Thursday, March 15, 2007

3/15/2007 Results

WOF: Tonight, we have Christiana Cervantis (in the blue), Karen Jednowski and Shawn Campbell (from Orlando). Round 1 category is Place, and the Far East trip on the wheel now is to Singapore worth $6,900. After Cervantis calls the A's, we have...

_ _ _ A T I _ N A L- T _ _ N I _ A L

S _ _ _ _ L

She calls two H's for $1,800, and then four C's for $1,600 more. She then calls four O's, and she solves VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL SCHOOL for $4,700 and $5,700 total. It's a good thing she called the O's, because she would have messed up on the first word by likely saying EDUCATIONAL instead.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. This same lady has this showing at one point:

_ G L _

_ E _ _ _

_ R _ _ _ E R

Part of this puzzle is the name of the new TV show starring America Ferrera. She calls the U, and afer calling two T's for $600, she solves UGLY BETTY CROCKER to go to $6,850.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food and Drink. Yet again, we focus on the same lady, and late in the round had this showing:



S _ I _ _

_ _ _ I S H

S A _ S A _ E

She calls the L to get the Wild Card. But she then hits a Mystery Wedge. She calls two P's and flips....$10,000! She wins $10,550 in cash with SWEET & SPICY POLISH SAUSAGE! Not only that, she obviously wins a trip to Poland too! She now has $21,900 in cash and trip!

The other lady solves DIGITAL CLOCK on the last Toss-Up to have $5,000. But Cervantis pads her match win by solving I'LL TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT for another $3,900 and a total of $25,800. The man gets the $1,000 consolation.

She has the Wild Card, so she'll choose four consonants and a vowel in the endgame. She spins the C, and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_' _

_ _ E R _ _ _ E _

I know it's I'M something. She needs to focus on the second word. She picks D, M, H, G and O and gets...

_ ' M

O _ E R _ O _ E D

She said I'M OVERBORED.....NO. It was I'M OVERJOYED. If she had called a Y instead on the Wild Card choice, she might have won another $25,000.

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader: Sammy Trailer (!!) is our first player this evening. The categories for his game:

1st Grade Life Science
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Spelling
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Astronomy
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Measurements
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade World History

His first partner is Kyle. He didn't need his help though to get by the first two questions, both of which came from the 1st Grade categories, for $1,000 each. His second partner is Spencer. He didn't need his help on a spelling question to go to $5,000. But he did need help on this $10,000 question in U.S. Geography:

Which of these U.S. states is farther west?

A: Alaska
B: California
C: Nevada

He said California, which is what I would have said....BUT IT'S WRONG!!! But Kyle saved him with Alaska to double the player's money to $10,000. His new partner is Laura. For $25,000, in 3rd Grade World Geography:

Wht ocean covers the North Pole?

Trailer decides to peek at Laura's answer, which is Artic. He was leaning towards that, so he agrees and has locked up $25,000! To double to 50 grand, in Astronomy:

True or False: Earth is over 50 million miles from the Sun.

Trailer decides to copy her answer. It was True....and it is true for $50,000! For $100,000, in Math:

In square inches, what's 1/2 of the area of a square with 12-inch sides?

He decides to walk with the $50,000. He would've said 24, and would have been wrong. It was 72. The area, as you might know, can be found by multiplying the length of both sides of a shape
(12 times 12 is 144).

But his fiancee Marcia proposes to Trailer....and they will get married! Congratulations!

New player is Ebony Graham, and her first partner is Kyle. Categories this time:

1st Grade Health
1st Grade Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Geography
3rd Grade Grammar
4th Grade Astronomy
4th Grade Geometry
5th Grade Algebra
5th Grade U.S. History

She gets her first two questions right in Health and Grammar. Her second partner is Alana. For another $3,000, in Geography:

If you cross the norther border of the U.S., what country are you in?

She decides to peek at Alana's answer, which is Canada. She decides to agree...and is right to go to $5,000! After getting a question about Social Studies right to double to ten, she picks Jacob as her new kid partner. To get to the $25,000 guarantee mark, in 2nd Grade Animal Science:

What living bird lays the biggest eggs?

Her answer is ostrich....and she'll be back next time to go for $50,000!
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