Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RECAP: Beauty and the Geek III, Episode 2

Today, the geeks had to study up on listening to women seriously. For their challenge, they had to paint, of all things, a NAKED WOMAN. They had 20 minutes to do it. Put the children to bed right now. Neils calls the woman's boobs the biggest he had ever seen! After they're done, host Mike Richards informs them that wasn't their real challenge; they had to remember what the model was saying while they were sketching. They are now asked questions. A correct answer keeps them in the challenge, while a wrong answer eliminates them. The last man standing wins the right for his team to choose a team for the Elimination Round.

Q1: Name the model's name they were looking at.

The answer is Sophia.....Scooter, Drew and Nate don't say it and are out.

Q2: Sophia stayed up all night watching what movie?

The answer is "Pretty Woman".....and Mario's the only one who says it, so he wins! His team automatically advances to the next round, and gets to pick a team to send to the Elimination Round.

The females had to study up on air and space....and their challenge is for each one to give a group of visitors a tour of an air and space museum.

Nadia is first, and does a very good job! Second is Sheree, and she does well too! Third is Cecile, and she stumbles quite a lot. Not good at all. Also struggling is JennyLee and Megan. The winner is....Nadia! That means Mario and Nadia will get to choose both teams for the Elimination Round.

Nadia picks Andrea and Matt (who I accidentally called Nick on the first show, sorry), while Mario picks Sheree and Piao. Surprised Nate and Cecile didn't get picked, because they got off to a strong start on the last show.

Andrea and Sheree go first on Air and Space Travel. Sheree picks #2:

What was the name of Charles Lindbergh's plane on his first non-stop flight?

"The Spirit of St. Louis"......YES! Andrea picks question #1:

What does NASA stand for?

"National Aeronautic and Space Administration?".....tied at one apiece! She gets to go again, with question #4:

In what state is NASA's Johnson Space Center located?

"Texas?".....right again! Sheree now has:

Who was the second man to walk on the moon?

"Buzz Aldrin".....tied again! Now it's the guys turn at bat, with the guys having to know about things girls like to talk about.

Piao picks #4:

Applying a base coat and a top coat are part of what spa treatment?

"Facial."......NO. Answer: Manicure (Pedicure). Chance for Matt to give his team the lead. He picks #2:

What did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie call their baby girl?

"Shiloh".....Matt and Andrea now lead 3-2! Piao needs to get the next question right to stay alive. He picks #1:

Your girlfriend tells you she can't tell between a clutch or a hobo. What fashion accessory is she talking about?

"Purse?".....tie game! Matt can win with a correct answer to #3:

Michael Kors is best known as a hair stylist, fashion designer, an interior designer, or a composer?

"Michael Kors is a fashion designer.".....and he sure is, meaning Matt and Andrea move on the next round! Sheree and Piao are out.
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