Friday, January 19, 2007

1/19/2007 Results- J! again dealt a WIPEOUT threat

TPIR: Melissa Bougarin is first, playing for a Chevy Aveo LT Sedan (Std., AT, ALB) worth $15,265 in Shell Game! First item is a MP3 player marked at $80. She says lower....but that's $95. Next is a chopper marked at $60, and she says lower.....$70. Third is an electronic game, and it's marked at $10. She says higher, and of course, it's $20! She picks shell #3. Last is a mini-refrigerator, and it's marked at $120. She says lower....but that's $150. The ball has to be under shell #3 or else.....AND IT IS! She wins the car!! Great win!

Yvonne Reider is next, playing Money Game for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Pref., Heater). Middle number is 7. Numbers are 90, 35, 19, 41, 18, 25, 17, 50 and 82. She picks 19, which is the front of the car ($ 1 9, 7 _ _ )! She then picks 25.....that's the back ($ 1 9, 7 2 5) and she wins the car!

Charlee Allen then plays Grand Game. Target is $5. Products: Swiss cake rolls, Chips Ahoy!, udder cream, granola bars, Airborne and hearing aid. She picks the second two items and the granola bars to get to $1,000. She picks the skin cream. For $10,000......$3.88! She wins all the money!

SSD1: Allen spins 75 and stays. Bougarin spins 55.....and 50 to go over. Reider spins 85 and goes to the Showcase!

Angela Smith next plays for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, ALB) in Pocket Change. First number is 1, and the remaining numbers are 0, 2, 6, 7 and 8. For the second number, she says 7, but is wrong. She says 8, which is right! For the third number, she says's the 6. Fourth number- she says 2, my guess....but it's the 7! She says the 0 to complete the price at $18,670, which costs $1 today. First envelope has.....a dime, so 65 cents to go. Second.....a quarter, so 40 cents to go. Third.....a nickel, so she needs at least 50 cents in the last envelope.....

....and it's 50 cents on the nose!! All three car games won!!

Elma, a grandma, is our next player. She knew the Blackberry device is $700, winning a $500 bonus! She now plays Clock Game for a karoke machine and a sofa, and $1,000. The karoke machine is $739. She says $800.....$700....$725....and one ups from there to get it. Now for the sofa, which is $963, and she has 17 seconds. She bids $900.....thousand.....$950.....$940.....$930....and one ups from there to win it all! For the second Friday in a row, we're trying for a Perfect Show in the last game!

Trying to make it happen is a John, who tries for a trip to Ireland. It's either $5,122 or $6,861. He picks $6,861.....


SSD2: Elma spins 35.....and 20 for 55 cents total. John spins 50.....and a nickel to tie. Angela spins 30....and 90 to go over. For the spinoff, Elma spins 70......and John spins 35 to send Elma into the Showcase!

First Showcase shows how to deal with really bad weather. First, it's really cold when a penguin tries to mess with your new parkas. Second, it's really snowing when you're addicted to a new snowmobile. Finally, it's really raining when you have to sit on your new Catalina 25" Sailboat!
Yvonne bids $27,000. Elma goes for a dining room, the expensive cappacino machine, and a pair of motorbikes. She bids $16,000.....

....and she wins! Total: $25,824.

WOF: Jana Zinnamann (in the blue), Karen Conek and Andy Mayberry are here on this Friday.
Round 1 category is On the Map. After the man calls the O's, we have....

_ _ A M _ A _ N E

R E _ _ O N

O _

_ R A N _ E

I think I know, but I'm still not sure. A few turns later, he picks up the Wild Card by calling two C's. After getting an H, he says CHAMPAGNE REGION OF FRANCE.....I was right all along, and he picks up his first $1,750 of the night.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun and Games. After Karen calls the O's, we have...

_ N O R _ E _ I N G



_ A G O O N

I know this now. After calling the L's, she solves SNORKELING IN A LAGOON to get on the board with $1,500 and a trip to Mexico, totaling $8,056.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Before and After. Mayberry makes a bad use of his Wild Card, calling an R on a $400 wedge, and no R's appear. Bad, bad move. After Zinnamann calls the C's, we have...

C _ _ _


_ _ _

S E A S _ N

T _ C _ E T

I know this now. She buys the O's, and solves COLD AND FLU SEASON TICKET for $1,000 and $4,000 total.

She then solves FROZEN YOGURT on the Toss-Up to go to $7,000 and close in on the other lady. Speaking of the other lady, after calling the R's, we have in People:

E _ _ E R _ E N _ E _

_ R _ _ E S S _ _ N A L S

I don't have a clue on the first part. She buys the O's and two I's, and now we have...

E _ _ E R I E N _ E _

_ R O _ E S S I O N A L S

Now I know. She calls two $300 P's, then a D, and solves EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS for $2,100 and $10,156, adding on to her lead.

Speed-Up time with the category of Thing. Consonants worth $1,450. After Mayberry calls two L's, he has $4,350 at stake and....

