Monday, January 22, 2007

1/22/2007 Results

TPIR: Beginning today is Edward C. Anderson, Sr. After winning an arcade game machine worth almost $3,000, he plays Flip Flop for a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Wrong price is:


A flip means $4,609. A flop means $6,490. A flip-flop means $4,690. He flops for the audience's approval.....and everyone's right, so he's going to Portugal!

Next is Ryan Darling, who plays Any Number for an electric guitar......or a Ford Mustang (Std., Airbags). First number of the car is 2. He guesses 1 first......last number of piggy bank ($ _. _ 1).
Next pick is 0......second number of the car ($ 2 0, _ _ _). Third pick is 6.....first number of piggy bank ($ 6. _ 1). Fourth pick is 4.....middle number of the guitar ($ _ 4 _). Fifth pick is 9......last number of the guitar ($ _ 4 9). Sixth pick is 8.....he wins the guitar at $849. The car was $20,375, and the piggy bank was $6.21.

Third is Donna Applebee, who plays Plinko! First small item is an electronic backgammon game, and it's marked at $10. She picks the 0.....$30! Next is a toaster marked at $31. Applebee picks 3.....$39! Third is a weather radio marked at $16. She picks 6....$46! Last item is a hand mixer marked at $20. She says 0.....$80, and she wins all the small prizes! Now, for the money part. First of her chips.....right $1,000 slot. Second......the other $1,000 slot. Third and fourth.......both zeroes. Last chip......$10,000, for $12,000!

SSD1: The Darling hits 90 cents and stays. Anderson spins 50......and a quarter- gone. Applebee spins 15 cents......and 75 to force a spinoff. Darling spins 85 cents. Applebee spins....the dollar for $1,000 more! She then spins.....nothing else.

Charles Tolbert then plays Barker's Bargain Bar for a treadmill and a fireplace. The former prize is marked at $1,299, and the latter is marked at $2,248. He picks the fireplace. The treadmill's ARP: $2,299, a difference of $1,000. The fireplace must be more than $3,248 to win. ARP: $2,948, so he loses.

Benjamin Fiedler then plays That's Too Much!!! for a Dodge Dakota ST Club Cab 4X2 (Std., AT, Mats, Seat). First price is $11,980, and he continues. Second is $13,860....continue. Next is $16,582....continue. Fourth is $17,950....continue. Fifth is $19,250....continue. Sixth is $20,442....THAT'S TOO MUCH!!!....not so. He was one price off- the price was $21,850.

Finally is Nicole Etsky, whose father was given a refrigerator on Truth or Consequences long ago! She plays for two motorscooters in Bullseye. First pick is four peanut butters, at $2.99 a pop......$11.96 and she wins!

Charles Tolbert makes it into the Showcase to face the Plinko winner.

First Showcase is a bedroom, bathing suits and a spa. Tolbert is given this one, and he bids $12,750. For her, we have the models doing Pricedalini Yoga. First, they do the suspension arch, which could mean the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Second, they do the corn cob, which could signify the corn grilled on a new barbaque grill. Finally, they do the up-down pose, which can mean you may have accidentally pressed the down button on your new Hi-Lo trailer. She bids $23,000.

ARP for the man: $16,395, a difference of $3,645. ARP for the lady: $23........734. Still no DSW in a while, but she does win her Showcase and a total of $38,168. The man leaves with parting gifts.

WWTBAM: After the big Friday show, Gary Higgins is at the $25,000 mark, with the phone and the Switch. For $50,000:

Orology is the study of what?

A: War
B: Mountains
C: Dreams
D: Bees

Higgins calls Michael Morris, his nephew. He says B, and sounds sure. He agrees......and that's $50,000! For $100,000, after switching:

In the U.S., only Vermont and which other state allow all their prision inmates and ex-convicts to vote in elections?

A: Oregon
B: Maine
C: Minnesota
D: New Mexico

No idea on this either, so he stops as $50,000 richer. Answer is Maine.

New player is Shanika Verette from Brooklyn. For $16,000:

Which of these vowels is also NOT the chemical symbol of an element on the Periodic Table?

A: E
B: I
C: O
D: U

After her process of elimination on two choices, I know it's E. But she asks the audience, and 66% say A. She agrees and has $16,000. For $25,000:

Which West Coast city is home to a U.S. Mint?

A: San Francisco
B: Los Angeles
C: Portland
D: San Fransisco

She calls Robert Scott, the academic advisor at her school. He says S.F., but doesn't say how sure he is. She fears that she will be the second person in the history of the show to TAKE A PISS in the hot seat!!!! Anyway, she locks that answer in......$25,000! For $50,000:

Of the 40 spaces on a standard Monopoly board, how many are properties on which houses may be built?

A: 16
B: 18
C: 22
D: 26

She envisions the Monopoly game board.....and uses the 50:50, leaving the bottom two. She picks C instead of my answer of D.......and she will back tomorrow to go for a possible $100,000!

WOF: Tonight, we have Brian Dunford, April Reid (from Nashville) and Jimmie Yungwords (from Tulsa). In a rarity, nobody solves the $2,000 Toss-Up of SPAM FILTER. Round 1 category is Show Biz. Dunford calls two T's right off the bat for $5,000! Soon, he picks up the Free Spin. After calling the A's, we have....

T E _ E _ I S I O N

_ E R S O N A _ I T _

R A _ _ A E _


....and he solves TELEVISION PERSONALITY RACHEL RAY for $6,400 and $7,400 total! Rachel Ray, like WOF and J!, are sydnicated by CBS Television Distribution.

