Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Amazing Race: All-Stars" FINALS: The moment of truth

Did a certain person of the Reality TV Magazine comment section know what happened when this race is said and done? I hope not.

Clue #1: Teams must travel about 3,800 miles by plane to Oahu, Hawaii. When they arrive, they must go to the Kamaka Air Hanger, and sign up for one of three helicopter flights to the island of Lanai. The three different times are ten minutes apart.

Dustin and Kandace noted that Charla and Mirna had the tendency to snag the best flights nobody has found out about. The midgets did the same thing on their way to Hawaii. As a result, they took the lead for the moment.

Clue #2: Once teams get to Lanai, they must get in a Jeep and drive three miles to Kaumalapau Habor, where they will be given their next clue.

Detour: Stealing a line from "Pardon the Interruption"- Over or Under?

Under: Teams must take their given boat to an underwater cave and go under the rocks to find their next clue.

Over: Teams must take their given boat to an inlet, where one team member must then get themselves on a paddleboard, and get to a buoy with the team's next clue awaiting.

With Charla's superior paddling on the Over task, the midgets kept their lead.

Clue #4: Teams must use their Jeeps to travel to Shipwreck Beach. Once there, teams must run about a mile on the beach to find the next clue.

Clue #5: Teams must use a kayak to get to the shipwreck part of the beach's waters and find a buoy that holds the team's next clue.

At this point, Eric and Danielle, the potential upset team here, take the lead. Dustin and Kandace are second and the midgets fall to last. Eric and Danielle still lead heading into this next clue:

Clue #6: Teams must travel about 2,300 miles to their final destination, San Fransisco. They must find the Old Mint building.

When the teams get to the City by the Bay, it is a tight race between Eric and Danielle and Dustin and Kandace. The ladies are the first ones to find this next clue:

Clue #7: This is the last challenge. This challenge is designed to test one member of each team on how much they know about their partner. Each team must enter their own assigned vault.
The first person from each team who enters must answer the following questions:

In the opinion of your team, which other team....

A: the least trustworthy?
B: .....has the best sense of humor?
C: the most overrated?
D: the one you most want to stay in touch with?

Ten teams are listed by number. The team listings vary for each team. The people answering the questions first must type the number besides the team listed for each question into their security system. When they have answered their four questions, the numbers punched in will form a four-digit code that their other partners must unravel based on their own knowledge. Once the other person on the team is successful in unlocking their vault, they will get their next clue. There is a ten-minute time limit for the second person on each team.

Eric's code is 8947. Dustin's code is 6747. Mirna's code is 4241.

Danielle is off to a good start, punching in 0947. Only the first number is wrong. Kandace has 4847, and the first two digits are wrong. Charla punches in 9848- ALL WRONG. Danielle gets more off track by punching in 0987. Dustin's next try was 2847, and then 9847. Charla's next try was 7474- all of her answers were wrong.

I will tell you right now that whoever finished this task would get to the finish line first in the Botanical Garden. That team is.....

...ERIC AND DANIELLE. This may be the biggest upset in the history of the show, since these two particular players weren't on the same team the first time they were on the show. Dustin and Kandace were the runners-up.
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