Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5/22/2007 Results

TPIR: The first ones to “Come on Down” are Annette Melville, Wendy Moore, Daniel Harpole and Larry Alvina. The first IUFB is a hammock. Bids:

Annette: $600
Wendy: $1,200
Daniel: $1,150
Larry: $450

ARP: $1,212, so Moore wins! She plays Clearance Sale for luggage, a popcorn cart and a daybed. The sale prices are $400, $1,400 and $2,600. She places $400 on the popcorn cart, $1,400 on the luggage and $2,600 on the daybed…but she switches the cart and luggage prices at the request of the audience. Good thing, because she wins as a result!
The luggage was $1,250, the cart was $2,164 and the daybed was $2,949.

The next player to come out of the audience is Alexa Eaglestone, and the second IUFB is a laptop computer. Bids:

Alexa: $1,200
Daniel: $999
Larry: $1,400
Annette: $1,201

ARP: $1,079, so Harpole wins! He then plays Let Em’ Roll for a Chevy Aveo (Std., AT, ALB) worth $15,265. He gets by the groceries no problem for his three rolls. The first roll has…four cars and $1,000! Second roll has $500….and sadly, he gets the same thing on his last roll, so that’s all he wins.

Next to “Come on Down” is Lula Bauman, and the third IUFB is a dinette. Bids:
Lula: $1,295
Larry: $1,750
Annette: $1,800
Alexa: BUCK

ARP: $995, so the crazy Eaglestone plays Freeze Frame for a trip to Malaysia. The pairs of numbers available are 10, 28, 35, 45, 52, 70, 72, and 86. She freezes at $5,286…but it’s $8,672.

The man gets to the Showcase via a spinoff.

The next person to “Come on Down” is Vivian Thomas, and the next IUFB is a home gym. Bids:

Vivian: $1,700
Lula: $1,000
Larry: $1,199
Annette: $900

ARP: $1,599, so Alvina will play Switch? for a baker’s rack marked at $3,149 and a motorcycle marked at $2,022. He switches…and wins!

Next to leave the audience is Monica Bloom, and the fifth IUFB is an expresso machine. Bids:

Monica: $500
Annette: $799
Vivian: $800
Lula: $699

ARP: $1,299, so Thomas plays Punch-a-Bunch. First SP is a toaster/sandwich maker marked at $45. She says lower…$39! Second is a weather station marked at $50, and she says higher…$80! Third is a stoneware box marked at $18, and she says higher…$25!
Last SP is a lantern radio marked at $30, and she says lower…but that’s $40. She has three punches. She punches out holes #4, #32 and #48. #4 has $100. #32 has $1,000.
Edward wants her to stop with the $1,000, but she continues to her last hole, #48….and ends up with half value, or $500.

The last person to come out of the crowd is Alexander Hermelan, and the final IUFB is a new camcorder. Bids:

Alexander: $1,100
Lula: $900
Monica: $750
Annette: $901

Everyone overbids, so they bid again.

Alexander: $675
Lula: $550
Monica: $565
Annette: $700

ARP: $599, so Bloom will play Dice Game for a Chevy Cobalt. First number of the car is 1. This game is Bloom’s favorite, so let’s hope she wins. She rolls a 5 for the second number, which is not it, and I groaned. But she says higher and is still alive. It’s 4.
She rolls a 3 for the third number, which is not it, and she says higher…she loses now. ARP: $14,234. But she does get to the Showcase.

The first Showcase takes a trip to the Eye Emporium. First, safety glasses are necessary when working with new power tools. Second, a Mardi Gras mask is needed at all costs when visiting New Orleans. Finally, goggles are needed to help you guide through the water while navigating a new Chaparell Ski Boat. The man bids $13,200, and everyone hated that bid. For Bloom, we have an arcade game, a game table, a pinball machine and a Mexican Cruise. She bids $12,537 and wins the day and $17,973 in prizes.

WWTBAM: Back with us is Heather Bright. She starts with this $16,000 question:

In 2006, Jimmy Carter's son, Jack Carter, lost a bid to unseat an incumbent U.S. senator in what state?

