Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Top 12

As you know, the theme for the first week of the big stage is Diana Ross and the Supremes.

Brandon Rogers opens. He sings "You Can't Hurry Love". He sounded nasaly for most of the song, was pitchy, and seemed to forgot part of the lyrics. I gave him a 3. Randy says it was boring, and he sounded only like a background singer until the final two notes. Paula says it was not easy to start a Top 12 show. Simon says it was a complete letdown, and was predictable. He also thought the dancing was terrible.

Melinda Doolittle is second. She sings "Home". She was good, but was shaky in the middle of the song, and lacked some enthusiasm in parts of the song. I gave it a 6. Randy says it was hot, even though it wasn't her best performance. Paula cries while describing her, thinking singing should be her thing. Simon laughs while telling her she made a boring song sound fantastic.

Chris Sligh is third, and Diana Ross noticed his hair is similar to hers. He sings "Endless Love".
It wasn't perfect, but he was darn good. I gave him an 8. Randy says it was a mess despite his good voice, thanks to the melody. Paula says he tried too hard. Simon says he murdered the song's arrangement.

Gina Glocksen is fourth. She sings "Love Child". She did very well, IMO, though I think in that song it's impossible to show a lot of enthusaism singing. I gave it a 9. Randy says it wasn't the best, and it was pitchy and boring. Paula thought she shouted at times. Simon says it was average.

Sanjaya Malakar is fifth. He sings "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". I thought he was HORRIBLE. I gave him a 1. Randy agreed with me, and he laughed while desribing it. Simon didn't want to say it was horrible.

Haley Scarnato is sixth. She sings "Missing You". I thought she was all over the place, and she didn't do the "oooooooooo" parts correctly. I gave her a 3. Randy says she forgot the words, and she was nervous. Paula agreed with the forgetting words part. Simon, however, thought the performance wasn't that bad, even though she was very nervous. Haley herself thought it was her worst performance.

Seventh is Phil Stacey, and he sings "Make You Love Me". He had a slow start, but got it together later on. I gave him a 6. Randy thought his voice was very good, even though the song wasn't the best of choices. Paula said the song needs to have more tempo. Simon thought he chose the right tempo, and thought it was OK. He also thought he had a tendency to shout.

Eighth is LaKisha Jones, who I think is the best singer in this competition, with Sabrina Sloan out. "God Bless the Child" is her song tonight. I thought it was her worst performance so far, but it was still OK. I gave her a 6. Randy says it was the best song choice, her dress was great, and thought it was sensational. The other judges agreed.

Ninth is Blake Lewis. He sings "You Just Keep Me Hangin' On". I thought he did the best on this night- I gave him a 10! Randy says he didn't need to change the arrangement, as he tried too hard with it on a classic song. Simon says he didn't get this performance, and thought if he heard it on the radio in insolation, he wouldn't like the song.

Tenth is Stephanie Edwards. She sings "Love, Hang Over Here". She did good, but forgot some of the words on part of the song, and lacked some enthusiasm at times. I gave her a 7. Randy thought it was good and it was a perfect song choice. Paula says she should continue to strive to get better, and Edwards thought herself the song was too long for her. Simon says the arrangement was strange, and thought she was outsung by Jones and Doolittle.

Eleventh is Chris Richardson, from Chesapeake, Virginia! He sings "The Boss". I thought he sounded terrible, and at points forgot the words. I gave him a 1. Randy says he oversung the song, and it was average. Paula thought he nailed the nature of the song, and thought it was one of the better dance songs. Simon agreed with me. But given what some earlier singers did tonight, I think he might still be back next week.

Final singer is Jordin Sparks. She sings "If We Hold On Together". This, I thought, was the best performance of the night- 10! Randy says with that performance, she got into the competition with the girls. The judges agreed!

Here are my scores for the singers so far:

LaKisha Jones- 35
Gina Glocksen- 34
Blake Lewis- 32
Melinda Doolittle- 31
Jordin Sparks- 30
Haley Scarnato and Chris Sligh- 28 each
Phil Stacey- 26
Stephanie Edwards- 22
Chris Richardson- 19
Brandon Rogers- 18
Sanjaya Malakar- 17

A guy will be the first to go, I guarantee you readers. Find out who it is later tonight.
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