Monday, March 26, 2007

Three-Card Poker National Championship

This time, the tournment was held at the world-famous Caesar's Palace.

Remember, you make up to three bets in each hand of three-card poker. You must bet on Pair Plus (where you must get at least a pair or better to win) and Ante to start. Players only play against the dealer. Straight flushes are the best hand you can make in this verison of poker. Straights beat flushes in this version of poker. Players can win if their hand beats the dealer, or if the dealer does not have at least a Queen or better in their hand. If the player decides to play on after making their original bet, they must make the third bet on the Play circle, which is the equivalent of their ante bet. Also, if the dealer's hand doesn't qualify on a hand, the player will be paid even money on the Pair Plus and Ante bets, but the Play bet, win or lose, will always be a push here.

Incidentally, last year's hosts are back, one of which is Mark. L. Wahlberg!

Nine people were in the finals. They were:

1. Brian Beniek
2. Jim Vartanian
3. Arnie Clare
4. Andrew Toste
5. Paul Greene
6. Renato Delos Santos
7. Alice Walker
8. Velda Horn
9. Jose "Guadalupe" Flores

The last champion, Bud Salmon, didn't make it to the finals this year.

The nine finalists were broken up in three groups of three. Each group will play 30 hands. The one at each table with the most money earns a spot at the final table for $1,000,000.

Beniek, Flores and Horn were at table one. The lady, Horn, gets off to a fast start. Beniek started to catch up to the lady when he made a big wager on Pair Plus and looked as if he was doing so to bluff the other two players. But he had a flush!

By hand 23, the lady still led with 10 grand. Guadalupe had $8,900 and the other man had $7,600. Guadalupe started to make quite a few flushes!

In hand 29, the other man (Beniek) bet $1,000 on Pair Plus....and had three fours! That was at least a $30,000 win for him on that hand! He won his table after the lady didn't bet everything before realizing that she had a straight in her hand! He won, $36,800-$20,700 over the lady.

The next group consisted of Andrew Toste, Jim Vartanian and Arnie Claire. In the middle of a match, Vartanian flopped three 3s to win big! He took the lead at that point. He still led big heading into the late stages of the match.

Unfofrtunately, I lied- I thought it would be just one show, but it actually will be two shows. The $1,000,000 winner, who will also get a $35,000 championship bracelet, will be revealed NEXT WEEK. I am so stupid....
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