Jackpot Round category is Food and Drink. After Yungwords calls the E's, we have...

_ _ R _ E C _ E D

_ _ _ E D

_ E _ N S

I know this now, but I've never tasted this. She lands on the trip, but calls a P, which is a dud. Dunford calls the B's for the Wild Card, and solves BARBECUED BAKED BEANS for $1,350, and a new total of $8,750.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. After Dunfor calls the I's, we have...

S _ _ _ _ I N _

_ _ _


N E _

_ A T _ I N _

S _ I T

I don't know the second word. He calls two G's for $1,100, and calls the U. He then calls two O's. He uses his Free Spin after hitting the Lose a Turn and calls two H's for $1,600, and solves SHOPPING FOR A NEW BATHING SUIT for $5,550 and a trip to Jamaica! He now has $21,800!

Reid gets on the board with WOODPECKER for $3,000. Next category is On the Map. Dunford loses the Wild Card with a Bankrupt. After we get back to him by calling the I's, we have....

_ _ _ _ _ _


_ I _ _ _ _ _ I

He calls a $450 R, and the last word now reads _ I _ _ _ _ R I. I know the puzzle now. He calls four S's for $1,200, and solves KANSAS CITY MISSOURI for $2,300, and now has $24,100!
Speed-Up round with a Phrase. Consonants are worth $1,900 each. After Yungwords calls the R, we have $4,800 for her and.....

T H _

_ _ _ _ R S

T H _ T

_ E

She can't solve. Dunford calls three E's late, but still can't solve! Reid solves THE POWERS THAT BE for $5,700 and a final total of $8,700. Yungwords has the $1,000 consolation, and Dunford is our champion with $24,100!

Cars this week are a BMW and a VW Passat. He spins the dollar sign, and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ R _

_ _ T

T _ E

_ _ N _ S

I think I know this already. Dunford calls M, D, C and O and gets....

_ O R _

O _ T

T _ E

_ _ N _ S

I know it's WORK OUT THE KINKS....but he doesn't. If he had called the K's, he would have won $50,000. Darn.

Jeopardy!: Linda Schildkraut defends against Leah Buswell and Dawn Alsvary in a rare all-ladies battle on the show. Schildkraut gets into early trouble, getting as deep as $2,400 in the red heading into the first break, while Buswell has $7,200 and the lead. But Alsvary hits the Daily Double in Stately Arenas with $3,400, and Buswell still leads with $8,000. Alsvary bets $2,000:

TD Banknorth Garden, Paul E. Tsongas Arena.

I think it's Oregon. She says "What is Minnesota?"......we're both wrong. What is Maine?
She's down to $1,400. As luck would have it, her response came one clue too early- the $2,000 clue in that subject had that as the right response, and she now has $9,000. She still leads with $9,200 at the end of the round. Alsvary has $1,400 and the champ gets to zero.

The champ manages to get in the money early on in Double Jeopardy!, but Buswell still leads. Alsvary finds the first Daily Double in the Heebie "G.B. s" with $6,600 to Boswell's $17,200. She bets $6,000:

19th century French Opera composer of "The Pearl Fishers" & "The Fair Maid of Perth", among others.

She says.....nothing. What is Georges Bizet? She sinks to $600. Boswell has the game wrapped up at the end of this round, having $18,800 to the champ's $3,200 and the other's $600.

FJ!, for fun: Recent Books.

"American Vertigo" by philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy retraced a trip 175 years before by this man, his countryman.

Correct: Who is Tocqueville?

Alsvary doesn't say that, saying "Who is Lemontagne?", and drops to $1. The champ says the right person and goes to $5,100. Buswell doesn't have that, but she still wins with $16,600. The champ leaves with $59,802.

DOND: First player tonight is Cherelynn Speck. She is a big NASCAR fan. In honor of that, for this game only, the cases are all checkered! Her case is #22.

Round 1: First pick is.....well, she tries to make the game move faster by giving Howie her six picks for the round, but Howie can't let the game work that way. First pick is #20.....$10!
Second pick is #19.....$75! Third pick is #6.....$50! Fourth pick is #2.....$100! Fifth is #24.....$200,000. Last pick from Speck is #13.....$5,000. First offer she says NO DEAL to: $39,000.

Round 2: Speck picks 3, 4, 9, 18 and 16, doing that fast trick again. #3 has.....$5! #4 has......PENNY!! #9 has.....$10,000. #18 has.....$1! Lastly, #16 has.....$25,000.
Second offer she passes: $82,000! That's gotta be a Round 2 record deal for a regular game. She gets the phone before Howie does! She is definitely a loyal friend and true of this show!

Round 3: She ditches her picking plan, and already I have a bad feeling about that. First pick is #25.....MILLION IS GONE. Should've stuck to the plan. Next is #21.....$750,000. No wonder why I had a bad feeling about what she did at the start of the third round. She then knocks out $300,000 and $400,000. Possibly the worst round EVER. She passes on a $28,000 deal.

Round 4: #5 is her first pick.....$25! Second is #23......$300. Last pick is #15......$750! Much better round. New offer is $50,000. NO DEAL.

Round 5: She picks #10.....$75,000. Other pick is #8.....$50,000. Offer inches slightly to $77,000. NO DEAL, and we go to one case mode.

Speck's next choice is #12.......

....$500,000. $100,000's the best you can do now. She turns down an $18,000 deal. Next is #7.....

....$200! New offer: $25,000. NO DEAL. She then picks #17......

....$100,000 and it's all over. She ends up with $500.
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