Sunday, January 28, 2007

RECAP: The Apprentice LA 1/28

Team Arrow was given the chance to select one member from Team Kinetic to join them. Their choice was Surya.

Last season's big winner joined the usual bosses for this task.

This week's task: They must market and sell El Pollo Loco's signature chicken dish. The team who earns more money wins. Losers live in dreck and go to the boardroom, where there will be at least one firing.

Team Arrow is led this week by Aaron.

The signature chicken dish at this restaurant is a chicken/veggie bowl.

Arrow is calling the dish the Chicken Tortilla Bowl. Kinetic brands the dish as the Paradise Pollo Bowl.

Kinetic is offering free samples of the new dish outside, so that customers could preview the new dish.

Team Kinetic made $313.54. Team Arrow made.....

....over $400, so Team Arrow finally wins! Sean noticed Kinetic's lack of strategy during the task. That means Team Arrow finally goes into the mansion and Aaron keeps his job as Project Manager, while Kinetic has to go to the tents. Team Arrow once sold 22 chicken bowls to ONE customer!

The reward for this week is to go to Malibu and hear lovely singing from Andrea Bocelli!

Boardroom: Kristine explains she was the one that came up with the team's idea for their chicken bowl, which consisted of mainly chicken and fruit. Mr. Trump comments he wouldn't have had that dish himself. Sean also cites Aimee, Jennifer and Marisa for lack of promotion to the product. Marisa was said to be the head of marketing. Sean said that Arrow's presentation of the new dish was like a festival atmosphere. Most want Marisa fired, while Marisa wants Aimee fired because the big chicken idea outside of the store was rejeccted by Marisa, at least.

The final meeting consists of Heidi, Aimee and Marisa. At first, Mr. Trump likes Marisa's spirit. Marisa continually says she shouldn't be at the final boardroom. Mr. Trump says....


As a result, the teams are now even at 7 members apiece. The show is back in two weeks.
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