Friday, January 26, 2007

RECAP: Beauty and the Geek III 1/24/07

I am pulling for Cecille and Nate all the way.

The teams are being sent to Sant Diego. The girls have to study up on electronics.

The guys' challenge is to teach all of the girls five fitness routines. Two fitness experts will judge based on the originality and the effectiveness of the workouts. Each guy gets a turn to teach all five of the girls.

Drew is first doing "When the Saints Goes Marching In", which is something my brother Andrew might approve of.

Mario's routines featured nothing but punches.

But the winner was Scooter, so he gets an elimination pick.

The girls challenge is this. First, the girls will have to use a metal detector to find a treasure chest buried somewhere in the sand. Inside are the parts to a walkie talkie. When the walkie talkie is built, the girls can use it to call their Geek, who is far away, and the Geek will tell them the lock comination to get the lock off a kayak. Then, the ladies must use the kayak and get across the finish line. The first girl to complete all this wins. However, not all the chests buried have something- some are empty.

Megan finds a chest early, but it's nothing. But she finds another chest, and puts together her walkie talkie to call Scooter, the male challenge winner. But Megan is having problems using it.
Cecille gets the walkie talkie and is able to communicate with Nate.....and she wins the challenge!

Elimination Round: Cecile and Nate choose Niels and JennyLee, and Scooter and Megan choose Erin and Drew.

The guys had to study up on fitness.

Erin picks #4:

Who makes the XBOX360?

"XBOX?".....YOU FOOL!!! It's Microsoft. JennyLee chooses #3:

What is the method of communication originally created in the 1830s that uses a series of long and short signals commonly known as dots and dashes, to represent letters and numbers?

"Morse Code?"....RIGHT! Erin picks #2:

LCDs are popular in portable electronics. What does LCD stand for?

"Light Control Device"....wouldn't have known it myself either, but in any event she is wrong. Answer: Liquid Crystal Display. Other question for JennyLee:

Spell the word "antenna".

"A-N-T.........E-N-N-A"....RIGHT for a 2-0 lead!

The guys go now. Drew picks question #1:

What is the name of the 1977 bodybuilding movie which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger?

"I'm gonna have to say Let's Pump Iron"....YOU'RE OUT OF HERE!!!! It was "Pumping Iron".
Erin and Drew are gone.
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