Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5/29/2007 Results

TPIR: Today's first four players are Amanda Gee, Katherine Bolan, Dorian Arnold and Melissa Warrez-Dion. The first IUFB is skateboarding equipment. Bids:

Melissa: $675
Dorian: $800
Katherine: $850
Amanda: $875

ARP: $887, so Gee, who has an early picture of Bob Barker on her shirt, will play Clock Game for $1,000, gardening equipment and a dinette. The ARP of the equipment is $699. She starts with $800....$700....$600...$650....and goes to $699 with no trouble in about nine seconds! The ARP of the dinette is $833. She starts with $1,200....$1,100....$900....$800...$890....$850....$840....$830...and she one ups from there and wins!

The next one to "Come on Down" is Lasandra Thomas and the second IUFB is a BBQ. Bids:

Lasandra: $1,101
Melissa: $1,150
Dorian: $1,700
Katherine: $1,151

All are over, so they bid again.

Lasandra: $901
Melissa: $850
Dorian: $875
Katherine: $902

All are over again!

Lasandra: $726
Melissa: $650
Dorian: BUCK
Katherine: $651

ARP: $779, so Thomas will play More or Less for luggage marked at $300, stemware marked at $1,200, a motorscooter marked at $2,900 and a Ford Ranger (Std., Wheels, Cruise/Tilt, Prot).
She says more for the luggage and is right. Now, I'm starting to get worried from here on out. She agrees with me that the stemware is less...but we're both wrong. It was $1,680.

Scott Walsh then goes to Contestant's Row, and the next IUFB is a roll-top desk. Bids:

Scott: $575
Melissa: $1,200
Dorian: $750
Katherine: $790

All are over.

Scott: $530
Melissa: $450
Dorian: $399
Katherine: $425

ARP: $499, so Warrez-Dion will play Grand Game. Target is $6.50, and the products are Garlique, a scrub brush, cat litter, Pine Sol, Airborne Jr. and Maxwell House Coffee. First pick is the brush....$4.89. Second pick is the Pine Sol....$2.29. Third pick is the coffee....$3.99. She wants to go with the cat litter, but the audience gets mad at that choice. But she stuck with it and loses, because it's $8.49. The Garlique was $9.99 and the Airborne Jr. was $5.99.

Despite the fact that she needed Bob's help to spin the wheel due to a doctor's note when it came to bypass surgery, Thomas gets to the Showcase.

Adam Hetrick then comes on down, and the next IUFB is a chair. Bids:

Adam: $600
Dorian: $450
Katherine: $455
Scott: $601

ARP: $788, so Walsh from Canada will play Balance Game for a Greek Islands Cruise. The last three digits are 4, 0 and 2. The bags available are $3,000, $4,000 and $5,000. He chooses the $3,000 and $5,000 bags, for a guess of $8,402, after originally considering $9,402. I'm worried about this....but the scale balances, and he's jumping up and down!

Wanda Haggert then comes on down, and the fifth IUFB is a portable boat. Bids:

Wanda: $1,150
Adam: $1,200
Dorian: $1,201
Katherine: BUCK

ARP: $1,565, so Arnold plays Any Number for serveware or a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, ALB, Stereo). First number of the car is 1. First pick is 8...last number of the serveware. Second pick is 4, and that's the middle number of the car. Third pick is 9, and that's the second number of the car ($ 1 9, 4 _ _). Fourth pick is 7, and the piggy bank is worth at least $7 today. Fifth pick is 3, and that's the middle number of the serveware ($ _ 3 8). Sixth pick is 2, and that's the middle number of the piggy bank ($ 7. 2 _). Seventh pick is 5, and he wins the $538 serveware. The car was $19,410 and the piggy bank was $7.26.

The last player to "Come on Down" is Heather Brown, and the last IUFB is an LCD HDTV. Bids:

Heather: $1,300
Katherine: $799
Wanda: $1,200
Adam: BUCK

ARP: $1,499, so Brown will play One Right Price for some guitars and a daybed. The One Right Price is $1,281, and she says that's the price of the daybed....NO WAY. It was $2,262.

