Saturday, December 30, 2006

GSN Reminders

This Sunday morning at 3 AM, GSN will air the "What's My Line?" episodes with James Brown and former President Gerald Ford, who both passed away earlier this week.

Begining Sunday at noon, GSN will air a marathon of "The $100,000 Pyramid".

On Monday, beginning at 3 PM, GSN will air the Lingo New Year's Day Marathon, featuring the entire Fiesta Week from the previous season, and some never-before-seen Hawaii Week episodes from Season 4!

Salute of Champions 2006: THE TOP FIVE!

#5- Ogi Ogas ("WWTBAM")

This college student from Waltham, Massachussetts, opted to pass on the College Week (which was very good this season, IMO), and decided to go with the regular game. He had top-notch process of elimination skills, and he used them to get all the way through the $50,000 question without using one lifeline! He even got the $250,000 question about Richard Sears correct without using a lifeline! Ogas took a successful gamble against his wife's advice in the audience on the $500,000 question. After looking at the $1,000,000 question for a while and thinking about it, he stopped with $500,000 before realizing had he gone with his guess, he could've been the sydnicated version's third $1,000,000 winner. Still, he became the show's biggest winner since Britain native Jeff Gross two years ago.

#4- Vickyann Chrobak-Sadowski ("The Price is Right")

On the last season premiere of the show in the Bob Barker era, Sadowski put on quite a show for the CBS audience. She got up on stage and won a van in her pricing game. She then got to the Showcase and won $1,000 from the Big Wheel. But that type of winning would pale in comparison to what she would do in the Showcase. She bid on one that contained a home theater system, an arcade game machine and a Dodge Viper SRT-10 Convertible. To everyone's amazement, Sadowski bid $89,500. The ARP of the Showcase: $89,739, which also won her the other Showcase which consisted of some digital cameras, a trip to NYC and a Saturn Sky Roadster! All told, she shattered the all-time daytime winnings mark with $147,517!! That incredible Showcase performance will define her overall performance for the rest of the show's life on TV.

#3- Kimberly Chastang ("Deal or No Deal")

Direct from Los Angeles, this lady during Super Jackpot Week played a game for a possible $4,000,000. She chose case #2, and after four rounds had $5, $50, $300, $500, $10,000, $25,000, $1 Million and $4 Million left on the board. In Round 5, she picked lucky 7, which had $50. Her other selection was #1, which was $500. At that point, the offer jumped to $701,000, which she took. However, had she played on to the final three cases, which were $5, $1 Million and $4 Million, she could have had an offer of $1,240,000. Still, at that point, she was the show's highest winner to date, and was NBC's highest female winner until the final show of that week.

#2- Thorpe Scheonle ("Deal or No Deal")

This person, who once acted like a pirate in his own life, walked the plank by taking some big risks during the game. In the end, he played the best game ever up to that point, winning a $464,000 deal!



On the last game of the show's second Super Jackpot Week, Falco tried for a possible $6,000,000, the biggest top prize to date on the show. She got off to a slow start in the first few rounds, knocking off the two biggest amounts, $3 Million and $6 Million. When she got to the one-case-at-a-time mode, the board had $1, $10, $300, $750, $750,000 and $1 Million. Falco chose #23 first, which was $750. The offer was then $198,000, and she said NO DEAL. Falco then chose #7, which was the dollar! The offer was now $275,000, and she said NO DEAL again.
Falco's next choice was #14, which was $300! Offer was now $502,000! But she said NO DEAL again! She then chose sweet #16, and it was totally sweet- it was $10!!! That guaranteed her at least $750,000, and shot the offer to $880,000, with $750,000 and $1 Million left. The Falcos said NO DEAL one last time, and chose not to switch cases. She wound up with the $750,000, and is currently the show's all-time winner!

In 2007, a new quest to find a new Grand Champion awaits. See you in the new year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for Dec. 25-31

With no more first-run shows until the New Year, I have decided to announce my big winner (s) for the last week of 2006 right now. Here they are:

MVPs: Skip Allen ("Deal or No Deal") and Michael Zudacowski ( "1 vs. 100")

On Christmas Day, both of these players won over $100,000 in cash. The latter, Zudacowski, was the big winner of the week with $138,000. The former, Allen, won $136,000 on the first game of Deal's Christmas show.

Other big winners this week:

Steve Unite- $109,605 as five-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Matthew Keeler- $73,990 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Jeff Whitmer- $58,760 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Jared Thompson- Current two-day champ with $56,501 ("Jeopardy!")
Jo Henkins-Hall- $42,260 ("Wheel of Fortune")

Last results of 2006

WOF: On the last show of 2006, our contestants tonight are Stephanie Arnapolan (in the blue), Jo Henkins-Hall and Will Saint-Helme. First category is Event, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle!
After Hall lands on $2,500 and calls three N's, we have....

_ _ _ _ _ N _

_ N


_ _ N

I think I know this by now. She buys two I's, and gets two S's for another $600, and buys the U. Then, she calls a $300 G, buys the A, and solves BASKING IN THE SUN to win $8,300 and a trip to the Caribbean! Total, with the $2,000 Toss-Up win: $17,100.

Jackpot Round category is Event. The man in the middle on the first turn gets the Wild Card by calling the L. When Arnapolan calls the T's as soon as the wheel hit $3,500, we have...

_ _ T _ _ _ S

S _ E _ _

L _ _ _ E R

T _ _ _

_ _ R _ S

She then buys the I and three O's, but spins Bankrupt next. After the man calls the C, we now have....

_ C T I O N S

S _ E _ _

L O _ _ E R

T _ _ N

_ O R _ S

I know this now. But he spins Bankrupt, losing the Wild Card. Back to Arnapolan, who calls a $550 P and a $400 K. Then, she calls a $900 W and two D's for another grand. After picking up the Free Spin, she solves ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS to win $2,850 and go up to $3,850.

Mystery Round category is Slogan. Arnapolan spins a Mystery Wedge and calls four T's, and takes the $4,000 bailout. At that point, we have....

_ A _ E

_ R _ _


_ E S T

S T _ _ _

_ _


I know this now. She calls a $300 N, buys two O's, calls two M's on the same Mystery Wedge she landed on previously, and calls a K as a dud. She uses her Free Spin, and calls another dud in I. Over to Hall, who calls a $300 D, three F's to add another $2,700, and solves MADE FROM THE BEST STUFF ON EARTH to win $3,000. The Mystery Wedge flirted with was a Bankrupt, BTW. As for the bonus question, her guess is......nothing. It was Snapple. She's now up to $20,100.

Arnapolan solves DIMMER SWITCH to go up to $6,850. It's Speed Up time with an Occupation, and for the third time this week, $6,000 is given for each consonant! Arnapolan solves WEDDING COORDINATOR to win $12,000 and finish with $18,850, but Hall is still our champ with $20,100. The man gets the $1,000 consolation.

We've had a bonus round win on the past three or four end-of-year shows. Can Hall keep it up?
She spins the double star. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ E

_ _ _ E

I think it's something CAKE. Hall says the first four letters of the alphabet and we have....

_ _ D _ E

C A _ E

I think it's FUDGE CAKE. Does she? YES, with about two seconds left! She wins the Dodge Nitro SXT 4X2 worth $22,160, and ends 2006 with $42,260 in cash and car!

Jeopardy!: A WIPEOUT danger is in the air. If the champ, Jared Thompson, is unsuccessful tonight, it will be just the third week, I do believe, in the past five years, that no champ successfully defended their title. Hoping to make that dubious distinction happen are Frank Liu and Laura Piantes. On the $200 Entertainment Awards clue, Thompson identified the creator of this show, Merv Griffin! Thompson has the early lead at the first break with $4,200, while Liu has $2,600 and Piantes has $1,600.

Thompson shortly finds the Daily Double in Shoulda Been a Contender! With $5,200 at this point, twice as much as Liu at that point, he bet $1,000:

Later Veep, this N.Y. governor challenged NIxon for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 1968.

"Who is McGovern?" sorry. Who is John Rockefeller? Liu gets on a roll late in the round, trailing by just $200. When Thompson blew the last clue of the round, he and Liu are tied at six grand, while Piantes has $1,600.

In Double Jeopardy!, Thompson finds the first Daily Double in Uniting the Cities and States. At this point, he and Liu are tied for the lead at $8,400. The champ bets almost half, $4,000:

The "Land of Enchantment" state hooks up with South Carolina's capital. Enjoy.....

"What is New Mexicolumbia?".....he's up to $12,400, and has the lead by himself! He even swept that category, as well! But their tight match soon continues, and Liu gets the $1,200 clue in Grab Bag to take the lead back with $16,000. After Thompson takes back the lead by getting an $800 clue in You Can Call Me Al, he hits the other Daily Double, and with $16,400 to Liu's $16,000, he bets three large:

In 1998, the president of the Czech Republic remarked that he wanted this U.S. cabinet member to replace him.

"Who is Madeline Albright?".....$19,400! At the end, he has $20,600, Liu has $18,000 and because they're so close, Piantes is still alive with $4,400.

The all-important Final Jeopardy! clue is in the category of Broadway.

In 2006, this show based on a 1911 work became the longest-running show in Broadway history.

Piantes says "What is Las Miserables?"....NO WAY! She loses everything but $10. Liu looks like he struggled with this, and says "What is Phantom of the Opera?".....RIGHT! He bet half, and is up to $27,000. It all comes down to Thompson. He says....

....the right response. If he bet at least $6,400, he has saved the show from a terrible way to end 2006. He bet....

....$15,401!!!! He has saved the week!! Two-day total: $56,501!

Salute of Champions 2006: Day 4

It's time to reveal the first half of the top 10 of 2006! Here we go....

#10- Erik Chopin ("The Biggest Loser")

On the third season of this reality series, Chopin set two records on his way to winning the $250,000 grand prize- most pounds lost at the ranch, and the greatest percentage of weight loss ever by one person overall! In a tough time period, this season produced respectable ratings.

#9- Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke ("Dancing with the Stars")

Cheryl Burke struck gold once again for another celebrity on the dancing floor, this time NFL great Emmitt Smith! He picked up the moderate success of Jerry Rice from Season 2 where he left off, and went on to win the tightest matchup in the show's history over Mario Lopez's team to win Season 3 of the show. The finale is the highest rated TV show of the current season.

#8- Mati Selina ("Deal or No Deal")

Early on in the second Super Jackpot Week, Selina riled up the audience as he went for up to $3,000,000 in his game. Although he fell just short of winning the $3,000,000, he won $675,000, which at that point was a new record on the show! He is one of the few people that wanted his winnings paid all in real cash!

#7- Taylor Ware ("America's Got Talent")

Years ago, Regis Philbin helped make TV history with the first single $1,000,000 winner in game show history. In August 2006, he helped make history yet again, when this 11-year-old sung her way to the $1,000,000 grand prize on the show, therefore making her the youngest million dollar winner in television history! As of right now, she has just done her first album.

#6- Taylor Hicks ("American Idol")

In what was the second-highest rated finale in the show's history, this singer from Alabama broke a three-year curse of the wrong singer winning the whole competition, and became just the second man ever to win it all! His recent album ranked second on the Billboard charts.

Tomorrow, the top five is revealed, and I crown my first-ever GRAND CHAMPION.

