Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1/16/2007 Results

WOF: Tonight, we have Terri Ann Stavens (in the yellow), Ray Alston and Shannon Berens.
Round 1 category is Food and Drink, and it's a biggie. Berens in the middle of the round picks up the $10,000, and after she calls the O's, we have....

S _ O _- _ A _ E _

S A _ _ O N

_ _ _ _ E T S

_ _ T H

H E R _ E _

O _ _ _ E

O _ _

She then calls four I's, but loses everything to a Bankrupt. Stavens calls six L's for $2,700, and we now have...

S L O _- _ A _ E _

S A L _ O N

_ I L L E T S

_ I T H

H E R _ E _

O L I _ E


I think I know this now. She calls two W's for $600 more, and another $600 with the M. She then calls the V for $800, but calls a dud of C. The man then calls two B's for $1,000, a K for $900, two D's for $1,800, and solves SLOW-BAKED SALMON FILLETS WITH HERBED OLIVE OIL for $3,700.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. Stavens calls three G's to pick up a $4,000 trip, and we have....

E N G _ G E _ E N T


T _ _ _

The only thing I can't solve is the last word. She calls the M for $300, then the A and the O, wiping out the vowels. O is the second letter of the crucial last word. All three then hit the Bankrupt, before Stavens tries to solve mercifully with ENGAGEMENT RING TONE...uh, the N's and E's are gone, ma'am. Over to the man, who says ENGAGEMENT RING TOSS....right for $1,000 and $4,700.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun and Games. After Berens calls the A's, we have....


_ R I _ _

E A R _ _- _ _ R N I N G

_ I _ E

I think I know this now. She then calls a dud of T. Stavens calls the B and the L, then the Y. Then she calls the K's, and a K is the third letter of the last word, and now I know this. She then solves A BRISK EARLY-MORNING HIKE for $1,950 and a trip to Alberta, Canada, for a new total of $8,966 for her.

Berens solves LAWN ORNAMENTS to go to $5,000. Speed-Up mode with a Phrase, and $1,600 at stake for each consonant, and this will decide the match. When Berens says the S's, we have...

B _ S _ N _ S S

_ R

_ _ _ _ S _ R _

...and she solves BUISNESS OR PLEASURE to win $4,800 and the match with $9,800. Stavens has $8,966 and the man has $4,700.

Berens spins the star. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ T


_ _ S _ _ _

She calls C, P, M and O and gets....

_ _ T


_ _ S _ O M

I think it's WIT & WISDOM. Does she? YES! And she did far better here than in the maingame- she won $50,000! Total: $59,800 in cash!

TPIR: Beginning today is Alveria Harrington, who plays Five Price Tags for a Dodge Caravan (Std., Paint, RWD, Stereo). Prices are $19,915, $21,052, $18,773, $20,481, $17,542, and you fans probably know the price of the van now. Hope she does. First item is a mini video camera/picture taker for kids. Given price is $79, and she says false...but that's true. Second is a batter dispenser, and the given price is $51. She says false again....it's $36, so she's right this time! Third is a mini desktop dog, and the price is $35. Again, she says false....but it is $35.
Last is a snow cone maker, and the given price is $15, and yet again says false....it's $28! Two choices of van prices. Her first guess is $21,052, which is not right. I thought Harrington would say $20,481 next, but she says $19,915 and wins!

Next is Candace Ashear, who plays Danger Price for some dinnerware, a sofa, a computer system and some rollerblades. Danger Price is $1,545, and she needs to stay away from the prize that costs that much. She picks the blades first, and that's $200. Next is the dinnerware, which is $771. Finally, she picks the sofa.......that's $1,545 and she loses. Computer was cheap- $1,164.

