Thursday, January 25, 2007

RECAP: Nashville Star 2007 Show 3

Is it Kacey Musgraves or Joshua Stevens going home tonight? Let's find out.

Opening the show was Little Big Town.

The first contestant to perform is Meg Allison. She had a rough start, but improved by the end. I gave her a 5. Randy says she did a remarkable job, and asks everyone to have a prayer for the writer of the song she sang. "Queen" Anastasia Brown says everything was spot on, but the performance wasn't quite good enough for her. Blake says she gets better each week.

Second is David St. Romain, my favorite male singer this season on the show. Before singing, he plays a harmonica! "All Night Long" was the song, but I thought he was lackluster. I gave him a 4. Blake says David's task is to sing to the girls. Queen Anastasia says the song choice was confusing and he didn't move, but he worked it out. Randy said he started slowly, but had a good finish.

Third is Joshua Stevens, so I'm wrong in picking the loser this time, and that may be bad news for Kacey Musgraves. He was flat for a bit, but this was his best performance so far. I gave him an 8. Queen Anastasia says he did it visually, but the vocals weren't that ruthless. Blake says he nailed it. Randy thought his song choice was excellent.

Fourth is Zac Hacker. The lyrics were great, but he could have been louder. I gave him a 7.
Randy says he stayed true to his roots, and he loves what he does on the stage, but says he still needs to choose a familiar song. Blake says he looked like a star. Queen Anastasia loved it, but isn't sure if he'll win.

Fifth is Angela Hacker. She was great, but the tone of the song made me wince a bit. So, I gave it a 9. Queen Anastasia says her talent is so unique. Randy says he made him feel what she's singing. Blake says when her record comes out, he'll be the first one to buy it.

We're down to Kacey and Whitney. And as you might expect, the judges won out as Kacey Musgraves was eliminated. Final performer is Whitney Duncan. She sings "First Cut is the Deepest" by Sherly Crow. I thought this was THE WORST PERFORMANCE of this season, and possibly ever. I gave her the lowest score possible, a 1. Blake says she was pitchy. Randy notices she made no eye contact with the audience. Queen Anastasia says she did OK.

My scores after three weeks:

Angela Hacker- 29
David St. Romain- 23
Meg Allison- 22
Zac Hacker- 21
Joshua Stevens- 19
Whitney Duncan- 15

The judges will pick the songs for the contestants next week.
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