Friday, March 30, 2007

"Survivor: Fiji" 3/29

When Lisi Linares first arrived on the Ravu beach, she decided it was nicer than she thought. Other tribemates thought she was going to quit the game.

At Moto's beach, Yau-Man Chan decides to look for the Immunity Idol, located on the beaches somewhere. He digs through the ground...and finds it! Earl Cole then says he wants to form a team so that if they're in danger at Tribal Council, most notably Cole, Chan would give the Idol to Cole. OK now....

Reward Challenge: On each turn, one person from each tribe will set a club on fire and throw the flames on them, trying to hit one of the team's three targets. The first team to hit and burn all their targets wins a trip to an island arcade the next day, plus get lots of food to eat.

Cole and Dreams Herd are first. Cole falls inches short, but Herd doesn't, giving the first point to Ravu.

Next are Michelle Yi (Moto) and Linares (Ravu). Both miss.

Next are Chan (Moto) and Edgardo Rivera (Ravu). Rivera is way off, but Chan hits the target, tying the game.

Next are Boo Bernis (Moto) and Mookie Lee (Ravu). Bernis just misses, while Lee barely hits his target, giving Ravu a 2-1 lead! One target away from winning their first challenge ever.

Next are Cassandra Franklin (Moto) and Alex Angarita (Ravu). Angarita is way off, while Franklin is just short.

Next are Rocky Reid (Ravu) and Stacy Kimball (Moto). Both fall just short.

Back to the people who went first this challenge. Cole misses....but Herd doesn't, SO RAVU WINS THEIR FIRST CHALLENGE!! They send Cole to Exile Island because he's been there several times.

Immunity Challenge: One person from each team is designated the caller, while the rest of the tribes are blindfolded. The caller will lead the remainder of the team, one person at a time, to a field with five skulls hanging. Each blindfolded person must cut down a skull, thus releasing some tiles, and then must deposit them on the team's puzzleboard. Once a team has all their tiles, they must unscramble the letters on the titles to form a two-word phrase. The first team to solve the puzzle wins immunity. Teams can change a caller if they need to.

Yi is designated the Moto caller, while Linares is the Ravu caller. Kimball and Angarita are first, and Kimball smashes the first skeleton for Moto. Angarita is really having trouble. Franklin is next for Moto, while Angarita finally gets the puzzle pieces. Ravu decides to name Angarita the caller, and send Linares to the blindfolded stage. In the meantime, Rivera is next for Ravu. Franklin has no trouble on the second batch of puzzle pieces. Rivera also gets the second puzzle bag. Cole and Herd are next for their teams. Cole gets the third puzzle bag first, and Bernis is next for Moto. Reid is next for Ravu. After a few misses, Bernis still beats Reid to the punch on the fourth bag. Chan and Lee will be the last blindfolded people. Yi, while cheering on her tribe, falls from her stand on the ground! But she is OK. Chan is having trouble, so Yi decides to let Bernis be the caller. Chan gets the last bag first. While Moto works on the puzzle, Ravu is way behind, as Lee hasn't even gotten his puzzle bag! He also ran into the walls a few times prior to getting into the last bag. Moto gets CANNIBAL ISLES very quickly to remain undefeated in Immunity Challenges! I think Angarita and Lee are in the most danger of losing.

First vote goes to Linares.
Second vote also goes to her.
Third vote goes to Rocky.
Fourth vote also goes to him, so we're tied. It will come down to the last vote.
Fifth vote goes to him.....

...and he gets the last vote, so he's done. Linares is safe, for now.
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