Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1/31/2007 Results

TPIR: We start this show with Christopher Bryan, who after winning a very nice ice wagon, played One Wrong Price for a treadmill marked at $1,999, snowboards marked at $3,199 and stemware marked at $1,680. He chooses the snowboards to everyone's's actually $2,494 and he wins!

Veronica Boona is next to play Plinko! First small prize is a coffee pot marked at $10. Her pick is the 0.....$40! Second is a radio marked at $28. She picks the 8.....$78! Third is a buffet station marked at $52. She picks the 5.....$50! Last item is an ice cream bowl marked at $79. She picks the 9 and it's $29, so she wins all of the small prizes and all of the chips! First chip is worth $1,000 in its right slot. Second chip is the left $500 slot. Third is $10,000! Fourth is $500. The last chip lands in nothing at the last second, but she still has $12,000!

Suzanne is next to play One Away for the dreaded yellow Ford Mustang, which hasn't been won in 2007 as of yet. And she's the latest loser of it. But she does get into the Showcase.

Kathrine Van Comet is fourth to play Side By Side for a trip to Jamaica. It's $5,457 or $7,455. She says $5, trip.

Jasmine Gallagos next plays Magic Number for a computer and a floor clock. She sets her magic number at $1,606. The clock is $3,665, and the computer is....$2,611. This was practically impossible. If she had won, she would have taken a friend in the audience out to dinner.

Finally, Yan Falkenstein plays Line Em' Up for a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Fairly Loaded). Board:

?- $968 Washer/Dryer
?- $46 Salad Maker
?- $689 Recliner

First guess is $16,484(my guess).....NONE right. He then guesses $18,694......WINNER!

SSD2: Katherine spins 35 cents....and 75 to send her home. Jasmine spins a quarter....and 55 for 80 cents. Yan spins a quarter....and 75 for $1 and $1,000! He couldn't win any more money in the bonus spin like somebody did yesterday, but did get into the Showcase.

First Showcase contains a bedroom, an HDTV and a trip to Switzerland. This is given to Suzanne, who bids $15,000. Yan looks at a model panning for gold. First, she finds gold picks for a new guitar. Second, she finds some nuggets similar to pool balls, which obviously could mean a new pool table. And finally, she finds dice which could be attached to one's road trip in a new Ford F-150 (Std., Cruise)! He bids $25,000.

ARP for the furniture and trip: $25,274, a difference of $10,274. ARP for Yan: $21,099, sending him over and making the lady the winner! She wins $25,904. Yan leaves with $21,617.

WOF: Our players tonight on Day 3 of Teen Best Friends Week are Gonzalo Lupo and Jacob Nelson (in the yellow), Natasha Delto and Stephanie Corey, and Kimberly Aioki and Stephanie Manning. Round 1 category is Event, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! So we could have a very big round here. When Aioki and Manning call the G's, they have the houseboat trip for each one of them if they win, and this:

P _ _ _ _ N G

_ _ _ R

_ _ G S

If they solve now while avoiding the Bankrupt, each one will go on two trips. But they get the Bankrupt, losing out on at least the houseboat trip. The guys get the same fate. The other pair of girls call the C and the I, then a $600 K. They then call a $900 Y, and solve PACKING YOUR BAGS for a trip for each to the Caribbean and cash for a total now of $13,750!

Jackpot Round category is Show Biz. When Aioki and Manning call the I's, we have...

_ A _ E S

_ _ _ _

R E T _ R _ S

I _

C A S I _ _

R _ _ A L E

I know this now. They call four N's, then the U. They land on $3,500 next, but their G call is bad. The guys land on Jackpot and call the C for $500, and solve JAMES BOND RETURNS IN CASINO ROYALE to add the Jackpot of $14,150! They now lead with $15,650!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is On the Map. Natasha and Kimberly land on a Mystery Wedge and call two T's and flip the wedge over....$10,000! Several turns later, after calling four O's, we have...

P O R T _ _ N _

O R E _ O N


P O R T _ _ N _

M _ _ N E

...and they say PORTLAND OREGON & PORTLAND MAINE.....I've never heard of Portland in Maine, but that's right for $12,400 and a total of $26,150!

The guys quickly solve SCOOBY-DOO to go to $18,650. Next category is Things. A few turns into it, we go to Speed-Up mode with it, with consonants worth $1,900. Board:

S _ _ _ _ _ R E

_ _ _ _ _ E S

The left pair of girls call two T's, but can't solve. The leaders call the P a few turns later....

S _ _ T _ _ R E

_ P D _ T E S

...but they can't solve. The guys say SOFTWARE UPDATES prematurely before their turn, but they get lucky by calling an F, and solve SOFTWARE UPDATES to win the match by $50 with $26,200! And Pat makes an executive decision- he gives the red team of girls the $3,800 they were robbed of in that last round! Wild!

They spin the quad star. Category is Food and Drink. Starting with:

_ R _ _ E

_ _ _ _ E

I think I know this already. The guys call G, P, M and A and get...


_ _ _ _ E

They read my mind- they solve GRAPE JUICE! And they pocket another $30,000 for a total of $56,200, all cash! That's $28,100 a pop!

WWTBAM: Beginning the show is Betsy Whitney. She had to poll the audience to get the $1,000 question right. For $16,000:

Which of thes 80s' movies shares its name with a weather phenomenon caused by electrical discharge in the atmosphere?

