Thursday, March 22, 2007

3/22/2007 Results

TPIR: Asan Junah is first to play One Wrong Price for a banjo marked at $3,651, a safe marked at $2,097 and a dinette marked at $4,893. I say the dinette's price is wrong, but he goes with the banjo....and it's actually $2,246, so he wins!

Christina Roberts is second, after winning a $2,800 globe, to play Ten Chances for a mashed potato maker, golf clubs and a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., ALB, Airbags, Theft, Locks)!
The possible numbers in the price of the mashed potato maker are 0, 5 and 7. Roberts says $50 for that, but it's $70. She says $75 instead for the second chance before saying $70 on chance #3. For the golf clubs, we have 0, 2, 8 and 9 as the possible numbers. She says $980 first, my guess....but it's wrong. Roberts then tries $920...also wrong. Next is $890....NO. On chance seven, Roberts says $820....finally, that's right! I can't believe those golf clubs were so cheap!
For the Mustang, the numbers in the price are 0, 2, 3, 5 and 6. I think it's either $26,350 or $26,530. Roberts goes with $26,350....WINNER! She played this game very well!

Joyce Jefferson is third to play Bonus Game for a living room group and a gift certificate from worth $5,225. First small prize is an ice cream sphere marked at $20, and she says higher....$35! Next is a batter dispenser marked at $45, and Jefferson says lower again....$36, so she's right again! Third is a shaver marked at $95, and again says's $110, so she should've gone higher this time. Final item is a golf travel mug marked at $10, and she says higher....of course, because it's $15. Now, the only way to lose is if BONUS is attached to the shaver. The BONUS is the batter dispenser, so she wins!

SSD1: The last winner this half spins 40....and 50 for 90 cents. The only man this half spins 15.....and 40, so he's out. Roberts spins 80....and 90, so she leaves us, but with a final total of $30,180! Jefferson goes to the Showcase.

Angela Armandinos then plays Coming or Going for a 32" LCD HDTV. If she comes, the price is $5,993, and if she goes, the price is $3,995. She is going ($3,995)....and is winner #4 today!

Jesse Nelson is fifth to play Money Game for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Stereo, Heater). The middle number is 9, and the numbers available are 18, 35, 20, 50, 19, 87, 44, 95 and 60.
Nelson picks 18....front of the car ($ 1 8, 9 _ _). He then picks 35....that's the back ($ 1 8, 9 3 5)
and he wins the car! One win away from a perfect show!

Brian O' Keefe, a man who wanted to win cash from Bob's pocket, hit the ARP of a grill at $2,535 in the last IUFB to win that and the $500 out of Bob's pocket! His dream came true on the show! And now he can win a spa in Now or Then. Products are Ritz crackers, Capazin HP, Clorox, Duncan Hines cake mix, Stress Eez and Campbell's Soup. He picks the soup, marked at $1.07, and he says NOW...and is right! He can win now if he gets the crackers and the Stress Eez, or he gets the crackers and the Capazin HP. He picks the crackers, marked at $2.99, and he says NOW...but that's THEN. THEN, BTW, is September 1996 today. He decides to go with the Stress Eez next, marked at $11.99, and he says NOW....right! It all comes down to the cake mix, which is marked at $1.39. He says THEN.....WE HAVE A PERFECT SHOW!!!!

SSD2: The only female this half spins a quarter....and a dime for 35 cents. O'Keefe spins 15 cents....and 20 to tie her. Nelson spins 60 cents to go to the Showcase!

First Showcase has a bedroom group, luggage and a trip to Vienna. The lady gets this and bids $16,000. Nelson has nothing but Jams. First, you might see custom-made jam in a new refrigerator. Second, we hope you don't have copy jams while trying to get paperwork from a new copier/printer. Finally, we hope you don't get caught in a traffic jam while driving a new Chevy HHR (Std., AT/Remote, ALB)! He bids $19,000.

The lady has an ARP of $18,368, a difference of $2,368. Nelson's ARP: $19......2.........69, meaning he just misses a Double Showcase Win by $19! Oh well, at least he does win his second car on the day, and has an overall total of $39,249 in prizes.

WOF: Tonight's players are Jeff Rasco (in the blue), Kristi Burrell (from the University of Oklahoma) and Marie Rodriguez (who is the flea queen of her town!). Round 1 category is Husband and Wife, and out there on the wheel now is a $5,000 Shopping Spree. Rodriguez gets the Wild Card early on here. After she calls the C, we have...

_ E _ T H

_ _ _ _ N


N _ C _ _ E

_ _ _ _ _ N

..and she solves KEITH URBAN & NICOLE KIDMAN for her first $1,550 tonight!

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. After that same lady calls the I's, we have...

_ _ _

_ N D

O _ D _ _

O _


_ I N _ _

I know this. She calls a $600 G, and calls two A's. Then she calls the S for the $1,000 Foot Locker Shopping Spree, and calls three R's for $900 more. She calls an F for $300, and calls the E, and solves LAW AND ORDER OF ONION RINGS to go to $7,250 in cash and stuff.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. The same lady loses the Wild Card.
After the only man on the panel calls the I's, we have...

R _ M A N T I C

_ _ N _ _ _ A

R I _ E

I have an idea. He calls two D's for $1,800, but the B call is no good. The Oklahoma lady calls a $450 L, but the H is bad. The lady who has won every main round so far solves ROMANTIC GONDOLA RIDE for no money, but she does win a trip to Venice, making her new total

She then solves STRIPED NECKTIE to go to $16,750, and the next category is On The Map. After she calls three A's, we have...

T A _ O _ A

_ A _ _ I N _ T O N

..and she solves TACOMA WASHINGTON to go to $18,600. New category is Person. After the hot lady calls the T's, we have...

_ H _ _ A N T H R _ _ _ S T

..and she solves PHILANTHROPIST to go to $20,200! Speed-Up Round category is Thing, and consonants are worth $1,400 apiece. The man calls three H's and gets...

H _ _ _ T H

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ S H _ _

..and he solves HEALTH CLUB MEMBERSHIP to win $4,200 and finish with $5,200, but we all know who the champ is.

She spins the S in CASH, and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ L E

R _ _ _

It's DOUBLE something, I think. Rodriguez calls M, C, D and A and gets...

_ _ _ _ L E

R _ _ M I know it's something ROOM, but we all don't know. It was WIGGLE ROOM. The G's might have won her the $25,000 here.
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