety show set in Kornfield County?

Kapitan says "Hee Haw". For the dancer, the choice is Theresa.......

.....for $220,000, is RIGHT! Kapitan has $420,000, and if we can see him again, will be back the next time.

11/22/06 Results- Golden Road returns

TPIR: On this Thanksgiving Eve, Golden Road returned. Playing it is Paula Gossik, who won a motorcycle to get up here. At stake is serverware, a basketball arcade game........and worth more than $73,000.......A NEW WINNEBAGO ACCESS MOTORHOME (Std., Z, Room, Drainage, Trim)!!!!!

For the dinnerware, the price is $ _ 3 8, and the choices are 1 and 5. Gossik says 5, and of course, she's right. For the game, we have $ 4, _ 9 5, and the choices of 3, 5 and 8. Gossik says 3......but it's the 8! Darn.

But making it to the Showcase is a military guy named Allen, who cleared Clock Game. He faced Deborah, who couldn't quite win a Chevy Monte Carlo in Pocket Change.

Showcase #1 featured things the models might have if their Pilgrim ship had landed in California rather than Plymouth Rock. First, since their suits are inapppropriate, they exchanged them for bathing suits! Then, their Indian corn was broing, so they exchanged it for California corn rolls in a new refrigerator with a TV! Finally, their ship looked too ridiculous, so they turned it in for..... A Reinell Ski Boat! Even though it would be a perfect fit for Allen, he passes to Deborah, who bids $18,000. Allen also bids that on a dining room, a coffee machine, and a trip to Plymouth Rock, Massachussetts.

Deborah's ARP: $32,404, a difference of $14,404. Allen's ARP: $20,352, winning him a total of $25,399.

WWTBAM: To continue College Week, returning is Zach Harrison, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He got to $2,000 with the audience's help. But he then gets up to $25,000 without using another lifeline! After passing on the first $50,000 question, he gets this....

Iraq does not share a border with which of these Middle Eastern countries?

A: Suria
B: Lebanon
C: Jordan
D: Saudi Arabia

Harrison says B.....$50,000 already! For $100,000....

The two official mascots of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games were Nave, a female snowball, and Gliz, a male what?

A: Ice cube
B: Snowshoe
C: Mitten
D: Mug of cocoa (!!)

Harrison calls his father, Warren. He's 100% sure it's A. Harrison says that.....$100,000!!! For $250,000....

Of the planets in our solar system, where does earth rank in terms of size?

A: Fourth
B: Fifth
C: Sixth
D: Seventh

The 50:50 use leaves B and C. After thinking about, he says C........

.....NO!!!!! But he gave it a great try, and will get $25,000 for his efforts.

New player: Alyx Mark, from Southern Illinois, but didn't bring any cheerleaders with her.
First question of note:

In the UK, what is the capital of Wales?

A: Aberdeen
B: Liverpool
C: Belfast
D: Cardiff

When Mark uses the 50:50, A and D are left. Mark says D.....she's right! For $16,000....

What part of the U.S. coastline is easily recognized on a map due to its distinctive fishhook shape?

A: Cape Matt
B: Cape Cod
C: Cape Hatteras
D: Cape Canaveral

Mark asks the audience, and 80% says B. Mark says that....and she's back tomorrow!

Family Feud: In Game #1, the champs are the Reynolds family, defending against the Delgados.
The Delgados get the first 69 points on things women avoid doing when they feel fat. The Delgados get another 90 from things you pick (one member of the Delgados said ASS- you made me proud, because I do that a lot!).

Double: An animal people look like when they run. Starting with:

#4- Horse/pony (7, Meghan)

The champs play. Scott says a dog......NUMBER ONE (25)!! Carissa says monkey.....#3 (8)! Bob says Giraffe.....#2 (14)! Kristi says cheetah.....BOTTOM ANSWER (5)! Back to Meghan, who says ostrich.....TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR 130!

Triple: Something a playboy's apartment would have a lot of. Starting with:

#2- Condoms (36, Melani)

The Delagdos play. Arlene says adult toys (?!?!)....NO WAY. Jeanette cooks up Angelique says lingerie, which is much better than the last.....but it's a strikeout. For the steal, Bob of the champs says alcohol...and another 108 is theirs, as that's number one! Other answers were women and candles.

For Sudden Death, it's Arlene and Carissa. Question: A sport more popular abroad than here.
Carissa says soccer.....CHAMPS WIN AT 478!

Fast Money: Kristi and Bob try for the second time. Questions:

1. According to 100 women, name an article of clothing women always tug at.
2. An amount of money people give to churches each week.
3. A thing you do during TV commercials.
4. A part of your body that you need to exercise.
5. A president whose face appears on a coin.

