Monday, January 29, 2007

1/29/2007 Results

Family Feud: In Game 1 today, the Miller family defends for the first time against the Fazlis.
The challengers score the first 80 points on things you'd like to replace in your bedroom. The champs fire back with 91 on things that could ruin fishing trips.

Double: Besides "hams", a food that people can describe other people. Starting with:

#4- Pig/hog (6, Jennifer)

The champs play. Scott says turkey, and that's number two (20)! Debbie says hot dog.....#3 (18)! Dianna says Jeff says shark (?!?!).....NO WAY. Jennifer says PEOPLE.....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?! Shark and people are NOT foods!!! Over to the steal for the Fazlis, and Ayesha, much to my delight, says chicken, which of course is NUMBER ONE (25), and they get the lead back with 88 more points! Bottom answer was potato head (4).

Triple: Something parents tell their kids to finish. Starting with:

#1- Homework (49, Sania)

The Fazilis try to close it out by themselves. Aliya says chores....#2 (30)! Ayesha says brush your teeth, which I thought of too....but it's not there. Sania says finish your computer work, which might be counted as playtime....but it's strike two. Asia says finish your food....#3 (18) and one answer to go! Saadia says mow the lawn (?!?!)....THAT'S FOR GROWN UPS. Dianna tries to keep the championship for the Millers by saying #4 is get off the phone.....NO, so the Fazlis are the new champs at 459! #4 was college (2).

Fast Money: Ayesha and Sania tackle the big board.

1. How many hours does it take to clean your house all the way through?
2. A buisness that has a regular customer.
3. Something that starts with "new".
4. Something you see in a city park.
5. A subject that a lot of elderly people discuss.

Sania says 2 hours, dealership (bad), New Wave (bad), bench (#1) and Bingo (REALLY BAD) for only 47. Ayesha says 3 hours (#1), grocery store (#1), New Hampshire, swings and their kids for a total of 127 and $635.

In Game 2, the Fierros defend against the Carters. The Fierros draw first blood with 88 on things a Christmas Party can't be without. The Carters fire back with 86 on things that come in pairs (the team's captain, Michael, said boobs and was right!!!!).

Double: Name something that a teenage boy hopes doesn't happen to them on the night before a big date. Starting with:

#1- Pimples (66, Martin)

The family I wish I could add the word Pontiac to play. Gloria says get sick......bottom answer (4)! Blanca says they no show....#2 (11)! Robert says the car breaks down....#4 (6). Annelise says get punished by their parents....#3 for A TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP and 278!

Triple: Which sin people most say in their confession? Starting with:

#1- Adultery (46, Gloria)

The champs try to close it out. Blanca says lie.....#2 (36)! Robert says stealing.....#3 (6)! One more to sweep another board and win another game. Annelise says nothing. Martin says hurting others....NO. Gloria says cursing....NO. For the steal and the game, Michael says murder....NO, so the Fierros are four-time winners at 542! #4 is lusting/coveting (5).

Fast Money: Robert and Martin try it again.

1. Name something Adam and Eve might have been the first to do.
2. Something people shove a coin into.
3. Something that has a long tail.
4. The best hour for a nap.
5. Something that may be hard to start.

Martin says make love (#1), wishing well (bad, because you just simply toss a coin into it), elephant, 3:00 PM and car (#1) for 86. Robert says kiss, parking meter, elephant, noon and lawn mower for a total of 135 and $675, a four-day total of $21,850.

WOF: It's Teen Best Friends Week! The past two times this week has been held, the $100,000 has been won. Will it be three in a row? Let's find out. We open with Diana Lee and Kristina Hess (in the yellow), Jacob Ronn and Kaley Leon, and Marc Weintraub and Jeff Alford.
Round 1 category is Thing, and it's a Prize Puzzle right off the bat! The ladies get a Free Spin early on. They then call two D's to get the Wild Card. At that point, we have...

L _ _ _ _ A R D

T R A _ N _ N _

I don't know the top word. After calling two G's for $1,800 and the I's, we have....

L I _ _ G _ A R D


I know this now. They solve LIFEGUARD TRAINING for $1,850 and a trip for each of them to Hawaii! Total: $9,850.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. After the girls call four R's for $1,200, we have...

R _ _ _ R T

_ A R _

T R _ _ _ _

I know this now. They hit Jackpot and call the S, but can't solve. They then call a $600 C, then two C's for anothe $600. They lose their Free Spin with a U call. They call the I and then the K, but call a dud in H. The guy/sister clan hit $3,500 and call the P, and solve REPORT CARD TRICKS for $3,500 and $5,500 total.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Show Biz. The girls lose the Wild Card right off the bat, but for whatever reason is not taken away (Could they have changed the rules?).
After the guys call the E's, we have...

_ _ S N E _

_ _ A N N E _ ' S

_ _ G _

S _ _ _ _ _

M _ S _ _ A _

I know this now, and one of the cast members has a pop song in "Baby Come Back To Me"- Vanessa Hudgens. They call three L's for $900, three C's for another $900, then they call four H's to pick up the NY trip! But they hit Lose a Turn. The girls call the Y, and solve DISNEY CHANNEL'S HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for $2,000 and $13,050 total (The house minimum for team weeks like this is $2,000).