Notes from yesterday

-As of yesterday, Pat Sajak is celebrating his 25th Anniversary of his first show on Wheel of Fortune.

-Jeopardy! is in danger of its first WIPEOUT of the season, and that would be a terrible way for the show to end 2006. Hopefully that won't happen.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

12/28/06 Results

WOF: On the player docket tonight- Carol Smith (from Bloomington, MN), Jeff Trogek (from Annex, TX) and Laurie Bote. Round 1 category is Phrase. After Trogek calls the K, we have...

K E E _


H _ _ E

_ _ _ E S

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

He calls the P to get the Free Spin. He then buys an A, and it's a dud, so it costs him his Free Spin. He then calls two R's for $800, and calls the one O, and is currently at $2,750. After calling the M, we now have....




_ _ R E S

_ _ R _ _ _ _

He says KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING to win $3,050 and earn a total of $5,050!

Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After the A's are called, and Smith calls the N, we have....

A _ A _' S

A _ _ L E

T _ _ N _ _ E _ S

I know this by now. She calls the O, and calls two P's when she lands on $3,500! After revealing all but the M, she solves ADAM'S APPLE TURNOVERS to win $10,050 and have the lead with $11,050!

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Show Biz. Smith lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls two H's and flips.....$10,000! Let's see if we can give it away this time. After Smith calls the N's, we have....


_ _ E N N _

_ _ _ S'

_ H _ _ _

She calls a dud of P on the next turn. Trogek calls a $450 R, then picks up a trip by calling the Y, and then calls two O's. He then calls a $300 B, but calls a dud in U. Bote calls an $800 C, then buys two I's, and solves THE VIENNA BOYS' CHOIR to win her first $550 and win a trip to Austria! Total this round to get on the board: $5,050, and she's tied for second place!

She then solves RHYMING POETRY to take second by herself with $8,050. Speed-Up Mode follows, with the category of Show Biz, and $1,700 paid for each consonant. After Bote calls the N's, we have....

_ _ N T _ R

_ _ N _ _ R _ _ N _

....but can't solve. But Smith can, solving WINTER WONDERLAND after calling the W's to win the match with $14,450!

Smith will now try to tie our season-best bonus round winning streak of three wins in a row. She spins the H. Category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ N E

_ _ _ _ _

Smith calls C, P, M and O and gets....

_ _ N E

_ _ _ _ _

....nothing. I thought she had just missed it by not saying FINE CHINA.....but it was actually DUNE BUGGY. In any event, she doesn't win another $30,000. The G's might have done her some good.

Jeopardy!: Jared Thompson and Carol Pal challenge champ Lisa McClain, who has $20,500 so far. Pal finds the Daily Double early in Word Origins. She has $2,400 at this point, while Thompson has $1,400 and McClain has $600. She bet $2,000 on this:

A & B

These two Greek letters inspired this eight-letter word, which is a cornerstone in the English language.

"What is alphabet?".....right! She now has $4,400 and leads with that at the first break.
When we get back, Thompson gets the remainder of the clues in Actual MLB Broadcast Quotes to tie her for the lead! But Pal jumps in on two correct responses in Biblical Rhyme Time to take the lead back. On the last clue of the round, in 19th Century Faces, Thompson gets it to lead with $6,600, while Pal has $5,400 and McClain has $3,400.

To start Double Jeopardy!, Thompson gets the last three clues in Blood Simple to go to $11,000. He then gets the first three clues in The Coen Brothers before striking out on the $1,600 one. He bounces back by getting the $2,000 clue in that to go to $13,800. But Pal gets the $400 clue in The Ladykillers to get a shot at the Daily Double next door. With $6,200 now, she bets $5,000:

He wrote, "The fish had moved away. It swallowed the woman's limb without chewing".

"Who is Melville?"......NO. Who is Peter Benchley? She's down to $1,200. She then hits the other Daily Double in Fargo, and only has $3,600. She bets it all on this:

With this state's moorhead, Fargo forms a metro area of about 180,000.

"What is North Dakota?".....good news, it's not South Dakota. Bad news: It's not North Dakota, either. It was Minnesota. Thomspon then dominates the rest of the way to have this all but locked up with $20,600. McClain has $10,200, and Pal jumps in on the last clue of the round to make it to the final with $400.

FJ! category: 1970s.

G. Gordon Liddy, E. Edward Hunt & Egil Krogh were nicknamed this because they "plugged leaks".

Correct: Who were The Plumbers?

Pal has that and doubles to $800. McClain says "Who are the White House Plumbers?", which is acceptable, and she bet $9,000 to go to $19,200. Thompson has "What are stoppers?"....NO WAY. But he only lost $100, so he's the new champ with $20,500, which oddly enough was the same winning score for McClain yesterday! She leaves with $22,500.

BCI Eclipse inks 5-year deal with Fremantle

According to Gameshownewsnet, BCI Eclipse has inked a five-year deal with Fremantle Media to make DVD releases of their shows. They've already done one on Match Game, which I have.
The next strong possiblilty will be Family Feud, since Richard Dawson is still alive. I doubt they'll do one on TPIR, but you never know.

Salute of Champions 2006- Day 3

Today, we salute those players in spots #15-11:

#15- Yul Kwon ("Survivor: Cook Islands")

He was the latest person on TV to show that brains beat brawn. He managed to find the Immunity Idol while on a visit to Exile Island, and managed to use it to his advantage. Those two elements helped him edge out Ozzie Smith in the Final Triabl Council to became the latest Survivor winner!

#14- BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven; Tyler Denk and James Branaman ("The Amazing Race")

These two teams won the $1,000,000 grand prize on the multi-time Emmy award winning reality show. The first listed team won in "The Amazing Race 9", while the other won in "The Amazing Race X". Both teams were early favorites of mine in their respective seasons.

#13- The first two GSN Millionaires

In 2006, history was made yet again on GSN. At the end of April 2006, GSN crowned its first ever $1,000,000 winner when they aired the Three Card Poker National Championship.
The second one was crowned at the Worldwide Webgames Championship that was taped in September.

#12- Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke ("Dancing with the Stars 2")

The brother of R & B star Nick Lachey teamed up with Burke to dominate the competition, IMO, from day one (unlike most of everyone else) to win the second season of "Dancing with the Stars"! I would've ranked them higher if it weren't for the little outrage regarding Stacy Kiebler's third-place finish.

#11- Robert Talon ("Identity")

On the first week of NBC's latest primetime game show, this man became the show's first ever $500,000 winner! He did so by identifying 12 people without a mistake!

Tomorrow, the first part of my top 10.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

12/27/06 Results

WOF: Tonight's players are Matthew Keeler (in the yellow from NYC), Amanda Neff (from Reno) and Lee Erlich. Round 1 category is Food and Drink. After Elich calls the R's, we have....

_ R O _ _ _ _

_ O _ _ _ _

_ O R T _ R _ O _ S _

S T _ A _

She calls the I and five E's and we now have....

_ R O I _ E _

_ O _ _ _ E

_ O R T E R _ O _ S E

S T E A _

She hits Bankrupt, though. Keeler calls two B's for $1,200, and two L's for $600 more, and a $600 H, and we now have...

B R O I L E _

_ O _ B L E

_ O R T E R H O _ S E

S T E A _

He calls the U's, then two D's for another $1,200, and solves BROILED DOUBLE PORTERHOUSE STEAK to win $3,350 and go up to $6,350.

Jackpot Round category is Phrase, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Keeler picks up the Wild Card by calling two H's, and we have.....

_ _ _

T H _

_ _ _ T _ N

_ _ T H

I think I know this now. Late in the round, after Neff calls the E's, we have....

_ _ _




After calling the F's, she solves OFF THE BEATEN PATH to score with $1,100 and a trip to Uruguay! Total: $5,600.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is On the Map. Elrich lands on $3,500 and calls of them! At that point, we have....

S T.

T _ _ M A S

_ _ I T _ _

S T A T _ S

_ I _ _ I _

I S _ A _ _ S

She calls the L to get the HSN Gift Tag. Then, she calls the V and buys two E's. She then calls a $600 R and three N's for another $900. She then says ST. THOMAS UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS to win $25,850 in cash and stuff just like that!

Neff solves PUPPET THEATER to go up to $8,600. We go to Speed-Up mode with the category of Living Things....and for the second straight night, each consonant is worth $6,000!
After Keeler calls the P's, he has $24,000 with him and....

_ _ P _ R _ R

P _ N _ _ _ N S

...can't solve. When we get back to him, he calls the M, and solves EMPEROR PENGUINS to win $30,000 and the match! He has $36,350 so far! Elrich has $25,850 from the Mystery Round and Neff has $8,600. BTW, he still had the Wild Card, so he gets an extra consonant choice in the bonus round!

Keeler spins the A. Category is On the Map. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ _ T _

I think it's something CITY. Keeler says C, M, H, G and A and gets....

_ _ _ A

C _ T _

It is a CITY....and he knows it's IOWA CITY! The other car is won this time, a 2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe worth $37,640! He takes home $73,990 in cash and prizes! As a result, we gave away over $100,000 tonight!!! Great job, everyone!

Jeopardy!: Lisa McClain and Jeff Rozen are here to challenge Robert Alden, our champion.
Just before the first break, Rozen hits the Daily Double in Touring America, and has $1,800 at this point to Alden's $2,200. He bets $500:

In 2006, this battle site celebrated the 225th anniversary of a famous surrender.

"What is Yorktown?".....he leads by $100! He ends up leading with $2,900 at the first break.
He still leads with $6,900 as the round ends, while the other two have $2,600 apiece.

In Double Jeopardy! early on, McClain gets quite a few clues to get into the game after being in the red early on. The champ soon gets into this, making this a tight game in the middle. He then hits the first Daily Double in Homophones, and at that point has $6,600. Rozen has $6,900 and McClain leads with $7,000. The champ bets $2,000 for the lead:

Having a beak, or to construct.

"What is Build/Billed?".....champ now leads! He soon goes up to $10,200, but the other two are hot on his heels with both over $8,000. Rozen misses the $2,000 clue in Jazz Masters to have his hopes take a hit for now. But with $8,100, he hits the other Daily Double in Artists. With McClain at $9,400 and the champ still leading with $11,800, Rozen bets $2,100, and sees a video clue from the Hermitage Museum in Russia. He......gets it to take second place with $10,200! That's his final score before the final. McClain has $11,000 and is second.

FJ! category: 19th Century Presidents.

Against bitterly divided Democrats, he won with the second-lowest percentage of the popular vote in history, 39.8%.

Rozen says "Who is Abe Lincoln?"....correct! He bet $5,000 to go to $15,200. McClain has that and risks $9,500 to go to $20,500. Alden has...Grover Cleveland, and even if he had gotten it right, $3,014 still wouldn't have been enough to overtake McClain, who is now our champion.
Rozen leaves with $26,000.

GSN to pay tribute to James Brown and Gerald Ford Sunday morning

On December 31st, GSN will pay tribute to James Brown (died Monday) and Gerald Ford (died Tuesday), who both died this week. Classic What's My Line episodes featuring them will begin airing at 3 AM on said day.


Salute of Champions 2006: Day 2

Today, we salute the players in spots #20-16.

