Monday, April 02, 2007

GSN's Third Millionaire Revealed

I know of the first finalist. But what about the rest in the Three Card Poker National Championship? Let's find out.

Jim Vartanian held onto his lead from the last show and became the second finalist.

The last semifinals consisted of Alice Walker, Paul Greene and Renato Delos Santos. You'll never believe this- Greene's favorite TV show is "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"!!!

He and Walker traded the lead for the majority of the match, although the dealer, for the most part, had the better hands. On the last hand of the match, Santos goes all in. Walker bet $1,000 on all of her bets that hand. Greene bet $3,000 on Pair Plus and $1,000 on the Ante. Big money on the line. The dealer that hand had Queen high. Santos had an Ace of Spades, a deuce of spades.....and a King of Diamonds. He wins the Ante and Play bets, but loses big on the Pair Plus, and therefore is mathematically eliminated from the match. Walker has a King of Spades, a 3 of Diamonds and a 5 of Diamonds, meaning although she lost on Pair Plus, it's still enough to beat Greene, $5,000 to $4,200!

Remember, Brian Beniek is the first finalist.

In the finals, all players start with a $10,000 stake. On the second hand of the final, Beniek bet $500 on Pair Plus and $100 for the other two lines...and beat the dealer's Ace high hand with three Queens! He won about $15,000 on that hand! Thus, he had a massive lead early on! On Hand 24, Beniek bet $1,100 on Pair Plus and $100 for the rest, while Vartanian bet $1,000 on Pair Plus and $500 on the rest. Walker bet $500 on all three bets. The dealer only managed King high. Beniek has a 2 of Clubs, a 4 of Clubs....and a Queen of Spades, meaning he loses big.
Vartinian has two eights, and he wins a lot! Walker has a 10 of Diamonds, a Jack of Diamonds....and a 9 of Diamonds, meaning she has a Straight Flush and wins $23,500 that hand, and is now the leader with $33,000! Beniek has second with $21,500 and Vartinian has 12 grand.

In the 29th hand, these were the bets from all the players...

Walker- $1,000 on all bets
Vartinian- $2,500 on Pair Plus, $400 on the rest
Beniek- $2,000 on Pair Plus, $100 on the rest

Vartinian folds, which is a tough break for him. The dealer has a Jack high, which does NOT qualify. Beniek has an Ace of Clubs, a Queen of Clubs....and a 9 of Spades, meaning he loses big on Pair Plus. But Walker has a 10-J-Q straight, winning her about $9,000 that hand!

Vartinian is pretty much out of it with $3,900 heading into the final hand. Beniek has $18,100, and Walker still has a big lead with $39,500.

The dealer's final hand doesn't qualify.

Beniek has a 3, a 4......and a 7, meaning he will finish in third place.

In order for Vartinian to win it all, he must have a Straight Flush, and Walker must not have a very good hand. He has an Ace of Hearts......

....a 2 of Clubs and a 9 of Clubs, meaning ALICE WALKER IS GSN'S NEXT MILLIONAIRE!!!!!
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