Friday, May 18, 2007

5/18/2007 Results

TPIR: Starting the show are Erica Martin, Sara Leeall, Jason Pool and Patricia Hickey. The first IUFB is a Honda motorcycle. Bids:

Patricia: $2,295
Jason: $2,296
Sara: $1,550
Erica: $1,551

ARP: $2,069, so Martin wins!

She plays Make Your Move for an ice cream sphere, a dinette and a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Board:


She guesses $29 for the ice cream sphere, $930 for the dinette and $3,046 for the trip. I know the sphere’s price is right, so I feel good….and she’s indeed a winner!

Charles Mangrum, Jr. then comes out of the crowd, and the next IUFB is an artwork of a city. Bids:

Charles: $995
Patricia: $775
Jason: $1,000
Sara: BUCK

ARP: $680, so Leall wins!

She is then ready to play ½ Off. First SPs are a retro telephone marked at $99 and a stereo marked at $35. She says the stereo is $70 and it is. Next SPs are a pitcher marked at $22 and a potato masher marked at $35. She says the potato masher is $70 and it sure is! Last pair of items are salt and pepper shakers marked at $12 and a hot tea maker marked at $18. She says the salt and pepper shakers are $24…she wins all the SPs! Left for the $10,000- boxes #2 and #3. Interesting. She picks the deuce….


Next player is Aaron Otto, and the next IUFB is a washer and dryer. Bids:

Aaron: $1,200
Charles: $1,201
Patricia: $900
Jason: $1,202

ARP: $1,668, so Pool plays Any Number for a wall clock or a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., AC, ALB, Heater, PProt). First number of the car is 1. His first pick is 6, and the clock is worth at least $600. Second pick is 8, and that’s the second number of the car ($ 1 8, _ _ _). Third pick is 5, and that’s the middle number of the piggy bank ($ _. 5 _). Fourth pick is 0, and that’s the last number of the piggy bank ($ _. 5 0). Fifth pick is 9…game over. He wins $9.50. The car was $18,274 and the clock was $613.

SSD1: Pool spins 35…and goes over. Martin spins 75 cents. Leall spins that and we go to a spin-off. Martin spins 75 cents….while Leall gets 20 cents, so Martin goes to the Showcase.

The next player to “Come on Down!” is Michael Katy, and the next IUFB is a collection of appliances. Bids:

Michael: $695
Aaron: $750
Charles: $696
Patricia: BUCK

ARP: $669, so Hickey, the last of the first four contestants called today, plays Check Out for a mini trailer worth $14,195. She bids $1.19 for the soup, $.69 for the Chips Ahoy!, $2.99 for the bag of Russell Stover candy, $3 for the Fiji water and $1.59 for the Glad wrap, for a total guess of $9.46, and I don’t feel good about this. The soup is $1.07, the cookies are 55 cents, the candy is $1.79, the water is $1.59 and the wrap is $2.99. The actual total is $7.99, for a difference of…$1.47 and she wins!

The next player to come out of the mob is Melody Schwiggert, and the next prize in the offering is a bar set. Bids:

Melody: $1,700
Michael: $2,100
Aaron: $2,101
Charles: $2,102

ARP: $2,396, so Mangrum then plays Money Game for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Airbags, Heater). Board:


Middle number is 9 ($ _ _, 9 _ _). He picks 17 for $17 before picking 18 as the front of the car ($ 1 8, 9 _ _). He picks 40 next…he wins the car ($ 1 8, 9 4 0) and $17! Only the second car game won this week!

Our last player to “Come on Down!” is Kimberly Hanjenski, and the last IUFB is a fitness machine. Bids:

Kimberly: $2,000
Melody: $1,800
Michael: $2,250
Aaron: BUCK

ARP: $1,599, so Otto will play Double Prices for a piano. It’s either $4,000 or $5,500. He says $5,500….no.

SSD2: Otto spins the dollar for $1,000! It’s not matched, so he’s in the Showcase. He spun too hard in the Bonus Spin.