#20- Aras Baskauskas ("Survivor: Panama Exile Island")

After falling short in the last few Immunity Challenges to Terry Geitz, this man rebounded on the championship show to defeat Danielle DiLorenzo at the Final Tribal Council to win the $1,000,000 top prize.

#19- Charles Taylor, Francis Goldshmid and Sam Khurana ("Treasure Hunters")

This team of three known as Team Geniuses won the low-rated NBC summer reality series to share in $3,000,000- the largest team jackpot won on any game show to date.

#18- Christine Dinos ("Wheel of Fortune")

This woman from San Jose teamed up with Jack Wagner and dominated most of the game to win $42,550 in cash and prizes in the maingame on an episode from "Soap Stars Week". As if that wasn't good enough, she even managed to win the $100,000 grand prize in the bonus round, setting the current one-day record with $142,550, and also becoming the show's third-biggest winner overall (and second- biggest single winner overall, as well).

#17- Sheetal Shetty ("Deal or No Deal")

Shetty, who oddly enough is a banker in real life, won $375,000 from a deal she made on an early April episode of the show, which was two hours. At that point, she was the second-biggest winner on the show. She is the first of what will likely be a host of players from this show to make my event.

#16- Cindy Pridgeon ("Deal or No Deal")

In the show's second run, which was a Super Jackpot Week, Pridgeon won $407,000 from a deal she made during a game worth a possible $2,000,000. At that point, she was the show's biggest winner to date.

Tomorrow, #15-11 is revealed.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

12/26/06 Results

WOF: Tonight's players are Wendy Whitehead (in the blue), Jessica Best and Jeff Whitmer.
Round 1 category is Food and Drink, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! When Whitmer calls the C's, we have....

_ _ _ _

C _ _ C _ _ A T _


D A R _

C _ _ C _ _ A T _

He calls in two E's and four O's. He calls the two H's to pick up the Hawaii trip. He calls three L's for $1,800 and fills the L in the third position of the top word. He calls two K's for another grand, and solves MILK CHOCOLATE AND DARK CHOCOLATE for $6,000, Hawaii and Switzerland! He gets on the board in a big way with $15,600!

Jackpot Round category is Fun and Games. After Whitmer calls the E's, we have....

_ _ A T I N G



_ _ O _ E N

_ A _ E

He hits Bankrupt on his next turn, and saves his Free Spin he earned earlier. Wendy hits Jackpot late in the round, calls the F, and solves SKATING ON A FROZEN LAKE to win a $9,000 Jackpot, $3,050 in other money, and give her a total of $13,050!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Headline. Whitehead hits a Mystery Wedge and calls two H's. She flips it over....$10,000! After calling the U's, we have...

_ O _ U _ _ T _ O N

O _


T O _ _



_ _ _ _ _ O N

I know this by now. She calls the A, and repeats the U to lose her turn. After clearing the rest of the board, Best solves POPULATION OF U.S. TOPS THREE HUNDRED MILLION to go to $5,750.

Whitmer solves DRIVE SAFELY to go to $18,600 and pad his lead. We go to Speed-Up mode with On the Map....and $6,000 can be earned for consonants! When Best calls the N's, we have...

_ _ _ T _ R N

_ _ N N _ _ _ _ _ N _ _

...and $24,000 at stake for her, but she can't solve. Whitmer calls the S's, and says EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, but is wrong. He then says WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA....and wins $18,000 more and the match- giving him $36,600!

Let's see if we can keep this good night going in the bonus round. Whitmer spins the S in CASH. Category is Things. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ E S

Whitmer picks C, H, M and O and gets...

H _ _ H

H O _ E S

The H's gave this to him- HIGH HOPES! He wins the all new 2007 Dodge Nitro SXT 4X2 worth $22,160, and he wins a total of $58,760 in cash and prizes!

Jeopardy!: Jocelyn Beer and Robert Alden challenge our champ, Glenn Woertz. The champ takes the early lead heading into the first break with $3,400, while Beer has $2,200 and Alden has two large.

Woertz soon hits the Daily Double in Photographers, and at this point has $4,200. He bets one thousand:

Best known as a writer of children's stories, he was also a fine photogrpaher; Alice Liddell was a subject.

He doesn't know that it was Charles Dawson, so he drops to $3,200. Alden catches fire late and finishes the round in the lead with $7,400, while Beer has $3,600 and Woertz has three large.

Woertz again hits the Daily Double with $4,200 in his bank, now in the category of Word & Phrase Origins. He bets $2,000:

This phrase referring to rich or important people came from the part of the loaf given to honored guests.

"What is the upper crust?"....right! He still trails Alden by $1,200. Alden gets most of the clues in the middle of the round to pad his lead. He finds the other Daily Double in Medicine with $17,000 in his bank. He bets a grand:

Far away from lyme, the lone star type of this parasite carries Ehrlichiosis, a bacterial infection.

"What is a tick?"....right! At the end, Alden has this wrapped up with $24,000, Beer has $10,800 and Woertz has $9,000.

FJ! is in The Stock Market:

In 2006 this Milwaukee-based company announced its new stock symbol, "HOG", at a gathering in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Correct: What is Harley Davidson?

Woertz has that and bet $8,000 to go to $17,000. Beer also has it and takes over second with $18,800. Alden has that also, and adds a grand to win the championship with 25 grand. Woertz leaves with the Norma Brown Jackpot of $28,800.

Monday Ratings

Monday's episode of "Deal or No Deal" scored a 9 Fast Nielsen rating with an 18 share. The show had a 9.2 with a 19 share for the first hour, and an 8.8 with a 16 share for the second.

The Christmas show of "1 vs. 100" scored a 6.9 Fast Nielsen with a 13 share.

Salute of Champions 2006: Day 1

It's now time to start the first-annual Salute of Champions! Today, we'll countdown from #25-#21.

#25: Dante Constable ("WWTBAM")

He was the last contestant of the last regular week of shows from the show's now-defunct Play It! attraction from Walt Disney World. When he entered the hot seat, he had to follow two straight contestants who won $100,000 earlier. He got off to a good start, answering the first nine questions without using a lifeline. He had to use the 50:50 to get to $25,000. At $50,000, he asked the audience to his advantage, as they mostly knew that the number of cars that start a NASCAR race is 43. After passing the first $100,000 question, he immediately knew that the President that was not born before John F. Kennedy was Jimmy Carter. He faced this $250,000 question, with the phone lifeline left:

What element, like water, has an unusual physical property that causes it to expand when it freezes?

A: Silicon
B: Polonium
C: Bismuth
D: Flourine

He thinks its A, but calls Michael, who doesn't help him at all. Thinking he would be steamed if he walked away and having A as the right answer, he went for it and was ruled incorrect. The answer was deemed to be C. However, as it turned out, there were two correct answers to this question, and his answer of A was also correct, so he was awarded the $250,000 and brought back in early September of this season to go for $500,000. He was stumped on that question, so he walked with the $250,000.

#24- Dr. Jeff Bernstein ("World Series of Blackjack")

This doctor won the $500,000 top prize on the third season of this event. At the time, this was the second-biggest win in GSN history.

#23- Robert and Natasha Purdum ("Wheel of Fortune")

On the first day of "Sweethearts Week", which is the same week responsible for producing the show's all-time winners with over $146,000, this couple won $132,000 in cash, setting a new one-day record for the show. They got to $32,000 in the maingame after solving the final Speed-Up puzzle for $30,000. They won the $100,000 grand prize when Robert was able to solve RISKY MOVE in the bonus round. This record wouldn't last long, however.

#22- Tom Kavanaugh ("Jeopardy!")

This writer from St. Louis became only the second eight-time champion in the show's history (the other was Ken Jennings, of course), and won $144,602 during his run. He returned for the Tournament of Champions in May, but was eliminated in the first round, and added another $5,000 to his winnings, for a final total of $149,602.

#21- Michael Falk ("Jeopardy!")

Although he was only a three-day champion during his original stay on the show, he pulled off the upset by winning the Tournament of Champions over Vik Vaz and Bill McDonald to win the $250,000 and win over $300,000 total.

Tomorrow, #20-16 is revealed.

Monday, December 25, 2006

12/25/06 Results- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Jeopardy!: Will Steve Unite be a six-time champion? Let's find out as he faces David Mayer and Glenn Woertz. Unite gets off to a good start, nailing most of the Sports Venues clues, and at the first break has $5,200, while Woertz has $2,000 and Mayer is $400 in the red.

As the round goes on, Woertz gets closer to the lead, and hits the Daily Double in Dinosaurs. With him at $3,800 and Unite at $6,000, he bets $2,800. For the lead:

Patagosaurus survived on this continenet 170 to 180 million years ago.

"What is South America?" leader at $6,600! But he misses the $1,000 clue in that category, and loses the lead back to Unite. Woertz then misses another 1-2 clues late, and at the end of the round, Unite has $7,400, Woertz has $5,000 and Mayer has $1,600.

The tight match continues early on in Double Jeopardy! Unite got the $400 clue in 20th Century America to break five figures for the first time in the game. After finishing off the Grammar category, he's got $14,200. After getting the $800 clue in How Terribly British, he finds the first Daily Double next door in that category. With $15,000 to Woertz's $7,000, he bets $500:

If you're not happy saying your weight is 280 pounds, go to England where you're only 20 of them.

"What are stones?"....right! He then dominates most of the middle of this round, and broke $20,000 after gettting the $1,200 clue in 20th Century America to go to $21,100. But Woertz hits the all-important Daily Double in Famous Couples, and with $7,800, he bets $7,000:

They were the subject of a 1999 TV movie, "Dash and Lily".

"Who are Daschiell Hammett and Lillian Helman?".....he's in the game with $14,800! Unite finishes the round with $22,700, while Mayer has $4,400.

FJ! category: Holy Places

The elevated area where the dome of a rock sits is commonly called this, after a different religious building.

Mayer says "What is a mecca?" and is wrong. He drops to $1. Woertz says "What is The Temple Mouth?"....right! He bets $13,000, and now has $27,800. Unite says....

....Sepulchre! Still no six-time champion this season. Darn! But he still leaves as the biggest winner of the season so far with $109,605. Woertz wins the championship with $27,800.

WOF: Last week of 2006 for them. On this Christmas night, our players are Wanda Chestnut (good name!), Michael Marvel and Kelly Steele. The "Chestnut" gets the first two toss-ups for $3,000. First round category is Thing, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! After Marvel calls the A's, we have...

N A T _ R A _

S _ _ E N _ _ R

He calls the L's for $600, and solves NATURAL SPLENDOR (I would have guessed NATURAL SOUVENIR instead!) to win $1,450 and a trip to Peru. Total: $7,050.

Jackpot Round category is Song Lyrics. After Steele calls the S's, we have...

D _ S H _ _ _



S _ O _

After filling in the H's, she solves DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW, and wins her first $2,850 on the night!

This week, the $10,000 in the $10,000 Mystery Round comes from Category is Same Name. Early on, Steele hits a Mystery Wedge and calls two S's, and flips it over....$10,000! But she loses it right away to a Bankrupt. When Marvel calls the C's, we have...

C _ S _ E T _ C S


_ E A N

C _ _ N T E R

He says COSMETICS & BEAN COUNTER....and has $1,700 more for a total of $8,750.

Steele solves PIGS IN A BLANKET to go up to $5,850.