Kristi says underwear, $25, eat (#1), abs (#1), and George Washington for....135! Bob says bra (#1 with skirt), $20, change channels, arms, and Lincoln (#1) and gets them to.....236 for the money! That's $20,570 for them!

For Game #2, we have the Sazamas (who are wielding kendosticks in the air in the opening!) versus the Sims. The Sims get the first 60 points on things that men do to make them look as vain as women. The Sazamas fire back with 86 thanks to slang terms that people use to call their friends for certain stories.

Double: A place in a house where a little boy might think a monster is hiding. Starter (s):

#1- Closet (59, Amy)

The Sazamas play. Loretta guesses under the bed.....#2 (34)! Terry says in the, sir. Tammy says the basement.....#3 (3)! Jason says under the Back to Amy, who says the backyard..... three strikes. The Sims go with Linbeth on the's there to go to 252! Other place: upstairs (2).

Triple: Famous Rickys, Rickis or Rickeys. Starting with:

#2- Martin (30, Steve)
#3- Nelson (19, Loretta)

The Sims play. Janet says Ricardo.....NUMBER ONE (32)! One more for the game. Linbeth says
Ricki Lake.....WIN at 546!

Fast Money: Steve and Linbeth tackle the big board. Questions:

1. A sport where one's size doesn't matter.
2. A vacation city that might be called America's vacation capital.
3. At what age did you get your first job?
4. Somebody who always has something for you.
5. A cheese served at parties.

Steve says boxing (bad), Florida (DOH!!!!), 18, parents, and Cheddar (#1) for......69. Linbeth says baseball (#1), Miami (#1), 16 (#1), employer, and bleu for.... 177, giving them $885.

WOF: On Thanksgiving Eve, Laura Landruff, Jada Dunwity-Brent, and David Warchowski played. Dunwity-Brent picked up the Wild Card early on in Round 1, but Landruff got both toss-ups. Landruff solved the Food and Drink puzzle of BEEFSTEAK TOMATOES (tricky, huh?) to go to $5,000.

Warchowski solves the Prize Puzzle WARMING YOUR FEET BY THE FIRE for a trip to Lake Tahoe and cash for a total of $7,776. Dunwity-Brent earlier in that round almost lost the Wild Card to a Bankrupt.

Warchowski lands on a Mystery Wedge early and gets two S's, but when he flipped it over, the Bankrupt came up. More bad news, this time for Dunwity-Brent- she loses the Wild Card to a Bankrupt. Once again, Pat forgets to take the Wild Card away from someone immediately when that happens (I know about it more than Pat- HA!). The entire puzzle is filled, and Warchowski scores again with SHAPELY DOLL DATED KEN AND LIVED IN A DREAM HOUSE in the Who is it? category. For the $3,000, he correctly says Barbie. Total now: $18,176.

The $6,000 Speed-Up Round follows with a Phrase! When it gets down to all vowels, it's Warchowski again with ABOUT THE AUTHOR for another $6,000 and the match with $24,176.
Landruff gets $8,000, and Dunwity-Brent has the $1,000 guarantee.

I'd love to see a really big win before Thanksgiving. Can David Warchowki provide it? Let's find out. Category is Phrase. The big six get him:

_ N _

_ _ _ _

Warchowski chooses M, H, A and D and gets...

_ N A

H _ _ _

I thought it was ON A HOOK. He says ON A HIKE......turns out, we were both way off. IN A HUFF. Without the F's, he won't be the second straight winner of a Saturn Sky.

Jeopardy!: Back to normal with Brad Waller, Maureen McCuen, and our champion Jeff Spoeri.
Spoeri zooms to $7,400 before the break. He coasts to the Daily Double with $8,800 in the category of "B" in fashion:

In the 1970s, it was named Arizona's official state neckware.

Spoeri says boa tie....he's right for another $2,000 and has $10,800! He drops some money due to some wrong responses, but at the end, he has $9,800 to Brad's $800 and Maureen's -$800.

After just a few clues, Spoeri finds the first Daily Double in DJ! in Bodies of Water. He bets $3,000 on:

The largest lake in this South American country is a reservoir, W.J. Van Blommestein Lake.

Spoeri says "What is Brazil?"....NO. What is Suraname?

When things are done in this round, Spoeri has $18,000 to Waller's $3,200. Maureen McCuen wipes out at -$400, and leaves with $1,000.

FJ! for fun is Historic Objects:

Standart, Azov and Clock are among the names of these items, given as royal Easter gifts starting in the mid-1880s.