They then solve OLD MAID & GO FISH to go to $16,050. Speed-Up Mode with the category of Food and Drink....and $6,000 for every consonant! After the girls call the L, we have...

S _ _ S _ _ _ _

_ _ R L _

_ R _ _ S

I eat this a lot at Arby's. They just beat the buzzer with SEASONED CURLY FRIES for $18,000 and the match with $34,050!

Cars this week are a pair of VW GTIs and a pair of Jeep Compasses. They spin the H. Category is Thing. Now, because they still have the Wild Card, they will choose four consonants. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

S _ _ _ _ _ _

They call D, M, H, P and A and get...

_ A _ _

S H A M P _ _

It's BABY SHAMPOO....but they say HAIR SHAMPOO and WALL SHAMPOO instead! Darn. Oh well- it only cost them $30,000, and they leave with $34,050 in cash and prizes.

WWTBAM: Returning today is Ryan Russler, with the audience lifeline gone. For $2,000:

"Conflagration" is a fancy word for a particularly destructive type of what?

A: Fire
B: Flood
C: Wind
D: Tremor

He calls his friend Johnny X, his boss. He says burning, or A. He agrees and is right! For $8,000:

The 2006 movie "Invincible" is based on the true story of a bartender who becomes an unlikely member of what NFL team?

A: Pittsburgh Steelers
B: Detroit Lions
C: NY Jets
D: Philadelphia Eagles

He uses the 50:50, leaving B and D, and I know this, because I watched this movie. He says the Eagles and is right! He gets to $16,000 before stopping at $25,000.

Next is Therese Steinken. She zooms to this $16,00 question:

Which of these "Baywach" babes has NEVER been married to a rock star?

A: Pamela Anderson
B: Yasmine Bleeth
C: Donna D' Errico
D: Carmen Electra

She polls the audience, and 48% say B, while 44% say C. She then guesses B.....she's right! For $25,000:

The northernmost engagement of the U.S. Civil War, the St. Albans raid, occurred in what U.S. state?

A: Vermont
B: N.Y.
C: Massachussetts
D: Connecticut

She calls Jack, who says New York, but isn't sure now. She uses the 50:50, and it's a good thing she did, because N.Y. is gone. Vermont and Connecticut are left. She says Vermont....that's $25,000! For $50,000, after switching out the first question:

Which of the following is not the title of a popular "alphabet" mystery by best-selling crime novelist Sue Grafton?

A: "C" is for Corpse
B: "J" is for Jeopardy
C: "K" is for Killer
D: "N" is for Noose

I have a feeling it's not B. She says A.....but it was B all along! At least she does have $25,000.

Scott Savage returns tomorrow to start at the $500 question after having to poll the audience on the $300 question.

DOND: Beginning tonight is Chris Soreno. He picks #14 as his case.

Round 1: First pick is #21....$1,000. Second pick is #1....$300. Third pick is #12....$500. Fourth pick is #9....$200. Fifth pick is #20....$100! Final pick is #16....$400,000. First offer he says NO DEAL to: $20,000.

Round 2: Soreno picks #11....$50,000. Second pick is #19....$75. Third pick is #15....$400.
Fourth pick is #23....$5,000. Last pick this round is #5....MILLION IS GONE. Next offer he says NO DEAL to: $34,000.

Round 3: #10 is first....$10! Second pick is #4....$200,000. Third pick is #25.....$750. Final pick is #3.....$75,000. Next deal he says NO DEAL to: $49,000.

Round 4: #24 is what Soreno chooses first....$25,000. Second pick by him is #6.....$100,000.
Last pick this go-round is #13....$750,000. He was one off the $750,000! Darn. Next offer he says NO DEAL to: $37,000.

Round 5: #22 is first chosen.....$1! Other pick is #26.....$300,000. New offer is: $26,000. OUCH. No doubt he says NO DEAL.

Left at this point in one case mode: PENNY, $5, $25, $50, $10,000 and $500,000.

He picks #18......

....$500,000 and he's out of big money opportunities. $1,000 is the offer now. NO DEAL.

#8 is next.....$50. The offer is $2,000. NO DEAL.

#7 is next.....PENNY! This may be where he stops now- $3,000. NO DEAL.

#2 is next.....$5! The final offer is $4,000, not $5,000 as I thought. The other case has $25. NO DEAL.

He takes home.....

....$10,000! Not bad for someone who didn't have much luck in the middle of the game!

Our other contestant is Will Edmond, Jr., who is a college student, and comes out of a mosh pit in the audience! He's a senior from the University of Texas at Tyler. His case choice is #6.

Round 1: #14 is first.....$75,000. Second is #17....$5,000. Third is #10.....$25. Fourth pick is #11....$500,000. Fifth is #21....$10! Last pick is #25.....$75! First offer he says NO DEAL to: $31,000.

Round 2: #16 is first.....$200. He then picks #5.....$500. Third pick is #13....$200,000.
Fourth pick is #15....$300. His final pick this round is #20....PENNY! The next offer he says NO DEAL to: DOUBLE the previous offer, or $62,000.

A fan of the college sings a song as we say goodbye. See you Wednesday!
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