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3/18/2007 Results

Amazing Race All Stars: Last time, we saw a shocker of all shockers occur- Rob and Amber were eliminated after a fantastic start. I hope the Agus don't go out next.

Clue #1: Teams must travel by taxi to the base of the Marshall Mountain Chain, then ride a ski lift to the hiking trail near it. They must then hike all the way to Marshall Glacier. Using an avalanche beacon, they must search the glaicer to find another one that has their next clue attached.

A few teams get to the ski lift too early, thus meaning it's closed. Thus, some teams can catch up.

Team Freedom, Joe and Bill, take the lead, and are the first to get to this:

Clue #2: Teams must travel over 7,000 miles by plane to Maputo, Mozambique. They have to book their flights via a travel agency because the airport they're leaving from to get there does not offer international flights to there. Teams are given spare plane tickets to the late flight there at 3 pm in the event they can't get an earlier flight. Once in Mozambique, teams must travel 45 miles to the Apopo Training Field, where a Roadblock or a Detour likely awaits.

Dustin and Kandace forget to put on their avalanche gear and lose time. Meanwhile, the Agus at this point take second place. Eric and Danielle are third. Oswald and Danny, the winners of the last stage, are currently last.

The Agus take over the lead when the teams get to Mozambique. Eric and Danielle are driven to the next target by some truck drivers, but the drivers get cited for speeding on the way by Joe and Bill. The latter team thinks Eric and Danielle are trying their best to make them look like the bad guys.

Roadblock: Teams must get a rat to sense a race marker that is attached to an unactivated mine. Once the rat thinks it's found something, a mine crew will search the spot for the marker. Once it's found, the team will get their next clue.

BTW, the race is all even, as all the remaining teams are at the field. Joe and Bill finish the Roadblock first.

Clue #4: Teams must have their drivers take them back about 50 miles to a place called Praca dos Trabalhadores, a French building, where the next clue is nearby it.

Oswald and Danny are second, and the Agus are third after the Roadblock. The midgets are having problems here, and are in last.

Joe and Bill still lead heading into.....

Detour: Choices are Pamper or Porter.

Pamper: Teams must travel to the Mercado Central, and choose a nail polish kit. They must then convince shoppers across the marketplace to have their nails painted, which is a job suited for men. When they earn a total of at least 30 Metical ($1 US), they will get their Pit Stop clue.

Porter: Teams must go two miles to Mercado Janet. They must, using their hands, fill ten 45-pound bags of coal and shut each bag up. They must then take one of the bags to a designated house, where the owner will gve them their Pit Stop clue.

When the midgets, Charla and Mirna, get to their Detour task, they are now in third place. Both of the all-girl teams (Charla and Mirna and Dustin and Kandacne) do the nail task, while the rest of the teams do the coal task. Charla and Mirna are the first to finish, leading up to this:

PIT STOP: It's located in Fortaleza, a fort that is the largest building in Maputo. One team may be eliminated.

The midgets are our new leaders when they check in, winning a trip for each to Aruba.

Terri and Ian want to do the coal task, but they go to the market with the nail polishing instead of the Mercado Janet! That could cost them.

Speaking of the nail market, Dustin and Kandace finished that and lock in at the finish for second place.

Back to Terri and Ian, they eventually decide to do the nail polishing task. They have trouble with it. But they get lucky by finding a couple of ladies to get their nail polished, with one paying them 10 ML and one paying them 20 ML.

Oh dear, the Agus seem to have the most trouble with the coal task, and are now dead last. They are lost on trying to deposit the bag to the right destination.

Terri and Ian are third.

Oswald and Danny chase Phil Keoghan down before he tells them they finished fourth!

Joe and Bill just beat out Eric and Danielle for fifth. Hence, Eric and Danielle are sixth. Thus, the Agus are last.....

...but lucky for them, this is the first of the non-elimination legs, meaning they stay in the race!
But they are marked for elimination in the next leg, meaning that if they do not win the next leg, they will be sent to the Penalty Box for 30 minutes before they can lock in their finish, thus increasing their chances of being eliminated in the next leg.

The Apprentice LA: This week's task is to create a 45-second webisode resembling a soap opera which talks about the product Soft Scrub that will be posted on the Internet. The Soft Scrub product promoted here is its new "Deep Cleaning" formula. Each team will have access to a Kay-Bee home to shoot their webisodes. The team who does the better job wins.

Kristine thinks Muna is very difficult to manage on the Kinetic team.

James is the new Project Manager for Arrow. Their commercial features flower pedals all over the floor. Tim and Nicole are the team's participants in their commercial. I remember their love affair a few weeks ago near the pool.

As for Kinetic, their storyline features Muna running out of Soft Scrub and looking for a new bottle of it from a nearby house. Angela thinks the team isn't as far into the task as she wanted them to be. Kristine continues to think Muna will drive Mr. Trump crazy at the boardroom.

Team Arrow decides they're so confident about their webisode, that they decide to go out for brunch. Might this be a mistake?

I thought that Kinetic's commercial was HORRIBLE, but that's just me.

As for the Dial Corportation executives, they say the Arrow commercial had a good storyline, but a bad cliffhanger at the end. Kinetic had the reverse of both parts- good cliffhanger, but a bad, hard-to-follow storyline. Arrow wins and gets to have a special meeting with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

As for Kinetic, I seriously say Muna's a goner. The Dial representatives say they only saw Muna and Heidi in their ad, and don't know who did the worst job. Ivanka Trump thought that Kristine took a backseat as Project Manager in order to make Muna look like a loose cannon. Mr. Trump asked Angela who she would hire if a situation was like a mental Russian hockey game. She said Kristine because of her experience. Muna then personally asks Heidi who she might hire, and she thinks she would hire each one of them, but she settles on Kristine. Mr. Trump considers Muna's question a possible fatal one for her. But....

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