A: "White Nights"
B: "St. Elmo's Fire"
C: "Vision Quest"
D: "Tequila Sunrise"

I have a feelig what this is, but she calls Lisa, a co-worker. She assumes it's A. But she uses the 50:50, leaving the top two. She then says A....BUT SHE'S STILL WRONG AFTER ALL THAT!!
At least she does have $1,000, though.

Next is Bob Barlow, a fifith-grade teacher. For $4,000:

Co-written by Stephen King, the nonfiction book "Faithful" chronicles the fairy tale 2004 season of what baseball team?

A: Chicago Cubs
B: NY Yankees
C: L.A. Dodgers
D: Boston Red Sox

I think I know this, but he polls the audience. 89% said my answer of D. He agrees and is right.
Last question of the day, for $16,000 and a chance to come back tomorrow...

What ancient culture revered the sacred ibis, a bird that was believed to be the earthly form of the god Thoth?

A: Aztec
B: Vking
C: Egyptan
D: Greek

He uses the 50:50, leaving A and C. He then calls Sue, who is the wife of her cousin. She says nothing. But he goes on anyway and says C....and will be back tomorrow!

Family Feud: Only covering the first game today. The Tuckers defend for the first time against the Lyons family. John O' Hurley mentions about how good dressed Malcolm, the head of the champs, is. John feels that he should be the best dressed man on the show. OK now.

The champs score the first 85 points on things that you try to talk about if your wife read your mind. The challengers struggle to 37 points on places where you'd hate to run into your boss at that moment.

Double: Name a mistake you might make on a job interview. Starting with:

#3- Lie (22, Jennifer)

The challengers play. Patrick says forgetting the name of the job Mary Jane says show up late.....#4 (7). Erin says no Mathew says bad attire.....#2 (24)!
Back to Jennifer, who says bring someone else... strikeout. For the steal, Malcolm of the champs says no eye contact....NO, so the Lyons clan are at 143. #1 answer was being overtalkative (29). Bottom answer was saying "Ummm.....".

Triple: Something that a police officer would get in trouble for losing. Starting with:

#1- Gun (68, Michelle)

The champs play. Jamila says the badge....#2 (16). Malcolm says his car....#4 (4). #3 is needed to retain the title. Michelle says uniform....not a winner. Sandra says handcuffs.....not there, either. Michelle is back to say his keys....three strikes. Erin of the challengers says a criminal.....NO, so the Tuckers are champs again at 349! The #3 answer was one's temper (10).

Fast Money: Malcolm and Michelle play. Questions:

1. How many pairs of shoes do you buy every year?
2. Name something you might lose that may cause you to get lost.
3. A word that starts with book.
4. A place that might be filled with flowers.
5. Name something that you haveto do to yourself to look hot.

Malcolm says 10, wallet, bookworm (#1), funeral home and makeup for 107. Michelle says 15, keys, bookshelf, rose garden (#1) and change hair (#1) for.....a total of 199! Ouch. They have to settle for $995 today.

DOND: Will Edmond, Jr. is back tonight. He gets a catfish from a college fan for good luck!
It it passed to Howie, and then a model!

Round 3: Mr. Edmond starts out with #9.....$10,000. Second choice is #7.....MILLION- OUT OF HERE. That's the second week in a row somebody has missed the $1M case by one! Ouch!
After the other two choices, the offer is $43,000, and he says NO DEAL.

Round 4: First pick is #19....$750. Second pick is #26....$25,000. Final pick is #2...twice the previously opened case. Next offer he says NO DEAL to: $77,000.

Round 5: #18 is first....$1! Other choice is #1....$1,000! The new offer should be six figures....but it's $77,000 AND a bass boat! Roland Martin appears, also. Total ARP of this deal: $115,250.
He says....

...NO DEAL! Boat goes bye-bye. One case mode now.

He chooses #3....$5! The new offer is: $144,000! He says.....

....NO DEAL with no hesitation! The next choice is #22....$400! The new offer is: $214,000!
He says....

....DEAL! First six-figure winner in a while. I would really hate to see $50 pop up on what would have been his next pick. He would have chosen #12......$300,000. Offer would have still gone up to $252,000. Next was #4.....that was the $750,000! He made a GREAT deal- his case had $50 the whole time!!

Next up is Vicki Montezeno. She's VERY tiny! She's a stay-at-home mom from Seattle. She picks #7, and I groaned, because #7 had the million last time. But with any luck, she might still win a lot of money.

Round 1: #15 is her first choice...$10! Second is #6....$50,000. Third is #22.... $750. Fourth is #23....$200,000. Fifth pick from her is #10....$75! Last pick is #3....$25,000. First offer she says NO DEAL to: $28,000.

Round 2: First pick this round is #19....$75,000. Second is #26....$500. Third is #16.....$300,000. Fourth is #1....$300. Last pick is #25...$100,000. New offer she says NO DEAL to: $45,000. Two of her family members she brought along are midgets too!

Round 3: #18 is her first pick....$400. Second, she picks #11....the million finally goes out.
She then loses the $400,000 and $500,000, and the offer sinks to $29,000, and that's the only really big amount on the board left. She says NO DEAL, and will be back next time.
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