_ _ L L _ T _ N

_ _ _ R _

He solves BULLETIN BOARD for $4,350 and finish with $6,100, but Karen Conek is our champion with $10,156.

She spins the dollar sign. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ E

_ _

_ _ N _ R

I know it's not PRIDE OF HONOR. She calls D, H, P and A and gets....

_ A D _ E

_ _

H _ N _ R

I think it's BADGE OF HONOR....and so does she! She wins 25 large and takes home $35,156 in cash and prizes! Next week is NFL Players Week. Hope to see you then!

Jeopardy!: For the third time in four weeks, a WIPEOUT threat is in the air. This kind of period reminds me of that terrible period from late February to all of March. Jeremy Walker and Jason Aucker try to dethrone Linda Schildkraut. This lady has the tools to repeat, because she won $28,601 on the last show. Let's see if she can. So far, she leads with $2,800 in a tight match heading into the first break. The match gets even tighter late in the round, when at one point the champ and Aucker have $3,000, and Walker has $3,200. Walker hits the Daily Double in Feels Like the Right Time, and he has $3,800 to the other man's $3,400 and the champ's $3,000. He bets a grand:

In 1752, the first lightning conductors were installed on public buildings in this city.

"What is Philadelphia?".....$1,000 more! At the end, the challengers are tied at $5,800 apiece, while the champ is at $2,600.

In Double Jeopardy!, the challengers continue pulling away from the champ. On a $2,000 Famous Jewish Athletes, a clue comes up about pro wrestler Raven, and the question was"What is Pro Wrestling?"! Aucker got the $1,600 clue in that category to take over the lead with $11,000. After getting the wrestling clue, the champ hits the first Daily Double in American Islands, and she has $5,400, while Aucker has $11,400 and Walker has $9,800. She bets $2,400:

Tottensville on this island Southwest of Manhattan is New York State's southernmost point.

"What is Staten Island?" it to go to $7,800! She gets the next-to-last clue of the round to go to $11,400, and a crack at the other Daily Double in Air Traffic Control. Aucker has $14,600 and Walker has $13,400. She bets $3,201 to lead possible by $1 if she's right:

The "blip" on an FAA radar screen is the signal that identifies an aircraft's call sign and these 2 numerical values.

"What are altitude and speed?"......SHE HAS THE LEAD!

FJ! category is Word Orgins:

Well known to "Jeopardy!" fans, this 10-letter word originally meant a stew of many different ingredients.

Walker has "What is hodgepodge?".....right! He bet $12,399, and he's up to $25,799. The other challenger has potpourri instead, which is only nine letters, so he loses $14,590 and he's out with just $10. As for the champ's all-important response....

....she got the right one. Did she bet enough???....

.....$14,600 DOES IT!! Skunk killed again! Two-day total for her: $57,802!

1 vs. 100: Kwame Horn is back. BTW, the reigning mob champion is Ned Andrews, who has gotten 41 questions right on the show so far.

Horn gets the first $2,000 question right for $14,000 and 7 people out, going to $62,000.
Other $2,000 question:

Which three-letter can be spelled using just a single row of keys on a standard querty computer keyboard?


I know this, but Horn asks for help by polling the mob on WIN....only two said that. He then says C, and I groaned at's gas!!! Darn. That means the $62,000 goes to the mob.

Shelley Regan is next. In her mob: five TV judges, past and present, and two mobsters. She gets by the first 3 questions, while using the poll help on the final question, for $30,000. She continues on.

She got the first $2,000 question right to knock out 11 for $22,000, and now has $52,000. Second question:

Which of these names combines a pop singer and a 1992 independent Presidential candidate?

A: Boy George Bush
B: George Michael Dukakis
C: Diana Ross Perot

I know this, but she asks the mob. #91 says A, while #93 says C (my answer). She goes with C and is right to knock out 17 more for $34,000, going up to $86,000. She decides to go for the $3,000 question:

In preparing for a specific role, which actor gained the most weight?

A: Renee Zelwegger for "Bridget Jones's Diary"
B: Robert DeNiro for "Raging Bull"
C: Tom Hanks for "Cast Away"

She trusts the mob. Their most popular answer is A, which was what she was going with....

....BUT THEY'RE WRONG!!!! It was B! Darn!! No money will be handed out tonight to the regular contestants. This time, 17 will split $86,000.

Eugene Lodvock will return next time with $29,000 after the first three questions with all helps still intact. In the mob to start: six members with genius IQ's, some Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, and comedians Todd Bridges and Willie Aimes. Bridges went down on the first question.

BTW, the at-home sweepstakes tonight is worth $25,000 tonight. I guess they're making up what happened on the Christmas show, when they had to postpone it because of the partial pre-emption.

Also of note: Coming up soon on "1 vs. 100" is a special episode featuring the most notable mob members battling it out against each other for a guaranteed $250,000 to the special challenge winner!
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