Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Celebrity Fit Club" 5/20

The Fit Club Challenge this time, as we are more than halfway through the season, is a dancing contest. Enio Cordoba, a world swing dancing champion, taught them some dancing moves. The teams are divided into four teams of two. Teams must keep dancing at all times. If at any time a team stops dancing, they are out of the challenge. The last team standing wins. If time expires before the third team is eliminated, Cordoba will determine the winners based on dancing technique. The prize is a prize package for the team's chosen charities, and it's worth over $12,000. All charities deal with helping children. All of the teams made it through the first hour of the dancing period. At the 75-minute mark, the teams went into freestyle mode. The teams started to wear out at the 90-minute mark. Dustin Diamond and Tiffany were the first team eliminated after Diamond stopped dancing to drink some water. Diamond was not happy about the ruling. After time expired, the winners were Cledus T. Judd and Kimberley Locke. Their charity was St. Jude. But it was decided that the other charity, A Chance for Children, would also get the gifts.

Now, for the weigh-ins, which take place at their home base this week after a week in Colorado.

Da Brat took the scale first. If her weight is 153 or less, per a bet she made last week, she will be paid $100 by both Dr. Ian Smith and Ant! Her weight.....

...153 POUNDS ON THE NOSE!! She just won $200, which was paid all in $20 dollar bills!
Her target for the next time is two pounds.

Tiffany is second....and weighs the same as the last time, 137 lbs. Her target for the next time is four pounds.

Cledus T. Judd is third....and weighs in at 185 lbs., meaning he lost five pounds! He has a one-pound target for the next time! I've never seen that before!

Maureen McCormick is fourth....and weighs in this time at 122 lbs., meaning she lost five pounds again! That's twenty-eight pounds lost so far, for an 18.6% weight loss percentage of her original weight! Thus, she has already passed her original target weight of 125 lbs., and she did so in record time! Since she's doing so well, she's given a one-pound target for the next weigh-in.

Warren G. is fifth to take the scale...and is below the two-hundred pound mark with a new weight of 196 pounds! Warren G., however, thought he had lost more than that. Still, he has lost twenty-five pounds so far on the show! His target for the next time is two pounds.

Ross "The Intern" Matthews is sixth...and weighs in at 182 lbs., meaning he lost nine pounds! He has now lost thirty-two pounds so far, and has lost about 15% of his original weight! He is just shy of his target weight of 180 pounds. His target for the next time is two pounds.

The next-to-last person is the explosive Diamond. He was said to have eaten a doughnut on his spare time. He weighs in at.....205 lbs., meaning thanks in part to that doughnut, he just GAINED five pounds. At this point, Diamond concedes that hitting his target of 184 lbs. is practically impossible at this point in the run. Things go downhill from there, as Diamond seems as if he doesn't care about losing weight on this show. This infuriates the entire panel, and eventually most of the other contestants. Those contestants walked out on Diamond in disgust. He even has the testicular fortitude to challenge Harvey Walden IV to a fight, and Walden throws a HUGE fit!

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

Thanks to those explosive events, we'll have to wait until next time to see which team is ahead in the percentages.
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