Thursday, January 18, 2007

1/18/2007 Results

TPIR: Today's contestants have some big shoes to fill. BTW, the last person to Come on Down was supposed to be Jon Simpson, but he didn't show up! So, Laura Johnson took his place! First player is Robin Melendez, who plays Swap Meet for a necklace, a bar set, a pool cleaner and a TV. She has to match one of the last three prizes's price to the price of the necklace. She chooses the TV, which is $2,199. The necklace must be that to win. It is.....$1,499. Should've taken the pool cleaner instead. The bar set was $2,396.

Next to Come on Down is JON SIMPSON! The Nicole Thornbrough incident struck again!!! He didn't get up the first time because he didn't really hear his name amongst a crowd of people amongst him. The next to play a Pricing Game is him!! He plays Half Off for $10,000 and more.
First pair of items is a coffee maker marked at $40 and a steam iron marked at $12. He picks the iron.....$24! Next pair are a salad slicer marked at $23 and a remote control car marked at $70. He chooses the car, but that's still $70, so nothing for that. Finally, we have a basketball slow cooker marked at $6 and a electronic poker game marked at $19. He picks the slow cooker, and of course it's $12! Left are boxes #4, #7, #9 and #14. He picks #7.....NO FREAKIN' WAY. It's #14 that had the money.

Third is Anthony Scolese from the Air Force, and like the other two, came out of the red spot!
He plays Hole In One for a Pontiac Grand Prix worth $22,430. Products: popcorn, malted milk, creme pies, foot powder, storage bag and pain reliever. He puts these in order: creme pies, popcorn, malted milk, foot powder, storage bag and pain reliever, after some trouble with the audience. Pies are $1.39. The popcorn is $2.39. The milk is $4.39. The foot powder is $6.59. The storage bag is $5.99, so he'll putt from the fourth line. He said at the start he's a golfer, but is a terrible putter. Bob makes his putt.......and so does Scolese, so he wins the car! He's not such a bad putter after all!

SSD1: The infamous Simpson spins 30.....and a dime for 40 cents total. Melendez spins a dime......and 70 to take the lead with 80 cents total. The Air Force man spins 30.....and 75 to go over, and Melendez is in the Showcase.

Darian is fourth playing for a hovercraft in Range Game, after the latest one in the red spot stupidly bids $48 on a rug!! Darrien wants to win this hovercraft badly. He stops at about $15,709 to about $15,859. ARP: $15...........8.......15; he wins!

Leah is fifth, playing for a tread climber marked at $1,595 and a dinette set marked at $2,999 in Switch? She switched the prices.......and despite the audience, she wins!

Last is Tamara Kennedy, who plays for a Jeep Wrangler (Std., AC, Heater, Cap) in Cover Up. Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 4, 6 or 9?
Third number: 0, 1, 7 or 9?
Fourth number: 1, 4, 5, 8 or 9?
Fifth number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6?

She first says $19,790....only the second 9 is wrong. She says $19,750 now and she loses, because it's $19,710.

SSD2: Tamara spins the dollar for $1,000! She goes to the Showcase, but does she win more

First Showcase is a bedroom, luggage and an African Safari. Kennedy passes to Melendez, who bids $18,250. Kennedy sees what it would be like if a woman was President. First, she could paint the White House yellow with a collection of paint. Second, she could hold peace talks easier with a new spa. Finally, she never wants to drive a gas guzzling Pontiac G6 Convertible (Std., Airbags, Sport, Premium)! She bids $27,500......

....but it's not enough to win, so Melendez wins. Total: $24,536.

WOF: We could have easily been this close to a perfect bonus round week at this point had it not been for those two close misses, but noooooo. Anyway, our players this show are Russ Pickett,
Brenda Johnson and Johnathon Allen (from Charleston, SC). Round 1 category is Phrase, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Johnson gets the Wild Card early on, and after she calls the A's, we have....

_ _ _ E

_ E _ _ L E

H A _ E



L _ _ _

...she then says SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE LUCK in a screaming fashion for $700 and a trip to Vegas, totaling $8,712.

Jackpot Round category is Place. After Allen calls the A's, we have...

R _ _ A N T _ _

_ _ T-_ _-T _ E-_ A _

R E _ T A _ R A N T

The only thins that stumps me now is the phrase in the middle. He calls the S for the $1,000 AA gift certificate. Next is a $900 H, and two U's, and a U is the middle letter of the first word of the long phrase in the middle. He then calls the O's, and says ROMANTIC OUT-OF-THE-WAY RESTAURANT for $6,300!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Who is it, and it's a big puzzle. Early on, Pickett lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls three S's, and decides to flip the! After calling the I's later, we have....

S O _ A- _ _ _ P I _ _

_ _ _ _


_ _ O

_ A R R I E _

_ A T I E

_ O _ _ E S

I don't know some of the first part. He calls two H's for $1,100, two L's for $1,800, but loses everything to a Bankrupt. Johnson also loses her Wild Card. After calling four M's, Allen solves SOFA-JUMPING FILM STAR WHO MARRIED KATIE HOLMES for $1,200, and does he know about Tom Cruise for $3,000.....yes! He now has $10,500.

Pickett quickly solves WILD TURKEYS to go to $4,000. Speed-Up mode with a Show Biz puzzle, and consonants are worth $1,300. Board when the bell sounds:

_ A _ _ _ _

_ A N _ E R S

Allen calls the D, which is the first letter of the second word, but doesn't solve. When Pickett calls the C's, we have....

_ A C _ _ _


...but no solve. Allen solves BACKUP DANCERS to win the match with $14,100.

He spins the double star. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ N _

_ _ N

Allen picks M, C, D and I and gets....

_ _ _ I N _

_ _ N

I have no idea....and neither does he. Late, HAVING FUN struck me......but it was POKING FUN. In any event, he doesn't win another $30,000.
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