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4/27/2007- WOF goes for PERFECTO; Identity's last stand?

TPIR: Stephen Charlamoore is first today to play Plinko. He gets by all the small prizes to get all five chips. First chip lands in nada. Second chip lands in the left $1,000 slot. Third chip lands in the $100 slot at the right end of the board. The last two chips each land in $1,000, meaning this man has $3,100 in addition to all of those prizes.

Christine Lazenbean then plays Clock Game for $1,000, a gas grill and a fireplace. She doesn't waste much time in winning it all- she gets the $779 grill in 13 seconds and then gets the $999 fireplace with just six seconds left!

Katrice Powell, a lieutenant from the U.S. Air Force, then plays Let Em' Roll for a Chevy Aveo.
She has no problem with the groceries, so she has three rolls to win. First roll gives her three cars and $2,500. Second roll yields another car and $1,000. Last roll....she ends up doing the worst anyone can do in this game, $500.

BTW, everyone who got on stage in the first half won a bit of cash. I think that has never happened before on this show.

The Clock Game player gets into the Showcase after a spinoff with the Plinko man.

Fourth is Keith Rodeneber, who plays Most Expensive for a daybed, a popcorn cart and a treadmill. This man agrees with me that the popcorn cart is the most expensive. But I'm not as sure now, because the other day I saw a daybed that cost almost $3,000. The treadmill is $1,299, the daybed is $2,262....and the popcorn cart is $3,038, so he wins!

Billy Hider, from Jacksonville, Florida, then hits the picnic equipment ARP of $500 on the nose in the fifth IUFB, winning a $500 bonus! He then plays Coming or Going for a Ft. Lauderdale! That's a bit close to his home, isn't it? Anyway, if he comes, the guess is $8,817, and if he goes, the guess is $7,188. Eight grand plus sounds too much for Florida to me. Hider agrees to go to $7,188 and he wins!

Teressa Lee, who is NOT the one who won the $100,000 Tournmanent on "Street Smarts" in its last season (the big winner there had one less S in her first name), is last to play Any Number for some dinnerware or a Ford Mustang (Std., Airbags, WLocks). First number of the Mustang price is 2. When this show was taped, this was Lee's birthday. Hopefully she'll make it a very nice one. First pick is 9, and the dinnerware is worth at least $900. Second pick is the other 2, and that's the fourth number of the car ($ 2 _, _ 2 _). Third pick is 1, and that's the middle number of the dinnerware ($ 9 1 _ ). Fourth pick is 4, and that's the middle number of the car ($ 2 _, 4 2 _ ). Fifth selection is 3, and that's the middle number of the piggy
bank ($ _. 3 _). The sixth pick is 6, and that's the last number of the piggy bank ($ _. 3 6).
Lee picks 0 next, and that's a wise pick, because first of all, the piggy bank can't be just thirty-six cents, and number two, that's the second number of the car ($ 2 0, 4 2 _). It comes down to this last pick.....

...she picks 5 and wins a Mustang ($ 2 0, 4 2 5) as her big birthday gift! The dinnerware was $917 and the piggy bank was worth $8.36.

SSD2: The first man this half spins a quarter....and goes over. The Florida man spins 20....and a nickel for a total of a quarter. Lee wins by spinning 80 cents and will go to the Showcase, where she will have a chance to win a boat to go along with that Mustang!

First Showcase features a fake superhero called The Untangler. First, she can live up to her name by untangling the cords from a new computer system. Second, she snags a lady's hair after it had been ruined by a new spa. Now, for that boat I was referring to. She has to help out a ship anchor untie the anchor rope off the propeller of this boat- a Reinell 18" 185 Ski Boat!
Lee bids here and after originally considering $28,000 and $35,000 as her bids, she bids 25 grand. I'm not so sure about that bid. The Clock Game champ has a living room, a security system and a trip to Athens to go for, and she bids $19,500, and I think she's won.