The men tie with 95 cents in the second Showcase Showdown, so it's spin-off time. Arnold spins the dreaded nickel, while Walsh spins the dollar for $1,000! He then gets $10,000 in the Bonus Spin!!!

The first Showcase tells people to get a clue. First, ever wonder why people don't get raises from their bosses at work? That's because they've been listening to their new iPod. Second, people's cooking can be lousy at times because they're not cooking in a new kitchen. Finally, to fix a bloated hair problem prior to getting to work, drop the top on a new Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., ALB)! Walsh bids $29,000, and I like that bid. For Thomas, we have a home gym and a spa, and Thomas bids $23,000.

We know Thomas's over, because her ARP is $15,591. As for Walsh......

...$28,491! Darn. But he still leaves with $20,190 in cash and prizes.

Cash Cab: First up is Seth Betsy, who works for a show on Sirius Satelite Radio's Broadway Channel. This first game is 29 blocks long to a spot near the Natural History Museum. He gets past the first four questions for his first hundred smackers. He then gets all of his $50 questions right to triple up to $300. He doesn't get the sole $100 question, but he still finishes the game with the $300 intact. He opts out of the Video Bonus question.

Going to 40th Street between 8th and 9th are Dave and Josh. Their game is 41 blocks long. They sweep the opening questions for $100. They get their first strike when they think the weird version of Pepsi that was introduced in 1992 was called Clear Pepsi, when it was actually Crystal Pepsi. After they get the next two $50 questions right, one of which was a spelling question ("hyperbole" was the word they had to spell), we get to a RLC. The question:

Eight U.S. Presidents have last names that end in -son. Name six of them.

They say Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Madison and Wilson for the $250! The unsaid ones were Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson. They're up to $450 at this point. They get their last $50 question right to even the total to $500. They miss one of their $100 questions on their way to the end, but finish with $800. They decide to risk it for $1,600 on this Video Bonus Question:

Columbus captained three of these ships on his 1492 voyage. But one of them was Columbus's most cherished vessel. Also known as the Santa Clara, what name is this ship best known as?

They say the Santa Maria, the obvious one....NO!!! I don't believe that! It was the Nina, and they lose their money.

In the last game, Kelly, Liz and Nate are going to a town ironically called Columbus at 85th. The game is 48 blocks long. They got to $375 after the $50 round with one strike, and an RLC pops up. The question this time:

Name six of the seven Muppet characters that served as regulars on "Sesame Street".

They say Grover, Kermit the Frog, Snuffalupagus, Oscar, Big Bird and Bert to go to $625! They then get their first $100 question right, but miss the second $100 question. They get their last $100 question to finish the game with $825! But they risk it to try for $1,650 on this Video Bonus Question:

Roulette is the fastest game in Vegas. On a standard casino Roulette wheel, what is the only number to appear in green?

They say zero for $1,650!

WOF: Tonight's teachers are Shelli Burke (in the yellow), Lisa Coffrin and Todd Bennington. Nobody gets the $2,000 Toss-Up PONDEROSA PINES, so the man will start Round 1 with the category of Event, and it's tonight's Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a trip to Spain worth five grand. After Burke calls the S's for $1,200, we have...

R E _ _ _ I N G

S _ N S E T

S T R _ _ _

After buying the U, she calls three L's for $1,650 and we now have...

R E L _ _ I N G


S T R _ L L

...I know now. She buys the O, but is still stumped, and blows her turn by calling K. Brown calls a $450 X and solves RELAXING SUNSET STROLL for that money and a trip to Cancun, for a total of $5,306.

Jackpot Round category is Phrase. After the man lands on Jackpot and calls the M's for $1,000, we have...

_ _ M _

_ _ T

_ _ M _

_ _ T

_ _ _ R _ _ _ R

_ _ _

_ R _

...and believe it or not, he solves COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE! I was shocked! That adds the $6,900 jackpot to get him on the board with $7,900!