A: Nevada
B: Oklahmoa
C: Wisconsin
D: South Carolina

She's stumped, so she calls her dad, Paul. But he draws a blank, so the 50:50 is used, leaving
Nevada and Wisconsin. She quits with the $8,000 accumulated yesterday. The answer was Nevada.

Next is Heidi Dezayas, who is majoring in what I'm trying to major in- Broadcast Journalism! She also wants Meredith Viera's job!! She had to ask the audience to get the $1,000 question right. For $2,000:

A short-lived 2006 TV drama about brain surgeons had what unusual title, a reference to the human brain's approximate weight?

A: "3 lbs."
B: "5 lbs."
C: "7 lbs. "
D: "9 lbs. "

I've never watched it, but I've heard of it as a CBS show. But she calls her sister, Heather, who says 5 lbs and is pretty sure. She decides to use the 50:50 and "5 lbs." is wrong. Three and seven pounds are left. She goes with "3 lbs." for $2,000. She stops there. This is the second show in a row where a contestant has stopped at $2,000.

Our last player today is Phil Beckerich. He is known in his hometown of Yonkers, NY (home of Tommy Dreamer) as "The Answer Man". For $4,000:

Which of these summery cocktails is said to be a breath-freshener because it is usually made with mint?

A: Mojito
B: Pina Colada
C: Daiquiri
D: Margarita

He asks the audience, and 95% said Mojito. He agrees and is right. He gets the $8,000 question right before time expires.

Cash Cab: First to enter- Amanda and Jim. Their game is going 44 blocks to 55th Street at Madison. They miss their last $25 question about sandals for their first strike. They have to use a Mobile Shout Out on this first $50 question:

Produced when Iron reacts with water, the compound "Iron Oxide" is more commonly known as what?

The person on the phone says rust, and they agree...right! They miss a $50 question after that on the term astronomy. They get the remaining two $50 questions to go to $225 as the $100 round begins. They use their Street Shout Out on this one:

A risk on long flights, economic-class syndrome is scientifically known as Deep Vein _______.

The person is of no help, and they can't come up with the right answer- it was Deep Vein Thrombosis, and they're broke.

Sam and Barbara are next. Their game goes to 19th at Fargo, 42 blocks long. They sweep the opening questions for $100. They get their first strike on a question about construction things.They get all of their $100 questions before they arrive at their target destination, finishing with $850. They decide not to do the Video Bonus question and take their money.

Carl is headed to Sullivan and Prince, and the last game of the day is 40 blocks long. He breezes past the $25 round....and the $50 round as well, so he has $300 at this point! He gets four of the $100 questions before the trip ends to finish with $700. He risks it on this Video Bonus question:

$14.6 billion and counting. Due to its price tag, this mammoth project is America’s most expensive construction job in history. Name the city where the project is located.

“Would it be Boston?”….he’s just won $1,400!

WOF: Tonight, we have Jess Stacknik (in the blue), Kevin Dees and Stephanie Dolan. Stacknik gets the first two Toss-Ups for $3,000, and will start an Event puzzle. Tonight's NYC trip features tickets to the play "Monty Python's Spamalot", and it's worth $5,617. After Dolan calls the G's for the NYC trip, we have....

_ E _ _ G _ _ _ G


_ _ _ R A _

A R R A _ G E _ E _ T

...I think I know. She calls the N's for $2,400, and then the M for another $500. After buying the I's, she calls the L's for the Free Spin. She buys the O and solves DESIGNING A FLORAL ARRANGMENT for $2,400 and the trip, for a total of $8,017.

Jackpot Round category is Before and After. After the winner of the last round calls the H, we have...

_ _ _ _ E T

S H O _

O _

_ O _ _ E

..I have an idea. She calls the P's for $1,800, and after calling two F's for $600, we have...

P _ P P E T

S H O _


F O _ _ E

...my guess is out the window. She buys the U and calls a $400 W. Her L call is a dud, so she has to use her Free Spin. She calls an R and solves PUPPET SHOW OF FORCE for $4,150, $1,000 of which came from Transitions Lenses, for a new total of $12,167.

