Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bullrun 4/17

Checkpoint this stage is in Wendover, Utah, and the starting point is Elko, Nevada. There is a town called Elko near where I live.

The Alsops still have that alliance with the Lotus drivers, Brian Newberry and Danny Klein. The Alsops later notice that they have the advantage over the Lotus and Honda teams because their cars don't have cruise control. They notice that the F-150 does have cruise control (although that's not the case for the latest 4X2 trims of that truck).

At the checkpoint, here are the standings:

1st- Oldsmobile (1:50:54)
2nd- Lotus (2:00:41)
3rd- Trans Am (2:00:58)
4th- Honda (2:01:45)
5th- F-150 (2:03:56)
6th- Chevy (2:04:49)
7th- Charger (2:04:52)

These are CLOSE standings here. Everyone except the first place team (Oldsmobile) was within four minutes of each other! Also, the last two teams (Chevy and Charger) are seperated by only THREE seconds!

HOWEVER, Goldberg informs the Lotus and Honda teams that they were caught speeding during the first part of this stage. Because of this, Newberry and Klein fall to sixth place and the Dirty Rice team (Honda) is now DEAD LAST! The Alsops now move to second place and can't have their position stolen during the Checkpoint Challenge, like the Oldsmobile team.

The Oldsmobile team, the Cerquieras (Andre and Richard), choose the Lotus and F-150 teams to face off. The Alsops choose the Charger and Chevy teams to face off in the other matchup.

The F-150 team, because of the penalties being handed out, move up to third. They're risking that spot against Newberry and Klein.

The challenge this time is a straight road time trial. Along the way, the automobiles must drive through two banners. Just after the finish line is a brick wall, which they can wreck through if they like. The fastest time wins.

But we start with the Chevy and Charger teams. With the penalties being handed out, the Chevy team is risking their fourth place spot against the fifth-place Charger team.
The Charger team finished with 14.8.....while the Chevy team has 15.4, so the teams will switch places in the standings.

The Lotus team got a time of 11.4......while the F-150 team got a time of 13.3 while going throught the wall at the end, so the truck team falls to sixth, while Newberry and Klein move up to third. The F-150 suffered some problems, mostly on the front end, and take a long time fixing it.

The finish line from Wendover is located in Salt Lake City. And one big note- THERE WILL BE NO TIME BONUS, AT LEAST FOR THIS STAGE.

Newberry and Klein stop for gas early on. They also go to the bathroom. When they exited the station, they hit a bump just as they got back on the road. The Chevy team has the same thing happen to them, and lose about twelve minutes. They didn't hit a bump on the exit, though.

After the Lotus and Honda teams finish, they have a shouting match amongst each other because of the earlier penalties! The teams almost get into a fight, but cooler heads prevailed.

Final standings:

1st- The Cerquieras in the Oldsmobile
2nd- F-150 (impressive comeback!)
3rd- The "Trans Am" Alsops
4th- Lotus
5th- Honda

That leaves the Chevy and Charger teams, who were the original bottom two at the checkpoint before the penalties were handed out. The sixth team eliminated from this show is.....

...Team Chevy.
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