Friday, March 02, 2007

RECAP: A BIG shakeup on "Survivor: Fiji"

What kind of shakeup will happen here? Let's find out.

The Ravu tribe knows there's personality problems abound, which is because they've lost every challenge so far.

Gary Stritesky, who had medical problems last week, is having more of the same this week. He is known as the tribe's "Papa Smurf". He admits he can't breathe. A female says if he tries to continue, he puts his long-term risk in serious jeopardy. Some females are considering this a babysitting situation.

Reward Challenge: Each tribe will stand on their own balance beam over water. The team must get have each of their tribe members, one at a time, get across the team's beam. If someone falls off, that person must start over. The first team to completely get across will win a ton of fish, rice, spices, pillows and blankets, plus a bed. Also, one of the losers will go to Exile Island.
After both teams struggle early on, Ravu has a 2-0 lead. But Ravu struggles afterwards, and Moto ties it up at 2 apiece. Moto eventually takes the lead, and are using the strategy Ravu was using at the beginning! They win and send Yau-Man to Exile Island.

Rocky, back at Ravu's base, is throwing a tantrum, and is tempted to call Jeff and vote somebody off sooner than expected.

The new clue for the first Immunity Idol:

Here you won't find the idol you crave,
It's buried under the highest point of the big cave.

Back to Moto, the medical team is called again for Papa Smurf. Unfortunately, this time, he was forced to withdraw from the show. He is the first Moto casualty.

Immunity Challenge: Four members of each tribe will be locked in floating cages. One member from each tribe must then race to the first cage, find the key and unlock their person. Then, the person just unlocked must go across a series of lilypads and unlock the second person for their tribe. This continues until all the people for a tribe have been set free. After that, the four people set free for a tribe and the rescuer must get in a boat, where another member of their tribe has a set of keys. The boat people must pick up the stranded members of their tribe and get to shore. Then, the entire tribe must form a human pyramid, and the rescuer must use the keys to unlock the final trapped person, and everyone must get on their respective tribe's finish mat. The first to complete all of this wins immunity. In addition, the wining tribe will get to read a message sealed in a bottle after the challenge.

Ravu falls a lot behind early on. Moto gets to the human pyramid stage. Stacy for that tribe is trying to unlock the final trapped member, but she's having trouble, and Michelle of Ravu catches up, and the challenge is now even! But Stacy unlocks the final one in time, and Moto remains undefeated! Now, for the big twist. It is: To keep their immunity, they must spend some time at the Ravu camp instead of their own camp. Otherwise, they can enjoy their own food at their own camp, BUT will have to vote another member off THEIR tribe.

They decide to....

....give up Immunity and vote another one of their own people out. Wow.
Cassandra and Lisi are the ones said to be worth losing from their tribe.

First vote goes to Lilliana.
Second vote goes to Lisi.
Third vote goes to Casandra.
Fourth vote goes to Lilliana.
Fifth vote goes to Lilliana....

..and for her, it goes downhill from there, as she is voted off Moto. Therefore, the teams are now even at seven apiece.
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