Friday, January 12, 2007

1/12/2007 Results- Will J! WIPEOUT?

Today, we start with Rita Geraldi, who played Safe Crackers for a trip to Martinque and some sunscreen. The numbers in the price of the sunscreen are 0, 4 and 5. She says $450....and the safe opens! She's a winner!

Next is Janet Williams, who played Any Number for either a clock.....or a 2007 Jeep Wrangler! First number in the Jeep price is 1. First number guess from her is 9....first number of the clock ($ 9 _ _). Second number guess is 7.....middle number of the Jeep ($ 1 _, 7 _ _)! She then says 8.....second number of the Jeep ($ 1 8, 7 _ _)! I think I knew what the Jeep price was right away. Williams then says the 1......last number of the piggy bank ($_ . _ 1). She then says 5.....last number of the Jeep ($ 1 8, 7 _ 5)! She then says 2......that's the middle number of the clock ($ 9 2 _). She thinks about saying 0, but says 6 instead......she wins the Jeep ($ 1 8, 7 6 5)! I knew what it was all along! The floor clock was $920, and the piggy bank was either $3.41 or $4.31.

Third is Jordan Culpepper, who played Clearance Sale for golf clubs, a kitchen island, a piano and a gumball machine. The target is $6,500. Cullpepper's first pick is the piano.....that's $2,595. Second pick from him is the kitchen island, and I winced at that pick....but that's $2,397! He needs to pick the prize that is $1,508 or more, and he chose the golf clubs.....$1,814 and he wins! The gumball machine was $999.

SSD1: Geraldi spins 95 cents and stays! Culpepper does a wheelie, then spins a dime.....and 15 to send him home. Williams spins 55 cents.....then 20 to send Geraldi into the Showcase!

Fourth is Moises Alvarez, who played Half Off for $10,000 and more! First pair of items are a telephone and a knife sharpener. The first item was marked at $40, and the knife sharpener was marked at $100. Alvarez thinks the phone is $80 and it is! Next pair of items are a toaster marked at $39 and a cooling system marked at $15. He says that cooling system is $ is!
Last pair of items are a mixer marked at $40 and a shaving system marked at $114. He says the mixer is $80....he wins all the small prizes and has a 50/50 shot at the money! Boxes left are #3 and #12. He picks #3......that's $10,000! Fourth winner in a row!

Next is Curtis Dunn, who plays Money Game for a Chevy Aveo LT Sedan (Std., AT, PProt). Middle number is 4. The numbers available are 71, 35, 59, 85, 13, 41, 14, 17 and 15. Dunn picks 15.....front of the car ($ 1 5, 4 _ _)! He then picks 27.....not today, so that's $27. Next is 35.....$35 more dollars. He then says 85.....more money. Last pick is 59.....he wins the car ($ 1 5, 4 5 9) and $147 in gas money!

Finally, Bessie Nebler tries to finish off a perfect show with winning a catameran in Range Game. The range starts at $9,400. She stops at about $9,590 to about $9,740. The price is......$9.......,7.........75! DARN!!! But she did make it to the Showcase!

She goes for a bedroom, a security system and a trip to New Zealand. She bid $16,000. For Geraldi, we have some mice try to find ways to get to some cheese. First, with a cat on the loose, they suggest getting out a new rat treehouse. Second, the other mouse suggest they move their coffee cup upside down, which came from a new set of dinnerware. Third, the first mouse suggests that they play a Mighty Mouse movie on a new TV. Finally, the fastest way to escape, according to them, is in a new 2007 Ford Freestar (Std., Console)! She bids $23,000.

ARP for Geraldi: $29,333, a difference of $6,333. ARP for Nebler: $19,418, meaning everyone on stage has won today! She wins $21,457 in prizes. Geraldi leaves with $4,089.

WWTBAM: Heidi Ruby Miller tries to build on her $1,000. She gets all the way up to this $25,000 question:

Which of the following is NOT one of the eight "vegetables" in the beverage V8?

