Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1/24/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Karen Danca-Smith is back to try to defend all of her $50,000, and maybe even add on to it. For $100,000:

Which of these subatomic particles is a form of antimatter?

A: Neutrino
B: Gluon
C: Muon
D: Positron

She quits with all of her money. Answer was Positron.

Next is Brian Kass. He's known as "Hot Pants" in his area. For $2,000:

Commonly used as seating in restaurants, banquettes are what type of furniture?

A: Folding chairs
B: Padded benches
C: High-backed chairs
D: Bar stools

He uses the 50:50, leaving B and D. He then asks the audience, and 90% say B. That's what he thought, so he says that and is right. For $16,000:

In 2006, Tom DeLay urged his backers to support country singer Sara Evans, a contestant on what reality series?

A: "Dancing with the Stars"
B: "Last Comic Standing"
C: "Project Runway"
D: "Skating with Celebrities"

I know this. But he calls Rich, and he says A (my answer), but says it's a guess. With that uncertainity, he stops at $8,000. Of course, that was the right answer.

Next is Jen Fisher. She stopped watching the show to prepare herself, because at some times in the show she thinks it can be nerve-wrecking. She gets up to this $16,000 question:

In 2006, an ailing Fidel Castro temporarily ceded control of Cuba to his younger brother, who's named what?

A: Arturo
B: Victor
C: Ernesto
D: Raul

Fisher polls the audience, and 83% say D. She goes with that and is right! Last question of the day, to get to $25,000:

What author's mysterious death has been attributed to over a dozen causes, including rabies, diabetes and murder?

A: Arthur Conan Doyle
B: Agatha Christie
C: Edgar Allan Poe
D: Mary Shelley

She uses the 50:50, leaving Doyle and Poe. She then calls her sister, Amy, who says C, but is unsure. But Fisher goes with it anyway.....and she's coming back tomorrow to possibly be the fourth $50K winner of the week, and possibly win more!

Family Feud: Game 1 today sees the Ballantynes defending against the Konings. The champs score 39 points on things wivess steal from their husands without permission. The second question was a Match Game Super Match question: Dirty _________.
The Konings luck out on 41 points on that question.

Double: Name a place you'd hate to be in when your cell phone rings. Starting with:

#1- Church (38, Mike)

The Konings play. Michelle says a David says movie theaters.....#4 (7). Chris says a wedding, also related to church.....strike two. Pam says in class......NO! I don't believe that!
Lisa of the champs says in bed.....and they take the lead back with 131! Others: bathroom (8),
work (5).

Triple: What would you do if your child was failing a school subject? Starting with:

#2- Help/Work with (19, Michelle)
#3- Talk to teacher (12, Charlene)

The Konings play again. David says withdraw the student from the subject.....nope. Chris says get a tutor.....NUMBER ONE (57)! They're in good shape to take the championship away, with the #4 answer left. Michelle says pray.....not #4. Mike says have a friend help for the win.....NO.
Pam thinks the #4 answer is ground him/her. That's what I think.....and it's there to win again at 393!

Fast Money: Lisa and Corinne do it again. Questions:

#1- Name a woman's sexiest feature.
#2- Something you wouldn't want to use if it was dirty.
#3- Something girls teach boys to do.
#4- Another word for cry.
#5- An exercise you don't need to go to the gym to do.

Lisa says behind, tissue (bad), play (bad), baby (absolutely bad) and sit-ups for 39 points.
Corinne says lips, toothbrush, kiss (#1), sob and chasing (really bad) for 128, giving them $640 and a current total for four days of $22,345. Will we have nine undefeated families after tomorrow? Tune in tomorrow in Game 1 to find out.

In the meantime, we have two new families for Game 2. The Lewins and the Fierros play. The Fierros score first with 42 on things that droop. They go to 124 on things you can only take one of at a time.

Double: Something you're sure to see in a horror movie. Starting with:

#1- Blood (50, Martin)

The Fierros play. Gloria says knives.....#4 (5). Blanca says murders......#2 (18)! Robert says monsters..... #3 (9) and one to go! Annelise goes for victims......not the last answer. Martin says screaming.....not there either. Gloria says masks.......three strikes. Gaby of the Lewins try to steal with fog......but it's killer (4), so the Fierros are at 288.

Triple: Something people get stuck in. Starting with:

#1- Traffic (61, Gloria)

The Fierros will try to close it out on their own. Blanca says work......not so. Robert says mud.....#2 (16)! Annelise says Martin says a rut......strike three. Gaby of the other team says elevator. If it's there, we have a playoff.... it's there at #3 (16)! Other answer was
snow (5).

Sudden Death: Blanca and Claudia represent the teams. Question: Name a decision parents make after a baby is born. The #1 answer is the baby's name, and the new champs are.......

....the Fierros at 558!