Lee's ARP: $25,974, a difference of $974! But did the Clock Game woman do even better? Her ARP: $15,927, meaning she's over and Lee adds the boat Showcase to her huge birthday haul, for a grand total of $48,364! The other lady leaves with $3,548 in cash and prizes.

Family Feud: The show tries again to crown undefeated family #10. The Hannas try to take that honor and possibly be the last entrants in the Winner Take All Tournament coming up very shortly, if there is one. But first, they must beat the Adevas. The Adevas strike first with 66 on daytime divas (one of which was Meredith Viera!). After winning that round, two members of the family do a similar bumping pose that people saw by a team on "Lingo" not too long ago!
The champs take the lead with 87 on public places that usually has at least one crying baby inside, and I HATE crying babies with a passion.

Double: Things you get hit by at the beach. Starting with:

#1- Beachballs (60, Tom)

The champs take control. Tandi says frisbees...#2 (12)! Israel, whom Marci says is the star of the team, says surfboard....strike. Marci says waves, and that's #3 (9)! Becki says sand shovels...sorry. Tom says sand....#4 (7)! Back to Tandi, who says umbrellas....three strikes.
For the challenger steal, JoJo (sorry, not the popular lady singer) says the sun's rays....NO, so the champs go to 263! #5 was bird/droppings (5) and #6 was boats (2).

Triple: An excuse a friend gives for not helping you move. Sarah of the challengers says work....NUMBER ONE (51), so they'll play! Marie says having kids....sorry. JoJo says being out of town....bottom answer (7)! Sunnary says being sick...#3 (10)! If they get #2, we've been robbed again of our tenth undefeated family. Joseph says a bad back is is, so they win the championship at 360! The Hannas leave with $41,135.

Fast Money: Tom and Sunnary play this one out.

1. A food people are allowed to eat following dental surgery.
2. An appliance that makes a loud noise.
3. A pet you could carry in your pocket.
4. A musical instrument that's difficult to play.
5. Name something someone goes to the hospital to have removed.

Tom says soup, blender (#1), hamster, piano and teeth (bad, because he misunderstood the question) for 73. Sunnary says water (bad), drill (really bad), mouse (#1), violin (#1) and appendix (#1) for 160 total and $800.

WOF: One of these three players will have the chance to help us make history. They are:
Tracy Olsen (in the blue), Jay Pelano (who wears a WOF tie!) and Jean Hein. Round 1 category is Before and After. After Hind calls the I's, we have...

S A _ R I _ I _ I A L

L A M _

_ _ _ _ S

Now I know. She calls the C's for the Free Spin, and solves SACRIFICAL LAMB CHOPS to score her first $1,000.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is People. After the winner of the last round calls the A's, we have...

_ T A _ _ A N

_ _ E _ A

S _ N _ E _ S

...and she calls three I's. She calls the L for $300, and after calling the R's for $1,200, we have...


_ _ E R A

S I N _ E R S

...and she solves ITALIAN OPERA SINGERS for more money and a trip to Venice, for a new total of $9,618.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Event, and it's a fairly big puzzle. Olsen spins a Mystery Wedge off the bat and calls two N's. She flips....$10,000! After Hein calls the P's later, we have...

_ E _ E _ _ P _ N G


P H _ T _ G R A P H

_ N


_ A R _ R _ _ _

I don't know the last word. She calls five O's, and two O's follow the second R in the last word of the puzzle. Now I know. She calls two D's for $1,100, and solves DEVELOPING A PHOTOGRAPH IN THE DARKROOM to go to $14,518, and she still has that Free Spin.

The man has CLOSE TO HOME on the $3,000 Toss Up to go to $5,000. Next category is Thing. After losing the Free Spin, Hein calls two N's for $10,000! After calling the G, we have...

_ N _ _ _ R- _ _ T _ _ _ R

_ A R _ E T _ N G

It's something MARKETING. After calling two D's, she says INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPETING....I've been duped, and she wins $12,650 more, and she now has $27,168!
Speed-Up Round category is In the Kitchen, and consonants are worth $1,350 each.
After she calls the R, we have...

