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3/7/2007 Results

TPIR: First up today is Erma Streeter, who plays for a Dutchman 216 Travel Trailer in Super Pushover (Fairly loaded). Board:


I have an idea. Her guess is $14,195, my guess....WINNER!

Next is Jonathan Salsido, who goes for up to $16,000 in It's In the Bag. Products: Capazin HP, Hot Pockets, Tums, Clorox wipes, Chips Ahoy! and cat litter. First bag has a 55 cent product, and his guess is the cookies. The second bag has a $14.09 product, and he says the cat litter....NO WAY. The third bag has a $2.49 product, and he says the Hot Pockets. The fourth bag has a $6.79 product, and he says the Tums. The final bag has a $4.21 product, and he says the wipes. The first product is right. Please, don't go on for $2,000.....sadly, he does and he loses. The $2,000 product was the Capazin HP. The third product was right, but the fourth bag had the cat litter, and the last bag had the Tums.

Third is Tommy Santino, who plays Cover Up for a Pontiac G6 (Std., ALB, Prots). Board:

First Number: 2 or 3?
Second Number: 0, 7 or 9?
Third Number: 0, 1, 2 or 5?
Fourth Number: 0, 1, 2, 5 or 7?
Fifth Number: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 9?

First guess is $27,524....the first and third digits are right. He then guesses $20,578....only the last digit is wrong now. Final guess is $20,572....WIN!

SSD1: The terrible shopper spins 35....and 70 to go home. The new trailer lady spins 15....and 20 for 35 cents. The car winner spins 75 cents and wins!

Amy Rossini then plays Clearance Sale for a plasma TV, dinnerware and a lawn mower. Sale prices are $750, $1,000 and $1,600. She puts $750 on the dinnerware, $1,000 on the TV and $1,600 for the lawn mower. The dinnerware is $849. The TV is $2,098 and the lawn mower is.....$1,450. Should've switched the TV and the lawn mower.

Nikki Hardin then plays for a player piano in Squeeze Play. Board:


I think it's $7,500. She agrees.....and wins!

Last player is Paige Crigger, who plays That's Too Much for a Dodge Caravan SE (Std., Paint, RWD, Stereo). First price is $16,490. Second price is $18,990. Third price is $19,552. Fourth price is $20,442. Fifth price is $22,050. Sixth price is $24,120, and says the magic words....NO WAY. The ARP is $19,915.

The first player this half gets into the Showcase.

First Showcase has reasons why it's not fun to be a mermaid. First, her friends, instead of swimming with her, decide to ride on land on a new tandem bike. Second, mermaids get lethargic because they don't get enough exercise from a new home gym. Finally, a mermaid absolutely can't drive a new Dodge Charger (Std., ESP)! The lady is given this one and bids $20,456. For the man, we have a bedroom, luggage and a trip to New Zealand, and he bids $15,000.

ARP for the lady: $25,200, a difference of $4,744. ARP for the man: $20,992, meaning the lady wins! Her total: $25,760.

WWTBAM: On Day 3 of Al Roker Week, returning is Kingslea Bueltel. This is her $25,000 question, with no lifelines left:

Whose 1980 song "Happy Birthday" jumpstarted the movement for a holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.?

A: Lionel Richie
B: Marvin Gaye
C: Ray Charles
D: Stevie Wonder

She stops. She would've guessed D...and would have gotten a shot at $50,000.

Next is Christie Jephson. She had to poll the audience to get the $2,000 question right. For $8,000:

What soup's name is derived from a Tamil phrase meaning "pepper water"?

A: Mulligatawny
B: Borscht
C: Gazpacho
D: Minestrone

She uses the 50:50, leaving A and D. She picks her second hunch of A....right! Next, for $16,000:

What well-known political figure's last car was a 1949 Studebaker, which he drove during college?

A: John McCain
B: Al Gore
C: Ralph Nader
D: Howard Dean

She calls Mr. Maltese, a teacher, who says nothing. Thus, she quits. The answer was Mr. Nader.

Jim Marino, a retired teacher, starts with the $2,000 question on Thursday.

WOF: Our players tonight are Marci Soika, Crystal Gibson and Cliff Lestor (from Narrows, VA).
Opening main round category is Food and Drink, and there's a $6,000 trip to New Zealand on the wheel now. After the man calls the M's, we have....
_ _ M E M A _ E

_ _ R T _ _ _ _


But his L call is a dud. The first lady calls two D's for $600, then buys an O, and now we have...

_ O M E M A _ E

_ _ R T _ D A _


Now I know this. She calls two H's for $1,800, and solves HOMEMADE BIRTHDAY CAKE to go to $3,150.

Jackpot Round category is Places. After the winner of the last round calls the I, we have...

_ _ S _

_ E S T _ _ _ _ N T

_ I T _ _ E N S

I think I have an idea. She hits Lose a Turn. Over to the lady in the middle calls a $600 H, but the L call is a dud. The man calls the R for a gift tag. Next, he calls a $300 C, and two A's. He hits Bankrupt, so back to the first lady. She calls a $300 K, then two U's, but her G call is no good. The lady in the middle calls the B, but goofs by calling the F. The man calls the Y and solves BUSY RESTAURANT KITCHENS for $1,000 and $3,000 total.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. The man eventually gets the Mystery Wedge. He calls two N's and flips....$10,000! Let's give it away this time. After he calls the O's, we have..

T R A _ _ T _ O N A _

_ _ A _ E N _ O

S _ O _

I know the first word, but I have no clue on the rest. He calls two L's for $600, then a $3,500 D, and calls two I's. But he hits the Bankrupt-lost the ten grand again. The first lady calls the C to get the Wild Card, then calls the H. Her P call is a dud- I don't believe that! The lady in the middle calls the F to get the New Zealand trip, and solves TRADITIONAL FLAMENCO SHOW (I think the second word is misspelled, but that's just me) for that trip, $1,300 and another trip, this time to Spain! She's on the board big time with $11,800 in cash and trips!

Soika solves MUNCHKINLAND under the category of Fictional Place, which may be the first time that category has been used on the show, to go to $6,150. Speed-Up Round category is Living Things, and consonants are worth $1,300. After she calls the S's, we have...

_ _ _ R R _

_ L _ S S _ _ S

...but she can't solve. After calling the C, the man solves CHERRY BLOSSOMS to finish with $4,300. Crystal Gibson is our champion, needing just one round to win the match with $11,800!

She spins the N in BONUS. Category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ N _

_ _ E S

Gibson calls C, G, M and A and gets...

_ A _ _ N G

_ _ E S

For some reason, I think it's PAYING DUES. She doesn't know it....and believe it or not, PAYING DUES was it. She doesn't win another $30,000. This interesting bonus round trend continues.
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