Monday, April 23, 2007

4/23/2007 Results

TPIR: Francis Morast is first to play for a day sailer in Squeeze Play. Board:


This was tough. It was $7,115, and she says $7,815 instead.

Carolyn Hindley then plays More or Less for golf clubs, a dinette, a color TV and a Chevy Colorado (Std., AT, Mats, Street). The golf clubs are marked at $450, and she says more, and they’re $998. For the dinette, it’s marked at $800 and she says more, and it’s $1,099. For the TV, we have a price of $1,700, and she says less….but that’s more, too. It was $2,098. The truck was $16,015.

Sherwin Cherry then plays It’s In the Bag for up to $16,000. Products are tweezers, dressing, denture care, Aspercreme, salad beans and a scrub brush. The first item costs 99 cents, and he says the beans. The second item costs $8.95, and he says the tweezers. The third item costs $2.99, and he says the salad dressing. The fourth item costs $6.99, and he says the denture care. The last item costs $5.86, and he says the Aspercreme. The beans are right for $1,000. He goes on, but the $8.95 item was the Aspercreme. The dressing was right, but the tweezers were $6.99 and the Polident was $5.86.

The first player of the day gets into the Showcase.

Jennifer Chilcoat then plays for a home office with a computer in Balance Game.
Last three digits are 6, 7 and 8. Given bags are $1,000 through $3,000, and she says $5,678 for the office, like I would have. The scale…balances and she wins!

Patricia Phillips then plays Card Game for a Ford Focus (Std., AC, ALB, Airbags).
Range is $3,000. She draws an 8, a 3, a 7, a Queen and stops at $14,800. ARP is $15,980, meaning we have another winner with a difference of $1,180!

Jacob Brassington from Walla Walla University is last to play Barker’s Bargain Bar for a sofa marked at $1,040 and a replica gas pump marked at $1,095. His pick as the bigger bargain is the gas pump. Sofa’s ARP: $2,040. If the pump’s ARP is at least $2,195, we have a perfect second half….and it’s $2,595!

SSD2: Chilcoat spins 40….and 30 for 70 cents. Brassington spins 35….and 40 to take the lead by a nickel. Phillips spins 70…and goes over, so the man is in the Showcase to face Morast.

First Showcase has Lanisha trying to find the causes of a leak on the stage. First, she finds evidence from a new bathtub. It’s not there, so she then tries a new spa. Still nothing, so she eventually stumbles upon a hose that was left on all this time, which was used to wash a new Chevy Cobalt (Std., Heater). The man bids $28,000. The lady gets potential prizes from Port O’ Price, which are a riding lawn mower, a brass bed and a player piano. She bids $12,500.

Her ARP: $17,388, a difference of $4,888. The man’s ARP: $29,390, meaning he’s fooled me and he takes home $36,420 in prizes!

WWTBAM: First up is Jess Schulman, who got on a bus from Pittsburgh at 10 PM the night before this show’s taping, and didn’t get to NYC until 5 AM! The $200 she answered was about Ken Jennings and his 2006 book.
For $4,000:

The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place in 1858 between two men running for what office?

A: President
B: Senator
C: Governor of Illinois
D: Illinois state senator

She asks the audience. 53% said A, while 24% said B. She takes a risk by saying President….but it’s Senator, meaning the audience just cost her half of the $2,000 she had just won to this point.

Larry Persaud is next. He had to ask the audience to get to $1,000. For $16,000:

In 1865, Friedrich Kekule discovered the chemical structure of benzene after dreaming of a snake doing what?

A: Coiling around a tree
B: Swimming upstream
C: Attacking a turtle
D: Biting its tail

He calls Gary, a science teacher. He says nothing, so Persaud uses the 50:50, leaving the first and last choices. He wants to say the coiling choice, but he decides to take home the $8,000. Good thing- because the other choice of D was right.

Phillis Straka is third, and is crying with joy on being here. For $500:

Which of these performers adopted the title “Sir” without ever being knighted in England?

A: Sir Elton John
B: Sir Mix-A-Lot
C: Sir Mick Jagger
D: Sir Paul McCartney

She says Jagger. I would have said McCartney…..BUT WE’RE BOTH WRONG!!! It was Sir Mix-a-Lot! That means she goes from crying with joy at the start to crying with sadness at the end, as she becomes the fifth person this season to get ZONKED.

Nasry Malak, a stand-up comic from NYC, is back tomorrow to start at the $2,000 question after having to ask the audience to get the $1,000 question right.

WOF: Tonight, we have David Gotti, Katrina Langley and Terry Derr. Next week is the start of the last road trip of the season in San Diego with Mom and Me Week. Gotti gets the first two Toss-Ups, and will start a Before and After puzzle. Out on the wheel as a prize all week long is a $4,000 gift certificate from, where you can "Choose Your Own Vacation", hence this week's title. After Langley calls the P's, we have...

