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5/2/2007 Results

TPIR: Kristi Ann Shear is first today to play for a daybed marked at $1,603 and a BBQ grill marked at $2,539 in Switch? She leaves the prices alone….but loses.

Vincent Knowe, who came to show with a bunch of scholars from Arizona State University, plays Punch-a-Bunch. First SP is a football-themed slow cooker marked at $12. He says higher, and it’s $15. Second is an MP3 kitty marked at $35, and the guess is higher, but it’s just $28. Third is a pitcher marked at $15, and he says higher, and it’s $22. Last SP is a shaving system marked at $100, and he says higher, and that’s $110. Three punches on the board for him. He first punches out hole #28, and pulls out the slip!!! Bob scolds him, and the player is forced to put it back in. He punches out holes #1 and #33. #28, the one the player tried to reveal the value of prematurely, has $1,000.
Knowe goes on for #1, but that has $50. #33 has what he had in the first place, $1,000, and that’s what he wins.

Kaleb Womack then plays Ten Chances for a travel mug, a weather station and a Ford Fusion. For the mug, the possible numbers are 0, 1 and 3. He says $30 for the mug and is right. For the weather station, we have 0, 5, 6 and 7 as possible numbers. First guess is $675, which is wrong. He then says $650…no. Next is $750…nope. Next is $570….still no. Next is $765, which is wrong also. Next is $560….no. Next is $760…finally! Now, for the car. The numbers in the price are 0, 1, 5, 8 and 9. First guess is $19,580, which is wrong. This is his last chance. He says $15,980, which is definitely wrong. The car was $18,590.

Shear gets to the Showcase and wins $1,000 off the wheel.

Felice Anthony then plays Most Expensive for a lawn mower, surfboards and a bar set. Her pick as the most expensive is the bar set. The lawn mower is $1,450, the surfboards are $1,000 and the bar set is $2,499, so she’s the first winner of the show!

Deborah Lewis then plays Cover Up for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Airbags, Stereo, Prots). Board:

First number: 2 or 3?
Second number: 0, 7 or 9?
Third number: 0, 1, 2 or 4?
Fourth number: 2, 5, 6, 7 or 8?
Fifth number: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9?

First guess is $20,159, and the first two numbers are right. Second guess is $20,487, and the 4 is right now. Third guess is $20,461, and the 1 is right. Final guess is $20,471, but it’s $20,421 and she loses.

Nicholas is last to play Pick-a-Pair for a dining room worth $6,000. He picks the Ranch dressing first, and that’s $2.99. He says the jellybeans are $2.99….and he wins!

But the only loser this half gets into the Showcase.

The first Showcase features what’s actually going on in the famous painting “American Gothic”. First, the daughter looks bored with her father, so he tries to spice him up with a new portable DVD player. That doesn’t work, so the father tries to liven things up by sending the couple to Tahiti. Finally, since that still doesn’t work, the daughter blows this popsicle stand in her new Ford F-150 (Std., Prot)! Shear bids $26,000. Lewis has things that will help her get away. First, listen to music from a new MP3 player. Second, take a cruise to the Mediterranean. Finally, she could cruise her own waters in a new Catalina 25” Sailboat! She bids $39,455, which is not a bad bid.

ARP for Shear: $29,802, a difference of $3,802. ARP for Lewis: $42,525, meaning with a difference of $3,070, she’s won! That’s a grand total of $43,464 for her!

WWTBAM: Mallory Furia is back with us. For $16,000:

In a presidential debate, who famously asked viewers, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”
A: Jimmy Carter
B: Bill Clinton
C: Ross Perot
D: Ronal Reagan

Furia hates this question because she doesn’t follow politics at all. She uses the 50:50, leaving Clinton and Reagan. This isn’t too helpful, so she takes the $8,000 home. I thought it was Clinton, but it was Reagan.

Next player is Jeff LeCates. He had to ask the audience to get the $500 question right. For $4,000:

In 2006, what state’s Supreme Court ruled that its lawmakers must provide the rights and benefits of marriage to same-sex couples?