$10,000 Mystery Round category is Before and After. After Burke calls the F's, we have...

_ _ R _ F _ E _

_ _ T E R

_ _ F F _ L _

I don't know the top word. She buys the A's and calls the B for the $1,000 New Egg.com gift certificate. After buying the O, she calls the W for $300 and buys the U's, and we now have...

_ U R _ F _ E _



...I know it now. She calls a $3,500 D , but does the same thing as in the first main round- she spins on late in the round and calls a dud, this time with an M. Brown gets a Bankrupt. The man lands on a Mystery Wedge, but the C call is a miss. Burke rebounds from her earlier mistakes by solving PURIFIED WATER BUFFALO for $3,950 and the gift tage, for a total of $5,950.

The man solves THE TAJ MAJAL with only one of the J's showing to go to $10,900. Next is a Food and Drink puzzle. After Brown calls the C's, we have...

_ _ T T E R _ C _ T C _

_ R _ _ _ _ E _

...I have a feeling what this is. She buys the O's and calls a $400 H. After buying the U, she calls the S's for $900 and the B's for $10,000, but her A call is a dud! Speed-Up Mode commences, the man calls a $1,600 N and solves BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIES for game, set and match with $14,900! Burke has $5,950 in cash and stuff and Brown has $5,306.

He spins the quad star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ R

_ _ L _ E

Bennington calls C, P, H and O and gets...nothing. No magic this time- it was FAIR VALUE, and he doesn't win another $30,000.

Jeopardy!: Mehrun Etebari goes for his fourth win against Carlos Alcala and Katy Hardy. Opening categories:

2006 National Geographic STORIES

Etebari gets off to another one of his fast starts, leading with $4,200 heading into the first break. Hardy has $1,600 and Alcala has $1,400. The champ finds the Daily Double under the middle clue in Sounds Like an Army Unit with $5,600, and he bets two grand:

Best Picture Oscar winner for 1986.

"What is Platoon?"...right to go to $7,600! At the end of the round, he has $10,400. Alcala has $3,400 and the lady in the middle has $1,800.

DJ! categories:


This is a themed board about Dr. Seuss, but today's date is NOT his birthday, because it's on March 2nd. Alcala finds the first Daily Double under the $800 clue in "O" The Places You'll Go with $3,800. He bets $3,000:

In 1989, part of this city's Nimitz Freeway collapsed as the result of an earthquake.

"What is Oakland?"....during the 1989 World Series, that is right to go to $6,800! He gets very close to tying the champ for the lead, but the champ then gets on a roll of his own. Both men are in five figures at this point. After nailing two of the first three clues in Butter Battle Books, the champ finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue there. He has $18,400, while the other man has $13,200 and Hardy has $3,800. The champ bets two big ones:

Coronary bypass survivor Joseph Piscatella wrote "The Road to a Healthy" this "Runs Through the Kitchen".

"What is heart?"....$20,400! At the end of the round, he is up to $28,400! But he is still not out of the woods yet, as Alcala has $18,800 and the lady is virtually out of it with $3,800.

FJ! category: Notable Women.

On January 4, 2007, she said, "For our daughters & our granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling".

The lady has "Who is Nancy Pelosi"...I hope the men had that, because that's right! She doubles to $7,600. Alcala has that too and bets $11,000 to go to $29,800. Etebari has that and with a wager of $9,500, he has another big win! This time, it's $37,900, and he now has $99,100! Way to go!

Chain Reaction: Here are tonight's teams...