A: Radish
B: Parsley
C: Beet
D: Spinach

Wisely, she asks the audience. 36% say B, 29% say D and 26% say A. She uses the 50:50, which leaves A and C, so it's a good thing she did that. She goes with radish.....$25,000! For $50,000, after switching out the first question:

Which Dr. Suess book character was loosely based on Adolf Hitler?

A: Bartholomew Collins
B: Yurtle the Turtle
C: Thidwick
D: The Grinch

I think D is it. She calls Tebias, who is a teacher. He says D too. She agrees......but we're all wrong! It was actually B. But she does have $25,000.

Next is Jose Britton. For $16,000:

Patsy Cline, Seal, Aerosmith and Gnarls Barkley have all hit the charts with songs bearing what one-word title?

A: Stay
B: Faith
C: Tomorrow
D: Crazy

I know this one. Britton uses the 50:50, leaving A and D. He then calls his sister Becky, who says D, my answer. He agrees.....and he's coming back next time!

WOF: Wrapping up the week with us tonight are Michael Brown (in the yellow), Stephanie Urtzberger and Alison Pettite. Round 1 category is Before and After. After Pettite calls the R's, we have....

_ R _ _ T

S _ _ _ _ E S

_ _ R

I think I know this now. She calls two A's, and the first word now reads _ R A _ T, thowing my first guess out the window. But she calls a dud of C. Over to Brown, who calls a $400 B, and then buys the I. He then picks up the Spa Finder Gift Tag with the L, calls a $900 K, and after picking up the Free Spin by calling the N, he solves KRAFT SINGLES BAR for $1,050 and the gift tag, totaling $3,050 so far.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round Category is Event. When Pettite calls the D, we have...

S I _ _ I N G

_ _ L D

R _ _

_ _ N _ _

I don't have any idea of this puzzle. She calls the O, and calls a $300 M, which is the last letter of the third word. She then calls the U's, which is the second letter of the last two words. But she hits Lose a Turn. Brown missed out on the Wild Card by calling a Z instead of P, but using his Free Spin, he solves SIPPING COLD RUM PUNCH for $800 and a trip to Barbados, building on his lead! Total now: $10,650.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Rhyme Time, and it's a big puzzle, so a lot of money can be won here. Urtzberger gets the Wild Card early, but loses it just as quick. After Pettite calls the O's, we have....

I' _

_ _ T _

I' _

_ _ T _

_ O R


_ _ R _

I _ _ O R T _ _ T

D _ T _

She calls an N, then two L's. Now, we have...

I' _

L _ T _

I' _

L _ T _

_ O R


_ _ R _

I _ _ O R T _ _ T

_ _ T _

I think I know this now. She puts in five A's, and solves I'M LATE I'M LATE FOR A VERY IMPORTANT DATE to go to $5,000.

Brown scores $3,000 more with CHEWBACCA. Next category is Show Biz. After Urtzberger calls the I's, we have...

T E L E _ I S I _ N

_ I N I S E _ I E S

I know this now. She calls a $350 V, calls the O, but hits Bankrupt. At that point, we go to Speed-Up Mode with only two letters left to be revealed, both consonants, and they're wroth $1,350 apiece. Pettite solves TELEVISION MINISERIES for $1,350 and finish with $6,350. Brown is our champ with $13,650, and Urtzberger has the $1,000 guarantee.

He spins the S in CASH. Category is Things. Starting with:

_ L E _ _ _ L E

_ _ _ R S

I know this already. Brown says M, D, B and A and we get...

_ L E _ _ B L E

_ _ _ R S

He doesn't read my mind for FLEXIBLE HOURS, and won't win another $30,000. Coming in two weeks, I believe: NFL Players Week!

Jeopardy!: Kelly Isenor tries to kill the champion skunk threat against Dom Ochoterena (Air Force Officer) and Val Adamcyk. The Air Force man takes the early lead over Adamcyk, $2,200 to $2,000 heading into the first break. Isenor is in the red early on.