$10,000 Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Place. After Dolan calls the H's, we have...


_ _ _ T _ E T H

_ T _ T E

...a trip to Hawaii is on the line, kids. But she gets a Bankrupt. Stacknik calls the S for the Wild Card, but her next call of R is a miss. The man also strikes out with a G call. Dolan calls the F's and after filling out the rest of the puzzle, solves THE FIFTIETH STATE for the trip and $1,300, and she's now up to $20,276!

Stacknik gets COLLEGE PRESIDENT to go to $6,000. Next category is Thing. After the scoreless man calls the O's, we have...

T _ _ E _ E S S

_ O _ E

S T O R _

...I have it. He calls the L's for $1,800 and buys the I. He calls a $400 M and after calling the V, he solves TIMELESS LOVE STORY to finally get on the board with $3,400. Speed-Up Round category is Fictional Character, and consonants are worth $1,300 apiece. After he calls the M's, we have...

T H _

M _ _ H _ _ _ N

M _ N

...but he's clueless. Dolan calls the A, which fills out the last word of MAN, but she's stumped. Stacknik calls the E's and solves THE MICHELIN MAN to finish with $8,600, but Dolan is our champion with $20,276! The man on the panel has $3,400.

She spins the first zero and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ S _ _ _ L E

_ _ _ L

I think it's something POOL. Dolan calls P, C, M and A and gets...

_ A S _ A _ L E

_ _ _ L

...it's not something POOL now. This was hard- it was WASHABLE WOOL, and she doesn't win another $30,000.

Lingo: Dan and Jill face Jim and Kelly tonight. Dan and Jill score first with FENCE and get this board:


They pull 01 and 05, meaning 09 will give them a Lingo. Jim and Kelly even it up on a steal with SNACK, and their first board looks like this:


They draw 06 and 26, meaning a 50 will give them a Lingo. Dan and Jill do a steal of their own with NOVEL to go to 50. They draw 37 and 53, opening up 13. They get GRATE in four to go to 75, but Dan instantly pulls a stopper. They steal MISTY to go to 100. Dan has 13 on his pull for a Lingo, and he and Jill go to 150! Jim and Kelly get JERKS at the last second to go to 50.
Kelly gets 50 right away to send the team to 100! Dan and Jill get PRIDE to go to 175 and get this new board:


They draw 27 and 51 to end the round.

Jim and Kelly read my ESP on their first turn by solving UNDER! Their new board:


Jim gets a WILD and marks 24 with it. Kelly has 44, meaning another WILD or 64 will give them another Lingo. They solve BREAK in three to take a slight lead with 200! Kelly has 28....while Jim has 04, opening up 08. Dan and Jill steal LOGIC to take the lead back for the moment with 225, but Dan quickly gets a stopper. Jim and Kelly get WORKS in three to take the lead back in this see-saw match with 250. Jim has 08, so they get a bigger lead with a new total of 350! Dan and Jill get DUMMY to go to 275. Now, these are the last pulls of the game. If they make a Lingo, they will win the game. Jill pulls a WILD first, and marks 55 with it. If Dan has a 15 or another WILD, they win....

...but Dan has 11, so Jim and Kelly win!

Jim and Kelly have three Bonus Letters to work with in Bonus Lingo. They get five words. Board:


If 44 is pulled on the first draw, they will win the $17,000 jackpot. Kelly has....44 for all the money!!

Chain Reaction: Only three weeks remain in this show’s season. Tonight’s teams:

Girls: Laura, Sally and Nicole (college girlfriends)
Guys: Victor, Mike and Evan (NY Mets fans)

$100 chain:

7. UP

Ladies first. The first letter of the second word is G, and Laura says GAME, which is incorrect. Second letter is U (GU….) and Victor says GUARDIAN….and we have our first score by the guys! The third word starts with A, and Mike says my guess of ANGEL…that’s another $100! The middle word starts with S, and Evan guesses the word is STAR, and it’s not. The second letter is O (S O _ _) and Kelly says SONG…nope. Third letter is F (S O F _) and Mike says SOFT to give the guys $300! The fifth word starts with P, and Mike takes a guess with PLAY…wrong. The second letter there is R (PR….) and Nicole’s guess is PRACTICE….not bad, but incorrect. Evan saves that word for later and heads for the word before UP, and that word starts with S. He says STEP….sorry. The second letter in that same word is T (S T _ _ _) and Laura guesses STAND….no. Third letter is I (S T I _ _) and Victor says STIR…not what I was thinking, and that’s wrong. The fourth letter is C (S T I C _) and Kelly says STICK to get the ladies on the board! Back to the fifth word. The third letter is E (P R E _ _ _ _), but Nicole draws a blank. The fourth letter is T (P R E T _ _ _) and Mike says PRETZEL to give the guys $400 and the chance to make it $500 with this Speed Chain:

1. FLY
2. S
3. D

They say SOUTH DAKOTA to go to $500! $200 chain:


Laura starts with the second word, and its first letter is Q. She says QUEST….sorry. Evan tries the sixth word, and it starts with R. His guess is… I don’t understand him, but it’s wrong anyway. The second letter there is A (R A _ _ _) and Kelly says RAMEN to get the girls to $300! If they give the next correct answer of this round, they will tie the game. Nicole goes back to the second word, and its second letter is U (QU…..). For a tie, she says QUIET…NO. The third letter is A (QUA….) and Victor says QUACK….wrong. Laura decides to try the word above RAMEN next, and it starts with T. She says TOAST (?!?!?)…noodles aren’t toasted in my world, my dear. Mike goes back to the second word, and its fourth letter is L (Q U A L _ _ _). But he draws a blank. Kelly steals that word with QUALITY, so we have a tie game at $500 apiece….or do we? It appears upon further review, host Dylan Lane committed what I call the Bert Convy Error- HE GAVE AWAY THE WORD BEFORE THE PLAYER ANSWERED CORRECTLY ON IT!!!!!!! That means that the word is thrown out, and nobody gets the $200 for that word. That’s Lane’s second major on-air screw-up in this version of the show.

Kelly gets TOP on the fifth word to tie the game this time at $500 this time around. The third word starts with T, and Nicole says TIME…the ladies are now in the lead! The middle word starts with T, and Laura says TRAVEL…with TIME and TOP surrounding it, I don’t think so. The second letter is A (TA….) and Evan says TAPE….wrong. Third letter is B (T A B _ _) and Kelly says TABLE to give the ladies $900 and a shot at this Speed Chain:

2. E
3. D

The answer is ENERGY DRINK, but they say ENDING DRIVE instead.

$300 chain:


The second word starts with E and Victor says EASY…on the nose, and the guys are now just $100 behind at $800! Mike goes for the word above PATIENT next, and the first letter of that word is O. He says OUT…right for the lead with $1,100! Evan tries the word below EASY next, and it starts with S. His guess is STREAK, which is wrong. Nicole steals with STREET to give the ladies the lead back with $1,200! The middle word starts with P, and Laura’s guess is PARADE…nope. Victor tries the word above OUT next, and that word starts with W. He says WALK…miss. Kelly tries the middle word again, and its second letter is E (PE….). She says PERFORMER…no. Mike goes back to the fifth word, and its second letter is A (W A _ _ _). He says WAIT…wrong. The third letter in the middle word is O (P E O _ _ _) and Nicole says PEOPLE…the female team now has $1,500! The third letter in the fifth word is T (W A T _ _) and Laura says WATCH to make the total $1,800! The last Speed Chain looks like this:

2. T
3. I

It’s THIS INSTANT…and the ladies say that to go to $2,100!

Betting Chain:


At this point, the guys have $1,100 and trail by $1,000. Here we go.


The ladies win with $2,500, but I have to give both of these teams credit tonight. Neither team made the minimum bet of $100 on any of their turns in this round, and I don‘t believe that‘s ever happened before! I liked everyone’s courage on the stage tonight.

Instant Reaction: Laura’s in the hot seat. She gets astronaut no problem. They pass on bull, but they get olive on the next turn. Sadly, that’s all they would get in the round. They get $200 in this round, meaning their final total is $2,700, or $900 a lady.
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