Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Bullrun" Championship Show

This stage is for the $200,000. The checkpoint is in Chandler, Arizona, and all three teams must take their own way there.

The Oldsmobile team continues to have problems with its brakes, so they get them fixed, at the cost of losing some valuable time. They lost about 25 minutes, to be exact. Checkpoint standings:

Trans Am- 0:35:08
F-150- 0:42:18
Oldsmobile- 2:49:08

The Alsops will start the second part of the big stage first. As for the other two teams, they will compete against each other in the final Checkpoint Challenge. This time, both members of each team must drive a lap around a track. Once the first person of a team is done, he must hand the car keys to his partner and give him his turn to drive. The team who does this the fastest will be the biggest threat to the Alsops in the second part.

The truck team is up first. Jason Wallace goes first, and does a good job. Jake Keeton then takes his turn and also does a good job. Their time: 2:15.

Now, the Oldsmobile team is up. Andre Cerquiera drives first, and he takes a while to begin and park the car at the end. Not good. Richard then goes, and the team finishes with a time of......two minutes on the nose, meaning they go to second place! The F-150 team is all but out of this now.

The finish line is in Calexico, CA. No Time Bonuses are available.

Wallace and Keeton may have put the final nail down in their coffin when they get lost early on.

Now, for the all-important results.

With a total time of 06:40:23, Wallace and Keeton are the third-place team.

It's all down to the Cerquieras and the Alsops for the money.


...THE ALSOPS!!!! Congratulations!
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