Sunday, January 21, 2007

RECAP: The Apprentice LA 1/21

Last week, Team Kinetic, led by Heidi, won again, and Carey, the guy with the ugly male swimsuit, was shown the door by Mr. Trump. Remember, Team Kinetic will not have to compete in this week's task, but how will this week work? Let's find out.

Team Kinetic is sent to a hotel to relax. As for Team Arrow, the remaining seven will have to be split into two teams. Aaron and Michelle volunteer to be project managers for the two new teams. Here are the teams for this task:

Michelle, Tim, Nicole, Frank

Aaron, James, Stefani

Task: Teams must conduct a tour of Hollyood to other people. Each team is provided a double-decker bus to travel. They will be judged on creativity, substance, and the opinions of a focus group. The team who gets the best reviews from the focus group wins. The ones who are part of the losing team go to the boardroom, where at least one person will be fired.

Aaron's team is trying to get two of the Laker girls' services for their tour. Cost is $85 per hour.
Michelle is worried about what the other members of her team will say about her ideas. James is confident about what Aaron's team is doing. However, while riding in their double decker bus, he does NOT like the driver's jokes at all. He also notices no refreshments are being handed out.

Back with Michelle's team- Michelle is concerned about the lack of rich and famous in LA. Michelle and Tim waste a lot of time on where exactly the tour will start, and end up staying awake all night! Nicole does not like how Michelle is getting nothing done.

Back with Aaron's team- they have two HOT Laker girls, and there is a big crowd for their tour! Ivanka Trump is even in the team's bus as well! James is the most dominant person of the group, and I think serves as the tour's host.

Michelle's team finally comes up with a tour plan, but the crowd for it sounds rather quiet. All of the team members, I think, have formal suits on.

At the boardroom, Frank doesn't sound too impressed with Michelle's performance, saying "she had her moments". Neither does Nicole sound so good for Michelle. Tim, however, thinks she did well enough. Results: Aaron's team had an 82% approval rating. Michelle's team had.....

.....58% of an approval rating, so Aaron's team does indeed win! The winners don't get anything special, though.

Michelle, however, admits this show has been hectic enough to sound like working in a backyard. As a result......

.....SHE QUITS!! But Trump may still fire at least one of her teammates. Mr. Trump doesn't really like her decision, thinking she may regret her decision in the future. Most of Team Arrow are shocked and dismayed over her decision, and they fear someone else from the same team will be fired in the future as a result.
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