Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1/10/2007 Results

TPIR: Mary East is first playing Cover Up for a Ford Escape XLS 4X2 (Std., Cargo Conv., Prot). The board:

First number: 2 or 3?
Second number: 0, 6 or 8?
Third number: 0, 1, 4 or 6?
Fourth number: 1, 4, 5, 6 or 9?
Fifth Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9?

First guess is $26,418.....only the 2 is right. Second guess is $20,651.....only the last number is wrong now. She says $20,654, but it's $20,652 and she loses.

Robert McAdam from the military is next, playing Race Game for a computer, stemware, a refrigerator and a valet master. Prices are $464, $1,534, $1,995 and $2,399. He puts $464 on the valet master, $2,399 on the refrigerator, $1,995 on the stemware and $1,534 on the computer....two right. He switches the computer and the stemware, which is what I would have switched....but only 1 is right now. He places them back where they were originally, then puts $464 on the stemware and $1,995 on the valet master.....he wins!

Kristen Manning is third, playing Balance Game for a baby grand piano. The last three digits are $271. The leftover bags are $3,000, $4,000 and $5,000. She puts the $5,000 and $3,000 bags there for a total of $8,271.....under. It's $9,271.

SSD2: Manning spins 30....and a nickel for 35 cents. East spins 65 and stays. McAdam spins 70 and is in the Showcase!

Brenda Bertran is next, playing That's Too Much! for a Ford Mustang (Std., Theft, Airbags, Prot). First price is $13,980, and she goes on. Next is $16,890, and she says no. Next is $18,331, and she goes on. Next is $20,155, and she goes on. Next is $22,560, and she goes on. Next is $25,810, and says THAT'S TOO MUCH!!!!.....but she went too far. Price was $21,399.

Sheila Burton is next, playing Check Out for a trip to Charleston, S.C. and a $1,000 gift certificate from The items are Swiss Cake Rolls, JELL-O, Fetticuini Alfredo, cherries, and Udderly Smooth skin cream. She guesses $1.19 for the rolls. She guesses 79 cents for the JELL-O. She says $3.49 for the pasta. She says $2.79 for the cherries. Finally, she says $5 for the skin cream, for a total of $13.26. Actual total needs to be between $11.26-$15.26 to win, and she said she's a perfect shopper during this game! Let's see if she can prove it. The actual total is.....$11....... and 14 cents, meaning she missed it by 12 cents! Darn!

Nellie is our last player, playing for a lawn mower and a dinette set. The one right price is $1,450. She says it was the dinette......but that's $3,021.

The shopper, Sheila Burton, gets into the Showcase!

Our first Showcase pays a visit to Port O' Price. It delivers a home theater system, a jukebox and a jet ski. The shopper gets this and bids $18,000. For McAdam, he sees the Dump Dorf Astoria hotel, where someone gets bad advice from Connie, the crummy clerk. First, she says you can't rest until you relax in a new spa! Second, she says she'll turn you down every time you ask her for clean sheets on their new iron bed! Finally, she says the hotel's overbooked, so you have to sleep in a new Hi-Lo trailer! He bids $25,000.

ARP for McAdam: $31,096, a difference of $6,096. ARP for the shopper: $17,297, meaning she goes home with parting gifts, while McAdam wins $39,568 in prizes!

WWTBAM: Doug Besser is back with us. He zooms to this $16,000 question:

In the 2006 movie, "Little Miss Sunshine", a family embarks on a road trip to California to attend what event?

A: Beauty Paegant
B: Comic Book Convention
C: Diving Meet
D: Chess Tournament

He calls Gary, his oldest son's teacher. That man says nothing. He uses the 50:50, leaving A and D. A looks more logical to me. He says that.....and has $16,000! He stops afterwards.

Next is Jen Brown, who has a wedding coming up. Maybe she should've been on "Pay For Your Wedding Week"? Anyway, she had to ask the audience to get the $500 question right.
$2,000 question:

Which of these NBA team names is an example of alliteration?

A: Utah Jazz
B: Washington Wizards
C: Chicago Bulls
D: Houston Rockets

She calls Mary Ellen, James's aunt. She says my answer of B. Brown agrees and is right!
For $8,000:

The prescription drug Zocor is used to treat what medical condition?

A: Asthma
B: High Cholesterol
C: Allergies
D: Depression

Brown uses the 50:50, leaving the top two. She says Asthma and is wrong, leaving with $1,000. Good luck to her on her wedding.

Stephanie Frank is next. For $1,000:

Taking up more than a fifth of the Arabian Peninsula, a region known as the "Empty Quarter" is one of the world's largest what?

A: Rain Forests
B: Sand Deserts
C: Swamps
D: Glaciers

She's a bit unsure about this, but says B....and she has $1,000! She gets to $4,000 before we close shop for the day.

WOF: Tonight, we have a Dave, Julia Sweeney and Moly Jubelle. The first category is Thing. When Sweeney calls the I's, we have....

_ _ E _ T

_ _ M I _

T I M I N _

She then calls two G's for $900 and calls the R for $300. After calling the A, she says GREAT COMIC TIMING.....believe it or not, she's right! That gives her $2,750, and she goes up to $4,750.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Place. After Jubelle calls the L's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _ A L

C A S T L _

W _ T H


_ _ A T

She solves MEDIEVAL CASTLE WITH A MOAT to win money and a trip to Prague! Total: $7,850.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Show Biz, and this is a big puzzle. At point, Sweeney has this showing:

_ E _ E N _ A R _

_ _ N _ E R-

_ O N _ _ R _ T E R

_ O _

_ _ _ A N

She then calls two S's for $600. Then, it's 3 G's for $1,650. After calling a $300 W, she calls two I's. She then calls two D's for $800. Then, she calls two B's to get the Wild Card, and solves LEGENDARY SINGER-SONGWRITER BOB DYLAN to win $6,350 and go to $11,100!
Too bad she didn't have that Wild Card earlier, because that was a good round to use it in....

Jubelle solves GRASSHOPPER to go to $10,850. Next category is On the Map. She has this showing at one point:


_ E _ T

_ _ _ _ E S

I know this already. She calls two S's for $1,600, and then hits the $5,000 space! But she calls a B, which is no good. Over to Dave, who calls an N for $300, a D for twice as much, and a W for $300. He solves THE WEST INDIES to go to $2,200.

Speed-Up time with the category of Food and Drink.....and it's $6,000 for each consonant!
Board at this point:

S P _ _ _ _ _ _ S


_ _ _

_ O _ _ S

Dave calls three R's for $18,000, and it now reads....

S P _ R _ R _ _ S


_ _ _

R O _ _ S

....but he can't do it. Julia calls a D, which is a dud. Over to Moly, who says two L's, meaning the last word is ROLLS. She got SPARERIBS....but not the right ROLLS. Dave eventually calls two G's, and solves SPARERIBS & EGG ROLLS to win big with $38,200! Sweeney has $11,100 and Jubelle has $10,850.

We've had a decent night so far- can Dave keep it up? Tonight's cars are a Nissan 350Z Roadster and a BMW X3. He spins the third zero. Category is On The Map. Starting with:

_ _ R _

_ _ T _

_ T _ _

He calls P, W, M and O and gets....

P _ R _

_ _ T _

_ T _ _

When the P popped up, I knew it was PARK CITY something....he only comes up with PARK. The last word was UTAH. In any event, he doesn't win a BMW X3, but $38,200, all in cash, is still not bad!
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