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4/9/2007 Results

TPIR: On an episode that was supposed to have been the show’s first episode for 2007, Catherine White starts the day by playing Spelling Bee for a Chevy Cobalt (Std., Safety) worth $14,385. Her freebie picks are #11 and #14. We start the SP brigade with a cereal dispenser, and White bids $129 (?!?!?)….WAY, WAY OVER. It’s just $40, so nothing for that. Next item is an iron, and she wises up and bids $30. It’s just $24, so she gets that and picks #27. Last SP is a weather radio, and she bids $45, which is $1 off, because it’s $46, so she gets that and #3. When offered $2,000 for the card, White says her sister is about to get married at the time of the show’s taping, but she goes for the car anyway. First card says R. Second one says A. Third one is another A….but the last one has a C, so she wins the car!

Linda Thomas then plays Bonkers for a trip to Acapulco. Wrong price is $8,635. She should be able to figure out where the first digit goes. First try is lower, higher, higher, lower….no, and she has about 20 seconds at this point. On the second try with about 15 seconds left, she changes the second marker to lower…wrong. She then changes the last marker to higher with about 11 seconds to go….she wins! ARP:

Another Linda, Linda Baeman, then plays One Wrong Price for a dinette marked at $1,195, a safe marked at $2,097, and a drum set with cymbals marked at $3,104. She thinks the safe’s price is wrong….I don’t think so. I thought the dinette was too cheap, but the price for that was still right. The drum set’s price was $2,337. But she does win $1,000 from the Big Wheel after a spinoff, and gets into the Showcase.

Kenneth Hollin then plays Barker’s Bargain Bar for a computer/printer marked at $1,698 and a bar set marked at $2,010. He thinks the bar set is the bigger bargain. The computer’s ARP: $3,698, a difference of $2,000. ARP for the bar set: $3,510, and with a difference of just $1,500 there, he loses.

Fred Willshaw II then plays Card Game for a Ford Ranger (Std., Wheels, AC, Cruise/Tilt, Stereo). Range this time is $3,000. He draws a Queen and a ten on his first two picks to go to $14,000. Next draw is a 4 of Clubs, so he has $14,400. Next draw is a 6 of Spades, so he is at 15 grand. He then draws a 9 of Diamonds, so he has $15,900 as the bid, and he quits there. ARP is $16,130, so he wins with the closest winning difference in a while, $230! If he had drawn one more card, he likely would have gone over.

Last is Phillip Fuller, who plays Now or Then for a brass bed. On this taped show, he was celebrating his 75th birthday with his wife! Products are Ritz crackers, Cheese onion toppers, soup, Azo medicine, CapriSun drinks and Coricidin HBP. First pick is the onions, which is marked at $3.05. He picks now…yes.
Next is the soup, marked at $1.02, and he says then, but that’s the price now. Third pick is the Ritz crackers, marked at $2.99, and he says now….then. He must get the rest of the products right to win.
The HBP medicine is marked at $5.99, and he says then….but it’s now and he loses. But he does get to the Showcase for a chance to win some birthday goodies.

First Showcase has Gabrielle looking through her laundry. First, she sees pants stained by some wine that came from a new wine refrigerator. Second, she finds a huge spaghetti sauce stain on one of her shirts, because she knows she ate way too much pasta wearing that same shirt while dining in Italy! And finally, she tries to bleach out the grass stain on her old jeans while camping in a new Supercross trailer!
Fuller bids on this, and bids $22,800. The lady has a living room, dance lessons and a Wurlitzer jukebox, and she bids $15,500.

ARP for Fuller: $27,238, a difference of $4,438. ARP for the lady: $13,014, meaning she’s over and Fuller’s birthday bash just got happier with a grand total of $30,212!

WOF: As we begin another one of those extra episode weeks, tonight’s players are Wanda Phillips, Dennis Tessen and Kerry McGraw. Phillips gets the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Show Biz puzzle, and the wheel now has a Lake Tahoe trip worth $4,526. After she calls the N’s, we have…

R _ _ _ E

_’ _ _ N N E L L

_ _ _ N _

_ _ E

_ _ E _

I know this now. But her A call is a dud. The only man here calls two S’s for $1,000, and buys the O’s. But he slips by the $10,000 prize and gets the Bankrupt. McGraw calls the D for the Free Spin, and then the V for $800. She then buys the I’s, and then the J for $300. She then calls the T, and solves ROSIE O’ DONNELL JOINS THE VIEW for $1,450.

Jackpot Round category is On the Map. After the winner of the last round calls the N’s, we have…

T _ R _ N T _

_ N T _ R _ _

_ _ N _ _ _

…this is where WWE wrestler Edge resides. After calling the O’s, she gets the Bankrupt, and decides to keep her Free Spin. Phillips calls the C and solves TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA for $1,000 in American money, and she goes to $4,000.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food and Drink. McGraw, after using her Free Spin, gets a Mystery Wedge. She calls three L’s and flips….$10,000! But she gets the Bankrupt next. After Phillips calls six E’s, we have…

_ O L D

_ O T T L E

O _

_ E E R

_ _ T _


_ E D _ E

O _

L _ _ E

But she then gets the Bankrupt. The man also gets the same fate. McGraw calls the F’s, and then two B’s. She then calls the A, and is down to $2,250. That goes down to zero with a Bankrupt.
Phillips calls a C, and then an H. She then buys two I’s, but gets the Bankrupt. After the man calls two W’s, we have…







W E D _ E


L I _ E

He then calls the G for the Wild Card and solves COLD BOTTLE OF BEER WITH A WEDGE OF LIME for $1,600 and a trip to Mexico, and he’s on the board with the lead and $7,600 in cash and trip.

