Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol Top 24- The Boys

Well, the real fun begins on American Idol with the Top 24 Round upon us! The boys are in the first half of the two-part performance extravanganza tonight, and the second part tomorrow will feature the ladies. A one-hour results show is on Thursday to determine which two boys and girls are eliminated.

First boy tonight is Rudy Cardenas. He sings "Thrill Ride". That sounded kariokish to me, so I gave it a 4. Randy says while it's always difficult to start the show, it was very corny. Paula thought it was fantastic, and Simon thought the song choice was not memorable or unique.

Second is Brandon Rogers. He got off to a rough start, but got better as time went on. I gave it a 6. Randy says it was a bit pitchy. Paula said she did great, and Simon said the song was predictable.

Third is Sundance Head. He sings "I Love You". He did a good job, although he was a little flat at times. My score is 8. Randy says it was pitchy. Paula says he picked the wrong song, and Simon says Rogers was like a dad at a wedding, and was old-fashioned.

Fourth is Paul Kim. He was way out of tune, and was extremely flat. I gave him a 3. Randy says it was pitchy at the start, and got better as time went on. He still saw potential in him. Paula says he oversang the song and was pitchy, and Simon says that he should put his shoes on, and thought the performance was ordinary.

Fifth is Chris Richardson. He sings "I Don't Want to Be". I thought it was very shaky and flat. I gave it a 3. Randy says the show really got going here, even though he says it wasn't his best performance. Paula says he had a great arrangement, and Simon said his voice was small in the song, but thought the girls might vote for him at home.

Sixth is Nicholas Pedro, who is the comeback kid from last season. He did OK- I gave him a 6.
Randy says the performance was boring. Paula says it was the right type of song, but it fell flat. Simon says the performance wasn't that bad, like I say.

Seventh is Blake Lewis. Although he was a bit flat, he still did a good job. I gave him a 7.
Randy kinda felt his performance. Paula says his vocals were spot on. Simon says his performance was more like today, even though it wasn't the best of performances.

Eighth is Sanjaya Malakar. He performed much better than I thought-I gave him a 9! Randy thought he fell into the trap of doing a Stevie Wonder song, and wasn't even close. Paula says she wished she had seen more personality from him, and Simon says it was the most dreary performance of the night.

Ninth is Chris Sligh. He had fun, but he was pitchy. I gave him a 4. Randy says his voice was on par for the most part, even though he was rushing. Paula said he had a great time, but Simon said the performance took him back to a student gig.

10th is Jared Cotter. His performance was "eh" to me- I gave it a 4 also. Randy thought it was pretty good on a tough song, but didn't like the ending. Paula says his performance was more like Brian McKnight would have sung, and Simon says he was nasaly and uneventful, although his apperance looked good. He also wanted him to take more risks.

Next-to-last is AJ Tabaldo. He sang "All My Love". I thought he was solid- I gave him a 7.
Randy says the vocals were decent. Paula says he can definitely sing, and Simon says it was decent, but predictable.

Final singer this show is Phil Stacey. He sang "I Could Not Ask For More", and I thought he did very well. I gave him an 8. Randy says it started out rough, but said it was the best performance of the night. Paula says he nailed it, and Simon thought it was OK.
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