Next category is Phrase. When Chestnut calls the R, we have...

_ _ T T _ R _ _ S


_ N _ _ _ _ _ _

She fills in the E's and calls a $300 B, and solves BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED to make this tight match tighter with $6,550, and is now in second place.

Next category is Proper Name. Early on, Chestnut calls the T's, and we have....

_ _ T T

_ _ _ _ _

I think I know this already. This could've been used as a bonus round puzzle. She then calls the R....which is at the end of the puzzle, so there goes my MATT DAMON guess. Now I know what this is. But we go to Speed-Up mode, with consonants being worth $1,400. Chestunut calls the C, which is a dud. Marvel calls the M, and solves MATT LAUER to win the match with $10,150!

Cars this week are the all-new Dodge Nitro and a 2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe. Marvel spins the third zero. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _ L _ S

Marvel chooses C, D, P and A and gets:

C _ A _ _ L _ S

This was HARD. I have never heard of this, and neither does Marvel- CHABILIS. At least he only lost $25,000 on this raw deal.

DOND: It's the first-ever Christmas show! Starting things off is Skip Allen, who hails from SANTA CLAUS, Indiana! He is wearing a Santa hat today. Instead of calling the models by numbers for his choices, he calls them by name because he knows all the models on the show!
Cool! His case is #25 for the 25th day of the month, which is Christmas.

Round 1: First choice is #21.....$400. Second choice is #17.....$100. Third choice is #23.....$750,000. Fourth choice is #14.....$10! Fifth choice is #9....$10,000. Last choice is #8.....$50,000. First offer Allen says NO DEAL to: $17,000.

Before the start of Round 2, Howie decides to let the show for this night only give the audience a chance to win several prizes! First, the two audience members who had the black box that had "DEAL" inside won a prize package from, which consisted of a big-screen TV, a computer and a video IPod.

Round 2: Allen chooses #4....$500,000. Next is #16.....$200. Then it's #15.....$100,000. Next is #5.....$1,000. Finally, we visit #2.....$75. Offer is now $25,000. Allen, of course, says NO DEAL.

Before Round 3, the one audience member who was given a black box with "DEAL" inside won a family vacation for four to Aruba!

Round 3: Allen has #18 opened first.....$200,000. #7 is next.......$1! Third is #12.......
ONE MILLION- OUT OF HERE. Finally, we have #13.......$500. Offer sinks to $15,000, which results in an easy NO DEAL decision.

Round 4: Allen opens up #1.....$300,000. He then has #5 opened.....$750. Finally, Allen picks #10.....$50. Offer is now $31,000, and a bunch of carolers sing a "Banker Song" before singing to Allen the banker's offer! NO DEAL here.

Round 5: Allen picks #22 first.....$75,000. Other pick from Allen is #24......$25,000, and the safety net is virtually gone. New offer: $43,000. Allen says.....NO DEAL.

One case mode now. Allen selects #19......PENNY! Offer is now $54,000. Allen says.....


Next pick is #11.......$5,000, and the safety net is definitely gone. Offer is now $75,000, and this may very well be the stopping poing here. He says....

.....NO DEAL!

Left now are $5, $25, $300 and $400,000. He picks #26........$25!

The offer is now: $136,000! Allen says....


His next choice after that would have been #20.....that was $300. Offer would've been $201,000, with the $5 and the $400,000 remaining. Allen, had he gone all the way....

....would've tied the record low winnings at $5! Good deal!

Other player tonight is Lamar Wilson. His choice case is #23.

Round 1: First pick is #2.....MILLION GONE ALREADY! Second pick is #25.....$500. Third pick is #12....$400. Fourth pick is #17.....$50. Fifth pick is #8.....$100,000. Last pick is #5.....$25. First offer Wilson says NO DEAL to: $20,000.

Round 2: Wilson selects #20 first.....$400,000. Next is #1......$300. Third choice is #13....$25,000. Fourth choice is #15......$750,000's out. Last choice this round is #15.....$1.
Offer drops to $17,000, and that's an easy NO DEAL.

Round 3: Wilson opens up #4 first......$10! Second is #7.....$200,000. Third is #26......$100. Finally we open #11.....and that's $300,000. Deal actually increased- to $22,000. Easy NO DEAL here. Had he taken the deal, everyone in the audience would have gotten what was in their current boxes, but Howie decides to let them open them anyway- and inside each one is A PENNY!!! Everyone then boos the penny- FUNNY!

At this point, Howie is feeling very generous. At this point in this game only, every time Wilson says NO DEAL, everyone in the audience wins a prize!

Round 4: Wilson brings his wife up for this round. They pick #16 first......$75,000. #19 is next.....$75. Lastly, #22 is opened.......$200. Best round so far for him. Offer: $39,000. NO DEAL, and the audience gets a digital camera!

Round 5: Wilson opens up #6......$1,000. Wilson's other picks this round is #18.....$500,000- OUT OF HERE. At this point, he can win no more than $50,000. Deal sinks to $8,000. He's had some real bad luck, so to cheer him up a little bit, he gets a visit from Big Bird! After he says NO DEAL, everyone in the audience wins a Spider-Man doll, along with a $100 gift card! One case mode now.

Mr. Wilson chooses #10.......$750. Offer is now: $12,000. NO DEAL.

Wilson then chooses #9......$5. Offer is now $15,000. NO DEAL again.

Everyone is chanting to get rid of the penny. Wilson picks #21.....IT'S THERE! He's guaranteed at least $5,000! A moral victory in what was a tough game for him. Offer is now $24,000. He says....DEAL! Had he gone on, he would've chosen #24.....that was $5,000. Left would have been $10,000 and $50,000, and the offer was $31,000. He had the $50,000, but almost half of that isn't bad.

This show was definitely a lot more fun than the Thanksgiving show, IMO.

1 vs. 100: Big note here- earlier this afternoon, NBC aired an NFL game on Christmas between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. Because of its length, it did not affect the length of the Deal or No Deal Christmas Show, but the first few minutes of the Christmas show of 1 vs. 100 was cut off. We join in progress wth a contestant named Michelle having this as her second question, with only $1,000 so far:

Santa just successfully parallel parked his sleigh! Which part of it is now perpendicular to the curb?

A: Passanger-Side Door
B: Driver-Side Door
C: Back End

She picks A. A whopping 54 people got it wrong! But did she get it right?....

....NO!!!! It was C! This question should've been a $10,000 question, folks. Annie Duke and DANNY BONNADUCCE busted out on this question! In any event, tough break, Michelle.

Let's see if Michael Zudacowski can do much better. He gets the first two questions right for $13,000, thus eliminating 13 members. Third question is this:

In the holiday poem, "The Night Before Christmas", where does Santa stick his finger to get up the chimney?

A: On his belt
B: Alongside his nose
C: In his stick

He polls the mob, and asks about A- 18 selected that. He then asks the mob. #49 is Chanelle, who is a Go-Go dancer. She says A. #64, Fred, says B, my answer. Zudacowski agrees with Fred....and they're right! 23 missed it for $23,000, giving Zudacowski $36,000! He continues on.

After getting the first $2,000 question right, he eliminates.......16! That's $32,000, giving him $68,000 right now! He knocks out another four on the other $2,000 question for another $8,000, giving him $76,000. He continues on.

He then gets the $3,000 question right....and knocks out 6, giving him $18,000, making his new total $94,000. He continues on.

The last question was about the "Driedel Driedel Dreidel" song (It's annoying). He gets it right....and 11 miss it, giving him another $44,000 for a total of $138,000! Despite still having the Trust the Mob help still with him, he stops there. See you next time!

This Week in Game Shows: December 25-31: Salute of Champions Week!

This week, starting on Tuesday, I will announce the 25 best game show players of the 2006 season. The top 25 will be announced, five at a time, culminating with the Grand Champion being crowned on Saturday, December 30th. This list is subject to change.

Also, we have:

Jeopardy!: On this holiday season, Steve Unite is now a five-time champion. If he can outlast this week, he will be one of the final entrants in the Salute of Champions.

Wheel Of Fortune: The last week of December for them on what has certainly been a roller coaster month for them.

Deal or No Deal: The first annual Christmas spectacular!

1 vs. 100: The best chance to win $1,000,000 arrives on this Christmas special!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Identity Finale Rating

The first run finale of "Identity" scored a 5 Fast Neilsen rating with a 9 share, its lowest rating so far. But it did win its time slot, and was the third-highest rated show of a lackluster Friday.

Incidentally, a repeat of the last episode of "1 vs. 100" that followed it scored a 4.8 with a 9 share.

All ratings information courtesy of and The Futon Critic

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for December 18-24

Since there are no first-run episodes left after last night, I have decided to do my roll call now for this week:

MVP: Robert Talon ("Identity")

On the preview week of this new game show, Talon became the show's first ever $500,000 grand prize winner! He sure didn't hide his enthusiasm for it!

Other big winners this week:

Steve Unite-Current 5-day champ with $107,605 ("Jeopardy!")
Nicci Guzik- $250,000 ("Identity")
Shala Ellis- $264,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Kent Tursky- $84,027 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Herb Irvine- $75,000 ("Identity")
Brian Miller- $67,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
George Thomas and Jeanette Wallace- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")
Andrea Brown, Nickie Malouf and Seth Cutler- $50,000 ("Identity")
Cyreeta Sharpe- $48,288 ("The Price Is Right")
Allen Lentz- $41,295 ("The Price Is Right")

Friday, December 22, 2006

Identity Season Finale

Seth Cutler is our possible final contestant. He is from Massapequa, NY. IDs for this game:

-Masters in Linguistics
-Born in India
-Michael Jackson Juror
-Rocket Scientist
-Special Ops Officer
-Weighs 152 pounds
-Pro Jump Roper
-Hand Model
-Olympic Gold Medalist

Cuter tries the lifeguard first, and thinks it's #6. For a grand....correct!

Cutler tries the ventriloquist next, and thinks it's #1. For $5,000....NO. One more mistake and he loses.

Cutler then thinks #7 was born in India. For $5,000 and to stay alive....yes!

Cutler then uses the Tridentity on the Pro Jump Roper. That leaves 4, 8 and 9. He says #4. For $10,000.....yes!

Cutler asks the experts on a Special Ops Officer, and the experts are unanimous that it's #11. He says that....and has $15,000!

Cutler knows #1 is an Olympic Gold Medalist....and he is, Bruce Jenner, for $25,000!

Cutler thinks #12 is the Michael Jackson juror. For $50,000.....YES! He stops there.

Tami Jones, our last last player, went Bankrupt, as she never really got it going.

Rating for Identity Show #4

Thursday's "Identity" scored a 6.1 Fast Neilsen rating with a 10 share, tying for first in its time slot with "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (which had more total viewers despite having a 5.9 with a 10 share). I expect "Identity" to be back in the near future after this week.

12/22/06 Results

TPIR: It's the big finale of Christmas Week! To start, walking the Golden Road is Daniel Duran, who after winning the annual Christmas tree bid, played for some Christmas figurines, a dinette set, and worth more than $56,000, a Chevy Corvette 3LT (Std., AT, Wheels, Z51, Prots)! First, the beans at the start are worth 61 cents. For the figurines, we have $ _ 9 2, and the choices of 6 or 1. He picks 6, and of course is right! For the dinette, we have $2, _ 6 4, and the choices of 2, 6 or 9. After some thought, he picks 9 and of course is right again! For the Corvette, we have
$56,_ 35, and the choices of 2, 4, 6 or 9. Duran's choice is 4 (thus a guess of $56,435, which was my guess too).....

