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3/23/2007 Results

TPIR: Arturo is first to play Make Your Move for a mini video camera, some candlesticks and a trip to Washington, D.C. Board:


He wanted to play One Away, but he was a few shows too late. Anyway, as for this game, he nearly said $9,379 or $7,957 for the trip, but he wisely goes with $3,795 for the trip, $409 for the candlesticks and $70 for the camera....but he loses anyway. The camera was $79, the candlesticks were $570 and the trip was $4,093.

Next is Gregory Moore, who got the price of the wall clock exactly right at $1,200 in the 2nd IUFB, winning a $500 bonus! He wanted to give that money to her 80-year mom as a birthday gift! Then, he tries to win a Ford Focus worth $15,230 in Let Em' Roll. He gets by the groceries no problem to get the three rolls. His first roll is....two cars and $1,500, and wisely rolls again.
Second roll....two cars and $1,000, and he rolls again. Last roll must be a car....and it is!

Tyler Price is third to try to open the safe in Safe Crackers for a spa and sunscreen worth $5,445. The numbers in the combination form the price in the sunscreen- 0, 4 and 5. I know what it is....and he says $450 to open the safe, and wins!

SSD1: The only loser this half spins 95 cents! Price spins 55 cents....and goes over by a nickel.
Moore spins 15 cents....and 75, meaning he missed it by a nickel, so the sole loser will try to be a winner in the Showcase.

Charlie Melvin (who is a lady) then plays One Right Price for a bumper pool table and a daybed. The One Right Price is $2,849, and the lady places it on the pool table and wins! The daybed was $1,399.

Patricia Whitlock then plays Secret X (which hasn't been played in a while!) for a dining room.
She places the free X in the last yellow box on the bottom. The retro telephone is $99 or $113, and she says $99 to place the next X on the first yellow square at the top. The retro CD player is either $52 or $70, and she says $70 to place the final X on the other bottom yellow box. If the Secret X is NOT at the top, she's in the middle and she wins everything!

Brian Hickson is last to play Cover Up for a Chevy Cobalt (Std., Heater, PProt). Board:

First Number: 1 or 3?
Second Number: 0, 2 or 4?
Third Number: 2, 5, 6 or 8?
Fourth Number: 3, 5, 6, 7 or 9?
Fifth Number: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9?

I know the price is $14,234, but does he know? His first guess is $14,859, and the first two numbers are right. He says $14,598....which ends his game.

SSD2: Will another pricing game loser get to the Showcase? He spins 75 cents and stops.
Melvin spins 35....and goes over with another 95 cents. Whitlock ties at 75 cents and forces a spinoff. The man gets the dollar for $1,000! The lady just misses it with the nickel, so the man gets his Bonus Spin....which misses the second $5,000 green section by one space with 80! Darn. But he does go to the Showcase.

First Showcase goes to Price Station Zero in Antartica where some interesting artifacts are found. First, a year's supply of ice cream is found. Second, a diamond ring is uncovered under the ice. Finally, before this station was cold, this place was tropical, especially with a new Catalina 25" Sailboat! Arturo gets this and bids $25,500. The other man has a living room, skiing gear and a snowmobile. He bids $13,770, and I think he's won.

ARP for Arturo: $34,695, a difference of $9,195. ARP for Hickson: $17,392, meaning he does win and takes home $19,557 in cash and prizes. The other man leaves with parting gifts.

WOF: Tonight's players are Allison Samuel (in the yellow), Beth Moody and John Morris.
Round 1 category is Thing and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a $5,500 trip to NYC. After Moody calls six E's, we have...


_ N _ _ _ _ E T T A _ _ E

E _ _ E _ _ E N _ E

I know this. She calls two R's for $800, but the H call is a dud. The man calls an S, also a dud. Samuel calls a $450 P and buys an I, then gets a C for $2,500. Then she buys the O, and calls the X for $300, and buys the U. But her D call is a dud. Moody then steals the puzzle with AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE for $1,300, a $1,000 gift certificate and a trip to the Caribbean! Total: $11,200.

Jackpot Round category is Event. After Moody calls the I's, we have...