Ochoterena finds the Daily Double in The Fall, and now leads $2,800-$2,400 over Adamcyk, while Isenor has $1,200. The Air Force guy bets $1,800 on this:

On November 8, 1519, the sight of his forces made the Tenochtitlaners feel like they'd "eaten stuperfying mushrooms".

"Who is Cortez?".....right for another $1,800! At the end of the round, he still leads with $5,800.
Isenor has $2,400 and Adamcyk has $1,600.

Early on in Double Jeopardy!, the champ finds the first Daily Double in War Museums, and she's starting to catch up with $4,400 at this point. Ochoterena has $6,200. She bets two grand for the lead:

It's the set of museums that includes the Museo Pio-Clementino, exhibiting sculpture.

She doesn't know it's the Vatican Museums, so she drops to $2,400 and third place. The Air Force guy stumbles a bit, and Afamcyk takes over the lead in the middle of the round. But the champ gets a $1,200 clue to take the lead by $200 over Adamcyk with $6,400. She manages to keep the lead heading into the other Daily Double in Life Science. She has $10,400 right now. The Air Force guy has $7,000, and Adamcyk has $6,800. She bets $2,000 again:

In a fish's two-chambered heart, it's the chamber that receives blood from the veins.

"What is atreas?".....not quite. What is the atrium. She still led with $8,400 at this point. At the end, she leads with $10,400; Adamcyk has $7,200 and the Air Force man has five large.

FJ! category: Literary Titles.

This 1954 book title referred to an impaled sow's head, an offering to the "beast".

The Air Force guy says "What is Catcher in the Rye?"....NO. He goes down to $1. Adamcyk says "What is Lord of the Flies?".....yes. She adds $2,801 to go to $10,001. The champ needs to make a mistake for her to win. She wrote.....

...THE RIGHT RESPONSE, and the champ has done it! Finally! Two day total: $31,800!

1 vs. 100: Barry Lander from San Diego is back. On the $3,000 question, he knocks out 12 for $36,00, bringing his total to $87,000, and of course continues. 59 left. $4,000 question:

Flavor Flav buys a roll of Life Savers's flavor candy and gobbles all the flavors. Which flavor will he NOT have eaten?

A: Orange
B: Cherry
C: Grape

He polls the mob, and 50 of the 59 say C. He goes with that.....and knocks out 9 for $36,000, and goes to $123,000! Michael B. Rich fell on this question. The $5,000 question he gets right was on Michaelangelo.....and he knocked out 11 for $55,000, and he's up to $178,000! He is approaching record territory here! He also immediately gets the $6,000 question right, but only 1 missed it. As of right now, he has $184,000! He's the first to try the $7,000 question:

Which fun fact about North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is NOT true?

A: He sleeps 4 hours a night
B: He's taller than Tom Cruise
C: He says he's written 1,000 books

He's sure C is true, but decides to ask the mob. #7 s Laria Lopez says B, because she has the slightest idea it is. #77 chooses C, because he's seen lots of sources. With all that, he says B.....

....RIGHT! 17 missed it, giving him another $119,000, meaning he has a new record total of $303,000!!! But he goes on! For $8,000:

Who received 3 Emmy nominations for playing the same character on 3 different sitcoms?

A: Carroll O' Connor
B: Kelsey Grammer
C: Ed Asner

He decides to trust the mob......they say B. The answer is.....

.....B!!!! He knocked out.....five for $40,000, giving him $343,000! 16 mob members left. HE STOPS, meaning he is the show's biggest winner so far!!! Congratulations!!!

New player is Wamey Horn from Detroit. In the mob this game: six child geniuses, two informercial millionaires, five clowns and Fabio! He is very confident. Be careful what you wish for, man.

He has $48,000 through three questions, including $40,000 from knocking out 40 people on the third $1,000 question! He goes on, and will do so next time.
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