Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Celebrity Fit Club V Episode 3

It’s Day 43, and the teams are on a skiing lodge for their next Fit Club Challenge. BUT, before that happens, each team must send one of their members to the other team.

The Shady Lady Bunch send Kimberley Locke to the Regulators, while the Regulators send Dustin Diamond to the Shady Lady Bunch. BUT, each of those players who got switched have the right to bring other team members over to the other team as well. Diamond selects Matthews to cross over to the Shady Bunch, while Locke selects Da Brat to go to the Regulators. The Shady Brunch are now known as the Athletes.

The Fit Club Challenge this time is a relay time trial. The first part is cross-country skiing, the second part is snow-shoeing and the last part to the finish line will feature tube sliding. The winning team gets snow equipment.

The Regulators got off to a slow start, especially in the snow-shoeing part, but rebound later on. The Athletes fell apart after a respectable start, and lost to the Regulators with a time of 10:49 to the Regulators’ time of 10:03.

The weigh-ins this time are held at the Keystone Restaurant and Resort in Colorado.

Cledus T. Judd is first….and weighs 190 lbs., meaning he lost seven pounds! Target for the next time is three pounds. He’s lost twenty-four pounds on the show so far.

Ross Matthews is second….and weighs 191 lbs., meaning he also lost seven pounds!
He’s lost twenty-three pounds altogether! Target for the next time is four pounds.

Kimberley Locke, one of the newest Regulators, weighs 160 pounds this time, meaning she matched her target weight loss for the week! She’s lost sixteen pounds so far, and her target for the next time is four pounds.

Maureen McCormick steps on the scale…and weighs 127 lbs., meaning she lost five more pounds! She’s lost twenty-three pounds so far, which is about 15% of her original body weight! Also, she’s just two pounds shy of her target weight of 125 lbs.! She wants to change it to 118 lbs. Her target for the next time is three pounds.

Da Brat is next….and is now at 161 pounds, meaning she lost three pounds. Her target for the next time is five pounds. She makes a bet that if she could lose eight pounds at the next weigh-in, Dr. Ian Smith and Ant will each pay her $100!

Warren G. is the next one up….and is at an even two hundred pounds, meaning he lost six pounds this time! Target for the next time is four pounds.

Tiffany is next, and after a clip of her last stage show was shown, she weighed….137 lbs, for a
loss of five pounds! The target for the next time is four pounds.

Dustin Diamond is the last one up….and weighs in at two hundred pounds, for a loss of eight pounds! Target for the next time is six pounds.

In all, the newly-formed Regulators lost twenty-one pounds, while the Athletes lost twenty-five pounds! As a result, the Athletes are ahead in the percentages, 10.6% to 9.2%! The big scales were not used this week.
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