Friday, April 06, 2007

"Survivor: Fiji" 4/5

Last time, Yau-Man Chan found the first Immunity Idol, and has formed an alliance with Earl Cole over it.

BTW, James "Rocky" Reid, by virtue of his ouster on the last show, became the first member of the jury that will decide the Ultimate Survivor.

Reward Challenge: The teams will engage in a dancing challenge! The teams will do a certain Fiji dance, and will be judged on appearance, authenticity and spirit. The winners get a Fiji-style feast with some singing. Chan sits this challenge out.

Moto went first, and Ravu went second. Moto won because their dancing was more organized than Ravu. They send Lisi Linares back to Exile Island. If Ravu loses their next Immunity Challenge, Linares likely will be heading to the jury.

Immunity Challenge: The teams will test their aiming skills with three different weapons. In each round, each player will throw weapons at three different targets. In the first part of each round, the players will blow darts at a target. Whoever is closest to the bullseye earns a point for their team. In the second part, the players will have to throw spears at the target, and being closest to the target is worth 2 points for their team. Finally, the players will use a bow and arrow to hit the target, and being the closest earns the team 3 points. The team with the highest score at the end of the challenge wins immunity.

Moto benches Cassandra Franklin this challenge. Moto's Stacy Kimball outdoes Lisi Linares's first shot for Ravu with the darts. Mookie Lee of Ravu does better, taking over the lead. Dreams Herd two turns later betters Lee's shot. But Moto's Chan outdoes him. Alex Angarita of Ravu takes the lead back with his shot. Moto's Boo Bernis has his shot just a bit below the bullseye, taking over the lead. That shot held up, and Moto gets the first point of the challenge.

Now, for the spears. Linares totally strikes out on her spear shot for Ravu. Kimball does the same thing for Moto. Herd gets the first spear on the target, but it hit the outside portion of the target. Chan does the best spear shot so far to give Moto the advantage so far in this portion of the challenge. It holds up, so Moto leads 3 to 0.

Now, for the bow and arrow task. Linares strikes out again on a weapon for Ravu. Kimball of Moto does the same thing. Yi of Moto gets the first shot on the target, but it was on one of the outside sections of the target. Herd of Ravu betters the shot slightly. Chan of Moto then gets a shot to hit just below the red of the target, giving his team the advantage. The shot holds up, so Moto wins and still hasn't lost an Immunity Challenge!

As a result, Linares is voted out of the running by Ravu. She is relegated to the jury for the remainder of her stay on the show.
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