First Showcase has Sandra Snitch revealing valuable secrets in art class. The first secret is that she drew a charcter called Mrs. Muncher, who is a person who loves to eat from a new kitchen. Her second secret is that Aunt Claire and Louie are arguing a lot over controlling the remote from a new TV. Finally, she finds her teacher, Mrs. Ditcher, leaving the school early to go to Austrailia. Otto bids $16,800. For Martin, we have a bedroom, swimsuits and a hovercraft, and she bids $17,200.

ARP for Martin: $21,340, a difference of $4,140. ARP for Otto: $22,289, which is not quite enough, so Martin wins $27,414 in prizes. Otto leaves with $2,599.

WWTBAM: It's Tom Bergeron's last day as a guest host on this show. Valerie McFarland is back with us on this day. For $8,000:

For reasons understood by anyone familiar with the Metric System, what day always falls within "National Metric Week"?

A: March 3rd
B: February 2nd
C: August 8th
D: October 10th

She asks the audience, and 64% said October 10th. She agrees and is right. For $25,000:

What celestial object is defined by the face that it has crashed onto the Earth's surface?

A: Meteorite
B: Meteoroid
C: Meteor
D: Asteroid

My gut feeling is a meteorid, but I'm not totally sure. She calls her cousin, Curtis, who says asteroid, but it's just a guess. The 50:50 leaves the answers I thought would remain- meteorite and meteoroid. She stops with $16,000. I was wrong, because the answer was meteorite.

Brandon Christy left with $1,000 after missing a $2,000 question and Lori Cahan-Simon left with $4,000 after passing on an $8,000 question about the Dow Jones market.

It's very unfortunate that neither guest host gave away a ton of money on their respective week. Maybe things will go better next season.

Family Feud: The Alvarezes defend for the first time against the DiLorenzos. The champs score the first 45 points on places where women are most likely to meet classy men. The DiLorenzos get 41 points on famous celebrities who are not good in choosing their husbands.

Double: Other ways people call others "rich". Starting with:

#2- Wealthy (35, Giselle)

The champs take control. David says millionaire....dud. Alex says loaded....NUMBER ONE (39)!
Lourdes says tons of money (?!?!?!)...makes absolutely no sense, and it's not there. Becky says well-off....that and well-to-do are #3 (4)! Giselle says Paris Hilton...nice try, but that's three strikes. For the challenger steal, Amy says stacked...NO, so the Alvarezes go to 201. #4 was affluent (3) and #5 was high class (3).

Triple: Something that hops. Ramon of the challengers says frog...#3 (14). David says kangaroo...#2 (27), so the champs play. Alex says a rabbit, and that's NUMBER ONE (44)! Only the dreaded bottom answer remains. Lourdes says that answer is a cricket...but it's not. Becky says Giselle says a grasshopper....that's it (12) and they win at 492!

Fast Money: Becky and Giselle play these questions...

1. Real or fictional, name an animal you might find in a fairy tale.
2. Something you like when it's hot and fresh.
3. An easy card game.
4. Something you see in a college dorm room.
5. On a scale of 1-10, how tough of a boss is Donald Trump?

Giselle says mermaid (bad), lemonade (really, really bad), Go Fish (#1), books and 9 for 43. Becky says Winnie the Pooh (incredibly bad, but seven people said it!), soup, Old Maid, bed and 5 for 75 and $375 for a two-day total of $20,375.

Top answers for the other questions:
1. A unicorn (This was tough to get.)
2. Bread
4. A computer
5. 10 (They should've at least gotten this.)

WOF: Wrapping up a fine stay in San Diego, our last military contestants this week are David Coleman (a helicopter person from the Marine Corps in the blue), Tabetha Banks (a technical seargant in the Air Force) and John Stickles (from the Navy). Coleman gets the opening Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Prize Puzzle in the category of Things. Out on the wheel at this point is a $5,500 trip to Cabo San Lucas. When we get back to Coleman, we have...

