Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"American Idol" 4/17- They go country

Martina McBride (in no relation to my family) is the special guest and coach for the show this week.

Phil Stacey is first to do "Black Top" by Keith Urban. I gave him a 7. Randy said the performance was hot. Paula (and Randy) thought country was this singer's forte. Simon said this was the only time in the competition he saw personality from Stacey, and it was the perfect song choice. Total: 63.

Jordin Sparks is second to do "A Broken Wing" by McBride herself. She got off to a rough start, but got it going later on. I gave her a 6. Randy called it one of the more difficult songs this week, but still liked it very much. Paula continues to love her like I do. Simon even thought she might win this show after that performance! Total: 63.

Third is El Cheapo, Sanjaya Malakar! He sings "Something to Talk About"by Bonnie Raitt.
Country is not his forte, IMO. I gave him a 3. Randy thought it was karokey. Paula said he was just having fun on the stage. Simon thought it was horrendous. Total: 40.

Fourth is LaKisha Jones, who sings "Jesus Take the Wheel" by former Idol winner Carrie Underwood! I gave her a 9, because no one will beat Underwood's rendition of that song.
Randy noticed pitch problems at the start, and thought she could have done more with that song. Paula agrees with him. Simon thought that song didn't mix in well with her voice.
Total: 80.

Fifth is Chris Richardson, who sings "Mayberry" by Rascal Flatts. For a song I've never heard of, he did well with it. I gave him a 7. Randy thought he didn't connect with the song. Paula said there wasn't as much joy from him as it had been in previous weeks. Simon thought it was nothing more than a "nasaly, tinny vocal". Total: 42.

Sixth is Melinda Doolittle, who sings "Trouble is a Woman" by Julie Reeves. I've never heard of this song either, but she did slightly better than the previous singer, IMO! I gave her an 8.
Randy thought it was solid, like most of her other performances. Paula said she continues to make good song choices. Simon thought she was fantastic, and thought she resembled Tina Turner in that performance. Total: 57.

Final performer is Blake Lewis. "When the Stars Go Blue" by Tim McGraw is the song choice.
Again, I've never heard of this particular song. I HATED him this week, as his voice sounded weird on this performance, IMO. I gave him a 2. Randy thought it was a good song choice, and the arrangement was good. Paula agreed. Simon thought it was just OK. Total: 58.

My scoreboard:

LaKisha Jones- 80
Jordin Sparks and Phil Stacey- 63
Blake Lewis- 58
Melinda Doolittle- 57
Chris Richardson- 42
Sanjaya Malakar- 40

I think either Stacey or Richardson will be eliminated on the next show. Doolittle, even though she had a great performance tonight, could also be in the bottom three too.
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