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3/2/2007 Results

TPIR: To start, Rebecca Charle, who has a boyfriend celebrating a birthday today, plays for a trip to Ireland in Squeeze Play. Board:


Her guess is $7,589. I say $7,189. ARP: $7,189, so I'm right and she's wrong.

Daniel Cosah is second to play the Punchboard. First small prize is a radio-controlled car marked at $100, and he says lower....$70! Next is a candy dispenser marked at $50, and he says lower....$33! Third is a ceramic teapot marked at $40, and he says lower....$24! Finally is a mini fridge marked at $120, and he says lower, but that's $150. First three prizes and punches are his. He punches out the first three holes on the board! I think that's a first in this game, and so does Bob! #1 has $100. #2 has $500. #3, which he takes, is $50. Darn.

Greta Mirsma then plays Hole in One for a Dodge Nitro (Std., Paint) worth $20,110. Products are cat food, Clorox, Gold Bond lotion, V8 juice, mouthwash and shampoo. Her order is the cat food, shampoo, juice, bleach, lotion and mouthwash. The cat food is 79 cents. The shampoo is $4.09, and the juice is $2.99, so she putts from the second line. Her first putt was way too hard.
Her second putt isn't too hard, but it doesn't go in and she loses.

Cosah wins much more money at the wheel with $1,000, and he's in the Showcase.

Kimberly Wilson then plays Freeze Frame for a TV. She says $2,950....but it's my guess of $3,995. Still no winner so far.

Bonnie then plays for a dining room, a gas pump and scuba equipment in Most Expensive. She thinks the scuba equipment is more....oh dear. The dinette was $3,240, the gas pump was $2,595, and her guess is....$4,227 and she's the first winner of the day!

Annie is last to play One Away for a Chevy Colorado (Std., AT, Mats, Street, Stereo). Wrong price is $27,541. First guess is $16,650....only one is wrong. I hope she changes the second 6.....but she doesn't and says $18,650 and loses.

Thankfully, Bonnie, who was the only pricing game winner today, gets into the Showcase.

First Showcase brings words from our sponsors(!). First, we have Snore Be Gone, which is actually a new mini-entertainment system. Second, we have Bad Cook Be Gone, which is sending a bad cook to Paris! Finally, we have You Be Gone, which means you can escape in a new Chevy Monte Carlo (Std., ALB)! The winner bids $29,995, which sounds fine to me.
The man gets prizes from Port O' Price- a bathtub, a daybed and a jet ski. He bids $21,600, but the audience makes him change his mind to $18,700.

ARP for the man: $20,207, a difference of $1,507. If he had stuck with his first instinct, he would have gone over. ARP for the lady....

...$28,244, so the show has WIPED OUT for the week! Darn. But she does leave with about $10,000 in prizes. Daniel, thanks to the audience's help, avoids a Double Overbid and wins about $22,000 in prizes.

Family Feud: The Hawks are here again, with $20,445 to their credit so far, to face the Campbells. This may be the last first-run show before their second break of the season, but I'm not sure. The Hawks score the first 94 points on things you enjoy most about Sundays. The Campbells get 84 on people's name that start with the word Betty. Only one answer was unnamed- of all of them, BETTY WHITE!!!! I can't believe nobody on the studio remembered her- she's the queen of game shows!

Double: Insects that do nothing but annoy us. Starting with:

#2- Fly (31, Alexis)

The Campbells play. Anna says a wasp (?!?!?)....NO WAY. Mark says mosquito....NUMBER ONE (38)! Chris says gnat....#3 (13)! Kren says ants.....#4 (7). Alexis says cockroaches....#5 (3)!
Anna says grasshopper is's not. Mark says cricket is #6.....NO. For the steal, Fulton says termite.....NO, so the Campbells go to 267. #6 was flea (2).

Triple: According to 100 married people, what is the biggest complaint about sleeping with your spouse? Denise says snoring.....NUMBER ONE (52), so the champs play! Guy says hogging up the bed...#2 (24)! Fulton says stealing the covers.....#3 (16) and one to go for the game! Brittney says waking up in the middle of the night is #4.....also known as going to the bathroom, that wins them the game at 376!

Fast Money: The first two members of the family, Fulton and Brittney, have these queries:

1. A phrase people use that begin with Good.
2. An item in your house that usually has a lot of germs.
3. How old are most of your clothes?
4. Name something people buy for outside the house.
5. A bird people look like when they walk.

Brittney says Good Job, sink, three years, soil (bad) and chicken for just 46. Fulton says Good Luck, toilet (#1), one year, lawn chairs and flamingo for 113 and $565 today, $21,010 for three games.