.....but it's $56,235. Darn.

Claudia Ruiz next played for $10,000 in the Grand Game. Target is $5. Products: Clorox wipes, salad beans, jam, rice, VO5 Shampoo and Azo medicine. First pick is the salad beans, which are 99 cents. Second pick is the jam, which is $3.35. Third pick is the wipes, which are $5.49, so she finishes with $100. The rice was $1.99, the shampoo was $2.39 and the medicine was $6.99.

Valerie Gibbons then played Balance Game for a trip to St. Thomas. The last three digits are 976. The available bags are $2,000, $3,000 and $4,000. She picks the $2,000 and the $4,000 bags, creating a price of $6,976. The scale is......underbalanced. ARP: $7,976.

SSD1: Ruiz goes over with $1.10. Gibbons spins 50.....and 60 to immediately send Duran into the Showcase!

His opponent there was Christie Jones, who UNDERBID on a Mustang in one of her favorite games, That's Too Much!

First Showcase consists of a bedroom and a spa. Jones is given this one and bids $14,525. Duran sees Santa in an akaward position. First, his mother tries to have close contact with him on their new cell phone. Then, she says he could lose weight with a new excersise trainer. Finally, instead of delivering gifts with a sleigh, he can do so in a new Lincoln Town Car (Std., Stereo)! He bids $32,000, and he loses. Jones wins her Showcase and $19,970, while Duran leaves with $5,479.

WWTBAM: Bonnie Hanlon is back on their final show before holiday break. She got to $2,000 on the last show. For $4,000:

The concert films "Delirious" and "Raw" feature memorable stand-up comedy routines by whom?

A: Richard Pryor
B: Andrew Dice Clay
C: Sam Kinison
D: Eddie Murphy

She calls her dad, Bill, who says D. She says that and is right! Next, for $8,000:

What state's capital and largest city sits on the shores of Narragansett Bay?

A: Rhode Island
B: Maine
C: Massachussetts
D: Delaware

Hanlon uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. She says A, and is right! Meredith Viera is from that state! She gets the $16,000 question right before stopping.

Zakiyyah Malik is next. She had to use the audience lifeline on the first question! She eventually bombed out on the $16,000 question and left with $1,000.

A Virginian, Faith Martin from Tappahannock, is our last player today. She had to ask the audience to get the $1,000 question right. After getting to $2,000, time runs out. She will return on January 8th to continue on.

WOF: Tonight, we have Michael Goldwyn, Joanne Yoder and Mary Sagal. Round 1 category is the easiest of them all, IMO: Rhyme Time. After Goldwyn calls the A's, we have:

_ _

_ _ _ E

_ E


_ _ M E

_ _ E _

T _ E

_ _ _ _ A _ _

_ _ A M

The K was a dud. Yoder picks up the Free Spin after calling the H's, and has to use it after hitting a Lose-a-Turn. She calls a dud in C. Sagal gets Bankrupt. Goldwyn screws up on the puzzle guess. Yoder calls the R's, buys the I, gets a W and a G, and solves OH GIVE ME A HOME WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM to win $2,050.

Jackpot Round category is Things. Soon, after we get to Yoder, we have:

_ _ R _

_ _ R _ _ _ E _ N

_ R E E _ E S

I know this, and I know where the winner of this round will be going. After calling the B's and the A's, she solves WARM CARIBBEAN BREEZES to win cash and a trip to the Caribbean. She now leads with $12,550.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Where Are We?, with the bonus question attached.
Late in the round, the board looked like:

_ A S _ I N G T O N

T O _ R

G R O _ _ S

O _ A _

O _ _ I _ E &



Yoder controlled at this point. She called a $300 H, and two U's, wiping out the vowels. She calls a $900 W. She calls a $300 P and an L, and solves WASHINGTON TOUR GROUPS OVAL OFFICE & ROSE GARDEN for $3,250, but doesn't know they all add up to White House, saying D.C. instead. Her total: $15,800.

Goldwyn solves ROTTWEILER for $3,000 and $6,000 total.

Speed-Up mode with On the Map, and consonants worth $1,400 apiece. Board at this point:

_ _ _

S _ _ _ _

_ _ _ N _

S _ _

Goldwyn calls two T's, but can't solve. Yoder calls the C that's the first letter of the third word, but can't solve. Goldwyn calls the H's, and solves THE SOUTH CHINA SEA to win $7,000 and finish with $13,000, but Yoder is our champ with $15,800. Sagal gets the $1,000 consolation gift.

Yoder spins the N in BONUS. Category is Song Lyrics. We start with:


_ _ _

_ T

_ _

_ _ _

Yoder chooses C, D, P and O and gets...


D _ D

_ T

_ _

_ _ _

If she had been a Frank Sinatra fan all her life, she may have known I DID IT MY WAY for a new Winnebago.

Jeopardy!: Trying to be the second five-time champion of the season is Steve Unite, facing Sarah Callanan and Jeannette Harrison. Unite hits the Daily Double in Cliches, and with $1,800 to the others' $800 each, he bets it all:

Meaning you can't make sense of it, to not be able to do this "of" something, may refer to a flipped coin.

"What is make heads or tails of?".....DOUBLE! He is pretty comfortable through the end of the round, leading $8,600 to Harrison's $2,600, and Callanan is at zero.

Unite sweeps Baseball Hall of Famers, my kind of category, and he's earned my respect! He's up to $15,000 already! Callanan gets on the board, and hits the Daily Double and gets it right, but only wagered $1,000. But she does get on quite a roll afterwards, and even after missing the other Daily Double at the end, she has $10,400, Unite has $16,200 and Harrison has $6,200.

FJ! is in American Women:

In 1997, the American Public Transportation Association gave this woman its first lifetime achievement award. (I think I know this.)

Harrison says "Who is Elizabeth Dole?"....NO WAY. But she lost nothing. Callanan says "Who is Rosa Parks" and she acts very unsure about it.....SHE SHOULDN'T, because she's right! She risked $9,604 and has $20,004. Unite has.....Rosa Parks. If he bet $3,804 or more, he's a five-time champ. He bet......

.....$4,601, AND HE'S A FIVE-TIME CHAMP! Total now: $107,605!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Identity Show 4

ID's for this game:

-Sushi Chef
-Alligator Wrestler
-Opera Singer
-Fitness Model
-CSI Investigator
-Kidney Donor
-Vegas Showgirl
-World's Fastest Man
-Created Spider Man

Nicci Guzik is our first player tonight for this game. I know where the Spider-Man creator is, with his glasses on at #12. But she tries to ID the sushi chef first, thinking that #5 is it. For a grand....

She selects the opera singer, and has a strong feeling it's #2, who's Jennifer. For $5,000.....yes!

She then chooses breakdancer, and thinks #3 is the breakdancer. For 10 G's......yes!

She finally goes with Stan Lee as the creator of Spider-Man at #12 for $15,000!

Her mother in-law gives Penn Jillette a chocolate pie.

She is a big sports fan, and of #10! She says #10 is the World's Fastest Man, and says Marion Jones (!!). For $25,000......yes!

She then uses the Tridentity on a Vegas showgirl. Left: 6, 7 and 11. She thinks #6 is it. For $50,000, and there was a mixed reaction from the audience.....YES!

She then thinks #7 is the fitness model. For $75,000......YES!

She then tries for $100,000 by saying the girl at #4 is the youngest. She is........RIGHT! Three away from giving away the $500,000 again! The girl in question, Danielle, is also double-jointed.

She tries for $150,000 with the bouncer and says it's #8..........

....YES! Two away!

She asks the experts on an alligator wrestler. All three say it's #1, and she agrees. For $250,000.....

....YES!! One to go! At this point, the freebie mistake is discarded.

She decides to quit. She thinks #11 was the CSI Investigator.....


Rating for Identity Show #3

Wednesday's episode of "Identity" scored a 5.6 Fast Neilsen with a 10 share. That is up from last night's 5.6.

12/21/06 Results

To start, Sara Hecht played 1/2 Off. First small items are a snowman dish at $20 and a football shaped slow-cooker at $6. Her pick is the slow cooker and of course it's $12! Next items are a shaving system marked at $114 and a pair of walkies talkies at $28. She picks the walkie talkies and of course is right again, as they're $56. Final pair of items are the pet brush at $10 and the cooling system at $15. Hecht says the cooling system, and she wins all six small prizes! Now, to win the money. Left are boxes 4 and 9. Her choice is 9. It has.......NOTHING!! Darn!

Allen Lentz is next. He plays Ten Chances for a buffet station, luggage and a Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Security, Mats, Stereo). For the buffet station, we have 0, 5 and 8 as the possible numbers. He screws up with $85 and $58 on his first two guesses. Then he says $80....$50. So he uses up the max four guesses on the first prize. For the luggage, we have 0, 4, 5 and 6 as the possible numbers. He first says $465 and is wrong. He then says $460 and is wrong again. He says $ He says $650....NO! He says $640 on chance nine.....YES! One shot only at the car. The numbers are 0, 2, 3, 4 and 7. He says $23,470.....YES!!! Great win!

Stacy Williamson then plays Range Game for a T16 Travel Trailer. The base price on the range is $14,000. She stops the range at about $14,310-$14,460. ARP: $14.......195. I would've lost too.

At the wheel, Hecht spins 20.....and 15 for 35 cents total. Williamson spins 60 and stops. Lentz spins 70 and is in the Showcase!

Joseph Tony, a U.S. Marine, is next, playing Switch? for a chair marked at $2,899, and a home gym marked at $1,582. Tony decides to switch the prices.....and wins!

Chelsea is next playing for a trip to Copenhagen in Grocery Game. Products: Glad wrap, yams, jalepeno sunflower seeds, HBP medicine and Pringles. First purchase is one HBP, which is $5.99. Second purchase is two wraps. Each one is $2.99, and two is $5.98. Total: $11.97. She then buys eight sunflower seed bags. Each one is $1.09; eight is $8.72, for a total of......$20.69! I got worried on that last purchase, but it worked out!

Last is a very dangerous Charlene, playing for a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., Paint, AC, Airbags, Heater) in Dice Game. Unofrtunately (but lucky for Bob), she says lower on the second digit after rolling a 5, and she immediately loses. ARP: $16,425.

At the wheel, Charlene spins 50....and 90 to send her home with parting gifts. Joseph spins 95 and stays. Chelsea spins 80.....and 95 to send Tony into the Showcase to face Lentz in the Showcase!

First Showcase reveals things Santa's reindeer are thinking. First, Donner complains how cold the North Pole can be. He wishes Santa had provided the reindeer with some new parkas. Second, Blitzen complains about the overheating he gets from the sleigh pulling, and wishes they had instead been pulled by a pair of motorcycles. And finally, Rudolph has been seeing oceans, and would like to see them while on a new Reinell Ski Boat! Tony is given this one, and he bids $26,000. For Lentz, he goes for a dining room, chocolate strawberries for a year and a new snowmobile. He bids $7,250, and Tony is in real good shape.....

