Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bullrun Show 7

At this point in the run, only the top two teams at the checkpoint are guaranteed to start the other part of a stage from their checkpoint positions after the checkpoint challenge. The other teams automatically have to face each other in the challenge.

The first leg runs to the checkpoint in Moab, Utah. The My Way/Highway option is back in play, as of right now. Also, at the time this episode was taped, it took place in the wee hours of the morning.

The Alsops get stopped by police because their front lights were on. As Morgan said, that’s ridiculous. I’ve never really heard of a law in this country where people can get ticketed for having certain lights on their car.

The Oldsmobile and the Charger teams go their own way. The Oldsmobile team gets stopped because one of their headlights burned out.

At the checkpoint, the Alsops (Trans Am) and the Oldsmobile teams are first and second respectively, so they will start from those spots in the second part of the stage. The leading team’s selection for a matchup is the Lotus team versus the Honda team. The second place team chooses the F-150 team against the Charger team.

In the latest challenge, each team must stay behind a truck with cargo boxes dropping out of the doors. Each team starts out with a base time of a minute, and a second is deducted from their time for each of the boxes they are able to avoid. They must do so while being in between the two ropes that are attached to the truck. If a rope is taken out, a ten-second penalty is given. The team with the best time wins.

The second selected matchup takes place first, with the F-150 team trying to get out of fifth place by facing the third place Charger team. The Charger team got by 31 boxes, meaning they have a final time of 29 seconds. The F-150 team missed….just 20 boxes, so the Charger and F-150 teams stay where they are in the standings.

The Honda team missed 22 boxes, for 38 seconds total. The Lotus squad….missed three more boxes than the Honda team. That means both teams stay where they were in the standings, with Lotus being fourth and Honda being last.

The finish line is located in Monument Valley, Arizona. The Time Bonus, after being absent the last time, is back in play this show. Just after getting started, most teams notice a mountain called Hole in the Rock, and just like I thought, the teams noticed it was a joke.

The Lotus and Trans Am teams continue their alliance during this part of the stage. The Alsops get the first of just two Time Bonus cards available, and each one is worth 45 minutes off a team’s final time. The F-150 team gets the other card.

The Oldsmobile team gets on a very dangerous dirt road in which if they had slid off the road, they would have taken a plunge and died.

Now, for the final standings:

The Alsops (Trans Am)

The seventh team eliminated is….

…as I thought it would be, Team Honda.
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