Wednesday, February 14, 2007

RECAP: American Idol in Hollywood Part I

Starting off is Jory Steinberg, who was said to have been one of the judges' favorites. "I'm Out of Love" by Anastasia. I liked it!

Geri Guyer was good but not great.

Kelly Caruso was a bit "eh" to me.

Lisa Morrison did a good job.

Christen Itam sang "Hero" too flat for my tastes.

Jeromisha Lemar was just OK for me.

These six girls were part of the first group....but the judges send ALL of them home. Ouch.

Perla Meneses sang "Hips Don't Lie". It was good, but the way she sung it may throw the judges off.

Rachel Jenkins was almost perfect with her performance. But she's out, while Meneses goes through to the next round.

16-year-old Bailey Brown was just OK for me, but she still moves on to the next round!

Nicole Turner was a bit shaky for me, but was OK. But she is out. Her mother and her wanted to know why she was cut, with no avail. Paula calls Simon obnoxious.

It was said that there are far less male contestants on the show this season than the girls.

Brian Miller did a superior job! But did the judges send him through?

Jarrod Fowler sang "You Raise Me Up", and did a very good job.

Matt Sato was a bit flat for me. But he and two others advance- none of which include Miller or Fowler. Rats!

92 people overall made it through to the next part of the Hollywood auditions, which is the group round. The contestants will be divided into groups. They will sing songs together. At
the end, the judges will send the groups to designated rooms, and two rooms of people out of three rooms will go through to the final part of the Hollywood auditions- where the Top 24 is decided.

People can choose anyone they want to form a group. There is a "cowboy trio" like the one from last season!

Jose Laguna forgot his words while singing with his group on the stage and was instantly sent home. Mercifully, Sato was sent home after singing poorly.

One lady group had some problems getting along. Jessica Gordon was flat. In fact, all of her group was TERRIBLE!! But it was Perla Meneses who was sent home. She should have been sent home much earlier than when she did.

A group of four guys sang "How Deep is Your Love", and I thought they were near-perfect! They all moved on to the next part.

Robyn Troup, I do believe, was the girl that sang with Justin Timberlake at the Grammys last Sunday. Sundance Head was BRILLIANT with his part of the performance! Only he went through to the next part from that group, while the ladies went home.

Baylie Brown forgot some of the words to her part of the song!!! She's out of here.

At the end of this phase, the people will be seperated into three rooms. Two rooms of people, making up 40 people, will move one step closer to the Top 24.

In Room One, the judges say....

..."Congratulations." They're going on!

The other room moving on is.....

...Room 2! Those in Room 3 are out. The Top 24 is determined on the next show.
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