Correct: What are faberge eggs?

Waller has that, and doubles to $6,400. Spoeri also has it, wins a total of $23,000, and a three-day total of $58,501.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11/21/06 Results- Another Undefeated Feud Champ?

WOF: The legend of the Wild Card continued to grow last night, as it was used for the first time in the maingame. For tonight's players, we have Nana Forson, Tim Regan, and Wendy Thompson. Forson is a big WOF fan, as she watches two episodes a night. She gets off to a fast start, solving the first three puzzles for cash and a trip to Iceland. Total at this point: $12,600.
Forson even got the Wild Card at this point.

Thompson gets the next two puzzles, although she could have had the lead after the Mystery Round if she had flipped that Mystery Wedge she landed on, because that was the $10,000.
Her total now: $11,200 in cash and stuff.

She does take the lead anyway, thanks to getting THE SOUTH POLE as the $3,000 tossup, and solving HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (which could have been solved by you at home even with no letters!) for a total of $18,400. In Round 5, Forson spins $5,000, and gets three Ss! With the Wild Card in hand, after some thinking, she uses it and calls another letter....NOT THERE. Tim Regan gets on the board with $3,200 in this last round, which was CROSSWORD CLUES. Thompson wins with $18,400.

For tonight's endgame, the category is On the Map. The big six get her....

_ S _ _ _ S _

She calls C, H, M and A and gets....

_ S H _ _ S H

I think it's OSHKOSH. Does she? YES! She wins a Saturn Sky worth $26,155, and wins $44,555! Odd total!

Jeopardy!: End of the line for our celebirites in NYC. Wrapping it up with us: Hill Harper, George W. Bush's Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, and Michael McKean.
McKean gets on a roll early, while Spellings is in the hole (HA!). This roll continues through the end of the round, knowing about Achielles in the Daily Double (and the last clue of the round) to get to $13,600, while Marg has $2,000, and Hill has $800.

McKean again pulls a Ken Jennings through the Double Jeopardy! Round, leading $30,400 to Marg's $9,600 and Hill's $6,800.

It's possible McKean can win more than $50,000. Let's find out if he can with this FJ! in From Book To Film.

Among the many movies premiered here at Radio City Music Hall was this 1964 film based on a novel by Harper Lee. Playing the FJ! theme is the organ player at Radio City Music Hall! Cool!

Correct response, VTW: What is "To Kill a Mockingbird"? Harper is right, but didn't bet a dime.
Spellings is right as well, and bets $1,500 for $11,100. McKean is.....RIGHT, but doesn't bet enough to exceed $50,000. Great show to end the run! We return home tomorrow.

TPIR: Today, we saw Nellie Haskins play Lucky Seven for a Dodge Magnum SE (Std., Airbags, Heater). First digit of course is 2. For the second digit, Haskins says's 3, so $1's out. She then guesses 5 for digit's 7, so it's a $2 loss. For the fourth digit, Haskins says's 8, costing her the last $4. The price was $23,785. Too bad.

Next, Christins Helbling played Pushover for a trip to Austria. The numbers...


Upon support from some of her friends, thinking they've seen that exact trip to Austria before, Helbling says $4,961. It's.......$6,113, so they know nothing about trips.

In the first Showcase Showdown, Haskins gets the $1,000 bonus. She doesn't win anything in the bonus spin, but does get to go to the Showcase.

We haven't had a Pricing Game winner yet, so let's try again with Seargant Royce Kelly from the Marines. He played Balance Game for a Beachcomber Hot Tub. The last three digits are 495. The three bags available: $3,000, $4,000, and $5,000. Kelly puts $3,000 and $4,000, thus guessing the spa is $7,495.....too little! The ARP is $9,495 (never would have thought of that, either).

Trying again, we have Gregory Dutchett, who wears a Rod Roddy T-Shirt (!!) and plays Stack the Deck for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Pedals, Heater, Prots). The numbers available:


For the first pair of items, we have Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and Tums, and the target price is $2.99. Dutchett says the dressing....right! He chooses the last digit, which is 7
( $ _ _ , _ _ 7). For the second pair, we have Fiji Water and Bird's Eye Frozen Vegetables, and the target price is $1.59. Dutchett says the water, and of course he's right. He chooses the fourth digit, which is 5 ( $ _ _ , _ 5 7). For the last pair, we have bird seed and a bag of Jelly Belly jellybeans, and the target is $3.99. Dutchett says the bird seed.....right again! He says the third digit, and it's 1 ( $ _ _ , 1 5 7). The first number of course is 2, and Dutchett says that. For that second digit, with no hesitation, he says.....