S _ M _ _ _ N I E S

_ _

M _ _ A R T

I think I know it, but he gets a Bankrupt. Banks calls the P for the Free Spin. She calls the O's and solves SYMPHONIES BY MOZART for $1,100 and a trip to Vienna, for a total of $5,600.

Jackpot Round category is Food and Drink. After Banks calls the C's, we have...

_ _ I C _

C _ I C _ E N

_ T R I _ _

_ _ T _

_ I _ _ I N _

_ A _ C E

...and she says SPICY CHICKEN STRIPS WITH DIPPING SAUCE...that's right for $3,450 and a $1,000 gift certificate, for a new total of $10,050.

$10,000 Mystery Round category this time is Before and After. By this point, Coleman's name tag keeps falling off, and at one point this round, it fell on one of the wheel's wedges! Pat Sajak took it away for now. Banks lands on a Mystery Wedge later in the round and calls three R's. She flips....Bankrupt. When Stickles takes over, we have....


L _ N _

_ _


_ R E E

T R _ _ L

_ _ _ E R

..after calling four F's, he solves THE LAND OF THE FREE TRIAL OFFER to get on the board with $3,600.

He then solves CONSOLE TABLE to go to $6,600. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase, and consonants are worth $1,600 each. This will decide it. After Banks calls a D, we have...

N _ _ _

T _

T H _

G R _ N D _ T _ N _ guess from her. After Stickles calls the E's, we have...

N _ _ E

T _


G R _ N D _ T _ N E

...and he solves NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE to steal the match with 13 grand! Banks has $10,050 and Coleman has $3,000.

He spins the first zero, and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_' _

_ _ _ _ L E _

He needs to get some help in the first part of the second word. Stickles calls M, H, C and I and gets...

I ' M

_ _ _ _ L E _

...I thought he had it with I'M HUMBLED based on his choices before the other letters were revealed, but it didn't turn out that way. It was I'M BAFFLED, and if he had called the F's, he would have won $25,000.

Lingo: This is the first show of the Online Players vs. Best Studio Players shows for this season! It's Michael and Dianna vs. previous $31,000 winners Rachel and Amy. The ladies get FATAL on a steal to get the game's first 25 points and this board:


They draw 08 and 12. They then get MODEM in four to go to 50. Rachel has 48, meaning a 68 will give them a Lingo...and Amy has it to send the team to 100! The online players get on the board by saying BELCH in four guesses. Their opening board:


They draw 03 and 55. They get CAPE in the max to double up, but Mike gets a stopper right away. But they steal SIEGE to go to 75. Mike has 35 first, making 31 ripe for a Lingo...but Dianna has 67, opening up 19 and 23. They get VALET in three to tie the game. Mike has 51, opening up 63...and Dianna has 19 to give them the outright lead with 150! The ladies get HYENA to go to 125 and this new board:


They draw 68 and a stopper. But they get RADIO on a steal to tie it up again! Rachel has 42, opening up 14 for a Lingo...but Amy has 50. That opens up 54 as the round ends.

The ladies get UNITY in two to take the lead for the moment with 200. A 14, 50 or a WILD will give them a bigger lead. Rachel has 14 for a Lingo and a new total of 300! The online team gets WAFER in four to go to 200 and get this new board:


Michael has a WILD, and picks 27 in one of his "DOH!" moments. Dianna has 05, opening up 63 for a Lingo. The ladies get GLITZ to go to 350 and earn this new board:


They get 56 and 70. They get AORTA to put this game out of reach. They can't make their third Lingo, but they still win with 400, meaning the TV players draw first blood this season! The online players won last season's battle, three games to one.

The big-money winners have three Bonus Letters to work with in Bonus Lingo. They get four words. Board:


If they get 20 on their first draw, they will win tonight's $15,000 jackpot, and will become this version's all-time biggest winners by TWO BUCKS. Rachel has.....

...52. They don't make a Lingo in the remaining draws, so they get $400 this time, for a new total of $31,400.
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