Tuesday, April 24, 2007

4/24/2007 Results

TPIR: Dornechia George is first to play Credit Card for a laptop computer, a bow and arrow set, a sofa, a massager and a serving set. If she picks the three prizes that total $1,500 or less, she will win all five prizes. First pick is the massager….$500. Second pick is the bow and arrow set….$221. Last pick is the serving set, and if it’s $779 or less, she wins all five prizes….it’s $538!

Katie Tester then plays Pocket Change for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Airbags, Stereo).
First number is 1, and the remaining digits are 0, 3, 6, 8 and 9. Her second number guess is 8, but that’s wrong. She says 6, which is also wrong, before saying 9 as the second number. For the third number guess, she says 6, which is right! For the fourth number guess, she says 8, but it’s 3. She gets the last two numbers to fill out the ARP of $19,630, and the car sells today for $1. First envelope has a nickel. Second one has a dime. Third one has a quarter, meaning she must have 50 cents or more in the last envelope to win……but it’s just a quarter.

Payge Whipple then plays Grand Game for $10,000. Target is a whopping $11, and the products are Jewelry Clasp, Capazin HP, Ziploc bags, Trimspa, toilet tissue paper and cat food. First pick is the tissue paper, and that’s $3.09. Second pick are the storage bags, and that’s $2.79. Third pick is the cat food, and that’s $3.99. Last pick is the jewelry clasp….and that’s $9.99 for $10,000!

SSD1: The only lose this half spins 35…and 75, so she leaves with parting gifts. George spins 75 cents and stops. Ms. Whipple spins 20 cents….and a dollar too late, so George is in the Showcase!

Andrew Brown then plays for a TV in Flip Flop. Board:


Brown flips to $4,289….but he should’ve flip-flopped to $4,298, and he was about to before he settled on $4,289. Darn.

James Mosher then hits the price of the gumball machine at $999 on the nose, winning a $500 bonus! He then plays Dice Game for a Chevy Monte Carlo (Std., Heater, Mats).
First number of this car is 2. For the second number, he rolls a 3, which is wrong, and I groaned when I saw the 3. But he says lower, which is right, because the actual second number is 1. He also rolls a 3 for the third number, and that’s not it, but he says higher and is halfway home. It’s 6. For the fourth number, he rolls a 4, which is right! On the last number, he rolls a 2, which is wrong, but says higher on that and wins the $21,645 Monte Carlo! This is the first time this season a $20K car has been won in this game!

During the last IUFB, the wrong Stacia comes on down, which is the one in the pink shirt! The actual Stacia is the one in the black shirt.

Derek Olek then plays One Right Price for trips to Seattle and Sante Fe. The One Right Price is $3,258, and he says Seattle costs that much….it does, and Sante Fe is $4,756!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 55….and a dollar, so both losers this show go home with parting gifts. The two trip winner spins 55 cents….and the same amount for the second spin, so Mosher automatically is in the Showcase!

First Showcase features picks. There’s one for a new electric guitar. There’s a pick axe that is part of new garden equipment. Finally, you might have a pick in your mouth every time you relax in your new Fleetwood Wilderness Trailer (Std., AC, Interior Pkg., Exterior Pkg.)! Mosher bids on this one and bids $21,839, which is a fine bid to me.
For George, we have a bedroom, a collection of Kona King Coffee and some motorcycles, and she bids 20 grand.

ARP for Mosher: $24,589, a difference of $2,750. ARP for George: $21,115, meaning she wins and takes home $25,378 in prizes! Mosher leaves with $23,144.

WOF: Tonight, we have Ryan Slattery (in the yellow), Tracy Scott and Debbie MacGilvery.
Round 1 category is Show Biz, and all week long on the wheel, there is a $4,000 LastMinuteTravel.com gift certificate on the wheel. MacGilvery picks up the $10,000 check on her first shot, but she loses it to a Bankrupt just as quick. The man gets the Wild Card, and after calling two N's for $5,000 and the E's, we have...

_ _ _ _ E _ _

_ _ _ R _ S

_ _ S T E _

_ _

E _ _ E N

_ E G E N E R E S

I know this. He calls the D's for $1,200, and the L's for $1,100. He calls the G and then the O.
After calling the B, he calls the H for another $300. He calls the Y's for $600 more and solves ACADEMY AWARDS HOSTED BY ELLEN DEGENERES for $8,750 and the $4,000 vacation gift certificate, giving him a new total of $13,750!

Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After MacGilvery calls the W's, we have...

_ _R _


W E _ _ _ T

W A T _ _ E R S

..and she solves BIRD & WEIGHT WATCHERS to go to $3,000.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event, and this round is sponsored by Vegas.com all week. After Scott calls the N's, we have...

_ R _ _ R _ N _

_ _ N N _ R

_ N

_ _ _ N _ _ _

She calls the I's and the E's, but she gets Lose a Turn. The other lady calls two D's for $1,600 and calls a G for another $600. After calling the O and the A, she calls two S's and solves ORDERING DINNER IN SPANISH for $3,500 and a trip to Acapulco, for a new total of $11,000!