_ _ T T _ R

_ N _ _ _

..and she solves BUTTER KNIFE to win the match with $31,218! The man has $5,000 and Olsen has $1,000.

Now, for the moment of truth. Should Hein win this bonus round, it will be just the third time in five years that we have had a perfect bonus round week. She spins the N in BONUS, and the all-important category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ ' _

_ _ N _ R _

I know this. She calls B, D, Y and I and gets...

I' _

_ _ N _ R Y

...does she know I'M HUNGRY????.....

...YES!!!!!!!! PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK!!!!!!! And she wins $40,000 for a total of $71,218! What a way to go out as the show will head to San Diego next week!!

WWTBAM: We may be going from extreme happiness to extreme sadness, as this show is in danger of a WIPEOUT for the first time all season long. The player who has the best chance of doing so on this episode is Ryan Dickerson. For $4,000:

Gruyere cheese takes its name from a region in what European country?

A: Germany
B: Switzerland
C: Belgium
D: The Netherlands

Dickerson asks the audience. 66% said Switzerland and 24% said Belgium. He agrees with Switzerland and is right. Next, for $8,000:

At the State of the Union Address, who usually sits with the Vice President right behind the President?

A: Speaker of the House
B: Chief Justice
C: Secretary of State
D: Senate majority leader

Dickerson uses his 50:50, leaving the top two choices. He wanted to go with my choice of A originally, but he agrees now and is right. For $25,000 and to avert the WIPEOUT:

Meryl Streep has won two Oscars, one for "Sophie's Choice" and the other for what movie?

A: "Silkwood"
B: "Kramer vs. Kramer"
C: "The Bridges of Madison County"
D: "Out of Africa"

While he works in movie theaters, he's not that familiar with movies. So, he calls his movie buff, Eric, who came with Dickerson to the show's tryouts. With only about five seconds left, he says "Kramer vs. Kramer", and Dickerson agrees to kill the WIPEOUT threat and get to $25,000!
For $50,000:

Theoretically the lowest temperature possible, absolute zero has roughly what value on the Fahrenheit scale?

A: -260 degrees
B: -360 degrees
C: -460 degrees
D: -560 degrees

Having a memory of hearing about this from a previous source, he says -360 degrees....IT WAS A BAD SOURCE. It's actually -460 degrees. But he still saved the week from being a total disaster, and he is going home with $25,000!

Next is Wareen Deluty. He is on a roll, heading into this $25,000 question. This is for a chance to come back the next time to go for at least $50,000:

As a symbol of friendship between the two lands, the state flag of Hawaii features the flag of what nation in its upper-left corner?

A: Canada
B: Japan
C: Great Britain
D: The Philippines

He uses the 50:50, leaving Canada and Great Britain. His original though prior to the 50:50 is not there anymore. He then asks the audience, and 75% said Great Britain, while 25% said Canada. Knowing that the audience tends to be wrong on questions valued of at least $25,000, he calls his cousin, Mariam. She knows it's Great Britain, and when the player agrees, he'll be returning the next time!

Jeopardy!: Andrew Rostan, who won 31 big ones on the last show, defends for the first time against Juli Hinds and Brian Marshall. Whoever emerges as the champion after this show will take a rest for two weeks while the $100,000 College Tournament begins this Monday, which will eminate from USC.

In the meantime, we have this game. For Round 1, The New York Times section featured this show is The Arts. Rostan almost sweeps The Civil War, but Marshall gets the $1,000 clue.
The match gets fairly tighter afterwards up to the first break, and when we get there, Rostan leads with $3,200. The lady has $2,200, and Marshall has $2,000. Marshall starts to tip the scales in his favor after the two challengers each screw up on a few clues, having $5,000 at one point while the challengers have only about $1,000 each. He tries to sweep In the Middle of the State, where each of the clues there will have a few letters that are part of the state's name, and the players must come up with the right state. When he tries for the sweep on the $1,000 clue, he finds the Daily Double with $8,000, and he bets half ($4,000):

"Ask" me about these two states (I love them).