_ _ A _ _ _ _ I _ _ T

T I T L _

_ I _ _ T

I know this now. But she gets Lose a Turn next. Samuel gets three H's for $900, and she buys the E's. She then calls two G's, and then after calling a Y for $3,500, she solves HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT to go to $6,050.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Food and Drink, and it's a big puzzle. After the winner of the last round calls the A's, we have...

A _ I A N

C H I C _ E N

_ A _ A _

_ I T H

_ I N _ E _- _ O _

_ _ E _ _ I N _

She calls five S's for $2,250, and then two D's for $600 more. She then calls an L for $800 before getting a Mystery Wedge, and she calls two G's there. With over $8,000 at this point, she takes the $2,000 bailout (good thing, because it's a Bankrupt), and then after calling a Y for $600, she solves ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD WITH GINGER-SOY DRESSING for $10,650 and takes the lead with $16,700!

The other lady solves FIREFLIES IN A JAR to go to $14,200. Next category is Occupation.
After she calls three E's, we have...

_ _ I _ _ I N _

S _ _ E _ I N T E N _ E N T

I know it's a superintendent of some sort. She calls the C, but it is not there. The man calls two D's for $1,200, the R for $900 and the P for $300 before Speed-Up mode is enforced with this showing....

_ _ I _ D I N _

S _ P E R I N T E N D E N T

Consonants are worth $1,400 a pop. He calls the B and solves BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT to win his only payout on the night- $3,800. But Allison Samuel is our champion tonight with $16,700!

She spins the triple star, and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ S _ _ _ R _

Samuel calls D, M, P and O and gets....

_ _ S _ _ O R _

She knew the second part was WORK, but not the first part. It was BUSY, thus it was BUSYWORK. In any event, she doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Allison Fowler (with $15,400) defends against Leigh King and Doug Hicton.
The only man here rolls to $6,600 and the lead heading into the first break. On the first clue after the break in African Cities, he finds the Daily Double and bets $3,000:

The name of this South African city honors someone's first name; there's dispute over which of 3 Dutchmen it was.

"Who is Johannesburg?"....RIGHT! He has $9,600. At the end of the round, he has $11,800.
The champ has $2,000 and King has $1,800.

Early on in DJ!, he finds the first Daily Double in Women Writers with $13,000 to his name, and he bets $4,000:

She wrote for the Nebraska State Journal and The Pittsburgh Leader before penning "My Antonia".

"Who is Willa Cather?"...he now has $17,000! He quickly finds the other Daily Double under the $800 clue of Hail to the Chef, and wagers $2,600 of his $17,400 to go to $20,000 if he's right:

In 1984, he published his "Louisiana Kitchen" cookbook.

"Who is Paul Perdone?"....20 grand! Late in the round, the champ gets quite a few of the last few clues, and is still alive with $13,600, while Hicton still leads with 26 large, and the other lady has $5,400.

FJ! category: Best-Selling Authors.

He had the year's best-selling novel a record 7 years in a row with 7 different titles, ending in 2000.

King has "Who is Stephen King?", which was Alex's guess, but it's wrong. She loses everything, so she leaves with $1,000. The champ has that too and loses everything but a dollar. Hicton also has that, but still wins the championship with $24,799. The champ leaves with $17,400.

Identity: Starting the show is Amy Roach from Newport Beach, California. IDs this game:

Craig from Craigslist
X Games Biker
Jerry Springer's Security Guard
Pre-school Teacher
Created Tae Bo
Dinosaur Cleaner
Scream Queen
Celebrity Magazine Editor
Arrested three times
Grammy Award Winner

Roach starts out by winning her first $1,000 by knowing that #9 is Jerry Springer's Security Guard (Steve Wilkos; he's hosting his own talk show this fall).

She then thinks #11 is the creator of Tae Bo to go to $5,000....and it is (Billy Blanks)!

She then says the man in #3 is the X Games biker....and it is to double to $10,000!