McGraw solved BROOM CLOSET to go to $4,450, and the Speed-Up Round category is Living Things, with consonants each being worth $1,300. After the man calls the C, we have..

C _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _

_ _ _ S _ S

“CLYDESDALE HORSES?”….holy smokes, that’s right for the match with $8,900!

Tonight’s cars are a Dodge Nitro SXT 4X2 ($22,160) and an Infiniti G35 ($37,640). He spins the 1, and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ E _ _ _

T R _ _ _ _ _

He calls C, H, M, P and A and gets…

H E A _ _

T R A _ _ _ C

Does he know about HEAVY TRAFFIC? Sadly, he doesn’t, and doesn’t win another $30,000.

Lingo: This week, student-teacher teams are on the show. Ms. Bermejo and Kyle face Mr. Sarnoff and Spring. Jackpot today is worth $30,000. There is a set of lockers behind Chuck.
There is also a set of books on Shandi’s desk. Sarnoff’s team gets the first word of SPELL
(which makes sense, given this week). Their board:


They draw 28 and 60. They get QUOTE in two, and a 32 is drawn first. That means a 36 or 68 will give them a Lingo, but Spring has 24. The other teams steals with NAÏVE for their first 25 points, and their board is:


They draw 27 and 15. Sarnoff’s team steals with IDEAS to go to 75. The teacher has 16, meaning a 48 is also a Lingo possibility…but the student has 08. They get HURRY in four, and have four ways of making a Lingo on their current board. But Spring gets the stopper. After getting DIGIT, the teacher has 20 to Lingo, and they go to 175! They get AWARD to go to 200, and their new board:


They get 02 and 14, and that ends the round. The other team has 25.

Speaking of the other team, they get TEACH to go to 75. Ms. Bernejo has 39, meaning they can Lingo with either 55, 63, or a WILD…and Kyle has a WILD to Lingo and send the team to 175! If the team gets the next word, they take the lead. But Mr. Sarnoff’s team gets VERBS to keep the team ahead at 250. They draw 64 and 18. Ms. Barnejo and Kyle steal PUPIL to go to 225, and this is their new board:


They draw 01 and 53. They unscramble ERASE on turn two to take the lead with 275! The teacher has 35, meaning a 31, 63 or WILD will give them a bigger lead…there’s a WILD from the student, meaning they have 375! They didn’t need that Lingo, because they would have won anyway. But that extra Lingo gives them another bonus letter to work with in Bonus Lingo.

They get eight of the words in Bonus Lingo, all but locking up the $5,000. Board:

(09)(21)(31) (43) (XX)

If a 43 is picked on the first draw, they split $30,000. Kyle draws…51. The teacher has 43 three turns later for $5,000. The jackpot goes to $31,000 tomorrow.

DOND: Autumn Goolsby is back with us. She starts Round 2 by picking #18.....$1,000,000- OUT OF HERE. Next pick is #17....$200. Third pick is #7....$50. Fourth pick is #20....$400. Last pick is #25....$25. Second offer she turns down: $45,000.

Round 3: First pick is #3.....$5,000. At this point, Howie decides to take a seat in the audience while Goolsby chooses the remaining cases in the round by herself! Her second pick is #1....$10!
Howie's acting like a typical excited audience member is! Third pick is #10....$5! Last pick is #22.....$200,000. The offer goes to $54,000, and she says NO DEAL. Howie takes the hosting reigns back by this point.

Round 4: First pick is #9....$75,000. Second pick is #2.....$750,000- OUT OF HERE. Final pick is #4.....$500,000's GONE, TOO. The offer sinks to $14,000, and Goolsby is forced to read cue cards to practice her broadcasting skills before announcing the bank offer herself.

Round 5: #12 is the first pick....$75! Other pick is #21....$1,000. Offer goes to $20,000. NO DEAL.

She decides to go with #6.....but that's the $100,000, meaning the best she can do now is win $25,000. She turns down the offer of $3,000, and goes with #24....but that has $25,000.
She mercifully takes the next deal of $150. Her case had $750. She was a nice player, but it's a darn shame she had very little luck on this show. Good luck to her on her broadcasting career.

That means with no show this Sunday, for the second time ever, this show has suffered a WIPEOUT for the week.

New player is Debbie Montgomery. She picks #2 as her case.

Round 1: Opening pick is #7...$750. Second pick is #22....$100. Third pick is #26....MILLION GONE. Fourth pick is #10....$25. Fifth pick is #12....$500. Last pick is next door, or #13...$100,000. First offer she turns down: $22,000.

Round 2; Montgomery starts off with #16....$25,000. Second pick is #21....$50! Third pick is #14.....PENNY! Fourth pick is #11....$1,000. Last case opened is case #4....$75,000. Second offer she turns down: $55,000.

Round 3: First pick is #5....if you put a $ next to that 5, that's what's in the case- $5! Second pick is #6....$400,000. Third pick is #1....for $1, that is! Last pick is #15.....$75! The offer climbs to $108,000! She'll likely say NO DEAL to that next week, and will continue from there.

BTW, for you fans of Hershey's Kissables, a sweepstakes is being held where the ultimate winners will, I do believe, go on this show and possibly share in $100 MILLION DOLLARS. I'm not sure how that's going to work out at the end, but we'll see.
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