A: Delaware
B: Oregon
C: Minnesota
D: New Jersey

The 50:50 leaves Oregon and New Jersey. He then calls Simon, who says he’s sure it’s New Jersey. LeCates agrees and is right. For $16,000:

Abraham Lincoln’s gangly build has led many historians to speculate that he suffered from what disease?
A: Marfan syndrome
B: Crohn’s disease
C: Graves’ disease
D: Asperger syndrome

He goes with Marfan syndrome….right! Next, for $25,000:

Lyophilization is better known as what?
A: Crop-dusting
B: The bends
C: Surround sound
D: Freeze-drying

Despite the fact he knows a few people at home are yelling that he shouldn’t pick that answer, he goes with Freeze-drying….and he is up to $25,000! For $50,000:

Downloaded in February 2006, the billionth song purchased from the iTunes music store was a song by what artist?
A: Sean Paul
B: Coldplay
C: Natasha Bedingfield
D: Black Eyed Peas

He was thinking about going with Coldplay, but switches out at the last moment. That would have been right. He gets the other question wrong, so he leaves with the $25,000.

Anita Neubauer is next. She had to ask the audience to get the $500 question right about the song “Camptown Races”. Before Meredith Viera told the player she was right, she made the audience sing part of the song! After getting to the $1,000 mark, she will be back tomorrow.

Family Feud: The Horns, with two Tyrones, are back for their third time against the Kissells. The champs strike first blood with 81 on places you don’t want to wake up in after a wild night of partying. They add another 70 on things you have a hard time controlling.

Double: If a man is called a “dude”, what should you call a woman? Starting with:
2. Dudette (22, Garrett)

The challengers PASS this question to the champions. Stephanie says gal, and that’s the bottom answer (7)! Tyrone #2 says dame…nope. Carol says chick, and that’s #3 (10)! Tyrone #1 says lady….no. Uncle Rick, who took too much time thinking at the face-off, says babe….that and baby are NUMBER ONE (26)! Back to Steph, who says broad….that’s #4 and they score a sweep for 148, and they just missed an instant win by one point!

Triple: Name something that people let grow way too long. Troy of the challengers says moustache…all types of hair are NUMBER ONE (54)! They play this time. Jody says grass…#3 (10)! Casey says fingernails….#2 (33)! Destri draws a blank. Garrett says eyelashes….strike two. Back to Troy, who says one’s debt….three strikes. If the champs steal this one, they win; otherwise, we go to Sudden Death. Carol says weeds….NO, so 291 goes to the Kissells. #4 was ivy/vines (2).

Sudden Death: Tyrone #2 and Jody play. Question: Name a way people shop without leaving home.
Top answer was the Internet….

..and Tyrone #2 has it, so the champs retain at 527!

Fast Money: Carol and Stephanie play it out again.
1. Something people get kicked out of.
2. Name a common color for a feather.
3. Name any part of Britain’s royal family.
4. Something you need when you are moving.
5. A sport where players score goals.

Carol blanked on the third question. She said house, white (#1), moving truck (#1) and hockey for 138! Stephanie says school for the first question…29 said it, and that’s #1! 33 away. She says gray for a feather color…18! Next of her answers is Prince William…9 said that. Top answer for the middle question was Prince Charles. For the moving question, she says dolly (?!?!!?)….but 12 said that, meaning they’ve won $20,000 for the second time in a row! Very rare! Three-day total: $40,990!

WOF: On Day 3 of “Mom and Me Week”, we have Joy and Kristen Bentole (in the blue), Mildred and Pam Parker and Debbie Thompson and Matt Kolowitz. The Bentoles get the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start a Food and Drink puzzle, which is tonight’s Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a trip for both team members to Aruba worth $7,590. After the Parkers call the A’s and the E, we have….

_ _ _ _ A _ E _ _ A

T _ _ A T _

A N _

_ A S _ _

S A _ A _

They call four L’s for $2,400 and now we have…

_ _ _ _ A _ E L L A

T _ _ A T _

A N _

_ A S _ L

S A L A _

I know what it is. But their C call is a dud. The couple in the middle call the D’s for $600, the M for the Free Spin and the O’s. They solve MOZZARELLA TOMATO AND BASIL SALAD for $350 and a trip to Rome, Italy, for a total of $8,950.

Jackpot Round category is Around the House. After the winners of the last round call the E’s, we have…

_ _ A _ E L E S S


S _ _ _ E _

_ _ _ _

I only know the first half of the puzzle. They call the N on the $3,500 space, but it’s a dud and they use their Free Spin. They call three R’s for $900 and now we have…

_ R A _ E L E S S

S _ _ _ E R

_ _ _ R

This was tough. They get the Wild Card with an M, and the first word now reads
_ R A M E L E S S. But their turn ends when they repeat the A. The Bentoles call a $900 F, but their D call is bad. The Parkers call the C, but that’s no good also. The couple then loses the Wild Card and everything else to a Bankrupt. The Bentoles hit Bankrupt also.
The Parkers call a P, but that’s no good, also. The couple calls the W, but the I call is a dud. The Bentoles call the H, and after calling the O’s, solve FRAMELESS GLASS SHOWER DOOR to mercifully get us out of this round and go to $5,000.