Fast Money: Martin and Blanca play for the Fierros. Questions:

#1- A place where you get always stuck sitting beside a crying baby.
#2- The age when you start feeling like your age.
#3- Name a type of pasta other than spaghetti.
#4- Something people do when they ride exercise bikes.
#5- A magazine you'd expect President Bush to read.

Martin says the movies, 40, angel hair (bad), listen to music and Newsweek for....only 59.
Blanca says hospital, 35, lasagana, sing and Fortune for 113 total and $565.

WOF: Tonight, Anasa Washington, Britt Volale and Mark Caputo play. Round 1 category is In the Kitchen. Volale hits the $2,500 space right on the spot and calls two R's for $5,000!
After calling four N's, we have...

R _ _ N _

N _ N- S T _ _ _

_ A _ _ _ E

_ R _ N

The only word I don't know now is the fourth word. After she called the O's, the word I don't get comes to me. She then calls a C for $550, a U and two I's. Next, she calls a D and a K for $550 apiece. But she calls the H, which is a dud, with $8,000 on hand. Caputo calls the F's for $1,000, and solves ROUND NON-STICK WAFFLE IRON to get on the board with that.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. The man calls the N to pick up the Free Spin. But he loses it later on. After Volale calls the B, we have....

S _ A R _ L I N G

B L _ E


...and she solves SPARKLING BLUE SEA for $950 and a trip to Mexico. She is now up to $7,806.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Next Line Please, and it's a very big puzzle, so someone could rack up here. Caputo gets the Wild Card by calling an N, and this may come into play for him this round. But he gets the Bankrupt right away- so much for that. Washington lands on $3,500, and calls SEVEN L's, and she is now up to $29,350 now! At this point, we have...

_ _ L L

_ _ _

S T _ L L

N _ _ _

_ _

_ _ L L

_ _ _

S T _ L L

_ _ _

_ _

She then buys four I's and six E's. After calling the U's, we have...

_ I L L

_ _ U


N E E _

_ E

_ I L L

_ _ U


_ E E _

_ E

I know this now. She then calls the O's. She calls two D's for $800, and two M's for another $800.....but she hits the Bankrupt. OUCH. Volale solves WILL YOU STILL NEED ME WILL YOU STILL FEED ME, and says the next line is "When I'm 64".....she scores $3,000 this round and has $10,806.

Washington solves BARBERSHOP to go to $4,000. Speed-Up Round category is Around the House.....$6,000 for each consonant, so Washington could redeem herself from that bad moment in the last round. After the man calls the B's, we have...

S _ _ T

_ H _ T E

_ _ _ H T

B _ _ B

...and he solves SOFT WHITE LIGHT BULB for game, set and match with $31,300!

He spins the dollar sign. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ R _ S _ _

_ _ _ _ N

I think I know this now. Caputo calls P, C, W and O and gets...

C R _ S P _

_ _ C O N

We all eat it at breakfast all the time, and he solves CRISPY BACON! He wins $30,000 and takes home $61,300 in cash!

DOND: Playing tonight is Jackie Monroe. Her case is #5.

Round 1: Her first pick is #15......$400. Second pick is #12.....$1! Third pick is #19.....$200,000.
Fourth pick is #4.....MILLION IS OUT- SHE MISSED THE BIG CASE BY ONE. OUCH. She knocked out $75 and $100,000 on her last two picks. First offer she says NO DEAL to: $12,000.

Round 2: Before this round began, a live performance stage was set up. Now, for the game.
First pick this round is #22.....$75,000. Second pick from her is #11.....$750,000. Third pick is #16.....$10,000. Fourth pick is #17.....$10. Last pick is #8......$500. Next offer she says NO DEAL to: $38,000.

Round 3: Monroe goes for #13 first......$50! Second pick from her is #2.....$500,000. She knocks out $400,000 and $750. Before the third offer, Hanson calls.....AND SHOWS UP! How nice!
Next offer she says NO DEAL to: $21,000.

Round 4: Hanson, for now, helps Monroe out. First pick is #21.....$100. Second pick is #23....
$5! Final pick is #26.....$200. Good round. The new offer is: $35,000. NO DEAL.

Round 5: We learn the player's husband went to Iraq for a year. #10 is first.....$25! Other pick is #6.....$25,000. The new offer is $44,000. NO DEAL. I would try to get it over $50,000 before stopping. One case mode now.

Monroe chooses #18.....PENNY!! Should be able to take a good deal now. The offer is: $59,000....

....NO DEAL. Before the next choice, Hanson does a part of "M'm Bop" ! After that, Monroe's next pick is the dreaded #7......

...$5,000. Should be able to take the deal now. Offer is: $83,000.....

....DEAL! Good thing too- next choice of #20 would have knocked out the $300,000. Her case amount wasn't bad either- $50,000. Hanson and a nice deal- not a bad way to end this show's week and avoid a WIPEOUT.
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