Girls: Alex, Miranda and Colleen (University of Pittsburgh students)
Guys: Andrea, Daniel and Zack (high school buddies)

The first chain:


The second word begins with S, and Alex says that word is STRING...first $100 goes to the ladies! The third word starts with C and Miranda says CHEESE for another $100. The middle word begins with S and Colleen has a guess of STRING, but that's already been used. The second letter there is T (ST....) and Andrew says STICKS...but that's not it. The third letter is E (S T E _ _) and Alex says STEADY (?!?!?!?)....not going to work, bro. Daniel steals it with STEAK for the male team's first $100. The fifth word begins with K and Zack says KICKBOXING (?!?!?!?)...there were two possibilities for the fifth word, and his guess is definitely NOT one of them. The second letter is N (K N _ _ _), but Miranda draws a blank.
Andrew saves that word for later and heads for the word above CRIME. That word starts with F and he says FIRST....wrong. Colleen then gets KNIFE to get the ladies to $300. Back to the sixth word we go. The second letter there is I and Alex says FIGHT....right to go to $400! Opening Speed Chain:

2. T
3. S

I thought this was a toughie, but they say THEME SONG....right to go to $500! $200 Chain:


The second word starts with T and Daniel has a feeling it's TIES....NO. The second letter is R (TR....) and Miranda guesses TREE....right to go to $700! Third word has a starting letter of S and Colleen says STEM....wrong. The second letter is U (SU....) and Zack says SUGAR....not a sweet guess. The third letter is R (SUR....) and Alex says SURLY, which is wrong. I think she drew a blank on that. The fourth letter is G (SURG....) and Andrew says SURGER (?!?!?!?)....I DON'T THINK SO. The fifth letter is E (SURGE....) and Miranda says SURGEON...on the money to go to $900! Colleen heads for the middle of the chain, and the word there starts with G. She says GENERAL, as in the Surgeon General for the cigarette joints....right to break the $1,000 mark with $1,100! The fifth word begins with E and Alex and I think it's ELECTRIC....right again for $1,300! The word above JOCK starts with S (S _ _ _ _) and Miranda says SOCKET, which is incorrect. The second letter is H (S H _ _ _) and Daniel says SHOCK to give the men $300. $200 Speed Chain:

2. V
3. S

It's VACATION ________. They say VACATION SPOT....right on to go to $500! $300 Chain:

1. AT

The second word begins with L, and it's either LAST or LARGE. Zack goes off the board with LEISURE...I don't think so. The A is put in, and Colleen goes with the former (LAST)....right, and the ladies now have $1,600! The third word begins with N and Alex says NIGHT....no.
The second letter is E (NE....) and Andrew says NEXT (?!?!?!)...that makes no sense whatsoever. The third letter is R (NER....) and Miranda says NERVE....the ladies are now at $1,900! The center word has a starting letter of D and Colleen thinks it's DENDRITE (?!?!?!)...never heard of that, and it's wrong. Daniel tries the word above DYNAMIC next, and that word begins with G. He says GORGEOUS (?!?!?!?)....general descriptions are not supposed to be like that, sir. Alex tries the fourth word again, and the second letter is A (DA....). She says DARE, which is wrong. Zack goes back to word six, and the second letter there is R. He says GROUP, which is a much better guess...and that's right to go to $800! The third letter in the middle word is M (D A M _ _ _) and Andrew gets DAMAGE to get the guys to $1,100! The fifth word is left, and it begins with C (C _ _ _ _ _ _). Daniel says CORE, which is incorrect. Second letter is O (C O _ _ _ _ _) and Miranda steals it for the women with CONTROL! The ladies now have $2,200! The last Speed Chain looks remarkably like this:

2. L
3. F
4. END

This was a hard one. They say LEFT FRONT, but it's LOOSE FITTING. At this point, the ladies, with $2,200, have twice as much money as the men. Gambling Chain:

7. PAL


The ladies go on to win with $2,200 after the men go broke. Complete chain:

6. PAY
7. PAL

Instant Reaction: Colleen is in the hot spot. She gets chocolate to start. She then gets horse, though the formers had a bit of trouble forming the last words of the question. She gets library no problem. She then gets wings! Are we going to see a perfect round? 32 seconds are left at this point. The next word is doctor...despite the team not getting the full question out, Colleen says doctor for the 5 for 5 sweep and the $5,000! They had 25 seconds left on the clock! They will
each get $2,400, for a total of $7,200!
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