....BUT HE STILL LOSES, $8,085-$9,285! Darn. Well, Lentz takes home a total of $41,295!

WOF: Tonight, our players are Patricia Stengel (got both of first Toss-Ups), Doug Bok and Staci Thompson. Round 1 category is Phrase, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. After Stengel calls the S's, we have....


_ E A S T

_ _ _


S E _ S E S

Stengel then calls two F's to get the Wild Card, calls a $300 N, and solves A FEAST FOR THE SENSES to win $2,500 and a trip to Portugal. Total now: an even 10 grand.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. Stengel uses the Wild Card while the Wheel was on $550, and only had $550 at that point! Ugh. But she's off the hook, as she hits Bankrupt two spins later. Soon, after she calls the G, we have...

G R _ _ _

_ O _ T

C _ _ T _ _ N

She calls the P and four A's, but still spins. She then fills in the B and the I, but spins again. She hits Jackpot, but calls a dud in M. Bok hits Jackpot and fills in the V for $500, and solves GRAVY BOAT CAPTAIN to win $11,700 just like that! He's got the lead.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Event. After Stengel fills in the E's and the A's, we have....

_ E _ I T I N G


_ _ E _ G E

_ _

A _ _ E G I A N _ E

This puzzle is to you, America. She calls a $300 P, fills in three L's for $1,200, and gets two C's for $7,000 more! She solves RECITING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE for $12,450 and a $1,000 Garmin gift certificate! Total: $23,450.

Bok solves CONCORD NEW HAMPSHIRE quickly to go up to $14,700.

Speed-Up mode with Fun and Games. Board at this point, with consonants worth $1,450 apiece:

_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ E _ _ _ _

_ _ R _ _

After Bok calls the S's, we now have....

_ _ _ _ E _ T _ N G

B _ S E B _ _ _

_ _ R _ S

For $4,550....COLLECTING BASEBALL CARDS is it! He finishes with $19,250. Thompson gets the $1,000 consolation prize, and Stengel is our champ with $23,450!

Stengel spins the N in BONUS. Category is Thing. We start with:

_ _ _ _ L _

_ _ _ _ E T

Stengel's choices are M, J, H and O and we have...

_ _ M _ L _

_ _ _ _ E T

I believe it's FAMILY something. She says HUMBLE stuff instead. It was FAMILY something- FAMILY BUDGET. She is not the second motorhome winner this week.

Jeopardy!: Steve Unite defends this time against Jane Glass and Max Joel. Christmas History was a category in Round 1, as well as a category about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Joel finds the Daily Double at the end of Christmas History, and doubles his $800. Unite gets most of the clues in College Team Mascots (my type of category) to go to $4,200. He goes up to $5,800 before the first break. With only the Macy's category remaining, Unite goes up to $10,400. Unite gets just the last clue in that to finish the round with $12,400, while Joel has $2,000 and Glass is $200 in debt.

The challengers try to make things interesting in the middle of the DJ! round. After Movie Jack Pot, Glass has $6,200 and Joel has $6,000. Joel hits the first Daily Double in U.S. City History. With $7,600 at this point to Glass's $6,600, and Unite leading with 18 large, he bets $4,000:

It was offically declared the capital of a kingdom 109 years before it became a state capital.

He says.....nada. What is Honolulu? He's down to $3,600. He makes up $1,000 on the other Daily Double in Verbs, but still only has $2,600 at that point. When the round ends, Unite has it locked up with $21,200, while Glass is still with $6,600 and Joel with $3,000.

FJ! is in The Middle East:

By tradition, this nation's President is a Maronite Christian, the P.M. a Sunni and the speaker of the Parliment a Shiiite.

Correct: What is Lebanon?

Joel has that and adds $500. Glass has Egypt, but only loses $500 to likely finish in second with $6,000. Unite has Lebanon and finishes with $22,400 today, and $86,804 for four days. Is he the second five-game winner of the season? Find out Friday!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Identity Show #3

To start, we have Matthew Gatewood. The ID's for this game:

-Pro Wrestler
-Army Ranger
-Son of NBA Legend
-Powerlifting Champion
-Pizza Maker
-Country Music Singer
-Soap Opera Star
-57 years old
-Born in Tokyo
-Circus Performer

Gatewood says #5 is the Powerlifting Champion. For $1,000.....NO! One more mistake and it's a WIPEOUT.

Gatewood says #6 is the Country Music Singer. Again, for $1,000.....yes!
Aaron Tippin even does a song afterwards!

Gatewood says #7 is the one born in Tokyo. For $5,000....yes!

Gatewood says #12 is the son of an NBA legend. For $10,000....yes! He is Kareem Abdul Jabar, Jr!

Gatewood says the lady at #11 is 57 years old. For $15,000.....yes!

Gatewood asks the experts on an Army Ranger. Everyone says it's #5. But he says that #9 is the circus performer. For $25,000....NO, and we have our first loser on Identity. The lady at #9 is actually a pro wrestler. The circus performer was #3.

Next is Nickie Malouf. IDs this game:

-Witch Doctor
-Elephant Trainer
-Go-Go Dancer
-Mall Santa
-Playmate of the Year
-New Kid on the Block
-TPIR Model
-Pro Surfer
-Worth over $100 Million

Malouf first says #11 is the Witch Doctor. For $1,000.....yes!

She then says #5 is the Mall Santa. For $5,000......yes!

Next prediction is #10 being the Pro Surfer. For $10,000.....yes!

Malouf then thinks #3 is the Playmate of the Year, but the audience sways her to change that to #1. For $15,000 and to spare the audience.....yes!

Malouf then thinks #3 is the TPIR model, and I think so. But her friends don't think so. She locks in #2 as the boxer. For $25,000......NO.

She then talks to the experts about the TPIR model. They say #3 is it like me. For $25,000, she's right! That was Phire Dawson.

She uses the Tridentity on the Go-Go Dancer, leaving #2, #4 and #9. She tries again with #2, this time as a Go-Go Dancer. For $50,000.....YES! She stops after that.

Rating for Identity Show #2

The "Identity" show which saw its first ever $500,000 winner scored a 5.4 Fast Neilsen rating with a 9 share.

12/20/06 Results

It's going to be tough to follow what happened yesterday, but here it goes:

TPIR: To start, Tijuana Bradley played Most Expensive for a cradle, a replica gas pump and some luggage. Bradley's choice is the luggage......NO WAY. The most expensive was the cradle at $3,225, so even I was wrong (I chose the gas pump).

Christian Mueller was next. He played 3 Strikes for a Cadillac CTS. Numbers are 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9. First draw is.....the 9, and he chooses the third digit, but is wrong. Second draw is the 2, and selects the first digit....NO WAY. Third draw is 8, and he chooses the second Fourth draw is the eight again, and he selects the third Fifth draw is the 4, and he selects the first's the 3 instead. Sixth draw is the 4 again, and he chooses the second digit.....NO. Seventh draw is the 3, and he lights it up as the third digit ($ 3 _ , _ _ _). Eighth draw is the 2, and he says second digit....yes ($ 3 2, _ _ _)! Ninth draw is the 4, and he chooses the third digit....YES ($ 3 2, 4 _ _)! Mueller draws the 8, and says fourth digit....YES ($ 3 2, 4 8 _)! We know it's $32,489, but in order to claim the Cadillac, he needs to draw the 9 first. He........DOESN'T DO IT!!!! DARN!!!!

Next is Sally Daismund, who played Punch-a-Bunch. First small item is the cereal dispenser, and the wrong price is $50. She says lower and she's right, as it's $40. Next is a minature sleigh, and its wrong price is $38. She says lower.....wrong, as it's $50. Next is a minature jukebox, with its wrong price being $60. She says higher and it's $90, so she gets that and another punch. Last small prize is a hand mixer, and its wrong price is $100. She says lower and is right again, as its price is $80. She punches holes #19, #22 and #4. Starting with #19.....$10,000 on the spot!!

SSD1: Mueller, trying to rebound from that heartbreaking 3 Strikes, spins 30.....and 65 for 95 cents total. Bradley spins 30......and 35 for just 65. Daismund spins 85......and 15, and we have another heartbreaker for Mueller! What a disappointing day for him. Daismund in her bonus spin spins no more money, but thanks to her Pricing Game, she has $11,000 anyway.

Paul was next with quite a formal suit, and played Squeeze Play for a digital piano. Setup:


His guess is $4,995....right!

Next is Kathleen, who played Money Game for a Chevy Equinox LS 4X2 (Std., Airbags, Prots). Middle number is 5. Numbers are: 23, 35, 88, 95, 51, 22, 21, 73 and 60. She picks 35.....$35.
She picks 23....that's the front of the car ($ 2 3, 5 _ _ ). She picks 51 next, and that's $51 more for $86. She picks 60 for $60 more. Last choice is....

....88, and she wins just $234. The price was $23,573.

Marcia, after winning the last game of the day, Hi-Lo, gets into the Showcase.

First Showcase consists of ways the girls could deliver christmas gifts. First, Lanisha could deliver gifts with a new trike. Second, since Gabrielle lives in a marina, she can deliver gifts to them with a new 8" sailboat. And finally, Rachel, with big gifts, has to deliver them with her new TrailManor trailer! Sally passes to Marcia, who bids $17,500. Second Showcase observes Lanisha spinning a weird slot machine. First, she spins three Statues of Liberty, which means a trip to New York! Second, she spins three kangeroos, which means a trip to Austrailia! And finally, she spins three kimonos, which means a trip to Japan! She bids $21,000.

ARP for Marcia: $26,534, a difference of $9,034. ARP for Sally: $26,399, meaning she wins with a difference of $5,399, and a total of $38,359 in cash and prizes!

WWTBAM: Jeanette Wallace is back trying for $50,000 in holiday cash. After switching out the first question, he gets this:

In 1998, Congress recognizedd the towns of Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA as the "Birthplace Of" what?

A: Night baseball
B: Ice cream sundaes
C: Drive-in theatres
D: Country music

Guess is D.....$50,000! For $100,000:

The Earth is currently in the midst of what geologic era?

A: Mesozoic
B: Paleozoic
C: Proterozoic
D: Cenozoic

I think I remember it's A. She's leaning towards D, but stops. Unfortunately, it was D, so she could have doubled again, but $50,000 is not bad for a Christmas present!

Rich DiLonardo is next. First question of note, for $8,000:

In the 2006 comedy, "Talledega Nights", Will Ferrell's character has two trash-talking sons with what TV-inspired series?

A: "Dukes of Hazzard"
B: "Walker and Texas Ranger"
C: "Starsky and Hutch"
D: "Jake and the Fatman"

DiLonardo asks the audience, and 60% say B. He goes with that....and is right! For $25,000:

With a team of colleagues, what scientist proposed that a nuclear war would cause a catastrophobic "nuclear winter" around the world?

A: Stephen Hawking
B: Enrico Fermi
C: Carl Sagan
D: Richard Feynman

He uses the 50:50, leaving C and D. He then calls Bob, a retired engineer. He says C, but isn't sure. With that, DiLonardo stops. For the second straight time, one could have won more money, as C was the right answer.

Our last player today is Jason Kim. For $8,000:

Which of these geographical formations is often referred to as a "cay"?