WOF: At this point this week, we should have been going for a perfect bonus round week tonight. But noooooooooooo. Anyway, our players tonight are Lisa Kemper (in the blue), Tony Macheve and Jodi Zecter. Round 1 category is Fun and Games, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out there on the wheel now is a spa trip in Mexico worth a lot more than the usual trip to Mexico- $8,400! Kemper gets the Free Spin early on. After she calls the P, we have...


_ N

_ _ _ P _ _ N T

I know this now, and I have an idea on where the winner of this round will at least be going. She calls the O, which is a dud, but she uses her Free Spin. She calls the A's. After calling the L, she solves RIDING AN ELEPHANT for $750, an Omaha Steaks gift tag, and a trip to Singapore (which is not where I thought the trip was)! Total: $7,250.

Jackpot Round category is Slogan. After Zacter calls the A's, we have...

A _ _ _ _ _ A' S

_ A _ _ _ _ T _

_ _ T _ _ _ _

I know this already on all accounts, I think. She gets $500 with the M, and calls the E's. Next are two R's for a thousand. Next are the I's. After calling the C's, the last word now reads
_ E T C _ _ _, and NETWORK as the last word is not it now. Now I know what it is. She then calls the O, then a $600 F, and after a U call, she solves AMERICA'S FAVORITE KETCHUP to win the Mexico Spa Trip and $2,050! Does she know the ketchup in question is Heinz for $3,000 more....yes! She's on the board with $13,450!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Rhyme Time, my favorite category on this show. When we get to the man on Contestant's Row, we have...


_ _ T _ H E R


_ A _ E R


_ A _ _ _ E S T _ _ _- _ A _ E R

I know this, and it's from Mother Goose fame. He gets Lose a Turn. Zacter lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls the N and flips....$10,000! She calls a $300 M, but her O call is a dud. The other lady gets the Wild Card with the B's, and solves THE BUTCHER THE BAKER THE CANDLESTICK MAKER for $4,300 and $11,550 in cash and prizes! She's now close to the leader.

Zacter then solves SPANISH RICE to go to $16,450. Next category is Phrase. Midway into the round, it's Speed-Up time, and consonants are worth $1,300. Even with that, Kemper could catch up here. Board at this point:

I T ' S

_ _ _

T _ _

S _ _ _

T _

_ _

After calling the M's, Zacter solves IT'S ALL THE SAME TO ME to wrap up the match with $19,050!

She spins the N in WIN. Category is Things. Starting with:

S _ _

_ _ _ T S

I think I have an idea. Zecter calls C, D, M and O and gets...

S _ _

_ O O T S

I know it's SKI BOOTS...but she doesn't, and she doesn't win another $30,000. We should have had a perfect bonus round week, IMHO. But we don't.

1 vs. 100: Starting the night is Carolyn Gramato. Among the new mob: some cowboys.
She got her first three questions right, and knocked out 12 in all for $12,000.

She got her first $2,000 question right about Discovery shows, and knocked out 14 to go to $40,000. She earned $6,000 more from the second $2,000 question, to go to $46,000.

She got the $3,000 question right about Celsius degrees, and eliminated 15 mob members for $45,000, giving her $91,000!

She then got the $4,000 question about rock bands, and knocked out another 15 for $60,000 more, giving her $151,000!

$5,000 question:

Which of the following objects is still in orbit?

A: The Hubble Telescope
B: Skylab
C: MIR Space Station

She decides to poll the mob on the telescope.....16 of the 41 remaining said that. She decides to ask the mob now. #61 says A because he is from Connecticut. #84 says C because he allegedly loves to drink. But she then decides to trust the mob. Their most popular answer: C.....

...but it was A! That means that $151,000 will be split amongst the remaining 16, giving them over $9,400 each.

Next is Andrew Murray. He had to trust the mob on the first question to get it right, and it was about Charlie the Tuna. He knocked out 7 for $7,000. Second question:

If Jeanne on "I Dream of Jeanne" went to a geneaologist, what would she be looking into?

A: Her Magical Powers
B: Her Genie Family Tree
C: Her Antique Bottle

He now polls the mob here on C. Only 7 said that. He decides to say the family tree and is right! He knocked out 12 to go to $19,000. He needed no help to get the last of the opening questions right, and knocked out 11 to go to $30,000.

He knocked out 4 on the first $2,000 question to go to $38,000. On the other $2,000 question he got right, he knocked out 18 for $36,000, giving him $74,000.

He got the $3,000 question right, but only knocked out one person. Now at $77,000. The $4,000 question:

What is the capital of Tennessee?

A: One named for Julius Knox
B: One named for Francis Nash
C: One named for Richard Memphis

He says B. 32 mob members missed the queston. If he's right, he may stop with a grand total of $205,000. The actual answer is.....

...B!!! As it turns out though, he doesn't stop, so we will have to wait until next week to see how he finishes.
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