Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Apprentice LA 3/25

Before this week's task was announced, Mr. Trump ordered James, the current Project Manager of Arrow, to send one of the remaining team members to Kinetic. James decided to choose Nicole. Nicole was visibly upset over the decision, because it means she will be away from her loved on the show, Tim.

As a result, each team now has four members apiece. The task this week: sell park passes at the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood to said theme park using a new technology called Adwalker. The teams will be working side-by-side. The team who earns more money from selling passes wins. It's as simple as that. Ivanka will oversee the task this week.

Angela, the Olympic lady, was named the new Project Manager of Kinetic. I wonder why Heidi hasn't been named Project Manager again in a while. The team wants to all dress up as cute ladies wearing roller skates while selling the passes (BTW, all of the people on this team consist of nothing but females). Nicole thought it was a good idea because she believes Arrow can't move around selling the passes.

Tim is still feeling the effects of losing Nicole to Kinetic. Only one female is on Team Arrow, Stefani. Team Arrow tried to throw Kinetic off course by directly lying to their faces that their tickets are much cheaper, and saying the girls must sell the tickets at a table and not by rolling around. The ladies are very concerned that at least one lady looks at the other team's pass prices!

Results are in. The Kinetic ladies made $24,440.37. Arrow made.....

....$31,366.65, so Arrow wins again! Their reward: a helicopter tour of LA.

Tim decides to sneak out of the mansion that Arrow was staying in, and peek through the bushes to see Nicole out near the tents. He just couldn't resist being like me with some girls at school, huh?

James realizes that he will again help Mr. Trump and Co. decide whom of Kinetic to fire. He says it will be hard to fire Nicole, because he's supported her since the beginning.

Mr. Trump says to Angela that her team "got clobbered" this week. She's blaming Nicole for the loss, because she threw the other ladies off course. Trump doesn't like a man supporting a lady on the losing team. Nicole thought Angela didn't really lead at all. James calls Angela's winding about the task nothing but excuses. Mr. Trump says he would really hate firing an Olympian.
The Trumps do their best to try to make Angela make a strong case for herself to stick around.
But it doesn't work out, so:


No medal of any kind for her this time. Nicole takes a HUGE risk in pleading to Trump that she wants Tim back on Kinetic.
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