A: River basin
B: Small, sandu island
C: Narrow mountain pond
D: Secluded valley

Kim asks the audience, and 87% say B. Kim agrees and is right! For $16,000:

Wearing lingerie and heels, who retired from modeling in 2005 after a final strut down the runway for Victoria's Secret?

A: Tyra Banks
B: Gisele Bundchen
C: Heidi Klum
D: Naomi Campbell

Kim uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. He then phones Chris, who says A. That's my answer.
He says that and will be back tomorrow to maybe go for the big money!

WOF: I told you this week was going to be much better, and it sure has, if yesterday's show proved anything. Tonight's players are Larry Deener (in the blue), Shaylawnda Davis and Barbara Wahlberg. Round 1 category is Same Name. Wahlberg picked up the $10,000 space by calling the R. At that point we have....

_ R _ _ T &

_ _ _ T

_ _ _ _ _

She calls the S to pick up the XM Satelite Radio prize package. She then calls the E, but loses her turn with the A call. Over to Deener, who calls a dud of N. Over to Davis, who calls one P for $900, but calls a dud of U. Back to Wahlberg, who calls two L's for $1,200, and we now have....

_ R _ _ T &

_ E L T

L _ _ P S

Her call of M is a dud. Back to Deener, who calls the F for $450 more. He calls the B for $300, and solves FRUIT & BELT LOOPS to win $1,000 and get $2,000.

Jackpot Round category is Place. After Deener calls the G, we have...

_ I N I N G

_ A _

_ N


_ _ _ S S-

_ _ _ N T _ _

T _ A I N

Deener calls four R's for $2,200, and calls three O's, and now have....

_ I N I N G

_ A R



_ R O S S-

_ O _ N T R _


He says DINING CAR ON A CROSS-COUNTRY TRAIN....yes indeed! He won $4,400, and now has $6,400 and the outight lead.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. After Deener calls the T's and the E's (he earned $10,500 for the T's), we have....

T _ E

_ L _ _ _

S T _ T E

He calls the A's, and solves THE ALOHA STATE to win the trip to Hawaii and $10,000! Total for him now: $22,929.

Davis gets on the board after taking a good risk on MEAL DEAL (it could've been REAL DEAL) for $3,000. After calling the E's, we have in Proper Name....

_ _ _ A R

_ _ N N E R

N _ _ _ L A _

_ A _ E

She calls a dud of M. Over to Wahlberg, who also does a dud with T. Back to Deener, who calls the S's, and solves OSCAR WINNER NICHOLAS CAGE to win another grand and go to $23,929.

Speed-Up Mode with a Thing. Consonants are worth $1,300. When Davis calls two P's, she has $5,200 and this:

T _ L _ P _ _ _ _

P _ L _

She can't solve, but Wahlberg does after calling the H, saying TELEPHONE POLE to win $1,300 and finish with $3,300. Davis has $3,000, and Deener is our champ with $23,929.

We gave away the motorhome last night. Can we give it away again, or will Deener be lucky enough to get the other big thing this week- $100,000? Let's find out. He spins the A in CASH. Category is Thing. Starting with:


T _ _ _ T

_ R _ _

Deener's choices are C, D, M and O and we get...


T _ _ _ T

_ R _ _

.....nada. It was A TIGHT GRIP. He doesn't win another $45,000. Needed at least the I's.

Jeopardy!: Sherri Schottlaender and Jen Anders challenged our two-day champ, Steve Unite.
Unite finds the Daily Double in Round 1 under the last clue of December to Remember. He risks $1,000 of his $2,600 on this:

Portugal gave up its last colony on December 20, 1999, when it turned over this territory to China.

"What is Macao?".....yes! He gets another $1,000 clue right to lead with $4,600 heading into the first break.

Johnny Gilbert had a ball reading the lyrics of rap songs, and players had to ID the rapper.
Unite wished there had been more of those clues. Unite dominates after this round, leading $9,200 to Schottlaender's $1,800 and Anders's $800.

Anders, when she got to $3,000, hit the Daily Double in Renaissance Men. She wagered only $500:

Benedetto Dei, a merchant of this city, bragged in a letter that it "is more beautiful and 540 years older" than Venice.

"What is Florence?"....should've wagered more, because she's right.

Anders hits the other Daily Double, but only has $800. She bets the whole thing, and gets the clue right to double to $1,600. But Unite has enough dominance to lock this game up with $18,800, while Anders made quite a comeback late and has $7,200, and Schottlaender has $5,500.

FJ! is in Technology:

A famous first one of these was sent May 24, 1844, & a famous last one, January 27, 2006.

Correct: What is a telegram?

Schottlaender says that, and goes up to $10,950. Anders says "What is telegraph message", but its accepted and she goes up to $11,001. Unite says telegraph and wins $22,000 today, and $64,404 for three days.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Identity: Show 2

Starting tonight is Robert Talon, who is fairly small. The ID's for this game:

-Preacher's Son
-Preschool Teacher
-Blackjack Dealer
-Tattoo Artist
-Celebrity Impersonator
-Belly Dancer
-NFL Football Player
-Russian Immigrant
-Reality TV Starlet
-Airline Pilot
-Cage Fighter

Talon starts off by choosing #12 as the celebrity impersonator, because he thinks he's Ozzy Osburne. For $1,000.....yes!

Talon thinks #3 is the tattoo artist. For $5,000......yes!

Talon says the airline pilot is #9. For $10,000.....yes!

Talon is unsure at this point for the rest. He takes a shot at #10 being the cage fighter. For 15 large.....yes!

Talon says #4, Brittany, is the Reality TV starlet. For $25,000......YES!

With help from his friends, he picks #5 as the NFL football player. For $50,000.....YES!
That was Ray Crockett, BTW.

Talon goes with #2 as the preacher's son. For $75,000.......YES!

He then uses the Tri-Identity on a Russian immigrant. The choices are #1, #7 and #11. He picks lucky 7 as the immigrant. For $100,000........YES!!

Talon says #8 is the Preschool teacher. For $150,000............YES!!! Two matches away from $500,000!

Talon thinks the picture is getting clearer and clearer. He says #6 is the Blackjack dealer. For $250,000 and be just one away from $500,000......


But there's a catch on the final stage: The freebie mistake is thrown away here.

He asks the experts on a belly dancer. Mark Edgar Stephens, a body language expert, says that one's stomach with this ID is very open, and he thinks #11 is it. Dr. Deborah Anderson also says a belly dancer is open and very sensual, and is very closer to people. She also says #11. Christopher Wolcomb, an FBI behavioral expert, says in a memory from 2000, he was with an Arabic band. and a Russian belly dancer came, and he says #11 takes him back to that memory.

With all that, he says #11 is the belly dancer, and thus says #1 is the violinist.





.....RIGHT!!!!!!!! $500,000!!!!!!! Off he goes to the Salute of Champions next week!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!

Monday ratings

This week's "Deal or No Deal" scored a 9.5 Fast Neilsen with a 15 share. That was the night's highest rated show. Although it was down from recent weeks, keep this in mind that we're getting close to Christmas.

The "Identity" premiere scored a 7.5 with an 11 share. Not too bad of a drop from "Deal", and it held all of the 18-49 rating for "DOND".

This Week in Game Shows: December 18-24

On the week before Christmas.....

Identity: It's the preview week of the new NBC game show hosted by Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller fame!

TPIR: It's their last Christmas Week under Bob Barker. What surprises will be in store?

Wheel of Fortune: Will the show rebound from a disasterous week last week?

WWTBAM: Last week of shows before their two-week holiday break. It''s been such a good season for them so far.

Survivor finale rating

The "Survivor: Cook Islands" finale was the lowest-rated Survivor finale ever, although it helped CBS win the Sunday ratings. It scored a 9 Fast Neilsen with a 14 share for the first hour, a 9.6 rating with a 14 share for the second hour, and an 8 rating with a 13 share for the winner announcement and reunion show. Overall rating was about an 8.9 with about a 14 share.

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for December 11-17

MVP: Erik Chopin ("The Biggest Loser")

I decided that because this man set a couple of records on the show, and the "Survivor" finale rating was its lowest-rated ever, the MVP nod for December 11-17 goes to Erik Chopin, the Biggest Loser 3 champ. On his way to the $250,000 top prize, he lost a show-record 124 pounds at the ranch, and overall lost a total of 52.58% percent of his original weight, another all-time record on the show. He is eligible for the "Salute of Champions" not too long from now.

Other Big Winners:

Yul Kwon- $1,000,000 ("Survivor: Cook Islands)
Brian Starkley- $100,000 ("The Biggest Loser")
Kai Hibbard and Poppi Kramer- $50,000 each ("The Biggest Loser")
Ozzy Lusth- $100,000 runner-up ("Survivor: Cook Islands")
Keikabo Holland- $174,000 ("1 vs. 100")
Karen Calshar- $151,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Christian Haines- $107,000 as four-time champ ("Jeopardy!")
Mandelle Mitchell- $54,604 ("The Price is Right")
Daveon Swan- $52,120 ("The Price Is Right")
Michelle York- $51,316 ("The Price Is Right")
Ron Gibson and Garrett Bowling- $50,000 ("WWTBAM")

12/19/06 Results

TPIR: To start, Or Brackman played Lucky Seven for a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., AT, TALB, Airbags, Locks, PProt). First number is 2. For the second number, he guesses 3......7, so he loses $4. For the third number, he says's 8, so he stays at $3! For the fourth number, he says's 3, so he's down to $2! For the last number, he says 5. If it's a 4, 5 or 6, he wins. It's......4, and he wins the Mustang! Great job!

Next, Diane Kline played It's In The Bag to shoot for $16,000. Products: Glade Plug Ins, Mylanta, Goldfish, HBP Medicine, a bag of jellybeans and Slow-Mag. $1,000 product costs just 89 cents, and Kline says it's the Goldfish. For the $11.88 bag, Kline picks the Slow-Mag. For the $5.99 bag, she picks the Plug-Ins, but switches to the HBP. Next is $2.99, and now she says the Plug Ins, but changes to the Mylanta. For the $3.99 bag, she now picks the Plug-Ins. She is right on the Goldfish for $1,000, and doubles up to $2,000 on the Slow-Mag. She continues on to the HBP medicine.....and she's right! She stops, and wisely so. The $2.99 product is the jellybeans, and the $3.99 product is the Plug-Ins.

Tracy was next playing Clock Game for $1,000, plus a dinette set and a handbike. For the dinette set, the price is $717. She starts out at $550.....$850.....$600....$700....$725.....$710....and one ups from there, but skips over $717 for some reason! But she does get it with about 10 seconds left. The handbike is $799. She starts out at $950....$850....$750, and gets up to the seven-ninety one-up part, but runs out of time before getting to $799. But Bob realizes he messed up on the first prize when she skipped over $717, so he gives her all three prizes!

In the first Showcase Showdown, Tracy spins 20......then 85 to send her home. Kline spins 20.....
and 50 for 70 cents total. Brackman spins a dime.....and a dime again to send Kline into the Showcase.

Maria next played Cliffhangers for a trip to Cozomuel. First, for the answering machine, she bids
$25. It's......$15, so the climber goes up 10 steps. For the ATM bank, she says $45. ARP: $30, so the climber is on the last step! She must get the price of the Hair Styler exactly right to win, or she just gets the small prizes. Her bid on it is $40. It's......$40, and she wins all four prizes! Great win!