Derek Scanlan now tries for up to $16,000 cash in It's In the Bag. Products are boxed potatoes, storage bags, supplement, V05 Hot Oil, Tums and index cards. First item on tap costs 65 cents, and he picks the cards. For the $11.68, he thinks it's the supplement. Third item costs $1.89, and he says the potatoes. Fourth item is $3.49, and he puts the hot oil at first, but replaces it with the Tums, and then puts the hot oil on the $4.32 bag. The cards are right for $1,000. He goes on and is right about the supplement for $2,000. He goes on again and is right about the potatoes for $4,000! He.......goes on....

....but he should've stayed with the hot oil. So he loses the money.

SSD1: Ashear spins 85 and stays. Scanlan spins 90 and now leads. Harrington spins 30....and 75 to go over, meaning the man is in the Showcase!

Earl Jordan Jr. is next, and after he was called from the audience, Bob wanted to know how tall the Sr. in his family was, but didn't really get an answer. Jordan played for a barrel sauna, and the game is Freeze Frame. His guess is $5,245.....and he wins it, but I'm not sure if he can fit in it.

Tiffany Eckelston is fifth playing Dice Game for a Chevy Cobalt (Std., ALB, Cruise, Heater). First number is 1. For the second number, Eckelston rolls a 2, and it's wrong, but obviously, she says higher. For the third number, she rolls a 6. Wrong, but it's a lower freebie. Fourth is a 5, which is wrong. She says lower. Last is a 3, and is wrong. She says higher too. Second number is 4. Third number is 3. Fourth number is 1, and the last number.....5! She wins the $14,315 car!

Finally, Carlos Soto played Most Expensive for a dinette set, lugggage and a scooter. He picks the scooter. Dinette is...$4,893! Ouch. Luggage was $1,900, and his pick was $2,695.

SSD2: Soto spins 95 and stays....but Jordan spins the dollar and gets $1,000! He makes it into the Showcase, but can he win any more money? Yes he does, hitting the second green section for $5,000 more!

Jordan vs. Scanlan in the Showcase. First Showcase discovers some wonders of parenthood. First, the children may disrupt you so much in bed, you might just need to throw away some new clocks. Second, you know how to eat a good meal, especially on a Caribbean Cruise! Finally,
the whole family can appreciate living in a new Prowler Trailer! Scanlan is given this one and bids $20,300. Jordan sees a day with Homely Harriet. First, she spends her off time with her new TV. Second, she gets in shape with a new gym. Third, she can rock and roll with her new stereo system. Finally, she can cruise the roads in a new 2007 Ford F-150 XL 4X2 (Std., Stereo)! Jordan bids $32,500, and we know he's over. Scanlan isn't, so he wins his Showcase and $27,280 in prizes! Jordan leaves with $12,742.

WWTBAM: Back with us is Carolyn Butterfield. For $16,000:

What U.S. bill depicts a President's face on the front and a statue of the same President on the back?

A: $1
B: $5
C: $20
D: $100

She think she knows, but she checks with the audience. 75% say B. That was her answer, and she's right for $16,000, although I wished she had saved that lifeline. For $25,000:

Baseball's Brooklyn Dodgers derived their name from fans who dodged what while attending home games?

A: Pickpockets
B: Horses
C: Mud
D: Trolleys

Butterfield uses the 50:50, leaving B and D, and I think it's trolleys now. She then calls her friend Doug, who agrees with me on D. She then says that to get to $25,000! For $50,000:

What European capital is served at an airport named in honor of Frederic Chopin?

A: Vienna
B: Poland
C: Warsaw
D: Copenhagen

She said this would be just a guess, but she doesn't switch and says A here.....should have switched. Answer was Warsaw, so no more money for her.

Next is Jeff Briggs. For $8,000:

Which of these American battles occurred first chronologically?

A: Yorktown
B: Antiem
C: Battle of Big Horn
D: Gettysburg

Briggs calls Matt, who's pretty sure it's A. He agrees.....and is right! Final question of the day for $16,000:

In 2006, what country's president met up with her twin, Conan O' Brien, after he jokingly enodrsed her reelection?

A: New Zealand
B: Latvia
C: Finland
D: Chile

He asks the audience, and 65% say my answer of Finland. He agrees.....and will be back tomorrow!
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