"What are Alaska and Arkansas?" UH, NO. "Ask" is nowhere to be found in Arkansas. The other state was Nebraska. Down to $4,000 he goes. After he gets the final $1,000 clue in It's a Scientific Fact, he ends the round still in the lead with $5,000. Marshall has $2,800 and the lady has $2,200.

One of the categories in Double Jeopardy! is "This Old House: The Green Project". Marshall gets back to the roll he was on late in the first round after getting the $2,000 clue in They Played Wyatt Earp, and he now has $11,400. Marshall, after getting the $1,200 clue in Fictional Ships, finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 clue. He has $4,800 to the champ's $11,400, and he bets $2,000:

Lieutenant Steve Maryk takes command of this destroyer-minesweeper from an unstable captain.

"What is....The King?"....right, and he now has $6,800! But Rostan adds to his lead by getting the $2,000 clue there. After getting a few clues in "T" Time, he is over the $15,000 mark. But the lady finds the other Daily Double in You Can Czech In Any Time You Like, and she has $4,800 at this point. Marshall has $7,200, and the champ has $15,400. The lady bets $3,600:

It's what we're experiencing outside in the Czech capital, or the name of Czechlslovakia's moment of reform in 1968.

"What is.....The Fresh Air?" LOL!!!!! The event was The Proad Spring, and she sinks to $600.
The "This Old House" category featured video clips from the show as Alex read the clues.
After the round ends, the champ has $17,800. But it's not over yet, as Marshall has $9,600 and the lady has $7,800.

FJ! category: U.S. Transportation.

Writing in the 1820s, Lafayette's secretary called it a "great channel of communication, executed in eight years".

I'm thinking of something like The Panama Canal. The lady writes down "What is the Erie Canal?"....right! She adds everything but a buck, and goes to $15,599. Marshall has that and doubles up to $19,200. Rostan has that....and bets $1,500 to retain and have a two-day total of $50,300! We'll see him again after the collegians have their fun.

Identity: This could very well be the last show of the series. They get off to a bad start when Jennifer Anderson busted out when going for $50,000.

The show tried to end with some money being won when Melissa Sandvig took the podium.
IDs for this game:

Jazz pianist
Beer tester
Co-hosted "The View"
NBA team owner
Ghost hunter
Porcupine trainer
Invented TiVo
Hostage negotiator
Ice skating teacher

Her first guess is #3 being the supermodel, and that's right for $1,000.

She then says the lady at lucky #7 was a co-host of "The View"....and she was, Debbie Matenopoulos to multiply the bank by five.

Sandvig then says the man at #9 is the Trekkie....yes, and she doubles to 10 grand.

She makes her first error by saying the man at #8 is the ghost hunter.

Then, she uses the Tri-dentity on the ice skating teacher, leaving the man at #8, the man at #4 and the woman at #5. Instead of asking the experts, she guesses #5 is the teacher....and that's another $5,000 for her.

Sandvig knows that the man at #6, Joe Maloof, is an NBA team owner (Sacramento Kings, to be exact) to go to $25,000.

Sandvig has trouble talking it out with her family members about IDing the mime, so the experts are asked. Mark says it's #4 because he believes that man held the position for a long time, just on the man's refusal to budge. All of the experts say #4. Sandvig agrees and doubles to $50,000! I suggest she stop now.....

...and she does! Not too bad of a way to go out. She would have guessed the man at #11 was the hostage trainer, but he's actually the TiVo inventor. The man at #1 was the porcupine trainer, the lady at #2 was the ghost hunter, #8 was the jazz pianist, the lady at #10 was the hostage trainer and the lady at #12 was the beer taster.
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