Next is Richard Cooper, who played One Away for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Airbags, Heater, Sealant, FabProt). Wrong price is $28,472. Cooper's first guess on the car is $19,361. He has one......two......three......numbers right. He totally blows it by changing the price to $17,363. ARP: $19,581.

Last is Katherine Peterson, who played Coming or Going for a Brass Bed. If she comes, the price is $3,606. If she goes, the price is $6,063. Her guess is $6,063.....NO.

Katherine spins 35.....and 95 to send her over. Richard spins 65 and stays. Maria spins 50.....and 65 to send Richard into the Showcase.

It's Kline vs. Cooper in the Showcase. First Showcase features wrappers. The first wrapper is one that you might find from a chocolate as part of chocolates for a year! Second, there's a thin wrapper to hold up $1,000 in cash! Finally, we're taking off the wrapper of a brand new Chrysler 300 Touring (Std., Sat. Radio, Heater)! Kline bids $34,300, and I hate that bid.
For Cooper, he visits the Train Depot, and finds an Ice Machine, a sofa and a waverunner.
He bids $1, because he thinks like I, that Kline is over.

ARP for Cooper: $16,264. ARP for Kline: $3.......0,720, so she is over and Cooper wins $18,424 in prizes.

The day's big winner, though: Or Brachman, with $29,704.

WWTBAM: Returning today is George Thomas. For $2,000:

Passed in 1863, the Union Conscription Act sparked controversy by establishing the U.S.'s first what?

A: Military draft
B: Federal prison
C: Income tax
D: Desegregated university

Thomas uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. He says A.....right! We get to $16,000:

Whch of these classic fairy tales does NOT feature a wicked stepmother?

A: Hansel and Gretel
B: Cinderella
C: Little Red Riding Hood
D: Snow White

Thomas asks the audience. 85% say C. He says that and is right for $16,000! For $25,000:

Which of these elements is an active ingredient in calamine lotion?

A: Zinc
B: Copper
C; Magnesium
D: Aluminum

He calls his sister Daisy, who says A, but is not totally sure. But given she's a physician, Thomas goes with her....and that's worth $25,000! For $50,000:

On his famous second-to-last show, a teary-eyed Johnn Carson what duet with Bette Midler?

A: I'll Never Smile Again
B: Here's That Rainy Day
C: You're The Top
D: Embraceable You

I know this......but he doesn't, so he switches. Answer: B. New questio:

Which of thes National Hockey League teams is based in the northernmost city?

A: Toronto Maple Leafs
B: Edmonton Oilers
C: Calgary Flames
D: Montreal Canadiens

He says B......RIGHT! He stops after that.

Jeanette Wallace is next. She had to use the audience to ID "Starbucks" on the $500 question.
For $8,000:

In the U.S., what is the earliest age at which a person may begin collecting their Social Security retirement benefits?

A: 58
B: 60
C: 62
D: 65

She uses the 50:50, leaving C and D. She then calls Betty, a retired teacher. She says C. Wallace goes with that.....and she's right for $8,000! She easily gets past $16,000. Last question of the day for $25,000:

The inspiration for a popular Looney Tunes character, the roadrunner is what U.S. state's official bird?

A: New Mexico
B: Nevada
C: Texas
D: Arizona

Wallace says A...... and she's coming back tomorrow to go for the big money!

WOF: Tonight, we have Kent Tursky, Lynn Rummel and Ann Cobb. Round 1 category is Thing, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. After Tursky calls the N's, we have....

_ N S T _ N T

_ R _ T _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ N

He says INSTANT GRATIFICATION to win $1,350 and a trip to Cancun. Total for Tursky now: $9,350.

Jackpot Round category is Phrase. Early on, Cobb lands on the Jackpot space twice, but can't solve the puzzle. When Tursky calls the O's, we have....

_ O _

_ A _ _

_ O _ R

_ O R _

C _ T

O _ T


_ O _

He then calls in three Y's for $900. He then makes another good vowel purchase by calling five U's, and solves YOU HAVE YOUR WORK CUT OUT FOR YOU for $1,000 and $10,350 so far.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Same Name. After Cobb calls the O's, we have....

_ I _ R O S O _ T &

_ R I _ E- T _ R _

_ I _ _ O _ S

She calls the one N for $550, and calls the M for $300 more. She then calls two W's for $600, and then lands on $3,500! She calls one C for that amount! But she spins again and lands on Bankrupt. Over to Tursky, who solves MICROSOFT & DRIVE-THRU WINDOWS to score $6,500, and a total of $16,850.

Cobb gets on the board with $3,000 on CREAM OF WHEAT. Next category is an Event.
A few A and I calls later, Cobb has this showing....

R E _ R _ A _ I _ I _ _


_ _ _ S E T

She calls two N's for $600, and gets another $600 from two G's. Next for Cobb is a $900 Z call. After calling the O's, she solves REORGANIZING A CLOSET to win $4,200 and now have $7,200.

Speed-Up mode with the category of Proper Name. Consonants are worth $1,500. Tursky calls the T's, and we have...

_ _ T _ _

_ _ T T

_ _ _ _ _

I know this already....but no guess. Rummel calls the one N.....but no guess. Cobb calls a P, which is a dud. Back to Tursky, who says L, another dud. Back to Rummel, who calls the M's, and solves ACTOR MATT DAMON to finish with $6,500. Cobb has $7,200, and Kent Tursky is our champ tonight with $16,850.

Tursky is a pretty good player, so the bonus round losing streak could very well come to an end tonight. He spins the dollar sign. Category is Phrase. We start with:

_ _ R _

_ _

_ _ _ T _

Tursky's choices are M, F, G and O and we get....

_ O R _


M O _ T _

He gets this no problem- WORD OF MOUTH! Now, the last two times we snapped a long losing streak this season, we've had really big wins. Tonight.....

....HE'S WON THE MOTORHOME!! It's a Winnebago Access, and it's worth $67,177! Total: $84,027! Way to go, man! And yes, someone at home has won it as well! Hope it's you....

Jeopardy!: Mariann Buonadonna and Christian Ruud is challenging our champ, Steve Unite, who made some odd wagering during the show, and one of his wagers made Alex look speechless. Let's see if there's more of the same tonight.

One category in the first round is "A Christmas Songbook", where Alex will just simply read some lyrics from such songs. The other five categories have a holiday/winter theme as well.
Buonadonna gets most of the song clues and into the first break leads Unite, $2,200 to $1,800.
Ruud finds the Daily Double in "Deck the Halls", and with only $800 at this point, he bets $1,000:

The Ecology Hall of Fame cites him as "The first American president to take seriously of nature".

"Who is Teddy Roosevelt?".....correct to go to $1,800! But Unite gets quite a few clues after that, and at the end of the round, Unite leads with $5,600 to Buonnadonna's $3,600 and Ruud's $800.

In Double Jeopardy!, Ruud hits the first Daily Double again very early in Inspired Characters. With $1,600 at this point, he bets $1,000:

James Fenimore Cooper's novel "The Pilot" boasts a mysterious title character modeled on this naval hero.

"Who is Nelson" Who is John Paul Jones? He goes down to $600. Near the middle of the round, Buonnadonna leads Unite by only $400, $6,000 to $5,600. But Unite sweeps the category of Sports Abbreviations, and now leads with $12,800! He then continues his hot streak, up to the other Daily Double in Trios. He bets $2,000:

Planet between Venus and Mars, thing measured by Beaufort & brilliany gem property.

"What is Earth, Wind and Fire?"......$17,200 is where he is now! At the end of the round, he's got this baby wrapped up at $22,400, while Buonadonna has $5,600 and Buud has $1,400.

FJ! category: The Academy Awards.

When this man won, Richard Dreyfuss said goodbye to being the youngest ever to win the Best Actor Oscar.

Correct: Who is Adrian Brody?

Buud has that, and doubles up to $2,800. Buonadonna says Dustin Hoffman instead, and loses $2,799 to fall to $2,801, and is in second place by $1. Unite has......nothing but unreadable crap, but only loses $2,400 to go down to $20,000, and have a two-day total of $42,404.

Monday, December 18, 2006

DEBUT: Identity

First contestant is Herb Irvine from Boston.

About the money ladder: The first correct response gets you $1,000. The second ups the winnings to $5,000. Each of the next two steps are worth $5,000 increments up to $15,000 for correct ID #4. The fifth is worth $25,000, and each one up until the eighth one is worth $25,000 more than the last, up to $100,000 for correct ID #8. #9 is worth $150,000, #10 is worth $250,000, and #11 wins the $500,000 grand prize.

Irvine tries Rabbi first, and thinks #4 is the Rabbi man. For $1, is!

Next, Irvine thinks #2 is the Burglesque Dancer. For $5, is!

At this point, things will get tougher, so we have three helps for our players along the way. Mistaken Identity is where you can afford to make one mistake and stay in the game. Tri-Identity is where you can choose one ID out of the #12 and narrow the people choices for that ID to three people. Finally, there's a panel of experts that can help out.

Next, Irvine says #3 is the jockey. For $10,000.....correct!

Next, Irvine thinks #8 is 7 months pregnant. For $15,000......correct!

ID possibilties left at this point:
-Celebrity Hair Braider
-Nuclear Physicist
-Mr. Moviefone
-Shark Attack Victim
-Had Heart Transplant
-Pro Volleyball Player

Irvine says #12 is the Celebrity Hair Braider. For $25,000.....correct!

Irvine says the girl at #6 is the Pro Volleyball Player. For $50,000......YES!

Penn Jillette notices that the people Irvine brought with him for advice is saying nothing but "Dude! Dude!" Talk about a lack of help!

Irvine, after some thought, thinks #1 is Mr. Moviefone. For $75,000......NO. That's his first mistake. At this point, he can stop after any successful ID and keep the money won at that point, but a second incorrect ID loses all the money.

Irvine asks Mark Edgar Stephens about what he sees as a scientologist. He says one is confident and is standing well, so he thinks #10. Dr. Deborah Anderson thinks it's #1.

Irvine guesses #7 as the shark attack victim. For $75,000 and to stay in the game......


He decides to use the Tri-Identity, and uses it on Nuclear Physcist. #9, #10 or #11?
He can walk at this point......and he does! He would've said #10 as the Nuclear Phycist......NO! That person was a scietologist! So Irvine did the right thing here!

Next is Andrea Brown from Atlanta. Possiblities for this game:

-Sumo Wrestler
-Bounty Hunter
-Ballet Dancer
-Baton Twirler
-IRS Agent
-Pro Bullrider
-Major League Umpire
-Termite Inspector
-Retired English Professor
-Academy Award Winner

Brown says #9 is the sumo wrestler for $1,000......yes!

Brown is torn between #11 and #8 as the retired English professor. She chooses #11 as the professor.....and is right for $5,000!

Brown chooses #7 as the Pro Bullrider. For $10,000......yes!

Brown says #1 is the Bounty Hunter. For $15,000......yes!

Brown says #2 is the Academy Award Winner. For $25,000.....the audience's fears were confirmed, as she's wrong.

Brown uses the Tri-Identity on the Ballet Dancer. Possiblities are #2, #3 and #4. She says #3 is it. For $25,000.......


Brown says #8 is the umpire. For $50,000.........

......yes! She stops after that. See you tomorrow, I hope....