Roach thinks that the Craig from Craigslist is either #6 or #8. She eventually says #8 is the man.....NO. The next mistake will cost her all the money. She then uses a Tridentity on the Missionarty ID- it's either the lady at #4, the lady at #5, or the man at #6. She decides to save the Craig ID for later, and says #5 is the missionary.....but she's a celebrity magazine editor instead, so it's bye-bye $10,000, and bye-bye to her. #6 was the Craig from Craigslist, and #4 was the missionary. BTW, this is a coincidence- the player who followed a $500,000 winner in both cases (including this one) went bankrupt in the next game.

New player is Andy Meeks from Atlanta. IDs this game:

Pussycat Doll
Nose Job
Been on a Wheaties box
Eats bugs
Had a perfect SAT score
Created Microsoft Word
Repo Man
Speaks Vietnamese
Jaime Kennedy
Speed Talker
Mortician's Apprentice
Pig Farmer

He immediately thinks the man at #6 is Jaime Kennedy, and he has his first $1,000. BTW, he starred in "Kickin' It Old Skool".

He then thinks the lady at #4 is the one who was on a Wheaties box....that's Mary Lou Retton and he has $5,000!

After a lot of thought, he then says the weird man at #11 eats bugs....and he does, meaning Meeks has $10,000!

BTW, to tie in with the Miss USA Paegeant after this show, three of the remaining people on the Identity board are Miss USA contestants- #2, #5 and #7.

He says the man at #8 is the Repo Man....and he is for another $5,000!

With help from his family, he says the man at #9 is the speed's not John Moschitta (a former GS announcer), but the man who speaks a world record 596 words a minute is right to get Meeks to $25,000!

He then thinks the lady at #2 is part of the Pussycatt Dolls....and she is, meaning Meeks doubles his $25,000! But can he triple it?

He narrows down the Microsoft Word identity to the man at #1 and the man at #9. He locks in the guess that #9 is that man....and he is, meaning the $25,000 has been tripled to $75,000!

Now, for the last $25,000 identity. He decides to ask the experts on the Mortician's Apprentice.
They prove to be of no help- each one says a different answer. Mark says it's #7, Stacy says it's #1, and Bill says it's #2.

Meeks decides to lock in a guess that the lady at #10 is the one who speaks Vietnamese. To get to six figures.....NO.

He then decides to use the Tridentity on the Pig Farmer....which leaves #1, #2 and #10. He's not sure enough about this, so he takes the $75,000 home. He would've guessed #10 was the pig farmer....but it was the Miss USA contestant at #2. #10 had a perfect SAT score. #1 had a nose job, and the other Miss USA contestant, was the Mortician's apprentice.

Chain Reaction: Teams tonight....

Girls: Janita, Cary and Jennifer (from Philadelphia)
Guys: George, Rayman and Eric

Round 1 Chain starts as follows:

1. PAY

Guys won the coin toss. George takes the second word, and it starts with D. He says
Janita gets the second letter there, which is I (D I _ _) and she says DILL, which is way off the mark. Rayman gets the third letter of R (D I R _), but says DIRECT instead of DIRT.
Cary steals with DIRT to get the ladies on the board first. Jenny takes the next word down, which starts with C, and she says COAT, which is wrong. Eric gets the second letter there, which is H (CH.....) and he says CHANNEL (?!?!?)....NO FREAKIN' WAY. Janita gets the third letter, which is E (CHE.....) and she says CHEST....wrong. George gets the fourth letter of that word, which is A (C H E A _) and he says CHEAP....tie game! Rayman goes down to the middle word, which starts with S, and says SKATE....sorry. Cary gets the second letter, which is H (SH......) and she says SHIRT (?!?!?)...ABSOLUTELY NOT. Eric gets the third letter of O (S H O _) and he says SHOT....the guys take the lead with $200! George goes down to the fifth word, which starts with G (G _ _) and he says GUN....correct for another $100! The last word starts with P, and Rayman says PAY (gun pay?).....NO. Jenny gets the second letter of L (P L _ _) and says PLAY....gun play and playbill exist, because PLAY is right to get the ladies to $200! They get a crack at the first Speed Chain:

1. SAD
2. S
3. L

This was a tough one. They don't solve SACK LUNCH. I've never heard of a sad sack before.
$200 Chain starts with:


Janita goes for the second word first, which starts with B, and she says BALL...nothing more than a lame guess. Eric gets the second letter of R (BR.....) and he says
Cary gets the third letter of A (B R A _ _) and she says BRAKE (?!?!?)....NO, NO, NO. George steals with BRAIN to increase the guys' lead. Rayman goes next door, and the third word starts with D. He says DRAIN, but it's wrong. Jennifer gets the second letter of E (D E _ _) and she says DEAD....right to go to $400 and be $100 off the lead! Janita takes the middle word, which starts with L, and she says LEAVE (?!?!?)....YUCKO. Eric takes the second letter, which is
A (LA.....), but he draws a blank. The third letter is S (L A S _), and Cary says last....the ladies have the lead back with $600! The fifth word starts with S, and Jenny says SEAT, but is wrong.
The second letter there is E (S E _ _ _ _), and George says The third letter is C
(S E C _ _ _), and she says SECOND to go to $800! The last word starts with H, and Cary says HOUSE....sorry. Rayman gets the second letter of O (HO.....) and he says HOTEL....also wrong.
The third letter is N (H O N _ _ _ _ _ _), but Jenny says nothing. The fourth letter is E
(H O N E _ _ _ _ _), and Eric says HONEY....not quite. Janita steals this one for the girls with HONEYMOON to go to a grand and a shot at this Speed Chain:

2. E
3. G

Another toughie, which they don't get- EDUCATED GUESS.

$300 Chain starts with:


George takes the second word, which starts with E, and he says Cary gets the second letter of X (EX.....) and she says The third letter there is P (EXP....) and Rayman says Jenny decides to save that word for later and go for the sixth word, which is before SAID, and starts with E (E _ _ _ _ _). She says ENOUGH....the ladies now have $1,300! Janita goes back to the second word, and the fourth letter is E (EXPE.....), and she says EXPERTISE....still not! The fifth letter there is N (E X P E N _ _) and Eric says EXPENSE....finally! The guys are now at $800. George takes the third word, and it starts with A, and he says Cary gets the second letter there of C (AC.....) and she says ACCOUNT....the ladies are now at $1,600! The middle word starts with F, and Jenny says FIELD, but is wrong. The second letter there is O (F O _) and Rayman says FOOD....not a delicious guess. Janita then says FOX, which is wrong. Eric decides to go for the fifth word, which starts with S and is above ENOUGH. He says nothing. Cary says the middle word is FOR....and it is to take the girls to $1,900! Jenny gets the second letter of the fifth word, U
(S U _ _). She says SUN, which is wrong. George steals with SURE to give the guys $1,100 and a shot at the last Speed Chain:

2. R
3. S
4. LEE

They say RALLY SPEED...not even close. It was RAILROAD SPIKE.

Betting Chain:


Rayman bets $100 of the guys' money on the second word, which starts with H, and he says, so they're down to $1,000. The second letter is E, and Janita bets $100 that it's's not, so they're down to $1,800. The third letter is A (H E A _), and Eric bets $300 it's is, so the guys are up to $1,300! George bets $100 on the word below that, and it starts with O, and he says OFFICE....another $100 is theirs! The middle word starts with R, and Rayman bets $100 the word is, so back to $1,300 they go. The second letter is O (RO.....), and Cary bets $100 it's The third letter is M (R O M _ _ _ _), and Eric says ROMANCE....there's been some office romance on "The Apprentice" this season, and ROMANCE is right to send the guys back to $1,400! The fifth word starts with L, and George bets $200 on Jenny bets $100, and the second letter there is A (LA.....). She says, so the ladies are down to $1,600. Rayman draws a blank when the third letter is N (L A N _ _ _ _ _). The fourth letter is G (L A N G _ _ _ _), and Janita bets $100 it's LANGUAGE....and it is! Cary bets $200, and the last word starts with B. She doesn't get it, so the ladies go down to $1,500. Eric decides to go for the win by betting $500, and the second letter is A (B A _ _ _ _ _). He says $100, the guys have pulled out the comeback win with $1,600!

Rayman is the answerer in Instant Reaction this time. They only get three right, meaning their final total is $1,900.
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