P _ _ _ _

_ E _ _ _


I know it's not something PENNY PRESS. She calls the A, and then two N's for $5,000, and now we have...

P _ A N _

_ E N _ _


...I have a fair idea now. She calls the D, which is a dud, costing her the Free Spin. She calls a $900 C and a $450 H, and after calling the B, she solves PIANO BENCH PRESS to score $8,300!

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is On the Map. After she calls the N's, we have...

_ N _ E R N A _ _ _ N A _

_ A _ E R S

I'm not sure about the second word. She got the Wild Card on that turn, but she loses it just as fast with a Bankrupt. Derr calls a dud in C. The other man calls three T's for $1,200, and calls the I's. The third letter in the second word is T. After calling the L, he solves INTERNATIONAL WATERS for cash and a trip to Sydney, for a new total of $10,450.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Event, and the $10,000 this week is courtesy of After the winner of the last round calls the I's, we have...

_ _ E N _ I N G

_ _ _ E

T I _ E

_ I T _

T _ E

_ _ _ I _ _

I'm not sure about the last word. He lands on a Mystery Wedge and calls two H's. At this point, he has $2,200, and he risks that to flip....$10,000! He calls the W, and then the O and the A. He calls the R and the P next. After calling the L, this tricky puzzle now reads...

_ P E N _ I N G

_ O R E

T I _ E



_ A _ I L _

Now I know. But he gets Lose a Turn. The lady calls an S for $3,500 and solves SPENDING MORE TIME WITH THE FAMILY to win that amount and go to $11,800. She takes the lead.

She solves PEORIA ILLINOIS to go to $14,800, and the Speed-Up Round category is Phrase. Board at this point with consonants worth $1,600 each:

_ E _ _ _ T


T E M P T A T _ O _

She calls the N, but no guess. Derr's guess of L is bad. Gotti calls the R but can't solve. The lady calls a dud in C. Derr calls the S's and solves RESIST THE TEMPTATION to finally win money, to the tune of $3,200! The other man, Gotti, has $10,450 in cash and trip, while the lady is our champion with $14,800!

Cars this week are a Saab 9-3 Convertible and a Volvo S40. She spins the A and the category is Person. Starting as follows:

T _ E

_ _ _

_ _ S S

Langley calls B, G, P and O and gets....

T _ E

B _ G


I think she may have gotten this from the start, given those choices. She gets THE BIG BOSS for $35,000 and a final total of $49,800!

Lngo: $40,000 could be won by either Chris and Tish or Roy and Betsy. I thought Chris and Tish would get zapped by getting EGRET, but it's legal and they get EARLY for their first 25 points and this board:


Chris has 39, while Tish has 13. If they pull 31 or 63 at this point, they Lingo. They get TIGER in four to double up, but can they double up again? Chris has 05, meaning 07 is also good for a Lingo....but Tish has 53. Roy and Betsy steal CABLE to get their first 25 and get this board:


They get 64 and 70. But they get DQed for saying MUSHH. Chris and Tish steal there with MOUTH to go to 75, but Chris gets a stopper. Roy and Betsy flirted with a DQ on FLITS, but that's legal, and the first three letters of the word are in the right place. They get FLING on the last try to go to 50, but Roy also gets hit by a stopper. Chris and Tish flirted with the gong by saying BATES, but the first two lettters are in the right place, while the rest of the letters need to be unscrambled. But they get the gong by saying BASET, and Roy and Betsy get BASTE to tie the game at 75. They get 08 and the other stopper. They get SHALL on a steal to take the lead with 100, and Betsy draws 62 first, meaning a 14, 48 or 56 will give them a Lingo to end this round....but Roy has 54, meaning 08 and 16 are also good as the round ends.

Chris and Tish take the lead with GREAT to go to 125. Tish has 21 while Chris has 31, meaning they finally Lingo and go to 225! Roy and Betsy get WOMEN on a steal to go to 150. They have a real good chance of making a Lingo now, with the red balls gone and the WILDS in....but they STILL don't lingo with 38 and 46. They get PLATE in four to go to 200, and they finally Lingo with 06 to go to 300, and that's how the game ends, so they win!

They have two Bonus Letters to work with in Bonus Lingo. There is no sponsor for this round this week. They get four words, and have this board:


The 40 grand is theirs if they get 20 on their first pull, which is the ball that was pulled to win the $35,000 jackpot last season. Betsy has....

...30. It's down to their last pull, and they must pull 06, 20 or 40 for $5,000. Roy has.....06 for $5,000!
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