Sunday, January 07, 2007

Remainder of Opener of "The Apprentice: LA"

When we left you, both teams had finished their task. The results:

Frank's team managed to earn $2,345.54 during their time running a car wash.

As for Heidi's team they managed....

.....$2.......,463 and change, meaning they are the winners! That means Heidi retains her Project Manager status for her team, and they will get the reward of eating lunch at Spago, ran by Wolfgang Puck! Also, Heidi gets to help the Trumps in deciding who will be fired. As for the losers, they have to live inside a tent, and will continue to do so until they win a task.

At the boardroom with Frank's team, Tim is revealed to have been the price setter for the team.
Ivanka complains to Martin about feeling exhausted on the first day of running the car wash. Frank was said to be trying to upsale each of the cars that went through the car wash, and was at the copy machine making copies the first hour on the job. Ivanka doesn't feel good about that, and under a pressured question from Mr. Trump, Frank blames Martin for the loss. Most of the team want Frank fired, but Stephanie wants both Frank and Martin fired. For the final boardroom, it will be Frank, Tim and Martin.

Heidi and Ivanka would like to see Martin fired. Frank and Martin have a shouting match. Eventually, Tim is excused from the boardroom by Mr. Trump. Under pressure, Frank calls Martin smart. Mr. Trump says by saying so, Frank doesn't look so smart. Mr. Trump sees a lack of fire in Martin, and thinks he will never get down to the nitty gritty in this buisness. Therefore.......


Martin is stunned, and Trump has to explain himself again before sending him out for good. While in the exit cab, Martin says it's better to be the first one fired than be the third or fourth one gone.
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