She then solves STILLWATER OKLAHOMA to take the lead with 14 grand. Next category is Phrase. After the man in the middle calls the R's, we have...

I T' S

_ _ I T _ _ R

_ _ R _

_ _ R

T _ _ R _

He calls six E's next. He calls two N's, and solves IT'S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE to take back the lead with $16,850! Speed-Up Round category is Place, and consonants are worth $1,300 each. Board at this point:

_ _ _ _ S _ S'

_ _ _ _ _ _

After calling the T's, the man says DENTISTS' OFFICE, but it's wrong. Scott calls an N, but she can't solve. MacGilvery calls the R, but also has no clue. The man calls the obvious A and has no guess. Scott's call of M is a dud. MacGilvery's call of G is no good also. The man calls the L, which is in the middle of the second word, but he still can't solve. After Scott calls the C, we have...

A R T _ S T S'

C _ L _ N _

...she says ARTISTS' CLINIC, but that's incorrect. MacGilvery calls the Y, which is at the end of the puzzle, and she ends this game with ARTISTS' COLONY (that was hard!) to finish with $16,600. But by $250, the man wins with $16,850, and gets an extra consonant pick in the endgame! Scott has the $1,000 consolation.

For the second show in a row, the Bonus Wheel lands on the A. The category this time is In the Kitchen, and we start with:

_ _ _ _ S _ L _ S _

Slattery calls M, C, D, P and A and gets...

_ A C _ S P L A S _

He and I thought it was BACKSPLASH, even though we weren't sure...but that's right! And that wins him $25,000 for a total of $41,850! The win here ties the longest winning streak this season!

Lingo: $41,000 is in the jackpot now, and the team that could win it could be either Linda and Ana or Amy and Laura. It’s All Ladies Day! Amy and Laura steal FIRST to get the first 25 points of the day and get this board:


They get 64 and 10. The other teams steals BROWN to tie it up and get this board:


But Linda has a stopper immediately. Amy and Laura get GLASS, and Amy has 34 first, meaning a 44 will give them a Lingo…but Laura has half value, or 22, meaning 68 will also give them a Lingo. Linda and Ana get ADULT on a steal to tie the game back up, and they draw 05 and 37, meaning a 33 will give them a Lingo. They get gonged for saying STAPLE, which is one letter too many. Amy and Laura go on to steal SPEED, and draw 60 and 02, meaning 14 and 52 are also great balls for them. They get LOSER in four, and Amy has 52 to give them 150! Linda and Ana get PINCH to go to 75, and get 51 and 33 to also give them a Lingo, and they’re up to 125!

They start the round on the wrong foot by giving STRAND, which is too long of a word here. Amy and Laura get SORRY (how ironic!) to go to 200 and keep the lead. New board:


They draw 58 and 62. They get NIECE in four to go to 250, and Amy has 16. That means if Laura has 54, a 70 or a WILD, they will have another Lingo…and Laura has a WILD to send them to 350! They get CURVE in four for this new board:


You know, the 58 on this board for them was in the same place as their last board! Interesting. Amy has 14, meaning a WILD or 18 will give them another Lingo….and Laura has a WILD to take the team to 500!
They go on to win. 550 to 125. Linda and Ana never scored at all this round!
They have four Bonus Letters to work with in Bonus Lingo. They get six words and get this board:

(02)(26)(30) (XX)(64)

If one gets 52 on the first draw, the jackpot is theirs. Laura has…..


WWTBAM: To start the day, we have Nasry Malak, who needs money badly to pay for a future wedding. For $16,000:

In math, which of the following is a perfect number?
A: 6
B: 9
C: 12
D: 24

The 50:50 leaves 6 and 12. Malak then calls Sam, who is positive it’s 6. Malak agrees and is up to $16,000! He stops there.

Jenine Francolla is next. For $4,000:

The Battles of Saratoga, pivotal Revolutionary War conflicts, were fought in a colony that is now what U.S. state?
A: Massachusetts
B: Pennsylvania
C: New Jersey
D: New York

She polls the audience in NYC, and 88% said their own state! She agrees and is right. Next, for $8,000:

Though Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, the rest of the Dutch government is located in what city?
A: Rotterdam
B: Utrecht
C: Maastricht
D: The Hague

The 50:50 leaves Utrecht and The Hague. Not too much help, so she calls Gail, who is a mentor for her job. She is sure it’s The Hague. After Francolla agrees, she’s up to $8,000, and she
decides to leave with that amount after being stumped on a Ralph Lauren question.

Third is Chris Hayes. He used the 50:50 to get the $1,000 question right about the U.S. Presidency. BTW, he needs enough money to buy a new pair of shoes. OK, now. Last question of the day, for $8,000 and a chance to return tomorrow:

In the U.S., members of the Amish religion speak both English and a dialect of what European language?
A: Polish
B: Russian
C: French
D: German

Hayes asks the audience, and 93% said German. After Hayes agrees, he earns the right to come back tomorrow!
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