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Before and After, and it’s a fairly big puzzle. The couple lands on a Mystery Wedge right away. They call two T’s and flip…Bankrupt.
After they call the V later, we have…

_ _ _

_ _ _


_ _ _ _


_ _ _’ R E

_ _

H E R _

S A _ _ _ _ _ H

I know this now. They call three Y’s for $1,800, and call the O’s. They call three D’s for $900 more and solve DID YOU EVER KNOW THAT YOU’RE MY HERO SANDWICH for $2,750, and they go to $11,700.

They get ROMANCE NOVEL to go to $14,700. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase, and consonants are worth $1,300 apiece. After the Parkers call the A’s, we have…

_ _ _ _

_ T

A N _

_ A _ _

_ T

_ _ T T _ _

I know it now, but they don’t. The team in the middle calls the R, but can’t solve. The Bentoles call the D, but can’t solve. The Parkers call the B but can’t solve. The couple calls the I’s, but say LIKE IT AND MAKE IT BETTER, which is wrong. The Bentoles call the M, but still can’t solve. The Parkers call the K’s and say KICK IT AND MAKE IT BETTER (?!?!?!)….NO FREAKIN’ WAY. The couple finally steals with KISS AND MAKE IT BETTER to win the match with $17,300. The Parkers get the $2,000 consolation.

Given what happened tonight, I’m not so sure about tonight’s bonus round. They spin the S in CASH, and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ T _ _ R _ _ _

They call H, M, P and O and get…

_ _ T O _ R _ P H

…they get AUTOGRAPH! They win $30,000 for a total of $47,300!

Jeopardy!: Tonight’s players are Pete Troyan from Michigan, Ashley Grand from Harvard and Cliff Galiher from UCLA. Alex mentions at the top of the show that there are more women then men in this year’s College Tournament (nine to six, to be exact).
The UCLA man takes the lead at the first break with $3,800. Troyan is exactly a grand behind, and Grand has $1,600. Grand gets the $800 clue in Homophones to go to second place with $4,000. After getting the $600 clue in Term Papyrus, Galiher finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue there. He still leads with $5,600, while Grand has $4,200 and the Michigan man has four large. The leader bets two thousand:

A papyrus copy of “Constitution of Athens” by this tutor of Alexander the Great was discovered in 1890.

“Who is Aristotle?”…right to go to $7,600! He finishes the round with $8,600. Troyan has $4,600 and the lady in the middle has $4,200.

After Haiku Goes Country! is completed, Troyan goes Daily Double hunting. Galiher steals the first Daily Double from Troyan under the $1,200 clue in Before He Was President. He has $10,600 at this point, while Troyan has $9,800 and the lady has $6,200.
He bets five large:

He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan 13 straight times.

“Who is Ford?”…as in the infamous Gerald Ford, that is right to go to $15,600! He then tries a little Daily Double hunting of his own. But Troyan gets the last three clues in Surf’s Up to get back in the thick of it with $13,400. After getting the $2,000 clues in Ends with “UM” and Before he was President, he now has $17,400 to Galiher’s $19,600.
He finds the other Daily Double on the next turn under the $1,600 clue in Short Fiction. He bets $2,500:

In this Edgar Allan Poe story, “A….document of the last importance” was stolen from “The Royal Apartments”.

“What is The Purloined Letter?”….he’s the new leader with $19,900! The match between the two boys stays real tight, and at the end of the round, Troyan still leads with $25,500, while Galiher has $21,200. The odd lady out has $7,400.

FJ! category: Word Origins.

This word for an action that could cause you to fail class comes from the Latin for “kidnap”.

I think it’s “cheat”. But let’s see what happens. The lady has “What is Skip” and is wrong. Unless the boys bomb out big time, she’s going home with that amount. Galiher has “What is hookie?” and is also wrong. He loses $4,400 and is now at $16,800. Troyan has my guess of “What is cheat?”….BUT WE’RE ALL WRONG! Correct response: What is plagiarism? If he bet less than $8,700, he wins….he bet just $501, so he’s an automatic semifinalist! Bruce Cassis and Grand are eliminated.

Wild Card Standings:

Cliff Galiher- $16,800
Alice Luo- $16,400
Haritha Sundanagunta- $14,000
Hayley Clatterbuck- $13,500
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