Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Show 2

Lakisha Livingston is back with us. Her new partner is Alana. The category chosen this time is 1st Grade Art. For $5,000:

When you mix equal amounts of red and yellow paint, what color do you get?

She says orange and has $5,000! Next category is 1st Grade Astronomy. To double to ten grand:

What star is the closest to Earth?

She says the Sun....that's $10,000! Her new partner is Jacob. She goes for another $15,000 in 2nd Grade U.S. Geography.

What country has the longest border in the U.S.?

Now, if she gets this right, she is guaranteed to leave with at least $25,000 when the game ends.

She says Mexico. I say Canada. The answer is.... answer, and Jacob has it to guarantee her $25,000! She tries to double that in 4th Grade Math:

How many sides are there on a trapezoid?

She has no idea, so she peeks at Jacob's answer, which is 4. She agrees.....and is right for $50,000! I screwed up again on a math question- I would have said 3.

She then goes for 3rd Grade Reading. To double again, this time to $100,000:

True or False: Fiction books are not assigned numbers in the Dewey Decimal System.

I think that's false....and so does she....

...and that's $100,000! Another $75,000 is at stake in the next chosen category- 3rd Grade Measurements:

How many decades are in two millennia?

I say 200. But she's not sure enough, so she banks the $100,000! She would've said 20 instead!
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