....the 0, with a guess of $20,157, and he wins! Impressive! He's the only Pricing Game winner of the day, and gets to the Showcase by winning $1,000 as well!

It's Dutchett, the Rod shirt-wearing guy, versus Haskins. The first Showcase has a living room, a security system, and a Dutchman Mini Travel Trailer. Dutchett passes to Haskins, who bids $15,555. Dutchett tries for a range, a home gym, and a Ford Mustang Deluxe Convertible (Std.,
AT, ALB). He bids $27,521, and I think he's won.

Haskins's ARP: $23,586, a difference of $8,031. Dutchett's ARP: $27...........974, winning with a difference of only $453, and becoming the first winner of at least $50,000 since early October on the show! His total: $51,666!

Family Feud: Only covering the second show today, as we will try to have back-to-back undefeated families. Trying to make it happen are the Mackeys, defending against the Reeses (Peanut Butter Cups not included). The Reeses get the first 88 points on things a crook doesn't want to see when he/she breaks into a house. They go up to 141 on the worst things you could nod off on.

Double: The breeds of dogs that eat the most. Starting with:

#3- Pitbull (17, Trish)
#4- Rottweiler (14, Ronnie)

The Reeses play. Irene says German Shepard, which is what my dog, Bandut, is part of (also a beagle)'s #2 (17)! Robby says the Robert says Saint Bernard....NUMBER ONE (22)! Elaine misses on her turn. Back to Trish, who says Chiuahaha for Taco Bell fans.....strikeout. The Mackeys try to score with a Great Dane.....IT'S THERE, so they're one point behind at 140!

Triple: Something that might be a foot long. Starting with:

#1- Hot dog/sandwich (60, Stephanie)

Champs play. Gus says Daschund (?!?!).....NO WAY. Tara says a ruler.....#2 (18)! Michael says feet....#3 (12) and one to go! Ronnie says salt water taffy, or all candy.....NO. Back to Steph, who says Mardi Gras beads to salute her hometown. Nice plug, but that's definitely not there. So the Reeses will try to foil their championship run by saying fabrics.......

....NO!!!! The Mackeys are our second-straight five-time champs! The last answer: rope.

Fast Money: Tara and Michael try one last time. Questions:

1. Something people do to make veggies taste better.
2. A sport where people wear spiked shoes.
3. Something with claws.
4. A liquid people put in their car.
5. Something that buzzes.

Michael says butter (#1), baseball (#1), Christmas (DOH!!!), oil and doorbell for.... 105! Tara says salt, football, dog, gas (#1) and an alarm clock. We head into the final answer with just 2 points to go. Two people have to say an answer for it to be recorded into the survey. If the alarm clock made the survey, they will, I do believe, be the seventh or eighth $40,000+ winners this season, which is amazing. SURVEY SAID.....

....22! They have $42,390, and are the third-biggest winners of the season so far! See you next time!

WWTBAM: It's College Week, folks, and some of you may not like this week, but we shall press on.

Breann Vular joins us, having gotten to the $25,000 mark on the last show. She only has the Switch? to her credit. For the $50,000....

In 2006, what joined the Red Cross and the Red Crescent as an internationally recognized emblem of humanitarian aid?

A: Red Ladder
B: Red Flower
C: Red Cradle
D: Red Crystal

Vular draws a total blank, so she switches. Answer was D. New question:

In the horror sequel "Scream 2", what is the title of the movie-within-the-movie starring Tori Spelling as Sidney Prescott?

A: Knife
B: Ripper
C: Stab
D: Meat Hook

Vular says C.....RIGHT! She walks after that.

Next, from the University of Delaware, Senior Dina DiEleuterio. A cheerleader comes along!
First question of note, which oddly enough, is college related:

An alternative to the SAT, the ACT is a standardized college entrance exam in which scores range from 1 to what number?

A: 24
B: 36
C: 48
D: 60

She asks the audience, but just 44% say B. 20% say D, and 18% apiece said A or C. But she says B anyway.....RIGHT for $8,000! Next:

On "The Colbert Report", what animals, which Colbert calls "godless killing machines", are often atop his "Threatdown" list?

A: Sharks
B: Gorillas
C: Piranhas
D: Bears

The 50:50 is used, leaving A and D. She calls Jeff Boyer, one of her high school friends. Boyer says nothing. She takes a guess with A.....NO. She does get $1,000, though, which is more than she came with.

Zach Harrison, who brought two cheerleaders from the University of Wisconsin, is back Wednesday after using the audience to get the $2,000 question right.